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A Week in the Canary Islands (and a bit of Africa)

You’ll remember last week we left off leaving Rome (after Barcelona for Mobile World Congress), in our bid to burn a few weeks of time while our landlord pulls up and renovates the flooring in our apartment.  So for the … Read More Here

My weekend: Stonehenge, a float on the Queen Mary 2, and a day in Hamburg

After yesterday’s post about the Queen Mary 2 runaround, I figured I’d give you a bit wider look at our long-weekend.  It included a visit to the famous Stonehenge site, a 2+ day voyage on the Queen Mary 2, and … Read More Here

A Queen Mary 2 Runaround

The past few days we’ve been floating along on a rather large boat. Technically more of an ocean liner, but still, it did float. The Queen Mary 2. Yes, a long lost but still rather close relative of the Titanic. … Read More Here

A Kochi, India Runaround

Welcome to India, the land of a billion people, nearly as many bikes, and countless interesting places to run.  Despite having flown over India more times than I can remember in the past two years, it’s been almost exactly two … Read More Here

A sandy day in Muscat, Oman

After leaving Dubai, we arrived the next morning in Muscat, Oman.  Muscat is about 300 miles east of Dubai, and pretty much the most easterly point in the Persian Gulf.  Here’s a quick refresher map: We didn’t have either a … Read More Here

Fun with a Garmin GPS while running on cruise ships at sea

Ever since booking our honeymoon months ago I was curious exactly what the GPS map would look like while running outside on the circular running track while the ship was underway at sea.  Would you be able to see the … Read More Here

The Honeymoon: Part II

We left off yesterday with us leaving the Amalfi coast town of Positano.  From there, we headed northbound on an assortment of trains via Rome, eventually ending up in a big long town that started with a ‘C’. I could … Read More Here