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Best Bike Computer for Climbing: Garmin vs Hammerhead vs Wahoo

Long gone are the days of bike computers showing you just a single elevation profile for your entire route, or even just the near-term elevation profile. These days, the bike computers will automatically break down and even categorize the climbs … Read More Here

An Epic Weekend of Cycling in the Pyrenees

After touring our way down the western coast of France, I arrived Thursday night into the Pyrenees region along the south of France – ready to begin three days of riding.  Much of what I was doing was aimed at … Read More Here

Climbing, Cresting and Cruising

Every time I head up to Skyline drive I’m reminded how much time can be gained or lost anytime hills are involved.  And every time I crest one of the endless peaks there I think to myself: ‘I need to … Read More Here