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The Peak Design Cycling Case/Mount System: Hands-On

In less than 15 hours the Peak Design mobile mount system Kickstarter will end. I posted about this almost a month ago as part of one of my 5 Random Things, noting that the box of prototypes had arrived, and … Read More Here

Hands-on: SwitchLok Sports Phone Case & Mount System

It’s funny how I’m always on the lookout for a good bike phone mount system, despite rarely using a phone as a head unit on my road bike. Instead, I’m more practical in my phone and bike relationship: It’s primarily … Read More Here

Hitcase Pro iPhone Underwater/Bike/Sports Case Review

I’m often asked about sports camera reviews.  In many ways I think that there’s already a ton of reviews out there of the various popular sports action cams like the GoPro or Contour.  And I’m not sure I really have … Read More Here