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Xert rolls out free real-time FTP app on Garmin devices

Earlier this week Xert rolled out a new Connect IQ app.  Now I don’t normally cover too many Connect IQ apps.  In fact, I think I’ve only covered maybe 2-3 ones in total so far as standalone individual posts go. … Read More Here

A Better Way To Pace Races: Race Screen Connect IQ App

One of the primary benefits of apps on any platform is to extend the functionality of a device to do something that the manufacturer didn’t otherwise include.  That’s true of phones, computers, and now even watches.  Be it Connect IQ … Read More Here

App du Jour: StravistiX plugin for Strava

(Update: This app has now been renamed Stravistix, but at the time of this writing was called StravaPlus. I have updated the title, though left the rest of the article with the old name.) Back a few weeks or so ago … Read More Here