FINIS Neptune Swimming MP3 Player In-Depth Review

When FINIS announced the new Neptune swimming MP3 player two months ago I was skeptical.  I was pretty happy with the previous generation – the SwiMP3.  It was smaller, and and thus for most swimmers, that’s a critical selling point. … Read More Here

The Great Swimming MP3 Player Shootout

This past summer I started a swimming MP3 player test, one that I feel I can finally conclude.  I ended up buying just about every popular swimming MP3 player on the market, and then started testing them – one after … Read More Here

FINIS AquaPulse In Depth Review

Today FINIS announced their latest product, the AquaPulse underwater audible heart rate monitor.  Unlike most sport heart rate monitors however, this one doesn’t measure your heart rate using a standard chest strap, but instead does so at your ear…conveniently placed … Read More Here

FINIS Swimsense Performance Monitor In-Depth Review

While my pool time has been severely restricted lately with all the international travel, I did get a short opportunity to jump into the pool with the Swimsense while up in Newfoundland.  For those not familiar, Swimsense is like having … Read More Here