Why do you review so many Garmin watches and not XYZ brand?

Well, for two reasons.  First, they come out with more watches per year than other brands.  Second, they attract the most interest compared to other brands.  Simply put, more folks are interested in Garmin reviews than reviews of an unknown watch brand from a company with a distribution network of four retailers.

And actually, a third reason. They’re simply better than most GPS watches out there.  Whether or not you like Garmin as a company, the reality is that in the fitness category today – they (in most cases) make the leading watch in each category they enter.  Sure, there are features that you may want different (or might not even work correctly) – but on the whole, they have less missing features than the competition.

That’s not to say Garmin is perfect.  Far from it – and I’m happy to cause heartburn in Garmin when they (or any other company) deliver crap products (see: Garmin FR410 or Garmin Fit or Garmin Fenix reviews…).

It’s really that simple.  I review watches that interest me because they interest you.  Which means that sometimes I also do indeed review some off-the-beaten-path watch because either I thought it was doing something innovative, or because enough of you wanted my opinion on it.  Make sense?

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