Apple Vision Pro and Cycling: Indoors & Outdoors Tested!

For those curious about whether or not Apple’s Vision Pro works well in cycling, I dig into all the questions you may or may not have had. Both from an outdoor standpoint, but also an indoor riding perspective on apps including Zwift and Rouvy.

As you might expect, the outdoor portion, while entertaining no doubt, isn’t where the near-term future is for something like Vision Pro. Instead, it’s potentially the indoor side, as apps increase compatibility. With many of them already compatible, the leap isn’t too far. Add to that, aspects like the Meta Quest 3 already being heavily promoted for sport/fitness, the future might be closer than one thinks.

In the video, I dig into all sorts of areas, including comfort, heat, sweat handling, image clarity, and plenty more. I might write up something a bit more detailed down the road (text vs video), but for now, the above is fast-paced enough that it should be entertaining for most cyclists while still having just enough technical depth to answer pretty much any question anyone in the indoor cycling (or outdoor riding) realm might have.



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  1. usr

    So that’s why you should always obey rule #37: you don’t want to mess with the helmet straps when the screen goes dark. It’s all in the youtube teaser image!

    • I just hoped for fast-acting brakes, and keeping it on straight and steady routes.

    • usr

      The surprise blackness reminded me of the time when i did my indoor cycling on rollers, where it’s super scary to close the eyes even for fraction of a second. On a bike, when your sense of balance goes off for a bit you just pick a slightly different line where curve and balance match, without even trying. But when you are on those narrow cylinders that would be of little help, so you desperately want to constantly recalibrate visually. Crank up the difficulty a little? Blink.

  2. Felkerino

    What’s the impact rating of these, say if you took a header or hit a tree limb? Seriously, the forehead protection of the helmet seems pretty much nonexistent once wearing this rig.

    • It’s interesting, they’re more designed for falling on your face than people realize. For example, the supposed ‘glass’ that’s discussed, is actually double-sided laminated glass (like what you use in a car windshield), to keep it in place (and not sharding). For better or worse, people falling on their face with VR goggles isn’t really a new thing. People doing it at high speeds? Certainly (hence why manual tells you otherwise).

  3. Volker

    No way, it looks really stupid to bike with this thing!

  4. Frozen

    Waiting for the open-water swim test of Vision Pro!
    When’s the Ace Pro review coming? Curious as to how it’ll stack up!

    • Ace Pro review is soon. It’s really cool. I think it’s a far more legit competitor to GoPro than DJI is, despite what the paid online troll army of a certain company will say. It’s definitely not perfect, but for sports in particular, the new overlay feature is just really cool.

  5. Marco

    You seemed quite confident that the second iteration of this product might work for fitness. What changes do you expect?
    How much of an issue are the weight of the headset, sweat, etc?

    • I suspect this unit is actually designed to be sweatproof/waterproof. Like the original Apple Watch that wasn’t designed for swimming (and told you not to), but actually kinda was. This would allow them to claim it’s not designed for all that, yet see any errors in their design for a future version.

      There’s just too many elements of the design that they did that appears focused on sweat impact reduction. From the swappable bands to the swappable inserts, to the plastic sealed interior, to the mesh lining, to the fact that it didn’t fog after 70 minutes of trainer riding with zero fans, etc….

      No issues with weight of headset while riding, nor sweat. I actualy found the heatset weight worse while watching TV/etc, largely because I was using the main band (versus the better head support band for workouts).

    • usr

      I’d consider sweat an issue long before it destroys the device. VR glasses might be a viable fitness gadget for activities where agility is the sole focus, but cardio and/or strength isn’t really on the menu before there are headsets with a coolant loop in the umbilical. It’s fun to toy around with the idea of VR watopia, but I don’t see it as a real use case anytime soon.

  6. Christian Köhler

    I wondered why you did not write anything about Meta Quest, yet. Or did you?
    There are many fitness related apps on that platform. Its also quite popular/successfull (Quest 2 alone sold some 20M units).

    Nobody can generate hype like Apple, obviusly.

    • Mainly because the big apps like Zwift, Peloton, Rouvy, etc… aren’t available on Meta Quest (and secondarily, frankly, because there’s been very little interest/requests to do so).

      You can use Virtual Desktop on those platforms with Meta Quest, akin to Apple’s mirroring.

      That said, I did talk about the Meta Quest in the video above, and their focus on fitness. The challenge though is that while there are many apps for Fitness on that side, there doesn’t tend to be an overlap with apps that are traditional indoor cycling apps. They tend to be apps that are a bit more gamified (nothing wrong with that, but it just doesn’t attract the same audience as here).

    • okrunner

      Meta has high hopes for the Quest for cycling based on this add posted a year to Any idea if they have pushed this concept or if there was an app behind it? It appeared in the video that Meta was featuring their Pro headset and not the Quest 2 or 3. I believe the Pro has more integration with PC apps. Have you tried the Meta Pro for Zwift? I purchased my wife a Quest 3 for Christmas and would be keen to dork around with it some to see if Zwift will work.

    • Tobias Wrecther

      Any cycling app that uses the Unreal Engine can be in full, 6dof VR on a Quest via Steam Link. Needs the UEVR injector to enable it.

    • okrunner

      Can you spoon feed me on this as you just went way over my head? Sorry for my ignorance but I don’t know what “Unreal Engine, “6dofVR”, or “Steam Link” mean or refer to. Thanks.

    • John Watson

      There is no zwift app for any vr headset mainly because people on the zwift forums are really worried about sweat on their headsets. I have personally soaked my quest 2 and 3 in sweat playing other fitness games but yea the people on those forums very much your NIMBYs when it comes to allowing zwift for VR.

  7. okrunner

    Now Apple needs to buy Zwift and Wahoo to save them both.?!?

  8. Remy Wetherup

    What is that cool drone that you had in the video?

    • The Hover X1: link to

      Review coming up soonish, but here’s the quickie review: Automated tracking with no remote/phone – Great for running, so-so for cycling due to top-speed being 15MPH. But good in forested areas, because you just pick it back up again, and fly again. Fits in my running shorts pockets easily (or cycling jersey pockets). Video quality so-so in low-light, but good enough for most social or light YouTube work. No problems with high winds. For $400, would purchase again, definitely buy the combo pack with two batteries.) Longer review in the next few weeks.

  9. Alex

    Watching this video, I realized that I really want augmented reality cycling glasses. More specifically, I want glasses that I can see through, but that also project a 3D breadcrumb trail overlay on the inside of my glasses. This would allow me to see that turn coming up while I’m taking in the sights.

    I’m imagining the kind of thing you see when driving in games like Far Cry. I want that big, broad stripe telling me where to go.

  10. Martynas A

    Thanks for review. Are you going to review any AR glasses, like Xreal air 2 pro. AR glasses are lighter, more portable, could have overlay and do not have any black outs :)

    • I have on and off, cycling-specific ones. Recon for example, and many others that have also since gone out of business.

      The problem I’ve found is that, generally speaking, they all suck. They tend to suck because companies that launch them don’t realize that their target audiences willing to pay that money expect features on-par with a $400-$500 bike computer. Then, they don’t find that. Further, they trend to be reliant on your smartphone for many (if not all) functions, and that connection in many cases tends to be unreliable.

      I keep hoping we’ll get something good, and undoubtedly, we will eventually. I can see a world in 6-10 years where Vision Pro equiv (akin more to Microsoft Hololens) is back to the Google Glass realm in terms of size, but with the features of today’s Vision Pro. Tech moves fast.

  11. Jamie Kelly

    I’m assuming (and hoping) that the fade to black didn’t result in tasting the dirt?

    • Nah, it was a straight/flat path that I just simply evenly applied brakes and slowed down, by time I got slowed down, it was back on. I was somewhat purposeful to not take any corners at high-speed, but also more purposeful to basically choose a dead-straight route that I had run many times before over the years.

  12. Francis

    Hey Ray, I’m wondering which model your camera drone is?

    • Hi Francis – it’s the Hover X1: link to

      Review coming up soonish, but here’s the quickie review: Automated tracking with no remote/phone – Great for running, so-so for cycling due to top-speed being 15MPH. But good in forested areas, because you just pick it back up again, and fly again. Fits in my running shorts pockets easily (or cycling jersey pockets). Video quality so-so in low-light, but good enough for most social or light YouTube work. No problems with high winds. For $400, would purchase again, definitely buy the combo pack with two batteries.) Longer review in the next few weeks.

  13. roemer van toorn

    Nice review, and try outs using Vision Pro! I saw you used a lovely mini drone to follow you, what bran dis that? Look amazing. Warm regards from Amsterdam, Roemer

  14. Kevin hester

    Hey Ray,

    You might want to look into the Xreal Air’s instead of the meta or apple headsets. I own the meta headset and OMG it gets sweaty – I could never imagine being able to wear it on a stationary bike. But the xreal airs are _amazing_ (and cheap). The main difference for this usecase is that they are like sunglasses – so super light and don’t seal against your face. Very comfy for ‘AR projecting’ a fake super-highres monitor in front of your face. You just click to say where in virtual space you want the monitor to sit and then you are done.

    I use them mostly as my dual-monitor work environment while travelling (for months). But I bet they would be great while using zwift.

    (I have no connection with this company except that I liked it).

  15. Gene Poncelet

    Like your site.

  16. Aaron Ye

    Hi DCM, what’s the little drone thing you are using?

  17. R. Wilson

    Am I the only one to notice the weird misspelling of “experience” on the hand-made chart? Apple Vision Pro needs an AR spellchecker for you, Ray. :)

  18. Tom

    What drone are you using in this video?