‘Name That Watch’ Gameshow with DesFit, Chase the Summit, and Matt Legrand

(Spoiler Avoidance: If you want to first try the game yourself, hit the short unlisted video here first, which is exactly what we’re seeing. Write down your answers, then enjoy the hilarity above.)

Just wanted to drop a super quick post for a fun little game that we played in the courtyard of a hotel last week after the Apple September 2023 launch event (where they launched the Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple Watch Series 9, and of course the iPhone 15 units). It includes DesFit, Dave of Chase The Summit, and Matt Legrand.

When we met up in California ahead of the event, Matt casually mentioned that he had spent “a couple minutes” putting together this game, if we were up for it. The premise of the game was a bunch of super close-up shots of watches (called “macro” shots in photography terms), and then attempt to identify them. These would be very very very close-up, like, the threads of a band. Or the finishes around the outside of a bezel.

It turns out when he says “a couple minutes” he means like a day of filming with fancy automated sliders, expensive camera lenses, and finely tuned fancy lights. Whereas when the rest of us say “a couple minutes”, we mean we did something for 10 seconds.

In any event, late that Tuesday night we re-arranged the deserted courtyard of our collective hotel into a film studio. This includes extra iPhones placed in the trees to provide light on the table, via the flashlight (fun tidbit: about an hour later I realized I left mine still in the tree…it was still happily there shining brightly on the unused hot tub area.)

From there, the master of ceremonies, Matt Legrand, introduced us to the game – which did involve me being blindfolded at one point. Next to a hot tub. With alcohol. Basically, this was one step away from a bad spring break video.

In any case, go give it a watch (above) – it’s lots of fun! And don’t worry, back to boatloads of reviews later this week – things be getting crazy shortly. Also, next year, I’m gonna do some studying. Just me, sitting in my storage room with a magnifying glass working carefully inspecting watch bezel finishes.



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  1. M

    This was pretty fun to try. I can’t even tell from the Reveal shots what some of these are.

  2. Heinrich Hurtz

    Whoa. Incredibly high nerd factor.