Hammerhead Announces New Hardware: Quick Hands-On with HMS


After years of hardware draught, for the first time since the Karoo 2 back in April 2020, cycling GPS maker Hammerhead has announced some new hardware (actually in April 2020, that’s when they announced plans for the announcement, different from announcing the hardware).

Nonetheless, the past be past…what’s most impressive this week is that they didn’t just announce one new unit, but rather, multiple new units. This strategy is a departure from the existing model which only has a single offering. Now, the newer units are offered in both a regular and integration option, as well as ones primarily aimed at the mountain bike community.

To begin, the exterior of the unit has changed from a plastic shell to that of pure aluminum. The coloring matches the vendor’s typical offerings, which have a glossy black look. This is true of all models in the range, including that mountain bike offering. What’s notable though is that throughout this, Hammerhead has decided to continue with their proprietary mount system – arguably, tripling down on it with the new ‘HMS’ product branding. In fact, with these new models, we see a new GoPro integration feature. You can finally pair up the new models straight to your GoPro, for clean forward-looking GoPro shots. Or, I suppose, GoPro crotch shots. Your choice.


The GoPro integration, of course, also means you can use that connectivity port for other 3rd party devices as well, including lights, other action cameras, and more.

The aluminum materials choice gives the Max XL with GoPro integration offering a weight of 69g. Whereas the non-GoPro option is 56g. The mountain bike one really comes in nice and light at 37g.


Now, when it comes to manufacturing, Hammerhead has outsourced manufacturing of these new models to a well-known US-based manufacturing company – K-Edge. While undoubtedly SRAM (Hammerhead’s parent company) could utilize their more powerful manufacturing facilities, K-Edge is respected within the industry, especially when it comes to aluminum exterior product production.


Taking a closer look at the offerings, you’ve got three specific models within the so-called HMS product range. They are as follows:

– K-Edge Max XL ($57.99): Compatible with 31.8mm handlebars
– K-Edge Max XL Combo ($72.99) Compatible with 31.8mm handlebars
– K-Edge Boost Stem Mount ($52.99): Compatible with 1 1/8” or 3.18mm steer tubes
– K-Edge Arts & Crafts Project Edition ($12.99): Compatible with an entire PDF’s worth of very small text

The first two are normal handlebar mounts, using Hammerhead’s newly-branded HMS system. That’s the “Hammerhead Mounting System”, and essentially are out-front mounts, one including the GoPro style adapter, and one not. The Boost Stem mount is mountain bike focused of course, but still contains the new HMS system.

Here’s a look at those three:

DSC_8328 DSC_8324

And then there’s the plastic bag Arts & Crafts project edition. That’s technically called the “HMS Insert Kit”, and the idea is that you take all these parts, a bunch of spare time, and then an existing mount that you have (some 50 different ones are compatible), to create the pinnacle of custom Hammerhead Karoo mounts.


On their site, they’ve got a giant PDF of all the different existing specialty mounts that it’s compatible with. Further, there’s a YouTube video you can watch to see just how much time you’re going to spend on this effort measuring things out.


Now, I’ll let someone else do that testing. After all, I’ve got plenty of things to get done today with new device testing that isn’t limited to just a mount. Albeit, a really nice mount. (But seriously, I’ve long used K-Edge mounts for a wide assortment of things – and they’re awesome).

And yes, you’re welcome for the post. It’s rare I get to have fun with clickbait. A dreary weather day, after watching a cyclist run over my drone last night seemed like the perfect opportunity for it.

With that – thanks for reading (even if you didn’t want to).


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  1. Christoph

    Well played 😄

  2. Ola

    A fair bit of delay, but not quite as bad as you made it – when I first read it and your text said “in April 2000” I thought 23 years!! 😁

  3. Sean

    I think you mean April 2020, unless the Karoo 2 was announced several decades before it launched🤣

  4. Ignacio Rosales

    Boring. The Karoo works perfectly well with Garmin mounts (addmitedly, via an adapter). This is a solved problem. From HH, we expect a new Karoo.

  5. Rudi

    First i thought yeeeeeeees.

    Then i read it wasn’t Karoo 3…


  6. Nuno Pinto

    When I read the title of this webpage, I honestly thought It was the launch of KAROO 3.
    I have been waiting for an alternative for EDGE with a little more battery and proper bluethoot integration…
    well….seems we need to wait a little longer.

    • usr

      They all have more battery than an Edge (well, the one in the Bolt is slightly smaller than that of the 1040, but not by much). They just don’t get as many hours from it.

  7. usr

    Heh, even saw that K-stuff on the HH site yesterday and still fell for it. I declare my excuse to be that wouldn’t only be mildly surprising to see a device release accompanied by a mount release that isn’t exactly aligned on the calendar (might actually not be a bad idea at all, warming up the audience so that when the big news hours, people aren’t surprised Hammerhead still exists?)

    You might want to find “you’re”/ replace “your” near the crotch shot choice.

  8. David W

    Unfortunately for Hammerhead, there have been 3D printed versions of the HMS insert available for years from companies like racewaredirect.co. I have them in my standard k-edge mounts and they work fine. Cheaper than HH too.

  9. dan

    You are so ridiculously sly and mean at the same time I don’t know whether to render the golf clap or the, you are number 1 salute. Thanks for simultaneously making and crushing my day.

  10. Nighthawk700

    (about your IG link at the end of the post) That gasp you made as she ran over the drone…. I had to replay it a few times. Do you think she was aiming for it?

  11. Jonas

    > Or, I suppose, GoPro crotch shots. Your choice.

    Done that by accident with a Hero Session once (who knew that cubes could be flipped). Wouldn’t recommend it.

  12. Greg Franks

    I didn’t know that Hammerhead made beer… “After years of hardware draught, “. Is it any good? I haven’t seen it on this side of the pond.

  13. TheStansMonster

    Not gonna lie – using the wording “hardware” and “units” instead of “mounts” along with other vague phrasing that doesn’t make it clear there aren’t new head units feels like a cynical marketing tactic to increase clicks and time on page metrics.