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Hammerhead Sends Out 7-Year ‘Old Karoo’ instead of ‘New Karoo’

In one of those moments that one can only laugh at, Hammerhead has seemingly accidentally shipped out units of the 7-year old original Karoo, to some eager buyers of the just announced ‘new Karoo’. Admittedly, someone at Hammerhead is probably … Read More Here

Hammerhead Karoo 3 In-Depth Review: Worth the Upgrade?

 SRAM & Hammerhead have just released the latest version of their GPS cycling computer, the “new Karoo”. This unit combines much-asked-for hardware updates, with a smattering of software updates, to provide a natural evolution over the existing Karoo 2. … Read More Here

Hammerhead Now Supports TrainerRoad Outside Workouts

After what seems like the longest period of flirting in sports tech history, the two companies finally unlocked the connectivity between the two platforms. This had been teased, hinted at, and borderline leaked for seemingly years. But hey, now it’s … Read More Here

Hammerhead Announces New Hardware: Quick Hands-On with HMS

After years of hardware draught, for the first time since the Karoo 2 back in April 2020, cycling GPS maker Hammerhead has announced some new hardware (actually in April 2020, that’s when they announced plans for the announcement, different from … Read More Here

Hammerhead Revamps Karoo User Interface: Internet Revolts

Hammerhead has carved out their name in the cycling GPS world by continually updating their products with new features, and an evolving user interface. For the most part, it’s focused on new features. But, every once in a while, Hammerhead … Read More Here

Shimano Forces Hammerhead to Remove All Di2 Related Functionality From Karoo

Effective next Thursday, Hammerhead will remove all Di2 functionality from the Hammerhead Karoo series, via firmware update. This is at the request/demand of Shimano, who according to Hammerhead, now sees them as a competitor. This means all Di2-related functionality including … Read More Here

Hammerhead and Suunto Partner: Heatmaps on Hammerhead, Workout Sync to Suunto

Hammerhead and Suunto have just announced what they describe as potentially the first step towards a deeper partnership and collaboration. This first step puts heatmaps onto the Hammerhead Karoo series, while concurrently sending completed Karoo rides to Suunto’s platform (as … Read More Here

Hammerhead Updated CLIMBER Functionality No Longer Requires Route

There’s nothing more consistent than the biweekly drop of new features coming from Hammerhead to their Karoo series bike computers. And this update brings a huge one: The ability to automatically get climb information as you ride, without needing to … Read More Here

SRAM Acquires Hammerhead (maker of Karoo Bike Computers)

It’s been announced today that Hammerhead (maker of the Karoo 2) has been acquired by SRAM for an undisclosed amount. The sale was officially completed back on December 30th, 2021, though it is only being announced today. Both companies say … Read More Here

Hammerhead Karoo’s New CLIMBER Feature: Here’s how it works

In a substantial firmware update, Hammerhead has rolled out a new CLIMBER function within their Karoo series (for both Karoo 1 & Karoo 2). This feature aims to inform you of the details of your current climb, with gradient and … Read More Here

Hammerhead Karoo 2 In-Depth Review

In most ways, the Hammerhead Karoo 2 is probably the most eagerly anticipated bike computer release of 2020. And not just because I feel like we’ve been waiting and talking about this moment for nearly the entire year, but because … Read More Here

Hammerhead Karoo 2: Hands-On Details & First Rides

Update: My full Hammerhead Karoo 2 In-Depth Review is now published! Check it out over here. Long teased, and long awaited…it’s finally here – the Hammer Karoo 2. And by ‘here’, I mean here in this post – and you … Read More Here

Hammerhead Refreshes Karoo User Interface ahead of Karoo 2

Hammerhead has begun rolling out a refreshed user interface to existing Karoo users, ahead of the Karoo 2 unveiling. Hammerhead has previously announced their intention to announce the Karoo 2, but hasn’t actually made the announcement yet. Or, something like … Read More Here

Hammerhead Announces Plans to Announce Karoo 2 Bike GPS

It looks like at some point in the year 2020 we’ll have at least one more cycling GPS added to your table of options. This week Hammerhead, in conjunction with one of their lead investors, announced plans for their next … Read More Here

Weekend Tidbits: Hammerhead Adds Radar Support, Elite Releases Upgrado app, Garmin adds Edge connection to inReach

This is the segment in the week where I spent an inordinate amount of time on two other posts and two videos, and realize I still have some thoughts I wanted to go more deeply in on a few topics, … Read More Here

Hammerhead Karoo Cycling GPS In-Depth Review

After an elongated delivery timeframe, the Hammerhead Karoo is finally shipping.  If the various engagement metrics I track tell me anything, it’s one of the most awaited bike computers of the last year. It could be the fast touchscreen display … Read More Here

Hands-on: Hammerhead’s new Karoo GPS Bike Computer

It’s been a few years since startup Hammerhead announced their H1 navigational bike accessory.  It was sorta like a fish finder for navigation while on a bike. Rather than be a full bike computer head unit, it mostly offered you … Read More Here