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Garmin Epix Pro: The Complete Beginners Guide

Just a quick heads up for those that aren’t subscribed on YouTube, that I’ve just hit publish on my incredibly detailed hour-long user guide for the Garmin Epix Pro, from beginning to end. As usual, I walk through all the features on the watch, both the basic/foundational features (for new users), but also all the advanced bits, with boatloads of little pro tips/tricks along the way. Thus, whether you’re a first-time Garmin watch user, or upgrading from an older model that lacks the newest features released in the past year – this guide provides all the information you need to know.

In the Epix Pro, I dive into all the new features like Hill Score & Endurance Score, the flashlight, how it compares to the Fenix 7 Pro, how to set up data pages for sport profiles, training plans, races, and more. And I also cover HRV Status, Training Readiness, Training Status (and how it differs and has changed), and much more.

And there’s plenty of goodness and tips/tidbits in this video that I don’t cover as deeply in the written review – especially around navigation, music, and contactless payments. And best of all, you can skip right to the video section you’re looking for using the YouTube chapters in the video itself, or the quick-links below:

0:00 Quick Intro
0:22 The Epix Pro Models
0:45 Epix vs Fenix Quickly Explained
3:01 The Basics: Watch Face, Widgets, Activity Tracking
7:45 Sleep Tracking
10:35 Weather Radar Overlays
12:20 Morning Report
13:34 HRV Status Explained
Redshift, Always-On Display and Display Modes
Sport Modes & Configuration
26:27 GPS/GNSS Modes (including multiband)
29:49 Sensor Pairing and Heart Rate Broadcasting
31:11 Training Plans (Automated)
33:54 Training Readiness Deep-Dive
36:32 Training Status Explained
39:14 Endurance Score
41:33 Hill Score
43:52 Mapping & Navigation
50:27 The Flashlight
52:12 Contactless Payments
53:41 Offline Music (Spotify/Amazon Music/Deezer)
57:07 One Last Thing

I haven’t quite decided if I’ll do one for the Fenix 7 Pro, as frankly, every single item is the exact same above, save for the Display/Always-On section. Likewise, if you have an existing Garmin Epix (Non-Pro), you can always watch my older guide, but this guide actually has more of the newer features in it. Since the Garmin Epix (non-pro) is getting a firmware update later this summer with all the ‘Pro’ features, then it’ll be the same software-wise at that point.

With that – thanks for watching!

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  1. Sixto

    I bought the Epix 3 months ago and now it feels like I have an outdated watch :-(

  2. Mr. T

    First tip. Update the software. (I know obvious) But when I first got my epix pro it didnt’ have weather overlays. I searched high and low before realizing I needed to update.

    • Funny, that was the issue with the original Fenix 7 & Epix units as well…actually made an entire video on it. But good catch, forgot about it this time!

    • Mr. T

      I actually remembered you saying that on those products which reminded me that I should update before doing anything else. Once I did it was fine.

  3. acousticbiker

    Thanks, Ray! Have you had a chance to test pulse ox accuracy? None of the Elevate sensors to date, including on the non-pro epix 2, have been usable for me (showing high 80s to low 90s when a reference device shows high 90s) and was curious whether this latest sensor is better

    • Yeah, if I test against an EU/CE certified pulse oximeter device – it’s fine in a scenario where I compare like-for-like. Meaning, comparing sitting still at a desk/etc, it’ll be the same.

      But overnight sleep measurements, are kinda all over the map (like many companies).

  4. John Crowley

    Ray does it pick up pulse when swimming, or do you still require a chest strap?

    • It can do HR underwater, albeit, like all HR underwater, it can be hit or miss on a per-person basis (especially tied to how snug it is). I find it generally tracks the trend well enough, but doesn’t pickup short bursts super well and can become confused with quick increases in stroke rate.

  5. David

    Great article as ever Ray. Despite being a Garmin user since the Fenix didn’t have a HR sensor I am still unsure about the metrics.

    Both the Epix and pro sometimes do a strange HR jump at times. I upgraded as I thought the new sensor might fix things. It does seem to track micro changes but the big jump is strange.

    • Leslie Harris

      Try using a chest strap and you would be able to compare.

      To monitor both at the same time you would need a second Garmin watch to pair it to, as I think when you pair a HR chest strap it disables the watch HR sensor.

  6. How is the stress level predictions on this in different scenarios?

    • Generally I find them align fairly well. If I’m stressed (such as behind on a review that has to go live at a certain time), it’ll show that. Likewise, I tend to see stress from sickness too.

  7. TJ

    Unfortunately Garmin seem to have an issue with their beta program, and enrolling devices into it.

    I, like so many, are unable to join the beta program, due to some, unidentified issue with Garmin. The Garmin forums are inundated with people unable to enrol.

    I previously owned an Epic 2, which was able to be enrolled, but by Epix Pro 51, can’t.

    • Neil Rosser

      It’s logical to expect the Epix Pro could be enrolled at the point when the new beta build for the F7/Epix line is released. Which, hopefully, will be any day now. I’d suggest to keep checking the beta forums, which you probably are anyway. :)

  8. Randy

    When using on a bike handlebar does the watch come back to life with a tap? (I don’t care if it’s black most of the time)

    • Randy

      I have answered my own question having gotten a epic pro Aug 3rd.
      If on map screen a simple tap makes it visible.
      Other screens simply require a press of the light button. Pretty easy.

  9. Joanna

    If gesture mode is on, does the screen light up whenever you get a notification (ie WhatsApp)? Or does it stay off and just vibrates until you move your hand to check the screen? Asking for battery life.
    Thank you!

  10. Mark D Burdeshaw

    I just got an Epix Gen 2 Pro Sapphire Edition. I’m trying to use the Garmin Connect app on my Android phone to configure the data screens.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to configure the data screens using Garmin Connect. I go to Device Settings, don’t see Data Screens there, so I look under every sub menu, ‘Activities and Apps’, ‘Notifications and Alerts’, etc… Can’t find Data Screens anywhere. Can someone please tell me how to get to the Data Screens configuration on the Garmin Connect app?



    • Neil R

      On the iOS app, you do this:
      Device Icon at the top of the main app screen (called the ‘My Day’ view) then
      Activities & Apps then pick one of the activities shown, such as
      Run – then select Data Screens
      And configure from there. Add, delete, edit, modify, etc…

      Never used the Android app but I’d assume it’s somewhat similar….?

    • Mark Burdeshaw

      Thanks so much Neil!

  11. Putimir

    Hello I’m having hard time finding this info: is Load focus calcualated exclusively from “recorded activities” or does it take metrics also from e.g. heart rate readings / HVR from “normal watch use” during the day?

    (i’m using Epix Gen2 14.23)


  12. Stefan

    Hello DC, Hello community, I switched from the Fenix6xpro to the EPIX GEN2 Pro 51mm. Maybe I`am wrong or I missed something to setup correctly….
    Yesterday I started an own programmed intervall training session. By starting a training you get an addition datafield, beside the own setup ones, which shows the range of the target pace, decremental segment distance, time in segement. From the Fenix I know that the targetpace is shown in this field as segment pace to the second. But with the Epix I have here the “standard” pace with the +/-5s accuracy. For intervall sessions where I focus on pace in a segement this is not sufficient from my point of view. This “automatic” datafield is not selectable to modify. Do I made a mistakte in the setup ?

  13. Bob

    You know what would be Pro. An LTE modem from the 945 LTE.

  14. paul coe

    How does the Muscle Oxy fields work on this? Is there another sensor that needs to be used with watch??

  15. Joe

    Ray, is there a way to customize what data fields are shown during interval workouts? I hate that if I’m running distance based intervals, let’s say 12x400m with 400m recovery, that it won’t show me heart rate. Os there a way to edit these data fields? If not, has garmin ever commented on why they won’t give us this ability on our $1,000+ watches?

  16. kris

    For $1k it the Epix pro gen2 has the Worst alitimeter !! I’ve done the calibration 3 times an it’s still sucks..

  17. Geoff Dunn

    I have just purchased the Epix Pro (gen2) appart from doing the software update on it is there any other key issues I should be aware of?

  18. Bryceee

    Ray if coming from a base Fenix 6, would you recommend the cheaper Gen 2 ($692 AUD) over the Pro ($1600 AUD)

  19. Aaron

    Question for everyone….why would the Epix 2 Pro Sapphire 51m track my heart rate while running on a tread perfectly and then all of a sudden it drops and never seems to pick back up? For example I will be running for like 20 minutes and my hr is up to 150+ and then all of a sudden the Epix drops my hr to 117 and it never seems to get much higher.