The Complete List of All Epix/Fenix Pro Features Going to FR955/965/Fenix 7/Epix


This will be a reasonably efficient post. Yesterday, Garmin announced the new Epix Pro and Fenix 7 Pro watches. The Fenix 7 Pro series now includes the flashlight in all three watch sizes. While the AMOLED-equipped Epix Pro series is now expanded to the same three sizes as the Fenix series, while also getting flashlights for all. Further, both watches get a new optical heart rate sensor and multiband GNSS as standard.

However, beyond the hardware upgrades, both units came with a small slate of new software features (outlined below). Garmin had already confirmed that all existing Fenix 7 units, and all existing Epix units, will get these new software features. However, there were still outstanding questions on the Forerunner 955/965, which share much of the same functionality as the Fenix/Epix products. The Forerunner 955 is the MIP-based display, while the Forerunner 965 is the AMOLED display variant. As Garmin previously noted when they launched the Forerunner 965, they expect the FR955 & FR965 features to remain largely the same watch for the short to medium term. Instead, the main difference would be the display-type (just like Fenix vs Epix).

Anyways, as a reminder, here’s the new software-specific features launched on the Fenix 7 Pro & Epix Pro, all of these are going to the existing Fenix 7 series and Enduro 2 & Tactix 7 units, as well as the existing Epix & MARQ 2 units. All of these updates are slated for their ‘Q3 Quarterly Update’, which Garmin confirmed to be “later this summer” (2023). As a perspective on timing, last year (2022) the Q3 quarterly update started as a late June public beta for an initial set of features, and then to production release in mid-August 2022.

Again, here’s the new Fenix 7 Pro & Epix Pro features (I cover these in-detail in the Epix Pro & Fenix 7 Pro reviews), coming to the existing Fenix 7/Epix units in the 2023 Q3 quarterly update:

– New Endurance Score metric
– New Hill Score metric
– New weather overlays on maps (precip, temp, wind, clouds)
– New shaded relief on all maps
– New split screen data pages (map + data fields split vertically)
– New ‘perimeter’ data pages (data around edge of map)
– New ‘Recents’ feature to quickly access widgets anytime
– Added 30+ new activity/sport profiles (listed down below)
– New Redshift mode (Epix & MARQ only!)

For reference, here’s the 30+ new sport profiles:

Basketball, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Football/Soccer, American Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Cricket, Softball, Baseball, Ice Skating, Inline Skating, Archery, Overland, Whitewater, Kayak, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Snorkel, BMX, Motocross, Table Tennis, Squash, Racquetball, Badminton, Platform Tennis, ATV, Snowmobile, Motorcycle

Next, there’s the Forerunner 955/965 side of the house. Literally, it’s a different side of the house. Forerunner falls under the ‘Fitness’ team/division within Garmin, while Fenix/Epix falls under the ‘Outdoor’ division. These two divisions share tons of code, but, sometimes features are born on one side, and used by the other side. Or vice versa. While the units have huge overlap, they also have different priorities – or hardware capabilities. For example, the Fenix/Epix/etc units have a 100m water resistance spec, whereas the Forerunner series has a 50m water resistance spec. As such, for high-speed watersports, those will stay on Fenix/Epix/etc for device profiles.

With that in mind, here’s where things stand for the Forerunner 955 & Forerunner 965, with these features also slated for the 2023 Q3 quarterly update unless otherwise stated. That timeframe for that production release is roughly concurrent with Epix/Fenix for “later this summer”.

New Endurance Score metric: Yes, part of Q3 2023 firmware update.
New Hill Score metric: Yes, part of Q3 2023 firmware update
– New weather overlays on maps (precip, temp, wind, clouds): Yes, part of Q3 2023 firmware update
– New shaded relief on all maps: Yes, part of Q3 2023 firmware update
– New split screen data pages (map + data fields split vertically): Potentially Q3 2023, but still finalizing.
– New ‘perimeter’ data pages (data around edge of map): Not likely till Q4 at earliest.
– New ‘Recents’ feature to quickly access widgets anytime: TBD
– Added 30+ new activity/sport profiles (listed down below): The majority will be added, they haven’t finalized the exact list yet, but are saying that “most everything” that isn’t a high-speed watersport will come to the Forerunner 955/965 series.
– New Redshift mode (AMOLED displays): This isn’t currently in the plans for the FR965, but they aren’t saying no either. It’s on the ‘very rainy day’ list.

Also, for the Forerunner 945 LTE, I’m told they’re still sorting out which features will land where there. Once I get that, I’ll get it added in (that doesn’t apply to the older Forerunner 945 non-LTE). Finally – Garmin notes that, as always, things could shift/change if something unexpected on the technical side comes up

Got all that? Good.

Overall, I’d say this is good to see. We’re seeing a slow shift in Garmin’s thinking on backporting features that we didn’t see 3-5 years ago. While they have actually backported many features on various products in the last 1-2 years, I think this represents the most cohesive and comprehensive upgrade list of features we’ve seen yet from Garmin, for updates from current gen to previous gen.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Alexis Menard

    This makes the F965 very interesting.

  2. derek

    thanks for this update. i really do hope to see the perimeter and split screen map data screens on the 955 as that would be immensely beneficial while hiking/backpacking.

  3. Thomas De Jaeger

    Is “ Table Tennis Squash “ a new hype I missed or are we missing a comma? (Probably a copy paste from somewhere 😅)

  4. Patrick

    Will the Enduro 2 receive any of these new features?

  5. Nick Yanakiev

    I wonder if the new UI from the 965 will be ported over to the Amoled watches like the Epix 2 and Epix 2 Pro.

    Any insights into that Ray?

  6. Henk de Haan

    Do you know if the activity/sport profiles will become available on other sport watches (such as the 265)?

  7. Eli

    Be interesting if perimeter could be used on more than just maps. As in it could be a way to have tiny font fields on other pages where you want large numbers for the data you care about but tiny for other data could still be useful

  8. inSyt

    Anything for the 255/265?

  9. Audun


    Thanks for the nice write-up of new features!

    Now a question; are all the new activities just generic ones without any sport specific metrics, or are they copied from the closest existing ones? For example is Inline Skating basically a copy of Cross Country Ski Skate, or is it still better to use XC Skate and change in Garmin Connect after syncing to get better metrics than a new generic profile would give?


    • I’ve looked at a few. For example Kayaking – someone had hoped it’d support power meters (with cadence), since kayak power meters have been around for a decade*, but sadly, it doesn’t support either those sensor pairings or data fields.

      *For Real: link to dcrainmaker.com

    • Fred

      What changed from old to new “KAYAK” profile? Did it finally got stroke count/fields like SUP and Row?

      The actual Kayak profile is actually a whitewater Kayak profile, it accounts for altitude and doesn’t count stroke rate and distance for strokes.

      I hope it’s finally fixed after 5+ years delay!

    • wefhy

      Do you actually get any useful data when using Cross Country Ski Skate and changing to inline in the connect app?
      Inline skates are my main sport and that’s what I do because I’ve heard that it’s a good idea.
      But the only data I get is the regular heartrate/speed/distance/time.
      No stride length, no cadence, contact time etc.
      What benedit do I actually get from using XC Ski Skate as activity instead of generic one? 🤔

  10. Mike S.

    Glad to see my Epic Gen 2 won’t be lacking in features.

  11. Brian Reiter

    Surely this Fitness vs Outdoor division is an efficiency disaster. It is clearly not so easy to merge the code for some of these features across different forks of the GarminOS platform or it would not be TBD for the recents hotkey and Q4 for a bunch of stuff.

    Or the UI presentation design for the f965 is totally different from the epix 2 and the Marq 2. All of that is implemented separately in C++ and is so different that I imagine the code cannot be shared. WTF?

    The underlying hardware is so similar that it seems an insane explosion of complexity to have all these forks of GarminOS for different models. I would have thought it is feasible to have one codebase and a CI/CD that builds separate images for each hardware model within a generation by having compile time flags that turn on and off things that are not supported for a particular hardware configuration. But that is clearly not how it works. It’s more like each device has a team with a fork of GarminOS and they cherry pick code from each other. Maybe some doubles are shared but there is clearly a ton of fiddly and non-trivial custom integration work and debugging for each device family.

    • Brian Reiter

      “Some doubles are shared” was supposed to be “some modules are shared”

    • Leo

      You are so right.

      But garmin is a company driven by marketing, not by engineering.

      They are more happy to announce they increased the number of activities by a gazillion than that they increased software quality.

    • Johnny S

      This is so funny. Thank you for pointing this out. In my head I am so much, if I was there CTO, I would male this so much leaner and efficient. I truly feel you, so much room for improvement.

  12. Dan J

    What about Jet Lag Advisor to the 965?

  13. garland

    i m with Enduro 2 but Amoled display always be my 1 watch for smart watch & Sport target..

  14. Balih00

    After reading your Fenix 7x Pro review, I concluded that the only difference between the Fenix 7X and Fenix 7X Pro is the new optical heart rate monitor. Although I’ve been waiting a year to pull the trigger on a new watch, I opted for the older model that’s $200 off, on sale right now.

    • KY

      There’s the improved MIPS visibility.

    • Dave

      I have never, while racing an ultra, road biking, mountain biking, road running, treadmill running, swimming, indoor rowing, snowboarding, or stand up paddle boarding wished for anything more from the MIPS display on my Fenix 7XSS. I’m quite curious to see it in person for a comparison.

  15. Fiatlux

    Any chance of some of this coming to the Fenix 6 Pro?

  16. runner-33

    Ray, are you aware of any plans that the other part of Garmin’s outdoor lineup will get any new features? Historically the Instinct Crossover got Morning Report and the Instinct 2X started with Training Readiness right away so I guess some features might trickle down?

  17. Mark

    Woohoo, nice, just what I wanted to hear, those Map and Weather related updates should look awesome on my FR965.
    Thanks Ray.

  18. Leo

    I wished they focussed more on bug fixing than new, not so needed features.

    In the 5 weeks I owned a fr 965 I reported like 12 bugs, including crashes.

    • Andre

      Truly agree. Although i feel the 965 is quite stable. From what I see other brands are similar once they start to implement features.
      It would be good if garmin had like one year of bug fixing, and less features, and maybe merging garmin connect and explore. In this subject I think suunto is doing better. See their app and the maps reactivity.
      Altough not the same on feature richness (different user I think)
      Still: Kudos to garmin for bringing the features to various devices, and sharing the plans, and to DCRainmaker for showing us!

    • Leo

      No, definitely no kudos to garmin.

      They shouldn’t had the need to backport in the first place.

      You give them kudos for organizing software development in the most stupid way.

    • Fred

      Makes sense. If they had a simple OS, like “Garmin OS”, they would only need to update it to all supported range.

  19. Dushko Kantardjiev

    Hi Ray,
    Any plans to enable more than 2 IQ datafields per activity (w/o duplications)?

    • Richard

      This is one of the craziest admissions in the current Garmin line up.

      The edge series can have 10 IQ fields – but the watches (now costing alot more) still limited to just two.

      Massive oversight considering all the new sensors and accessories you can get, that need an IQ Field

    • Peter^

      Here are two bonus crazy ones:
      – not having 8 data fields pages on newer higher res displays (at least 965 doesn’t have it)
      – maximum of 50 turn-by-turn notifications. If you load a long course with turn-by-turn, it will just go radio silent half way through.

    • “not having 8 data fields pages on newer higher res displays (at least 965 doesn’t have it)”

      But all the Epix units do have 8 data fields?

      The Fenix 7 Pro units aren’t higher res displays, the 7X units do have 8 data fields, because it’s bigger.

    • Peter^

      Sorry for my rant, it is probably a 965 only thing then (not having 8 datafields), although the resolution is higher and the screen size is the same as 6x and 7x?

      The Fenix 6X and 7X all have 280×280 screens (1.4″ large), while the 965 has 454×454 (1.4” also). Still the 6X and 7X have 8 datafields as a stock option, while the 965 does not.

  20. Curious about the 30+ new sport profiles, as I’m only couting less than 30. Nice to see basketball on the list, hope there would ber Orienteering too (mainly so that I wouldn’t have to rename excercise before sharing to social media).

    • Here’s the list with numbers:

      1) Basketball
      2) Volleyball
      3) Field Hockey
      4) Ice Hockey
      5) Football/Soccer
      6) American Football
      7) Lacrosse
      8) Rugby
      9) Ultimate Frisbee
      10) Cricket
      11) Softball
      12) Baseball
      13) Ice Skating
      14) Inline Skating
      15) Archery
      16) Overland
      17) Whitewater
      18) Kayak
      19) Boxing
      20) Mixed Martial Arts
      21) Snorkel
      22) BMX
      23) Motocross
      24) Table Tennis
      25) Squash
      26) Racquetball
      27) Badminton
      28) Platform Tennis
      29) ATV
      30) Snowmobile
      31) Motorcycle

      Apparently, ATV/Snowmobile/Motorcycle somehow got cut off on my list. I haven’t figured out where the “+” comes from yet.

    • Someone

      Still no native meditation activity? How hard can it be….

    • Pavel Vishniakov

      There’s Breathework

    • Someone

      I really just yoga without poses and another name…

    • Andre Faria

      Think the same. Asked already in the forums.

    • jay

      How come they do not have roller skiing activities?

  21. Michael

    Hey Ray, thank you very much for this report which is also pleasing for FR owners like me. :-)

  22. Neil Jones

    Got excited to read that a bespoke field hockey activity is coming to my MARQ 2, then remembered that I wear my Instinct 2 for that. Fingers crossed the Instincts will also get these new activities (I can’t see any reason why not as the changes must be back-end, but this is Garmin…)

  23. Mark

    I don’t want to wait recording Inline Skating natively for that long, can you please provide the file from the Sports folder on the watch?

    • Fred

      It won’t work if the watch is not supported. At least it didn’t work when I tried from the F7 to the FR955.

  24. Jeff

    I have a much more modest wishlist: bring the virtual partner/pacer to the Venu line (so I can finally buy one… take my money, Garmin). I had that simple feature way back on my FR410 and Ray has been writing about it since at least 2011… look at that beautiful tech in the photo. I understand product differentiation but at this point, is it really too much to ask!

  25. Nick

    With this being an intermediate update, when do you expect a more significant updated version to come out? I’m on a FR945, which works perfectly fine but obviously missing out on quite a few data fields/advancements that don’t get rolled that far back. I’d hate to update to a Fenix 7 Pro and have the 8 come out in a year.

  26. Otto

    w00t! ICE-SKATING! As a Canadian, I’ve been waiting for that one to drop natively.

    Bigger picture: Garmin Connect (the app) has *so many* sport profiles, it’s nice to see Garmin adding them natively to watches so you we don’t have to edit a generic activity after saving to reflect the actual sport.

  27. Adonis

    Thanks so much for this update Ray.

  28. Mighty Sashiman

    I still wonder why Garmin refuses to add Paragliding activity (and multisport related stuff like Hike-and-fly). Garmin watch litterally have ALL the sensors required: GPS, barometer, MEMS (accelerometer, gyros) and magnetometer. OK maybe the barometer is not as highfrequency as some dedicated alti-vario-gps devices like XCtracer, but then let the watch get data from these freefly devices over bluetooth.
    Honestly I don’t get it.
    At the current pace Garmin is going adding the weirdest activity they can come up with, there’ll be “bridge card game” and “playing with a rubber duck in the batch” soon… and still no paragliding.

    • Michael

      Right? They include so many other (in my opinion) esoteric activities. There are Vario apps on the Connect IQ store tho (I have yet to really test any of them). I added a custom activity “Fly” so when I record my flights I can tell them apart. I use a dedicated vario and my phone as my flight instruments normally, but for hike and fly it would be great to use the watch!

  29. Freddy M

    Thank you so much Ray! Needs to be said!

  30. Vlad

    Good news, thanks. My epix 2 will get updates and will still serve me without having to buy an epix pro.

  31. Pavel Vishniakov

    Hi Ray,

    thanks a lot for compiling this list!

    It’s nice to see that Garmin starts to follow the market and bring features to older devices as well. I remember that before Fenix 6 series that was very much not the case.

  32. Matthias Tiemann

    HI Ray, do you know if they will get updates to their bluetooth headphone connectivity? With every Garmin since 5 plus i had issues using headhones, sometimes connection totally fails, sometimes music interupts unexpected. It doesn´t matter Fenix 7 Forerunner 945 and Fenix 5 have the same Problems. The headphones i use do not have these issues with my android devices. On the other hand, i am still missing aptX(HD) codec support (aac Codec would be to to stressfull i think). Maybe it is already there and garmin didn´t mention. As far as i understand it uses less computing power at same or even better quality than SBC, Thank you very much! Matthias

  33. David

    As always, your updates are always well done. My only question is simple. Do you know if the epix gen 2 will get all the new watch faces?
    I find them so awesome!!
    Thank you

  34. Et42

    Sorry for the off topic question, but can you use a Garmin watch for city navigation? Just spent a few days in Rome following my phone and feeling extra stupid. Maybe a watch can do a better job

    • Paul S.

      Can you? Sure. Is it better than a phone? Probably not. I had to use my Fenix 5+ in London a few years ago for directions. Most of the time when I was there I would use my iPhone/Apple Watch combination for directions, but on one particular route I had mapped out and was following the Watch/iPhone suddenly decided it was tea time or something and stopped giving directions. Since I was navigating with my 5+ in addition to record the track, I started following it until the iPhone/Watch decided to start working again.

      The big advantage of the iPhone is that it would route on the Underground, which a Garmin watch won’t. But for walking around on the streets, the 5+ was about the same as the AW/iPhone combo. The maps are certainly good enough.

    • spinnekopje

      Since my fenix 5 plus I (almost) never use my phone for that. Now I mostly make a course in garmin explore and start navigation that way. It takes less than a minute and works great.
      That doesn’t mean it works for you, but it certainly does for me.
      Maybe it is good to add that I took the time to configure maps like I want (although I still miss some options that would be great like hiding poi and/or street names)
      Offtopic for this post but it is great to see Garmin implement a feature I (and probably others) suggested to them and posted on the forum a while ago (perimeter data fields for map).

    • Eugene

      Not ideal. You can see your position on the map but routing on the go is much more difficult or impossible.
      Perhaps a smart watch with Google Maps is better for this?

  35. Thomas

    Thank you very much for this update Ray !

    As others pointed out the Jet Lag Adviser is still missing on the forerunner series.
    As triathlons happening all around the world I can’t imagine Garmin thinks forerunner users wouldn’t make use of that.
    Could you please ask Garmin if it is still in the pipeline or has been ruled out for the forerunner series.

    Thanks a lot

  36. No love for the Fenix 6?

  37. Fred Smith

    Any of the map goodness coming to the Edge 540?

    The weather overlays would be very handy

  38. uwe

    Is there a plan to support Laps at Multisport Profiles at FR955?
    Perhaps by press Lap Button for next Lap, and long presse Lap-Button to switch to next Profile.
    I know, that Laps possible,if i switch manualy to another Profile. I use this.
    Autolap is no option.
    And i use manual switch Profile too, because of it is to dangerous to hit accidental the switch Button.

  39. Bobby

    I recently acquired the Fenix 6 Pro Solar at a crazy good price. Should I even consider selling it and getting one of these? Leaning more Epix 2 or Epix Pro due to display. What would you recommend?

  40. /SVK/fortuneman

    I have to say I am pretty disappointed with the new Football/Soccer profile accuracy. It lets you pick Indoor activity, which is cool, but then registers only a fraction of distance – f.e. an hour and a half of futsal registered only as 1.37km, which is like 1/3 to 1/4 of the actual distance covered. The problem might be it only sees 17 minutes of total 125 as “moving time” which means the threshold for registering a movement in indoor sports activity is set incorrectly.
    For the same reason I had to use F3b Sports app on my previous Fenix 6, which had the ability to estimate a more accurate distance (but lacked the ability to write the distance correctly in the Connect ecosystem because of restrictions in the Garmin part of the field).
    I was kind of hoping that with this new sensor in Epix Pro and all, Garmin will make a better job in estimating those parameters it is clearly able to measure. I am sure other profiles (such as Table Tennis) will bring the same poor results… what a shame.

    • Codasco

      I cannot imagine this will improve much. Most leagues ban wearing any sort of jewelry. The Garmin watches are too big to tape over. The most accurate trackers for soccer are worn as bibs.

    • Brian Reiter

      The timer differentiation feature. Wow.

      That seems both rather trivial and a super stupid microcosm of “something rotten in the state of Denmark”.

      It again seems to imply an excessively complex merge and fork code workflow for the different “GarminOS” versions on each product SKU. I cannot imagine that is actually meant as a meaningful product differentiation thing nor an internal hardware or software limitation but rather some kind of a presentation GUI difference.

  41. Salil

    I went from F3HR to Venu2 (for the display) but was disappointed at the lack of many fitness features. I have been contemplating the FR955/255 for some time when the 965/265 appeared. And now after this launch, the Fenix 7 is on sale at a crazy ₹52k ($630) in India, while the FR965 still retails at ₹67k ($811). With all the new (Pro) software additions coming to Fenix7 soon, that looks like a dream catch right now. Maybe I will bite!

  42. Codasco

    I am curious about the golf application. Are the new watches running the same app as the new Approach watch? That’s how previous versions of Fenix worked.

  43. Andreas

    I‘d like to highlight a „feature“, that I came across recently when I got my FR965. Garmin limited the maximum timer setting to 8:59:59 for no reason since the FR945LTE. I used to be a frequent user of timers much longer than 9 hours with my Fenix 6 which can do up to 23:59:59
    Garmin Support told me, 9h are plenty and if I need more, I should set an Alarm ( no Option for me) and that only fenix and epix could do longer timers. This doesn’t make any sense at all. Maybe it’s not a big deal for most people, but for some of us, it is! If it’s a thing for you, I’d be happy to hear about your investigations on this 😊

    • Eugene

      Just because I’m curious: why is the alarm no option for you?

    • Andreas

      I need to see the remaining time

    • Eugene

      Have you looked in Connect IQ ?

      I have looked there some time ago to find a data widget for an alarm to use during my marathon run, to go off at set times, for my nutrition scheme. I can’t recommend you anything specific though.

  44. /SVK/fortuneman

    I am a regular but amateur player, many of us here in Europe. My teammates are ok with wearing Garmin watch under a band.

  45. Efthimis

    Are there any new features coming to the Instinct 2 (standard version)?

  46. Konstantinos

    Garmin has a lot to learn from Apple in the software development domain. I get it about product differentiation. However it needs a rationale i.e. introduction of an additional sensor etc or the need for a faster processor or more storage. Frankly speaking I do not understand why the majority of these features are not back ported to Fenix 6 series. Take for example running power or stamina or …. . There is no rationale why running power (or any other sw based feature) was never back ported to (FR945)/Fenix 6 even if someone could create power based workouts.

    • Brian Reiter

      I think the rationale is that the fenix 6 is a previous generation product from 2020. Garmin is supporting the product with software updates to remediate defects but not to add new features. Software service features have a recurring operational and development cost to Garmin but the only revenue is device sales. Users that do not upgrade are a cost to Garmin, so the the premise seems to be that if you want new features, then Garmin would like you to purchase a new device.

      Unlike Apple, the watch is the primary product and not an accessory. Garmin also does not bundle any subscription components in the way that Apple does.

      I’m not saying that I agree with these business strategies but they seem fairly clear and the business model and value proposition are different between Appple and Garmin.

  47. Caroline

    Since the latest update (firmware v. 13.22 on epix). Transferring workouts messes them up every time. It seems to only take 4 steps (out of 6 or more…) and then repeats 3 times warm-up of 5 minutes at the end of the workout. Those are workouts coming from trainingpeaks. The ones that were allready on the watch during the update were fine, only newly send ones are messed up. Any news if they are already working to solve this?

  48. etrolan

    The enduro2 feature ‘Up Ahead’ seems like the only SW feature missing in the epix pro/fenix7. Will it make its way into those watches ?

  49. Keith Robertson

    Hi Ray,

    Next time you chat with someone from Garmin can you ask if they have any plans to add solar charging to their handheld outdoor devices? Such as the Montana 700 series and the GPSMap 67.

    The Montana 700 has such a big screen I’d like to think it could potentially keep going indefinitely and never need re-charging. Would be great for my sea-kayaking expeds 😎


  50. George

    What about the Fenix 6/6 Pro?

  51. Jori

    Been torn between Epix 2 Pro and FR265 for a while now, but if these new sport profiles would come to FR265, I would not hesitate to grab one. Any idea are these new profiles coming to FR265 of not?

  52. Kerry Trentham

    Hi DCR, I was hoping you might have early access to a Fenix 8x Pro Sapphire Solar. Any news on that yet?

  53. Vegard

    One difference you didn’t mention is the navigation interface. I’ve seen on a couple of videos that with the Epix Pro you can double tap to zoom in and also long press to get more data on certain map elements. These seem to be very practical features. Have you heard anything about these interface features being rolled out to the F965?