Random Buried Treasure Reminder: Komoot and Polar Give Free Map Region To Users


This will seem like an oddly timed post, but, it’ll make sense in a second. Maybe even more sense than my absurdly long title.

Way back in October, before that entire Black Friday & Holiday sale craziness, Polar launched the Polar Grit X Pro GPS watch. A few days later, Polar and Komoot did a marketing thing where they gave all owners of the Polar Grit X or Polar Vantage V2 Series, a free voucher for a free Komoot region download via an e-mail you likely ignored. Basically, if you had a watch that supported Komoot course turn by turn features at that time, you got an e-mail. Technically the Grit X Pro of course supported it, but I don’t think it was actively shipping the same days the e-mail went out.

Anyways, assuming you were part of the chosen group, you got an e-mail for a free region code. No funky strings attached, just use the code in the e-mail and you can redeem it.

For those not familiar, the way Komoot (a navigation and route planning site) works is that for certain functions like syncing a route to your watch/device or having offline access on your phone, you can either buy a specific region of the world (like a country or portion of a country), or, you can buy the whole world for a flat-rate. Being the inefficient person I am, I’ve been buying specific regions I need over time, which is demonstrably a bad financial choice for me, but a good one for Komoot.

Thus while I was planning some routes last night on Komoot, I was reminded once again that I forgot to post about this….four to five months later.

So why bother? Well, the simple answer is maybe you’ll still be able to salvage that old e-mail from your spam/clutter/junk folders, and get yourself that free code. The e-mail was sent from Polar, and specifically from their newsletter@polar.com e-mail address, with the title Komoot X Polar: NEW FREE REGION. Here’s a copy of the e-mail I received, back on October 12th.


And here’s the first of two pieces of good news: That code does not expire. Well, I mean, technically it expires…in 2030 according to Komoot. So by then you’ll be on the Polar Grit X 7G or something. So, as long as you manage to actually find this e-mail, you’re golden.

Assuming you do find it – see that giant red button above? Do what you always do in life with giant red buttons: Press it.

I mean, obviously not the actual one on this post, but the one you’ll find in your e-mail  (if you press on the one in this post, you’ll get a surprise).

This gets us to the second piece of good news: You can actually put it in your Komoot account for later usage (so you don’t lose it again). Thus just add it to your Komoot account now, and then later you’ll be able to redeem it for whatever region you want.


With that, my public service announcement is done for the day. Oh, and the second reason this post happened today, aside from me remembering last night? I needed a nice quick post since I’m cooking on plenty of other things coming up shortly – albeit that does actually include stalking people’s past rides/hikes on Komoot/Strava Heatmaps, trying to find the most scenic routes, which is more addicting than scrolling through Instagram. Also, you know I’m on Instagram, right? Now might be a good time to follow if not.

As for my usage of the different sites, it depends on what I’m doing. I find Komoot ideal for finding real-world photos of the specific routes, to see if it passes the sanity test. I find Strava’s heatmaps ideal as well for determining where people are going the most (or, sometimes the least). Sometimes I’ll then spot-check my thinking against things like Suunto’s heatmaps or RideWithGPS or AllTrails, but usually I’m able to figure out what I’m doing with Strava & Komoot. In terms of route building, if I’m using a pre-built route from Komoot, then I’ll basically leave it as-is and sync that to my devices. Whereas if I’m building a route by hand that was ‘inspired by’ something on Komoot or Strava, I’ll tend to build it on Strava, since I’ve got more heatmap data there to work with in making trail-turn-level decisions. So in summary, for longer/crazier routes I tend to scope things out in Komoot for visual viability, and then do my construction in Strava for final route creation.

Go forth, and thanks for reading!


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  1. pavlos

    Suunto users also have two free Komoot regions link to suunto.com

    • Huh – very nice!

      I just went fishing, and indeed found an old e-mail with it. Attached example so people can find that same e-mail. Though, it’s somewhat peculiar as to why/how it sends that. I’ve activated literally countless new Suunto watches since then (and before then), and only once this past April on a Suunto 7 activation, do I see any value pack e-mails except that one.

      The codes (two of them) are then listed at the bottom of a very very long e-mail. But sweet, adding them to my account now!

    • Err…and update, those codes from my Suunto e-mail are invalid. Oh well, win some, lose some.

    • Janne

      The valuepack with suunto comes with new watch. You get it after first sych in email. Various deals from suunto partners, including 2 regions from Komoot

  2. Elrond

    Would be cool if they support new users of grit x / grit pro / v2 with this additional region.

  3. Mike

    Hello Ray,
    Sorry this post is not at all related to your article. Thanks for your comprehensive and honest reviews. I used your site extensively when researching my next home trainer. I wanted to use your affiliate link to buy my next trainer but unfortunately none of the sites ship to Canada. Do you have an Amazon Canada affiliate/associate link I can use to support your work beyond my membership?
    Thanks and keep up the great work, Mike

    • Hi Mike!

      Thanks for the support!

      Here’s an Amazon Canada Affiliate Link that supports the site: link to dcra.in

      Also, in theory, if you hit the big Amazon logo in the upper right corner, it’ll also redirect to Amazon Canada, and then like the first like, you can go ahead and go to any page from there and it’ll support the site.

      I appreciate it! And, I appreciate you being a DCR Supporter!

  4. mishell

    Thanks for sharing i used it and it was great in my travel!