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Strava Adds Photo Crowdsourcing For Routes: Here’s How it Works!

Strava has added the ability to see photos uploaded to the platform from other users to the route planning tools in their smartphone app. This means that if you use any of the route functions on the Strava app, you … Read More Here

Random Buried Treasure Reminder: Komoot and Polar Give Free Map Region To Users

This will seem like an oddly timed post, but, it’ll make sense in a second. Maybe even more sense than my absurdly long title. Way back in October, before that entire Black Friday & Holiday sale craziness, Polar launched the … Read More Here

Suunto adds Komoot Routes Turn by Turn Integration in Latest Update

Despite coming up on its third birthday here in about two months, the Suunto 9 received a modest firmware update yesterday (as did the Suunto 5). But more importantly, all Suunto Spartan, Suunto 5/7/9 watches get the new below-outlined Komoot route … Read More Here

Garmin Launches Strava & Komoot Route Sync: Works on devices a decade old

Here’s how to link up your Garmin account to Komoot and Strava for automatic route/tours sync to your Garmin device – even crazy old ones! Read More Here