Friday Tidbits: Endomondo to get shut down and MyFitnessPal sold off


It’s Friday, and that means it’s the time when companies dump bad news before the weekend. And no better weekend to do that than leading into Halloween or an election early next week. In this case, Under Armour delivers on that premise with two pretty significant bits of news.

MyFitnessPal Sold Off:


Today Under Armour announced the sell-off of MyFitnessPal, which it acquired 5 years ago in 2015 for $475 million USD; at the time they had 80 million users. You might remember that was during the timeframe that Under Armour was basically buying every digital sports platform it could. Around the same time, it also bought the MapMyFitness empire, which included MapMyRun and MapMyRide, as well as MapMyDogWalk and numerous other sites you never knew existed.

However, the MapMyFitness world isn’t being sold off. Under Armour says that “The MapMyFitness platform, which includes MapMyRun and MapMyRide, remains a crucial element of Under Armour’s digital strategy, as does its connected footwear business.” – that’s likely because it now sells shoes which integrate directly into the MapMyRun app. Certainly they could carve it out, but I suspect they’re finding value there. Plus, I suspect there’s not likely a big buyer for MapMyStuff these days.

However, there was a potential buyer for MyFitnessPal, which claims 200 million users (how many of them are active is an entirely different matter). Under Armour has sold MyFitnessPal to Francisco Partners for $375 million – effectively a loss of $100m from what they bought it for. Though heck, I wouldn’t have thought they’d find a buyer at that price, so I’d consider that a huge win if I was Under Armour.

As for Francisco Partners, they’re an investment firm with a number of investments, though no obvious fitness ones based on their public portfolio. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t already have investments in that area. They do however have multiple healthcare investments already, and given MyFitnessPal leans heavily on food tracking and wellness, there may be some underlying IP or platform tie-ins that are of value there to them.

Ultimately, Francisco Partners doesn’t provide much of a clue, given their statement is pretty non-committal:

“MyFitnessPal supports over 200 million users in their ongoing health and fitness journeys and we are excited to partner with the business for its next stage as a standalone company to continue a strong history of recurring revenue growth, organic user acquisition and a unique consumer proposition,” -Christine Wang, Principal at Francisco Partners.

I’m sure in time we’ll find out what they plan to do with it.


Endomondo’s End:


Now since Under Armour was busy cleaning house, they decided to put the Halloween knife into Endomondo. This isn’t surprising. Endomondo has largely been waning for a few years now, though ironically I’ve actually used it while doing my Samsung Gear fitness watch reviews over the last few years, because it’s the easiest app to get data out of properly.

In any case, Under Armour is pretty slim on details here, with only a mere single-line in the entire release noting the death of the platform, saying:

“In conjunction with this announcement, the company also announced that it would discontinue its Endomondo platform’s operations at the end of 2020.”

It was back in 2015 that Under Armour bought the Danish-based website for $85 million USD. At the time they had 20 million registered users.

Since the Under Armour acquisition we haven’t really seen any major shifts forward for the platform, and ultimately, without staying in the news, platforms tend to slowly die off. Apparently Under Armour didn’t see any reason to sell it off, or, perhaps they tried and couldn’t find a buyer.

In many ways, fitness websites are a dime a dozen these days. For comparison, when Under Armour first bought MyFitnessPal and Endomondo, here’s how much they paid, and paid per user:

MyFitnessPal: $5.94/user at 80 million users at purchase in 2015 ($475M)
Endomondo: $4.25/user for 20 million users in 2015 ($85M)
MapMyFitness: $7.50/user for 20 million users at purchase in 2013 ($150M)

Compare that to now:

MyFitnessPal: Sold for $1.88/user at 200 million users in 2020 ($375M)
Endomondo: Killed off for $0.00/user at unknown user quantity in 2020 ($0.00M)
MapMyFitness: Unknown current user count

Now keep in mind, all those user counts are registered accounts. Not actually active user accounts. Active user accounts are typically a fraction of that. And in the case of Endomondo – my guess is that it was a very very very small fraction of that.

Still, Endomondo will be missed. Even if the app wasn’t really competing in the grand scheme of wearables these days, it was still pulling in about 100-200K Google Play Store downloads a month, according to Sensor Tower (note the ratings thingy is from that site, not my score).


For random comparison points based on September 2020, Garmin Connect on Android shows 300K downloads/month, MyFitnessPal shows 800K downloads/month, Polar Flow shows 40K/month, and Whoop shows 6K downloads a month (6,000).

So obviously there were users, but clearly not enough to make it worth Under Armour’s time to deal with de-integrating it, and trying to sell it off. Hopefully all those employees are able to stay within the greater Under Armour realm. And if not, there are plenty of sports tech companies hiring right now – one of the few bright spots in the current world scene.

Finally, it’ll be interesting to see when Endomondo gets around to telling their users of this news. The announcement was made as part of today’s earnings call, and usually companies are super coordinated on this. But I see no mention of it on the website, social media, or any e-mail to users (since I am one). [Update: Endomondo has now posted an FAQ of sorts on their support site, including data porting instructions.]

With that, thanks for reading!


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  1. Brent

    Hopefully when MyFitnessPal sells off Garmin will get ride of its reliance on it for the Nutrition tracking and allow you to select. other services or manually enter the details yourself. Always hated having to use MyFitnessPal to synch calories consumed for Garmin, as it is by far the worst nutrition tracker out of a whole slew of better options out there. LoseIt, MyNetDiay, …… At this point it seems Garmin Connect is becoming more obsolete anyways with services not choosing/or able to sync there.

    • JE

      Sorry but what service isn’t syncing with Garmin connect? Basically the only service anyone always syncs with us garmin connect.

    • Brent

      RGT, BKool, FulGaz are just a few that I have used recently that sync to other services(ie, TrainingPeaks, Strava) but don’t have the option to sync to Garmin connect directly. Maybe it isn’t Garmin’s issue, but either way it used to seem like it is a standard option.

    • Runninmatt

      I’m finding I’m using Garmin Connect more and more. It’s the only where I have everything in one place with analysis. Strava only has subset of data, TrainingPeaks and WKO5 have a most data by reporting on it is not as easy as connect. While it’s not got a super modern UX, it’s very functional

    • Brent

      I agree connect is by far the place that I want to store all my information, have this be the source of truth. Really in the end my main issue I have with it, is that it only allows you to connect to myfitnesspal to gather your nutritional information as there are far better services out there, or just give a field that I can manually set. the amount.

    • Finn Fleron


    • Michal

      The main downside of using Garming Connect is the fact it is basically for Garmin-devices only. I think we need hardware independent platforms like Endomondo where we won’t get locked-in with one device manufacturer. You decide to give a try to some other brand of the tracking device? You train with friends using Suunto, Polar…? Bad luck.

    • Dave

      But these platforms are expensive to operate, and they need funding from somewhere.

      With Garmin Connect that funding comes from hardware sales. (As does Suunto, Polar, Fitbit, Apple Health etc)

      With Strava that funding comes from some of their users paying a subscription. But even though Strava is one of the most popular platforms, even they struggle to make it profitable, despite being cross-platform.

      Clearly Under Armour couldn’t do it with Endomondo.

      If these examples of freemium/subscription models don’t generate enough revenue to cover their costs maybe it’s just not possible without being linked to revenue from hardware sales.

    • Alan

      You can upload other, non-garmin device data to Connect!

  2. Tim

    Real shame about Endomondo – I’ve been using it to record my cycling since 2010 and have always loved it’s ease of use and instant statistics, and friends have used it as a result as well. Other apps have come and gone but Endo has always been there, solid and reliable. Sure, there’s Strava and RideWithGPS that I also use, but neither give you the simple stats in the way that Endo does. I was beginning to wonder if it was being sideleined, as it hasn’t seen any updates for some while now. Now I need to worry about how to get all my ride data off and where best to put it.

  3. Ken

    Oh man bad news! I too have been using Endomondo for 10 years! So easy to use, love the data it provides, ease of creating routes lap times etc. I used to use it stand alone from my phone now I have Garmin auto load to it. RIP Endomondo

  4. Iliyan Dzhisov-Bulgaria

    I’m very disappointed that Under Armor is killing Endomondo. I’ve been using Endomondo since 2016, because then I used Nokia with Windows and it worked perfectly with Windows. Then I used it with IoS, and now with Android. The application works perfectly with all platforms. I like it more than Strava because it is light, simple and clean. For me, the most important thing was to record the route of my activities: cycling, running, walking and kayaking. Mostly for history and basic information. This bad news also has a good side. I decided to buy a sports smart watch and considered pairing the watch with Endomondo. This criterion is solved!
    I was happy with Endomondo!

  5. Anders Majland

    I’ve also been with endomondo from the start and have it as my primary record of what i’ve been up to the last many years. Sorry to see it go. Maybe it is time to go back to excel …..

    Any good ways to export all activities since at least 2011 ?

    • Claus Jacobsen

      Hej Anders – You could use something like Tapiriik to sync to other platforms, or you could go into settings (indstillinger) under Account (konto) and the last thing “prepare export and download data”.

  6. ChrisTexan

    Well now THIS is frustrating!!! I only literally yesterday, found out that MyFitnessPal (been using for diet tracking) directly links to TrainingPeaks!
    Between the 2 of them, I finally have replicated EVERYTHING AND much much MORE to one portal, that Polar Personal Training used to do.
    What I “discovered” for myself, if you sync MFP with TP…
    Food data incorporates directly into TP
    I can record (manually or from connected sources) Weight, BP, SpO2, water and all kinds of body composition metrics (if I had the tools for them).
    Workouts (obviously) which currently I’m synching from my Polar devices into TP (and everything else, LOL)
    Stryd – directly, or from the Polar sync.
    I’d literally be a “TP” spokes/salesperson if I went throuhg everything it’s capable of, the FREE edition is massive, the “Premium” is even more incredible (so much that I may actually pay for it, LOL)… but I was so surprised to find MFP syncs right to it, so now I have my nutrition, fitness/workouts, body metrics, pretty much everything to “keep fit” in one portal.
    Oh, and I can rename what I want…
    Bigger “OH!” I can (Premium required) edit my workouts! (Trimming the “long drive homes” off the ends of my workouts, for instance, can’t do that in Flow, LOL).
    And TP will sync out, to, well, just as much as anything else.
    So UA, I’m sad that you’ve put my newfound happiness at risk after JUST ONE DAY of discovery (okay, it’s Ray’s fault, he told us)… I hope the new partners don’t kill or break things, this is currently a great aggregation of capabilities!

  7. Endomondo was not my main platform for some time now, but years ago they had some quite unique features:
    * ANT+ HR strap (for supported phones)
    * Live tracking on their site

  8. GeekonaBike

    Too bad, I preferred Endomondo over Strava until everybody I ride w/ local were all on Strava & none on Endo. the live tracking option was far superior to anything Strava offered IMO

  9. Kim Jong-un

    What do you mean Halloween and an election next week?

    Most of us are not Americans, so why would we care. But then again you can take the Yank out of American but not the American out of the Yank, But we all know you Americans are great, because you keep telling us.You have the best country, the best people, the best food, the best cars, the best rates of covid, the best death rates and are the leader of the free world. Pfttttt…

    • Ryan

      These companies are based in the U.S. so the American news cycle is important to them.

    • George Pajari

      I don’t care where in the world you live (and I don’t live in the US), if you don’t care about next week’s US election, you simply aren’t paying attention.

    • Dave Lusty

      What a strange and off topic rant :)

    • Reid

      Well played, Kim, well played!

    • Yeah, I don’t really understand this comment. First, because mostly it makes no sense.

      Whether or not you’re American, this company is, and as such they’re looking to bury this news in the crazy US news cycle over these next few days. That’s a simple reality. Pretending otherwise is silly. And burying ones head in the sand to think the US presidential election cycle isn’t world impacting news is also incredibly naive. Certainly nobody more than Kim Jong-un would understand that.

      Second, what’s even stranger is that anyone who reads here with even half regularity would know I’m just about the last person you’re going to find that would say/imply/believe those phrases you’ve implied.

      But ultimately, I’m just perplexed why Kim Jong-un is…actually apparently Australian, based on your posting details.

    • Matt Fieldwalker


  10. Tim

    What a shame. Endo was pretty awesome prior to when it was bought by UA, then it looked like it was just barely maintained. Maybe their reason for not selling it is that it’s a competitor to the mapmy products.

    It’s odd that MyFitnessPal didn’t find a better home. It seems like it could be a natural fit in a handful of big tech companies that are pushing further into the personal health and fitness space.

    • Dan945

      I agree with Tim (and many others here).

      I use Garmin and Endomondo because back in the day Garmin would sometimes crash on the watch, or lose GPS in the city. As someone else mentioned, Endomondo was useful for Bluetooth heart rate (Zephyr) with Nokia phones. Also, the multi sport option and export options were extremely useful. I moved there in 2012 from MapMyRun which I had started using in 200X because MapMyRun moved platforms and lost all previous data.

      Also, I will miss the splash screen of Endomondo. Always makes me happy at early o’clock in the morning.

      Finally, any good links for extracting data from July 2012 from Endomondo to Garmin Connect?

    • Tomas Misevicius

      Try this:
      link to tapiriik.com

      I had years of Endomondo data. When I switched to Garmin, I migrated all my data with Tapiriik.
      Then Garmin Connect became primary source of my data to sync to Endomondo, Strava and others.

  11. Oskars

    For Android Syncmytracks app helped me transfer all my stuff between providers. You need to pay 3 eur for that tho

  12. Zoli

    Tell me killing Endomondo is a joke!
    That’s been my main platform for more than 10 years! Synced with Garmin and even used on Apple watch!

    This was one of the first apps I paid for way ahead of them introducing the subscription.

    @DCR! Please recommend what is the best replacement and how to migrate the 10+ yrs of data!

    Under Armour: absolute boycott from now on! No way I will buy any of their products! Shame on you!

    • Michal

      Same here regarding the sentiment towards the UA. I am disgusted whenever I see their logo since their purchase of Endomondo. The fact that they were destroying a great platform was quite obvious very soon after taking over.

      I bought the Endomondo Pro version, than they anounced it is not going to be supported anymore. I payed the premium version for few years then but they were slowly removing features a doing really incompetent steps (especially regarding stats)…

      I would love to see some reccomendations regarding the migration somewhere else too. Luckily, Most of my data is now with Garmin Connect but I still have have some older history in Endomondo from times when my only tracking device was the phone with Endomondo and the ANT+ HR monitor.

  13. Tomas Misevicius

    Too sad they’re closing Endomondo.
    It was always a go to place for all different technologies my social bubble use. No matter what sportswatch or mobile phone my friends use.. we’re always ending up there in Endomondo for challenges and socializing.

    How about not closing it but selling it. I bet there are enthusiasts who will keep the site running for a long time.


  14. Jonathan Colledge

    Endomondo was really excellent before Under Armour took it over. The most minor changes made it not worth logging on. They killed it years ago.

  15. Michal

    The whole Endomondo story is a one big shame of Under Armour. They’ve basically took probably the best sport tracking app of it’s time and led it into painful death – either by a total incompetence or some really weird business plan. This really damaged their brand in my eyes.I am (rather subconsciously) avoiding their products since than.

    Endomondo was still one of the bigger players in the field. I wonder what effect this may have on the competition.

  16. Endomondo had one unique feature that other services do not offer. And these are the challenges!
    You could compare running, walking, calories, km and KJ across all sports.

    Do you know any service to go to because of challenges? Monthly, annual, most km, most KJ etc etc? That was the best my friends and I loved at Endomond. :(

    For example, STRAVA can only compare running, cycling and swimming with friends. In clubs. No other sports or activity can compare in clubs :(

  17. dan

    That buyer for MyFitnessPal is peculiar. Their portfolio doesn’t show any obvious synergies. Apple should have bought them and integrated them in their Fitness+ offering. They have so much cash that this purchase would have barely registered in their financials. Hopefully that private equity firm doesn’t do more damage than UA has already done.

  18. Toby McGuire

    What an odd place for MyFitnessPal to end up? Been a user since 2013, and for the past several years (or possibly longer) the App has become a bit of a bloatware and desperately needs an overhaul. Hopefully the new owner can help do it – fingers crossed. Failing that it will finally give me a reason to ditch them.

  19. Andro

    So sad Endomondo is leaving us as one of the best Apps. However, it was clear already when UA bought it and started damaging.

    Seems like for STRAVA this will be a successful year. Can someone suggest something better then STRAVA?

  20. Casey


    @DC Rainmaker – Now when you do your Samsung gear testing you can ymuse the Great Tracker App, which also supports Bluetooth pairing of Heart rate sensors.

  21. Kim Jensen

    I am a bit sad about Endomondo. I have been using it since the beginning. Paying most years.
    The last couple of years ir has been clearle declining and I started on Strava 3 years ago. Switched my payment to them last year.
    I also use Garmin connect since I am using Garmin watches. I prefer to use a non gear-specific app thogh.
    Fenix watches are getting more and more expensive. I am happy to be able to replace my Garmin Fenix with a Samsung Galaxy or something else next time without loosing my fitness history :-)

  22. Philippe Vijghen

    Very disappointed to learn about Endomondo disappearance. I invested a lot in it, as premium subscriber for years …but also with my data. This Halloween horror story remind us about the importance of data interoperability. Luckily, I managed to export my data in a super tool named RunGap that allows pro easily load it in other platforms. Still, at this stage I did’t find a single platform as complete as Endomondo. Komoot is super for keeping and planning the tracks …but it is designed not to track the sport aspect for which polar or Strava sounds the best. I will experiment. But my data seems safe.

  23. inSyt

    So between Endomomdo and MapMyRun, they decided to keep MapMyRun? Weird. Yes, Endomomdo is not the most memorable name, but MapMyRun is not going to appeal to people who does not run. RideWithGPS has the same problem. Couldn’t they just rebrand Endomomdo to Under Amour?

  24. Dan G

    I’m quite sad to see Endomondo go. It was launched in 2007, two years before Strava, and I used it a lot, first with the Google gpx-writing activity app (can’t even remember the name) and then my 310XT. I can still hear “three, two, one, free your endorphins”!

    But Strava gained more popularity with segments, and more of my friends used it, so I stopped visiting the site around 2015. All my activities still sync there, as a backup to Strava.

    With Strava becoming less and less relevant, I’m surprised no-one wants to buy and invest in Endo. It still has goodwill and brand recognition. There’s an open goal for a fitness social network app with good performance measurement and management front-and-centre.

    • Dan G

      I posted before reading the other replies; you can see how much goodwill and brand value Endo still has. Many good points made

      * Likely not being sold as it would be a competitor to MapMy
      * I always knew UA would one day kill Endo, and I too have avoided buying anything with UA branding since 2015 as a result
      * Yep, I use Connect daily (and the Stryd Power Center, which has excellent performance tracking for running); haven’t opened Strava for a few weeks now (since the Flyby turn-off). I won’t miss Strava if they fold.
      * Yes, Endo is more active than perhaps Ray realises — the Challenges feature works & is popular; I have friends who use it, though I don’t myself
      * I use tapiriik to keep my data replicated and synced; I’d recommend that. RunGap has a good reputation, but afaik it’s an iOS-only app

  25. Zoli

    Endo is a multi-sport app not only running. There are tons of running apps but good multi-sport? Polar maybe but that chains you to brand….

  26. Jiri

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good alternative to Endomondo?
    I’m interested in two things:
    1) The multisport aspect of Endomondo. I do a lot of things like climbing, running, cycling, swimming, strength training, slacklining, hiking, gymnastics, badminton, surfing, skiing, roller skating, showshoeing.
    2) Statistics! I love going over my monthly and yearly statistics. Endomondo allows to sort everything by duration, kcal, distance. It’s great for looking back at how my sport activities have evolved since 2013 when I started using it.
    I’m desperate! Any good suggestions would be really welcome! Thank you :)

    • Taifmu Lee

      A multisport alternative is Garmin Connect

    • Zoli

      Not without Garmin device I reckon

    • Claus Jacobsen

      it will cost you about 60EUR a year, however sporttracks.mobi is quite well polished, but the social aspect not so much. The techincal part though, they are probably even better than strava. They have both a real app, web, mobile app, and started as a windows application, and therefore have a serious amount of statistical/analytical possibilities. But after Golden Cheetah has integration to strava now, i’m probably going that way and will only use strava for the social part.

    • A good multi-sport alternative would be Map My Tracks. It’s been around since 2007 and has everything you’d expect from workout platform. It’s not part of the UA suite of MapMy… apps and run by a small team that is very responsive.

  27. Fack

    I’ve been a heavy MFP user for years. Under Armour made it considerably worse so I’m not surprised they’re divesting.

    I imagine the buyer of MFP will just “strip it for parts” (read: data mine), neglect it and let it wither and die. No good will come to the users.

    Now is the time to look for alternatives if you’re heavily invested.

  28. Paul Le Fevre

    I started using MFP prior to its purchase by UA and it was great for entering my food and letting me enter my weight etc. Then after it was sold, we got ads and all of the useful screens like your daily calorie deficit graphs disappeared down inside other sections of the app. I have no interest in what my food is comprised of, I know what I’m eating, I just want a calorie counter and weight log which was now buried in hierarchy. I tried looking elsewhere but didn’t find anything so I’ve been begrudgingly using it. Maybe someone will buy it and fix it.

    • John

      Regarding MFP, cronometer kills it in all aspects, but especially in the most important aspect – accuracy and integrity of its food database.

  29. Matiss

    The saddest part of Endomondo potentially going away is that only about 1/3 of my friends have Garmin devices and are on Garmin Connect. Just like others are saying – can’t really migrate to Strava since there is a limited amount of activities and no statistic overviews… 2020 keeps getting worse :/

    • John

      Regarding MFP, cronometer kills it in all aspects, but especially in the most important aspect – accuracy and integrity of its food database.

  30. Runninronin

    This is terrible news. Endomondo was my first and best app so far. I’ve been using it for 8 years. I won’t buy any under armour stuff ever. Is there something we could do to keep it alive?

  31. Dennis

    I have used myfitnesspal before and reduce 20lbs. It works. I no longer use it once i achieved my goal though.

  32. Long Run Nick

    I started logging my miles 44 years 6 months and 11 days ago, manually. Today went over 94,000 miles. Have used various sites- mostly Garmin when they showed up. Still log manually and have a drawer full of calendars to prove it. I even have manual spread sheets showing monthly and yearly totals as well as keeping track of my 549 races.
    I am very grateful at age 77 to still be running 40-50 miles a week. I tell folks I now run in slow motion.
    Oh, Ray, thanks for all you do. Nick

  33. Gabrielle

    This is such a bummer! As many others in the comment, I have been using Endomondo exclusively since 2011. I will be following this comment thread to hear what do people recommend to switch to? I sounds like Strava is not the best option, too limited?

  34. Martin

    Said to receive the news about closing Endomondo.

    Even though I didn’t use the app to track my runs I synced everything to Endomondo because the statistics it provided was outstanding and above the rest. Group challenges were also a fun element.

    Any suggestions of an alternative that can provide personal bests on various distances and also calculate and give you the (best) time for 1k, 3k, 5k, 10k etc on each recorded run?

    • As DCR reader Claus Jacobsen recommended in another comment, SportTracks.mobi is a great alternative for these features. You can easily import your entire workout history and the SportTracks Personal Record Timeline will show your best times for 400m, 800m, 1000m, 1 mile, 5k,10k, etc. — even if your fastest mile happened within a 5k. You can do all of your calendar planning, create structured workouts, performance analysis and way more. Test it out with your free 45-day trial, you won’t be charged when it ends.

  35. Neil R

    As others have likely posted already, Endo did notify its users today of the pending shutdown and process to export your history, and/or port all the data over to MapMyRun. Endo was one of the first workout apps I started using back in 2008 or so, and it’s a little sad to me to see them going away. Still, though, these are the realities of a competitive market, so – it happens. Endo had a very nice workout ‘merge’ process that was great anytime I accidentally ended up stopping a workout too soon or whatever. Their merge thing saved me a few times. I knew that when UnderArmour bought them, that they’d get lost in the crowd of all the things UA was doing, not to mention the onslaught of Strava and the like. Endo just couldn’t keep up. I bet we’ll end up seeing Polar do the same – they’re hanging on, for now, but the long term view for Polar is very similar – the market is simply overtaking them.

    • Claus Jacobsen

      @Neil R – how did they do that? i’ve not received any kind of notification at all, but it is all over the news in Denmark now.

      The endo development crew was actually drastically reduced once absorbed by UA, and it was the same people developing the different platforms. That happened about the time Mette left the company. After that nothing really happened to the development of Endo. Absolutely no new functionality, and only a few fixes.
      The last update of the ios app was in 2018!

      The only reason why UA bought them was to get access to the users, i remember in the beginning we were being spammed with news mails about going on to UA store and buy clothes. Thankfully there was a feature to kill all ads from them.

    • My point though remains the same, at the time they announced it, they didn’t actually notify end users. It wasn’t till many hours later it quietly showed up in a support article.

      And I still haven’t seen any notification/e-mail from Endomondo for my own account.

    • Claus Jacobsen

      I’m sure you have gotten your notification mail as well now Ray. I got mine friday afternoon. Only 1 week after they put out the public announcement in their statement – (which only tech insiders would catch and not the general public). – Really shitty service for their users. (but nothing new coming from UA.) Unfortunately i do like their clothes, as they seem to fit me better than most other brands, but i really don’t trust them anymore. – i have however found that golden cheetah can be configured pretty much to my liking and with most of the good things from Endomondo premium. Like “PR’s” and fastest 5K run etc and then just use Strava for the social part.

  36. The killing of Endomondo has even made the Danish headlines now – but have not heard anything direct from Endomondo / UA yet

    I’m an Endomondo Premium subscriber with renewal in May – anybody heard about a refund or transfer to MapMyRide/Fitness. or similar

    I’ve just signed up to try sporttracks.mobi but i guess is that Tapiriik is pretty busy at the moment…. A few days ago i scheduled a sync to Dropbox but nothing has happened it.

    • Claus Jacobsen

      Haven’t heard anything either directly from UA/endo.

      UA’s own platform is definately a no go. You have to use different apps depending on you walk, run, ride bikes. – and have to pay for each of them to get “premium” functionality.
      That is just piss poor customer service.(but very much greed from a business perspective) Who only walks or runs? Most people use these platforms to be used as a hub for all their fitness. incl the social part.

  37. runninronin

    link to bbc.com
    It’s Mette Lykke, Christian Birk and ­Jakob Jonck. Let them know how we appreciate Endomondo and really want to keep it alive.

    • Michal

      “They [UA] were particularly interested in increasing brand awareness in Europe,” says Mette. “We could help with that, with the vast majority of [our] users being based here.”

      Well, good Job, UA. Now I know your toxic brand and I will make sure to avoid it… :)

  38. Nuno Pinto

    That is bad for my Withings scale, I am using MyFitnessPal as an intermediator to have my weight sent to GARMIN CONNECT…understanbly, garmin does not allow others scales to update your weight automaticaly. At leat withings works with ZWIFT.

  39. Tafa

    I use Endomondo to track my yearly and monthly numbers. Super basic stuff, but not available in Garmin connect.

  40. Kaspars

    Has any ideas how to export all workouts history (bulk)out from Endomondo to use in other platforms like Strava etc.? I have more 500 workouts, exporting manually will be real hell.

    • TimF

      I’ve moved 900 workouts into RunGap – , free and straightforward, took an hour or two. Also moved them into Map My Ride, which is horrible, a terrible and ugly UI, and which will be deleted now I’ve found RunGap. Currently looking at SportsTracker as an Endo replacement.

    • Claus Jacobsen

      tapiriik might help you there – it can sync between most platforms. – or you can go into your account and request a complete data dump of your entire “life” in Endo. – it will take 2-3 days to finish up, but gives you everything you had uploaded. – mine was a 175MB zip file – 2400 training sessions logged.

    • Kaspars

      After waiting for 1 week I get my Endomondo archive. It contains all data. But this is not migration problem solution – still need manually import each history item (activity).

      I solve this problem with Android app SyncMyTrack. It costs me 2,99 EUR (free version cannot move all activities). Paid version also cannot move my 430 activities (Endomondo-Strava). I moved in 4 parts per 100 activities. This process takes aprox. total 4 hours. Unfortunately Strava does not support acitivity type “Trail running” so all these activities was “Workout”. I should manually change to “Run” (Strava does not support type “Trail running”.

      So I’m partially happy with SyncMyTrack.

  41. Kaspars

    Thanks for info, TimF. RunGap works only on iOS – not on Android or Windows.

  42. zygfryd homonto

    Endomondo was my first app of choice long time back.
    MyFitnessPal helped me to get 20kg down.
    History… ;-)

  43. RunGap can help taking your Endomondo workouts to a new home: link to rungap.zendesk.com

  44. Fabio

    Hi there, been using Endo for the last 7 years. Too bad it is gone.
    I have been trying to connect via Tapiriik to ensure thata the data is transferred but since two days Tapiriik is “Queuing” without result.
    I have also tried to export data from Endomondo but no results received yes in my mailbox. Help!

    • Claus Jacobsen

      Try the rungap service instead. – when you apply for the download in endomondo. it takes somewhere between 2-5 days before the download is ready.

    • Fabio

      Hi Claus, thank you.
      I have tried Rungap a couple of hours ago and it worked perfectly. Thank you. Fabio

  45. Hrolfur

    Endomondo worked great & its replacement mapmyrun is junk.
    Under Armour made a bad decision to retire Endomondo.
    I have already moved completely away from Under Armour fitness groups of apps

  46. :(( Will not use UA apps. Strava is the closest, but doesnt have all the sports I do. Hockey, Skateboarding, Dancing, Orienteering as examples
    As a statistics junkie I want to distinguish the sports and really like Endomondo (at least when they finally added Stand Up Paddling :D)

  47. Tonny Roth

    I’ve had Endomondo for several years, Now i’ve tried to switch to MapMyFitnesspremium. It doesn´t work. My apple watch keep saying: “To complete , let us know your Code for tonny.roth@glocalnet.net“.I havent used that for many years. I´m not sure it exists any more. My e-mail is tonny.roth43@gmail.com.
    It uses German. I´m from Sweden. English will be fine.
    Please help me

    • Claus Jacobsen

      No one can. You used an old email account and did not update that before closing down.
      I don’t know why you would think you could get any help here? this is not UA support, and i’m quite sure they don’t read/follow this article either.

  48. Gar Nix

    I find it really sad that endomondo is simply killed and the boring, meaningless mapmyrun is used instead. Even though endomondo has hardly been maintained, not to mention developed further in the last years, it was by far better than mapmyrun until the end. I have tried mapmyrun in the last weeks and it is just boring. Hardly any statistics, no training tips, hardly any challenges. Nothing that motivates or even improves me. So I will cancel my account there. Just like I did with Adidas Runtastic after they switched off the web access.

  49. Hvar

    Are there any alternatives out there that can (a) track personal records – preferably in several sports/activities like both outdoor and treadmill running and indoor rower, and (b) has the ability to edit the treadmill running distance? If so, I can not find it. Endomondo will be missed a lot.

    • Gar Nix

      @Hvar: In Garmin Connect you can track some personal records. Even for different activity types, not only running. My Endomondo replacement is a mix between strava and garmin. UA with MyFitness/mapmyrun etc. is a complete fail.

  50. Been using Endomondo since 2015. even subscribed tp premium for 2 years till i switched to garmin connect last year. It was really fun from a person with no device/using HPs at that moment. The independent and easy mode/GPS maps was awesome.

    1) How to successfully backup my old data and sync to Connect without losing pictures/workouts?

    I’ve used the achieved function as per FAQ. It creates a ZIP file with sub folders
    i) Friends
    ii) Profile
    iii) resources > gfx > image > are with genenal numbers – can’t tell which one is which date. wonder how to port this to connect? is this part of the .jason file i wonder?
    iv) weights
    v) workouts- Inside are .json and .tsc file. in my garmin connects seems .json is not supported.

    2) Should I manually export all files to .gpx for all the dates i’ve workout from 2015? Plz advice

  51. Erle Boman

    I have been an Endomondo prescriber since around 2014 and am disgusted with UA for what they have done. Based what I have seen over the last couple months I am considering going back to using my watch or rather my phone to tell the time and leave it at that.

  52. Ed

    Any suggestions for a replacement of endomundo that does not require a special device. Used it for biking, running, hiking, kayaking, cross country skiing .

    • Claus Jacobsen

      Well – they gave you a discount for their own services if you wish to stay with their service.
      map my fitness is the only app they have that tracks different kinds of exercises.
      Most people have probably gone to either Strava or Nike Training club
      personally i just use strava for the social stuff, and Golden cheetah for the numbercrunching stuff.