How To (Sorta) Make Your CompuTrainer Wireless: PerfPro’s CT Smart Wireless Bridge


While the company is no longer in business (and still, nobody seems to know who purchased the CompuTrainer assets specifically from RacerMate), there are undoubtedly many CompuTrainers left in service out there. And aside from a handful connected with the once available Kinomap water bottle solution, all the remainder are connected by a Christmas Tree’s worth of cables.

The bigger challenge for CompuTrainer users is actually using modern apps. Sure, the biggies like Zwift and TrainerRoad have long since worked out ways to control the CompuTrainer. As have a few others like Golden Cheetah and Kinomap. But for the remainder of the 20+ trainer apps and numerous head units that support ANT+ FE-C wirelessly, there’s not really a good option for interactive control (there was also CTANT, but that was only for broadcasting power).

However, for those diehards we’ve got a new solution on the (old) block: PerfPro’s CT Smart Wireless Bridge

This $39 app emulates a full ANT+ FE-C trainer, enabling virtually any app that supports ANT+ FE-C trainers to interactively control your CompuTrainer, even if no wires are involved. Though, that’s sorta misleading in the sense that some wires still need to be involved. After all, this is still a CompuTrainer.

Here’s a super quick video I put together showing how it all works:

With that, onto the more textual version.

Setup and Use:


If you’re not sure if the CT Smart app will work for you, fear not – there’s a 14-day free trial you can use. That’s what I’m using for this post. Just be aware that a given session is limited to 90 minutes before you need to restart the app. Not likely an issue for most, but just an FYI.

Installing the app requires either a PC, or a Mac running Parallels with Windows. So basically, you need Windows.  And of course, you’ll need all the cables and junk of your old CompuTrainer. So that means you’ll need to ensure you’ve got:

– The physical CompuTrainer
– The power block
– The handlebar unit
– The thick cable that runs between the CompuTrainer and handlebar unit
– The USB adapter to 3.5mm port
– The 3.5mm cable that connects the handlebar controller to the USB adapter
– An ANT+ USB stick (if you need an extra one, you can get generic ones on Amazon for $15)

I’ll let you go now and figure out where that 3.5mm cable is. In my case, I spent 90 minutes looking for that this morning. I eventually stole one off my audio gear table. Shrug.

Once that’s all set up, go to the PerfPro download page and grab the app:


Then simply click next/next/next through the installation bits. Once you’re done, crack open the app. It’ll remind you about the trial period:


If you’ve got all your cables connected, you’ll actually see the trainer right away in the left side:


Hopefully, that’s the case. If it doesn’t show up right away, it might say ‘No Port’, click that, which in turn allows you to choose the port of your CompuTrainer. In my case, it’s 19, in yours, it may be something else. Anything. It really doesn’t matter.

Next, if you click the little ‘?’ in the upper right corner, you’ll see an option for “ANT+ Stick Info”, this is where you can validate it sees your ANT+ USB stick.


Note that only a single app can access the ANT+ USB stick. So if you’ve got something like Garmin Express on your computer, be sure to close that. Same goes for Zwift or TrainerRoad (there’s really no point in running either of those apps on this computer, since they could directly access the CompuTrainer anyway). If you do really really need that other app to have an ANT+ USB stick too, you’ll need to get another ANT+ USB stick so that CT Smart can have its own.

The CT Smart app can connect to multiple CompuTrainers, so if you’ve got a small gaggle of them, you can do that all supported by a single computer. That’s where things start to get slightly more interesting. See that number ‘20019’? That’s my new ANT+ ID for this newly christened ANT+ FE-C trainer.


So, let’s say I take a device like the Garmin Edge or Wahoo BOLT which supports controlling ANT+ FE-C trainers (allowing you to do structured workouts or re-riding older rides). I’d go and search for the sensors like normal.  In the case of the Wahoo BOLT, it shows all ‘ANT+ Trainers’ initially as a ‘KICKR’:


Though, once you click to add it, you’ll see it’ll show the correct ‘Fitness Equipment’ designator.


At this point, you can control your CompuTrainer just like any other ANT+ FE-C trainer. In fact, you can even trigger calibration from it (a roll-down).

Here’s an example of doing a structured workout on the Wahoo BOLT controlling the CompuTrainer. You can see the target wattage listed in the upper left corner, and the actual wattage from the CompuTrainer listed in the upper right corner.


Ultimately, all of these use cases would require you leave a computer connected to the CompuTrainer perpetually. However, it could be a crappy old computer. This app doesn’t need much in the way of resources, it’s tiny! So something old and stinky could run it connected to the CompuTrainer, while you use new devices on your big-screen or what-not. Or, if you had 2-3 CompuTrainer’s in a room, this might minimize things.

Or, it might not. Either way, it’s an option for folks. And options are good.

Going Forward:


Now, while the ANT+ bits are appreciated, in this day of mostly mobile Bluetooth-focused devices controlling our trainers, we really need Bluetooth Smart FTMS (which is the equivalent of ANT+ FE-C). In talking with PerfPro about it, they’re definitely considering adding it. This would enable you to use something like Zwift on an Apple TV, or TrainerRoad on an iPad.

Of course, in a real ideal world someone would just create a small dongle that attached to the back of the CompuTrainer’s DIN port, which in turn ran something like Raspberry Pi and then had both ANT+ FE-C and FTMS on it.

But realistically, there’s likely just not enough of a market there for any sort of mass-produced hardware device. By PerfPro’s estimation there were about 30,000 CompuTrainers sold (a number I’d roughly agree with). However, a fair chunk of those are likely stuffed away in attics of people that may have long since moved away from cycling. They’re collecting dust right next to Aunt Gloria’s pottery collection. Then you’ve got a subset of people (like me) who still own a CompuTrainer or two – but it’s also collecting dust, in favor of using newer trainers.

Unfortunately, that time has likely passed. Sure, if someone comes along and builds such a thing – I’m more than happy to talk about it. But I don’t see it happening, unless whoever it is that bought the CompuTrainer brand from RacerMate plans some sort of revival (which frankly, would actually be silly easy).

In the meantime – if you’ve still got a CompuTrainer kickin’ around, then this might give you what you need in certain scenarios. And even better: You don’t have to pay yet another monthly subscription fee. One time fee and it’s yours forever. You know, just like the old days of the CompuTrainer.

With that – thanks for reading!


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  1. Boris

    Round about 4 month ago I switched to PerfPro. It really deserves much more attention. OK, UI doesn’t look that polished, but other than that… such an amazing and powerful tool. Together with FulGaz (on Apple TV) a great combo.

  2. Chris Hughes

    I’ve considered moving on from my CT multiple times. However I always seem to go through the following cycle..

    1. Decide to look at new trainers
    2. Look at cost and read reviews of them failing after 3 years
    3. Look at my CT, which has worked without issue for 12+ years with only basic maintenance. Hell, just a month ago racermate still replaced the flywheel…for free after I realized I missed a recall 5 years ago
    4. Realize my CT does almost everything a new trainers does.
    5. Stop looking

    • John Green

      I came to make this exact comment so I’ll just +1 yours.

      Super happy that Drew released this app. I’ve already purchased a license and will be trying it out tonight after work. Will be fun to experiment with some of the other apps out there that I’ve been unable to use until now.

    • Peter Schriver

      Looks like Ray missed the recall also with the blue flywheel.

  3. Tosin

    I would love this for my Cycleops Powerbeam Pro. It’s recognized on my ipad with the Wahoo ANT+ attachment, but it isn’t FE-C or FTMS.

    • Yeah, technically it’d be quite possible. Whether or not PerfPro would run afoul of any sort of stuff there would be a different question (with CompuTrainer basically gone, there’s nobody to complain here).

    • Chader

      That could be handy.

      As the Powerbeam/sync are dead products as of a few years ago, I would hope that CycleOps could leave them alone and just be happy that people can still make worthwhile use of the trainers, which are great for wheel-on models and super quiet.

  4. Brian

    Agreed on a bridge device that broadcasts new protocols as they arise. Making something that has the ability to expand on wireless standards as well would surely help. The great/not so great thing about CT was that it did not change that much over the 12+ years I had the device. If it did change, then it was a firmware upgrade and not something that made the unit obsolete or mandatory hardware upgrade. I don’t see that happening with any of the latest in the market and for good reason. Money.

  5. dave campbell

    boy would i love to have this product for velotrons so i could get onto zwift

  6. Hey Ray, should this work with the old Bushido with OneWay ANT, too?

    Thx :-)

  7. ms


    Why do you still have a CT with a blue flywheel? Those were the ones subject to a CPSC recall because they can basically fly apart, become shrapnel and lodge in you nether regions.

    • JD

      In case anyone out there missed it — link to cpsc.gov

    • Simply because I don’t actually use my CompuTrainer anymore. So when the recall happened, they were basically sitting collecting dust. I figured I’d eventually order the replacement parts, but decided to let people actively using them get in line first.

      Of course, less then a year later they were out of business. :-/

    • Chris Hughes

      They will still replace the wheel. I missed the recall and they recently replaced mine

    • Huh – I didn’t know that. I didn’t see anything on their site recently when I looked that indicated that. Was it a phone number, or an e-mail? Will have to poke around some more.

    • Chris Hughes

      link to racermateinc.com

      I just filled out the form and had a new one a few days later. Actually, they sent me one that wasn’t balanced and even took the support call to work out that I actually needed a different one.

  8. Aaron

    I don’t have one. I will probably never have one. Yet, I still read the article and watched the YouTube video. What is happening? Thanks for good content Ray!

  9. Tom

    Rock on!!! Still using my Computrainer and go through the same thing as Chris Hughes does… “Oh, that looks shiny, whoa that’s kind of expensive, I’ll make do”

    • Chris Hughes

      It’s not even “making due” The CT is amazing and aside from the wires and having to use a windows laptop – it does everything the new trainers do.

      The only thing I can I think I can’t do is use my wahoo Elemnt to control my trainer. But I’m happy just using Zwift, Trainerroad, and Sufferfest

    • dave campbell

      so so true

  10. NICK

    I have been looking at Rouvy because sometimes I just need a little eye candy and Perfpro studio is all business. I just downloaded the perfpro smart app and have the ant+ stick in place and so far so good. I am going to give it a whirl and was thinking one of the new augmented reality apps. Has anyone tried this yet with Rouvy? What would be the best way to set this up? I have a dedicated PC in the room with a projector. Could I run the perfpro app and rouvy on the same PC simultaneously?

    • Each app will need their own ANT+ USB stick. But otherwise, yup, definitely. You can pickup a no-name brand one for $15 on Amazon: link to amzn.to

    • Nick

      I have 2 ANT+ sticks right now. I had one for Garmin HR strap for computrainer and perfpro studio, and used the second one for the Perfpro CT wireless bridge. However, I wonder if I might be able to use one of the ANT+ sticks for both the HRM and wireless bridge and use the second for rouvy? Will try it tonight…

    • John Green

      I just tried it with BKool Simulator. BSim was getting the data from my Computrainer (through PerfPRO CT Smart) but it was not changing the resistance on the trainer. It’s likely that I don’t have things set up correctly but I’m installing Rouvy to give that one a try next.

    • John Green

      OK. I’ve now tried both Rouvy and BKool. Rouvy changes the resistance of my CT but BKool does not.

    • ed hall

      What happened? I still am wrestling with the HRM issues. I am happy just using the old CT courses but the HR is worthless. Will PerfPro solve or should I download ctANT+ and use Garmin stick. Hopelessly incompetent with this stuff am I.

    • Ted

      How did you get your system running on Rouvy? I’m able to get PerfPRO CT Smart working on it’s own, but not on Rouvy. I have 2 new Ant sticks.

    • jalgo

      Hey Nick, do u mind updating if that worked for you? tks..

    • jalgo

      Nick, can you provide an update of your set up. Tks.

    • Nick

      I had to use two Ant+ sticks to get it to work with computrainer and my HRM strap.

    • nick

      Did you try the PerfPRO CT Smart© Wireless Bridge software with your computrainer and Rouvy, did it work?

    • Jose

      Hi Ted,

      Did you have any luck? Rouvy doesnt change the resistance in my CT, if I want to use Rouvy I have to change the resistance manually. I have 2 ANT sticks, one specifically for PerfPro CT.

    • Jim Acker

      I am trying to set-up Rouvy AR with the PerfPro CT and my CompuTrainer on a single PC. CT is working with Zwift on my laptop, so we know that the serial/USB is working. PerfPro sees the CT and is broadcasting correctly over the Ant+ stick, as I see this on the PerfPro CT screen and it shows up when you select the ? icon in the upper right of the PerfPro screen. So far, so good; CT, PerfPro CT and the Ant+ stick are all working as expected.

      I have two other USB ports available on the same laptop and I have tried plugging a second Ant+ stick into each one for Rouvy AR to use. Rouvy’s Ant+ icon light up, but it doesn’t detect any devices. Any ideas?

  11. Anthony James

    I know comment about Perfpro I find incorrect and actually a great piece of software. It is a mix of TrainerRoad and TraningPeaks rolled up into one bundle. You can create your workouts, create plans, have a coach send you plans and all the same if not more reports for us data junkies. And lastly once you purchase even the low end package I can run up to 3 trainers or people at the same time in my basement. Just wanted to mention this in the event you didn’t know and I have never seen a review from you on it.

    • Never said it wasn’t all those things (in fact, I actually said it was pretty powerful). But, I also said it was cumbersome and confusing to use. It’s very powerful, yes, and great for data geeks. But the user interface needs some love.

  12. Stefan

    “Of course, in a real ideal world someone would just create a small dongle that attached to the back of the CompuTrainer’s DIN port, which in turn ran something like Raspberry Pi and then had both ANT+ FE-C and FTMS on it.”

    I’ve long thought about doing this as an open source project, but just haven’t had the time to get it rolling. The CT code exists, but I haven’t seen an FE-C code out there. FTMS might actually be easier to implement.

    • Chris Hughes

      The problem is the market is so small. I have a CT and I don’t honestly know why I would bother messing with my setup. I guess if I didn’t have an old laptop sitting around? But even those can be found for pretty darn cheap

    • Chris Cleeland

      Two things:
      1. Connecting straight to the DIN won’t work; the head unit is integral to controlling.
      2. I’ve started this project like 3 times. The CT code sort of exists, but not quite. The FE-C also sort of exists. The tricky part is marrying the two event loops.

      But then my computrainer stopped functioning this past january (hardware issue), so I lost interest.

  13. Avaleris Lindley

    You would think this might be an excellent technique to revive pre-smart Tacx equipment! Of course a completely different set or proprietary ANT+ code to decipher for PerfPro.

  14. Stephanie

    Would like to set up multiple computrainers to the CT smart app with Perfpro, but struggling to say the least. Do you need a product like Garmin Edge PER computrainer in order to make it “wireless”? And by wireless, i assume after you connect it to the garmin edge you could remove the USB to 3.5mm cable?

  15. Mikee

    Does anyone think that the CT could be controlled by an iOS device running a cycling app, such as Zwift? This would eliminating the need for a PC. I’m not a super tech guy, but it would seem that if the CT handlebar controller could be connected to an ant+ receiver and the iOS device cycling app could transmit to that receiver, we could get rid of the pc requirement.

  16. Thanks for this tutorial. I have a 10 CompuTrainer studio and having this possibility to communicate in ANT + is a source of development. I just ordered a cable lighting to use a device via an Iphone 6 on Kinomap. Looking forward

  17. Jon

    Yes, compared to the newer tech out there, the CompuTrainer seems cumbersome. However, for those of us who have used it for nearly 3 decades, it’s still fantastically useful and dependable. Thanks to PerfProStudio / Drew Hartman for understanding and valuing the usefulness of this system with his software suites. Good on ya, Drew! I’ve never this guy but I’d buy him a beer or two if I had the chance

  18. Peter Gamma

    Great review. Can this also being used to stream data to MATLAB or Python?

  19. Peter Gamma

    Still desperately seeking for a live-stream of ANT sensor data to Matlab or Python.

    Did someone manage to stream this Smart Wireless Bridge (I love smart devices) to a PC application?

    Did someone manage to stream ANT sensor data from Dave Lustys (Microsoft UK) EventHubApp

    link to forums.garmin.com

    to Microsoft Power BI?

  20. Peter Gamma

    My question to the Perfprostudio support

    Hello Perfprostudio

    Can the PerfPro’s CT Smart Wireless Bridge also being used to stream Ant sensor data (heart rate, foot pod data) to Matlab or Python?


    Peter Gamma

    Here the answer of the Perfprostudio support to my question

    Hi Peter,
    CT Smart’s only function is broadcasting the supported trainers as a smart ANT+ FE-C trainer to other apps. So, no, it won’t stream other types of data, that is out of its scope.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.


  21. Peter Gamma

    CT Smart’s are similar to Darren Hague s virtual power.

    link to github.com

    Unfortunately, CT Smart’s cannot be used to stream ANT sensor data to Matlab, Python. I miss a device like Darren Hague s virtual power with a Rasperri Pi zero which redirects ANT sensor data to Matlab, Python or other applications, and has an SD card which serves as a data buffer to prevent data loss

    link to ch.mathworks.com

    • That’s a bit different. This CT Smart simply broadcasts the already computed power, whereas Virtual Power is using a power curve with a speed sensor. That’s not a super accurate method because you have to nail the spin-down calibration perfectly. It’s better than nothing, but is mostly why wheel-on trainers have gone out of style.

    • Peter Gamma

      Thanks,, Ray. Good to know, they are based on differnt devices. The good thing about Darrren Hagues project is, that it can be modified for instance to broadcast heart rate

      link to thisisant.com

      It should be possible to stream sensor data to wherever you want with Darrens project.

    • I think the thing to keep in mind is that the device profiles are all already standardized around ANT+ & BLE profiles and data streams.

      Meaning, I think it’s the wrong approach to try and change that at the broadcasting source, but rather instead simply have Matlab or other apps understand how to read these super standardized data streams.

      Just my two cents.

  22. noRunning

    Would a Virtual USB app/switch support multiple remote/virtual trainers feeding a host PerfPRO PC? If yes any free or low cost choices worth trying?

  23. Nic Zuraw

    Wonder if this would enable an ANT+ (not FEC) trainer to talk to Zwift?

    Worth a try I guess!

  24. Ron

    Hi Ray

    Thanks for a rescue article. Desperately trying to make this work with Fulgaz. I’ve done exactly as described with my CT and I have a Tacx Ant+ stick connected, validated in CT Smart. However Fulgaz isn’t picking up the trainer signal. What am I missing?


    • For newcomers coming on and seeing this article in 2021, I’m a fellow CT user trying to marry this with new tools like Zwift, RGT etc. I can say for certain that apps like Fulgaz do not support Computrainer. Zwift has native support for CT, you just plug in the USB cable and off you go. To get it to work with RGT, I needed a couple of Ant+ sticks and the CT Bridge from Perf Pro and I was able to ride on RGT with trainer feedback.

      There is no bluetooth support for CT and I doubt any mainstream developer will even look back at this device again.

      Follow me on Zwift – ID is . I often ride with my in-game Computrainer jersey on!

    • Jim


      I am running Zwift and CT in wired config, but was unable to do what it sounds like you did. I have one Windows 10 laptop running Zwift, PerfPro and two Ant+ USB dongles. PerfPro is flawless and I could get one Ant+ dongle to transmit the PerfPro signal, but I could not get Zwift to use the second Ant+ dongle to read it. Any tips?

  25. Tom Mealy

    Very good article. You definitely have me thinking.

    My current issue is that I have a newer computer (Window Surface Pro 4) and I am unable to secure the USB driver. I believe it is FT232R USB UART7. I have loaded the software but with out the computer talking to the CompuTrainer I do not know whether the software is installed correctly.

    Do you have a resource for a driver?

    I thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Tom Mealy

  26. Jay

    Hey Ray could u use “cable” from North Pole Engineering to collect the ant+ and then broadcast to Bluetooth and would this be able to control the computrainer for a full wireless experience that would allow no use of computer so u could use iOS etc?

    • Pat

      I just tried this. You still have to have a computer to convert the Computrainer to ant+ using the PerfPro Bridge then the “CABLE” will convert ant+ to Bluetooth. This did not work for me. “CABLE” would connect to the CT from PerfPro Bridge and once selected in the CABLE utility app on iOS, it would not show any power or speed data. I was then able to connect to the CT via the CABLE in the Zwift app but again no data. Hopefully a bluetooth communication from the PerfPro bridge is coming soon.

  27. Pat

    Did they add the bluetooth option? This would be really helpful.


  28. John Barry

    I wanted to connect my CT so I could ride RGT.

    Connect CT to my laptop that has PerfPro and 1 ANT+ dongle
    Then on 2nd computer (with large TV as monitor) I have 2nd ANT+ dongle
    the 2nd computer connects to RGT Remote app on my phone.

    I like this setup because if I go on longer rides, I can reset the 1 1/2 hour timeout that PerfPro has.

    Works perfect for me.

  29. Eric Peterson

    Two comments:
    1) someone posted earlier that Rouvy did not adjust the resistance of the CompuTrainer. Has anyone had success with this?
    2) I installed ANT sticks in Windows 10 but the drivers were not found. Took me a while but I finally found them here:
    link to elitesrl.zendesk.com

    • jwatches

      I had posted some time ago that I was having trouble getting everything to run off one laptop with two Ant+ sticks, one for PerfPro transmit and one for Rouvy receive. I could get PerfPro working easily, but could not get Rouvy to see the second stick. I am a Mac guy and based on my best effort to see what was up on the Device Manager, I gave up and went back to being wired with Zwift.

      I won’t be back at my house to try your solution until the end of February, but looking forward to trying it.

  30. Coffey

    Which Computrainer head firmware version do you need to make this setup work? Will any version work or does it have to be v 25 or higher?
    Have 8001 ct head unit v 21.25 and need to make this work.

    • Eric Peterson

      I have an update on Rouvy, which is that with PerfPro wireless bridge and two ANT sticks, I am able both to see the data from the CompuTrainer in Rouvy, and to have Rouvy control the CompuTrainer resistance. To do this two sensor connections must be made to the channel identified by PerfPro – one for “Power Source”, and the second for “Controllable”.
      Initially I had made only the “Power Source” connection.
      Both connection are identified by the channel number and as “Dynastream” (which makes the ANT drivers).
      As to the firmware version, I can only report that the setup works for versions 35.65 and 45.43 (the two CompuTrainers that I have). I cannot speak to older firmware versions. I do see that there are chips available on eBay for less than $40 for version 45.43, but from what I have read these do not work on older controllers.

    • jwatches

      Thanks for this post Eric. Having some trouble getting Rouvy to set the “Power Source” sensor. How do you have PerfPro set-up? Your screen shot shows both Rouvy sensors connecting to a single Ant signal (20005).

      I have two Ant sticks in the same computer running PerfPro and Rouvy. I can see them both in PerfPro, both set-up as CT trainers, one assigned to 20003 and one to 20005. 20005 shows the output from the CT trainer. Rouvy sees them both, but can only connect to “Controllable” to either of them. I can’t connect either to “Power Source”. What am I missing?

    • Eric R Peterson

      To run Rouvy, you should be running PerfPRO CT Smart (not PerfPRO Studio), and PerfPRO CT Smart should start first, then Rouvy.
      It was not clear from your post if this is what you are doing.
      There should be a single assignment in PerfPRO CT Smart (not two). As I understand it, PerfPRO CT Smart connects to the CompuTrainer via the serial port, then bridges that connection to one of the ANT sticks. Then Rouvy connects to the bridge using the other ANT stick.
      I just set this up on a new computer, and still had problems similar to what you are describing. I DID get it to work finally, but it was by repeatedly trying to connect in Rouvy, disconnecting / reconnecting, and I also removed and inserted the ANT stick a few times. Eventually I got it to work and is seems to stay that way once it is working.
      All I can say is good luck and keep trying.

    • TCoffey

      One ANT+ FEC USB antenna device per computer. One ANT + FEC USB antenna will handle up to 8 CompuTrainers connected to PerfPro CT Smart app. Both CompuTrainers should show in one instance of PerfPro CT Smart. Make sure computer on CompuTrainer side only has one instance of PerfPro CT app running.

      Signal Chain:
      Your 2 CompuTrainers >> computer w/ PerfPro CT showing a data window for each compuTrainer >> ANT + FEC USB antenna transmit
      ANT + FEC USB antenna receive >> computer running ROUVY app >>

      You will need separate ROUVY user accounts for each CompuTrainer connected to PerfPro CT if you want to ride CTs at same time. Can’t connect both CTs to one ROUVY account. Close out PerfPro CT app window for CompuTrainer not in use. Otherwise, ROUVY will get confused when trying to determine which CompuTrainer is the correct one for a single user ROUVY account.

      Make sure ANT + FEC USB antennas are connected to USB ports away from WIFI, Bluetooth and HDMI video computer connections and cards. I use USB ports on front of computer. Also keep ANT + connections away from WIFI router(s) and other possible sources of electromagnetic interference.

    • Jim

      Not sure if this is in response to the thread with Eric, but here is my deal. I have one computer running PerPro CT and Rouvy, which is wired to the Computrainer via the serial port USB. My goal is to run Rouvy wirelessly on the CT using the ANT+ connection Rouvy supports.

      I have one instance of PerfPro CT running and I have only one CT I want to control. I have two ANT+ sticks which are recognized by the computer. My question is how to configure them to make this work. I have been able to set-up the “Controllable” connection in Rouvy, but can’t seem to get the “Power Source” sensor to connect.

      I assume from Eric’s response that I need only one “trainer” set-up in PerfPro and that is the one I try to establish as the “Power Source” and “Controllable” sensors in Rouvy. Apparently the second ANT+ stick is used by Rouvy w/o setting anything up in the app or PerfPro?

    • TCoffey

      Yes you use the same computrainer as power source and controllable device in Rouvy.

      Yes Rouvy uses the ANT + USB antenna connected to the computer running the Rouvy app.

      What version chip is in your computrainer head?
      I swapped my 25.33 chip out for a 45. one so CT now works with Zwift directly. No need for PerfPro CT.

    • tcoffey

      You cannot run Rouvy and PerfPro CT on same computer. Need two separate computers using the PerfPro CT app and computer as a BRIDGE to your Rouvy computer.

    • Jim

      Why two computers if the Ant sticks are recognized by PerfPRO and Rouvy on the same computer? My single computer is happy with both Ant sticks and PerfPRO sees them both. I can also connect Rouvy to the signal PerfPro via the “Controllable” sensor. The issue is getting the “Power Source” sensor to connect. Rouvy shows the same PerfPro Ant signal in the “Power Source” menu, but doesn’t connect.

    • tcoffey

      link to ebay.com

      If your CompuTrainer head unit is a 8002 regardless of color (GREY or YELLOW) then this head unit Firmware upgrade 45.43 will allow you to connect with Rouvy, Zwift, TrainerRoad, directly using one computer device and the FTDI Serial to USB cable.

      If you could assign one of your ANT + sticks within Rouvy then one computer should work but it does not allow for this spec. Rouvy is probably trying to figure out which ANT + stick to use since it is used to only seeing one per system.

      There is also some info on PerfPro site about CT not liking other apps on same machine that need ANT + support.

      So for best luck use another computer device for Rouvy like Apple TV, iPad, PC, your phone maybe.

    • Eric Peterson

      To use Rouvy with a CompuTrainer, You should only need a single computer with:
      Two ANT+ sticks, and
      PerfPRO CT Smart

      The whole point of PerfPRO CT Smart is to allow a CompuTrainer to appear as a wireless smart trainer.
      My CompuTrainer has a 8002 head with the 40.95 firmware version.
      I am able to run Rouvy on this same computer, with both Controllable and Power Source sensors connected and working.

      I did initially have to download FTDI drivers for the USB-Serial port, and also USB drivers for the ANT sticks.

    • Jim

      Thanks for this post Eric and sorry about my late reply. I will be setting this up again now that the rainy season is here in Seattle. You have done EXACTLY what I am trying to achieve, so I suspect the firmware may be my nemesis. I will post an update in the coming weeks.

    • James A

      Question on CT Smart. On both Rouvy and Zwift (not that you need to do this for Zwift) with CT Smart running, the Computrainer shows up as Dynastream XXXXXX (as Eric noted) where the xs are the ID (of the port I think). My question is there any way in Windows 10 to rename the driver or port or ANT+ adapter so the CT shows up as a CT device on Rouvy etc. I’ve messed around in the Registry editor but no luck.

  31. Eric Peterson

    I stumbled across some websites that may be of interest to CompuTrainer owners.
    First there is this Racermate support site that is still active:
    link to racermateinc.com
    Second (and reachable from the first) this Google drive location contains useful information about troubleshooting, including how to remove the flywheel, how to disassemble the load generator, and some info on replacing fuses and capacitors.
    link to drive.google.com
    The disassembly instructions in particular I found useful as I recently bought a used load generator with a new roller installed but it was installed incorrectly so that the load generator is upside down. Not sure if that matters but I can now at least have some confidence in taking it apart and putting it back together correctly.
    Oh and related to Zwift, my CT seems to work fine plugged in to a USB port.
    My spouse is using a second CT with Rouvy and the PerfPro bridge works great for that.

  32. Stein Arvid Lid

    Hi, I have a Computrainer and would like to use it on TrainerRoad (Controllable) and Zwift (CT as power source).

    Can i use CT smart and use Zwift via the ant+ signal , and then use Trainerroad wired with usb connection ?

    Do i need more than one ant + usb stick for that ?

    • Stein Arvid Lid

      So i´ll answer my own question.

      CT Smart requires its own ant+ stick.
      Computrainer Wired is then locked on the CT Smart so when i wanted to run both Zwift & Trainerroad on the same pc as CT Smart i needed the total of three ant+ sticks (if not your pc already has a built in option , but my hasnt)

      After added thos three sticks , everything works great and i am able to run both Trainerroad and Zwift with my Computrainer :)

  33. David Silcox

    Hi DC I am one of those die hard Computrainer users. I am curious whether anyone has developed a device that will convert the signal or data that the CT produces to Bluetooth.
    2 possibilities.
    Do away with DIN and plug a BT transmitter directly into the CT unit.
    Plug the USB from the head unit into a BT adapter and the BT signal would be picked up by the iPad or iPhone.
    If you see this please reply using Gmail aid

    Dave Silcox
    Roquebrune Sur Argens

  34. James Arthur

    As a year-end gift, there something new to give the venerable Computrainer a bit more life! I recently worked with the versatile and talented programmer Roberto Viola link to robertoviola.cloud, author of QZ Domyos-Zwift app link to qzfitness.com to add the Computrainer to this flexible fitness equipment BLE bridge program. QZ Domyos is available for iOS and Android ($6) but the Computrainer is only going to work in the Android version because it requires access to the USB port (and Apple apparently doesn’t permit that).

    The connection should work on USB to USB C and USB Micro connections. The Computrainer feature is still in Beta, so to get access to the Beta contact the developer or ask for Beta access though the Play store link to play.google.com

    The qz app needs access to the Computrainer via the USB port. In qz under settings under Bike Options there is an area for the Computrainer. The USB port for most Android phones is /dev/ttyUSB0 (thats a zero) which should be typed in the Serial port field.

    Other settings include:

    Bike Options: Speed Calculates on Power on
    Experimental: Enable Virtual Device
    Experimental: Virtual Device Bluetooth
    Experimental: Zwift Force Resistance
    Experimental: Android Wakelock

    This bridge works well under a BLE connection with Zwift (Computrainer shows up as a Wahoo Kicker) and Rouvy etc. (You may need to rename the Android phone to a 4 character name to get it to be recognized on Rouvy but I haven’t finished testing that). Let us know if you have success on other platforms. But its more efficient and doesn’t require the multiple Ant+ dongles required by the PerfPro bridge.


  35. kenneth klimkowski

    Thanks for the recommendation and review. I tried the 2-week free trial and decided to commit.

    PC is setup with a Garmin Ant+ stick. Garmin edge 1030 with Vector 2 pedals allows me to compare power with the CompuTrainer.

    Some notes:
    1. before activating CT Smart, I ‘calibrate’ tire force setting on the CT’s head unit. The manual recommends different tire force settings per intended load.
    2. Power on CT is targeted to 60 to 80 W higher than that read by the Vector pedals. Might need to change batteries. Would appreciate feedback as to what might affect that difference. I adjust workout target by an appropriate amount.