Holiday 2018 Sports Tech Deals!

It’s that time of year again when there are tons of sales on all sorts of sports technology items.  Everything this year is pointing to earlier sales than normal, as manufacturers and retailers alike try to lock in your dollars ahead of time.

The typical ebb and flow of this time period is:

Pre-Thanksgiving deals: These are everything ahead of the US Thanksgiving, on November 22nd. These were pretty solid this year.
Black Friday deals: These are tied to Black Friday (BF), on November 23rd. Some span this entire weekend.  Generally speaking, most retailers have access to the same major deals (i.e. Garmin, Fitbit, etc…).
Cyber Monday deals: These are on Monday, November 26th. Occasionally they spill into that Tuesday the 27th as well.
General December deals: We tend to see ‘repeats’ of some deals in the mid-December time-frame (usually around the 10th-15th). These are rarely better than BF deals, but usually quite good.

There are many deals that don’t go live until tomorrow, Friday, Black Friday (like Bond, James Bond). As such, you won’t find them listed here. But at 12:01AM US Eastern Time they’ll automatically show up in the listings below.

Some deals have a specific quantity of items attached, which may be a few or a ton.  And others are very time-limited, like Amazon deals.  Note that while many deals are US-focused, in recent years we’ve seen Europe really get into the Black Friday/Cyber Monday side. So definitely good news there!

Here’s what’s currently active.  The ones I feel are the best bang for the buck, have a little * at the front of them.  Of course, many of these are great deals if you’re in the market for it already.  It’s just the ones with the stars are exceptionally unusual.

This year I’ve split them into categories of products, to make them a bit easier to sift through.  Oh, and the list is updated constantly (upwards of 20-30 times a day during Black Friday weekend!).

Watches & Wearables:


This covers anything you can wear that’s watch-like or activity band-like.  Generally speaking, you’ll mostly find deals here that are on things I’ve written about in the past.  So you won’t find a deal on some random non-sports tech watch here, or on socks.  Unless the socks have some crazy sensor or something in them.

There are no deals currently.

Cycling Gear & Trainers:


Got a bike? Then this section is for you.  Everything from bike computers to bike lights to trainers, it’s all here.  I won’t generally be adding things like brake cables or bike seats here, but if I find a good deal on a cassette to stack on that new direct drive trainer you just bought, I’ll probably list it here.

There are no deals currently.

Action Cameras & Drones:


Wanna record it?  No better way than an action camera.  Anything that’s action camera related or drone related you’ll find here.  That’s especially true of action camera mounts, which are often found for great deals around the holidays.  Same goes with drone and drone accessories.  Usually a great time to pick up an extra battery or extra props.

There are no deals currently.

Other Sports & Fitness:


Anything else that’s sports and fitness related that I think is interesting will be here.  It may not be super techy – but it’s stuff that most readers will be using in pursuit of their running/cycling/swimming/hiking/whatever.

There are no deals currently.

DCR’s Random Gadget List


This is basically the mostly totally unrelated gadgets and things I think are cool deals that I’ve likely bought one or five of (you can never have too many, right)?  Some of it’s probably photography stuff.  Some of it’s random stuff like chargers and battery packs that I use daily, fun camera gear I use to make videos like sliders and turntables, and well…just random things you’ll find around the DCR Cave.  It’s all random…but it’s all awesome randomness!

There are no deals currently.

European Deals!


What’s that? You’re not in the US and still want a deal?  No problem!  First off, you should note that some retailers do send some items overseas.  For example, Clever Training can send many products overseas, and do so at a flat-rate $29USD shipping cost.  You’ll want to check the individual item.  For some deals, that could be a huge savings!

Beyond that, I’ll be tracking Euro-specific deals here.  These will include both Clever Training Europe (UK) as well as Amazon European deals.

Woot – important! The Clever Training Europe deals below can be combined with the DCR 10% discount coupon code DCR10BTF.  Boom! So yes, another 10% savings on top of these prices!  Plus free shipping in Europe for orders over 75EUR (almost everything in the list from CT).

Note: On Amazon Europe deals, generally speaking, you can order from any Amazon European country site (i.e. Amazon France) and have it shipped within the EU (i.e. Spain). Thus, many times deals are duplicates across the sites.

Remember these days refresh each day for the most part, and usually only last a few hours. Jump if you see something you like!

There are no deals currently.

Test Section:

There are no deals currently.

Didn’t find what you wanted?


No worries, you can still save a bundle, or help support the site.  With Clever Training you can get 10% off everything they sell (except most sale/clearance items).  You’ll just use the DCR coupon code DCR10BTF and boom, good to go!  Plus, you’ll get free US shipping over $75.  For a handful of items you may need to use the DCR/CT VIP program to get points back instead, but it only takes a moment to sign-up.

In addition, you can support the site with purchases from any of the below three retailers – no matter if it’s sports tech, or toilet paper.  Just click on the link and you’re off!


Thanks for reading and supporting the site!  And remember to keep checking back regularly.  I’ll be posting updates to Twitter, so that’s probably the best place to follow for new updates.

Also – feel free to post sports-tech specific deals down below, however, if I think they’re spammy – I’ll zap them.  Good? Thanks!

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  1. Ross P

    Thanks Ray!

  2. So disappointed we’re not getting the Fenix 5+ discount in Europe :(

    Wouldn’t be so bad if someone other than Garmin actually sold all the models, but for some reason they’ve decided some are exclusive to their own full priced store!

    • Yeah, I’ve never understood the whole exclusivity thing that Garmin EU/UK does. It’s just bizarre. I know of no other business on earth that tries as hard as Garmin EU/UK to not sell products. Be it taking days/weeks for new products to be available in the EU/UK (because Garmin is too slow to get listing information out), or as you noted, certain versions like the Fenix 5X Plus being restricted to first party sales or the like.

      And that’s only the half of it.

  3. Reagan

    Garmin Vivoactive 3 vs the Spartan Trainer both at $199. Which is the better deal? I have the Garmin 935 but was thinking one of these might be good as a second watch and to compare heart rate on occasion when the 935 is obviously off. Also, any thoughts on a heart rate strap to pair with the 935? Should I just but one of the Garmin or wait until a newer one is released. I’d sure like to have the option of memory.

  4. Paul Tomblin

    GoPro has the Hero 7 Black bundled with an extra battery, a “Chesty” chest mount and an SD card for the normal price of the Hero 7 Black.

  5. Dustin

    Any suggestions for where to find good deals for race wheels?

  6. Jason

    You note ‘stay tuned’ for Wahoo products. I was hoping to get the Kickr Snap for the 20% off deal – is that a possibility? When might you make note of the Wahoo deals? Thanks!

    • Historically Wahoo has done 10% off most years, sometimes with a minor bundle or some sort. Hard to say on the SNAP, but I would wait till Monday to see what happens (which is usually when Wahoo drops their deals).

    • Chris Hughes

      I was also frantically scrolling for the Wahoo deals.

      Though I’m torn between the Core and a Tacx anyway

    • Check back tomorrow and Monday, that’s usually when magic happens.

    • John

      Wahoo’s Black Friday “deals” are terrible this year. Only clearance pricing the noisy old KICKR? That’s it?

    • To be fair, that KICKR deal was pretty sweet.

      Also, typically Wahoo tends to do most of their deals on Cyber Monday. Though, typically they also aren’t massive deals either.

    • IAmHolland

      Yep. I seem to recall they only do 10% off trainers and their deals are usually restrictive, like who really needs more HRMs? I bought my kickr v1 with a group buy at 20% off. That was never seen again as well. I’m kicking myself for missing this but had tons of trouble trying to use the CT website on my phone. It kept crashing my browser and gave up after 20 minutes. There was no way to get on a laptop. Oh well, at least I have no reason to shell out money now. I almost never pay attention to wahoo ad mails cause their deals tend to not be the same stuff throughout the year.

  7. Phil

    Any pizza oven deals?

  8. HSH

    I saw the Forerunner 35 for $139.99 at BestBuy.com

  9. Alex8

    Any deals on Mtb Xc 29″ carbon wheels (preferably Europe)?

  10. Jiri Zachar

    Amazon.es Fenix 5 – 349 Eur. Nice price :-)

  11. Michelle

    For the Garmin 935, do you think this will be the best holiday-time deal? I was hoping it would be at least $100 off, or better yet, $150 off like the Fenix. I don’t get it. Figures, I finally decide to pull the trigger on this vs. the Fenix 5s and it’s the only time in history it’s MORE expensive!

    • Thounee

      Exactly the same thought. After seeing the Fenix5 discounts I fully was expecting to get 935 under that 399 the Fenix5(s) go for… Had kind of already planned to pull the trigger with $345. I’ll just hold I guess for one more year before jumping to Garmin camp.. :)

  12. Eli

    Humon Hex is 30% off applied at checkout plus a free shirt which is about $90 off But this offer is only in the US. Guessing that coupon code you mention works in Europe

  13. Rich

    Training Peak discount ? Got one last year

  14. Arsi Oululainen

    link to juoksukauppa.fi

    link to juoksukauppa.fi

    Cheap prices for Black Friday deals

    • Mika

      It is a real deal mate. 50% for Garmin 5 families. And in Europe.

    • Thounee

      Ei paha…

      In states the sale seem to focus on Fenix5 series on the same prices than Europe, but for example forerunner 935 has a huge difference. US

    • The sale by that retailer above isn’t a Garmin sale though, it’s just that retailer taking a loss on the items (since it’s below cost).

      The ‘official’ EU/UK Garmin sales are noted above. Sometimes (most times), we also see additional Amazon Garmin sales, starting tomorrow. Though they tend to be short (few hour) type things.

    • Andrew Pogrebennyk

      Interested, but it seems shipping is only within Finland.

    • Zoltan

      And you can add a soft Gen3 HRM strap only for 3.9 euro to a Fenix 5X, which costs itself 399 euro. Considering that the strap is normally 50 euro or so, it is a good discount indeed.

    • fiatlux

      Those deals are insane! Fenix 5x Sapphire for 399€! Note that they also have Danish, Swedish and Norwegian sites, and the main Danish site seems to ship to the Netherlands.

      I will be in Amsterdam next week but that’s probably going to be too tight.

      Ray, would you arrange a group order for all of us? ;-)

  15. Peter


    Garmin Vivoactive 3 WHITE 179 EUR
    link to amzn.to

  16. Jhonathan Montoya

    Too bad, i was really looking for a Favero Assiomas deal this BF!

    • dennis bossaerts


    • Ale

      Powermeter24 20% off

    • Sorta. They offer 20% off, but they raised the non-sale price higher (or it’s always higher, one of the two). They list the Duo at $910, so 20% off is $728USD.

      Meanwhile, Clever Training normal price as of today is $799. You use the standard DCR discount code there of 10%, and that puts you at $719. Oh, and free fast shipping. :)

      Of course, ya never know what happens on Black Friday.

    • Steve

      On the other hand, 20% off the Kickr Core isn’t bad…

    • Chris Hughes

      Where do you see that?

    • Steve

      They have a 20% off code that applies across the site, and even with delivery they aren’t charging much more than elsewhere for the Kickr Core. Only downside appears to be delivery times.

    • Chris Hughes

      Who is “they”?

    • Dennis Bossaerts

      Duo’s at 695 euro at favero’s website. Shipping within 4 days. Good deal if you ask me

    • Steve

      Chris, it’s powermeter24.com – they’re a German (I think) site but they ship across Europe quite reasonably.

    • yup I was tracking the price and I was really pissed off that they raise the DUO price today :/ not good for french-german friendship lol.

      Anyway it’s 642,71 euros, cheapest price I have found so far for them in Europe.

      Buying on clevertraining.com (US) with tthe DCR code it make 611 euros but I don’t know if taxes may apply :-(

      Unfortunately the DUO is not well priced at 799 euros on the clevertraining.co.uk website.

    • I would hang tight on the pricing changes for the CT and other retailers.

      While there had been rough discussions of such a price shift happening, last night’s announcement was sorta last minute (about 5 hours prior to going live). Typically retailers are given many weeks notice to get pricing updates done. In this case, it wasn’t expected to go live till sometime in December.

      Slightly complicating matters for most retailers is the nuances to how Favero specifically sells to retailers. So it’s not as simple as just changing prices across the board without validating a bunch of stuff with Favero first.

      Hang tight!

    • yup !

      but as a lay person I was aware that Favero was gonna drop the price today ! So I guess big retailers knew it too !

      any ideas on taxes if I buy from CT.com (US) to ship to France ?


    • Yup, CT US would specify the correct valuation if shipping overseas. But honestly, I’d just wait for both CT US and CT UK to get fully updated.

    • rav

      IF you go to PowermeterCity, and apply POWERUP@PMC coupon at checkout, the price drops to $665…try it.

    • Which is $50 more than Clever Training. And more yet than you’ll pay once things get sorted out.

    • Fastas Asloth

      It appears that CT US don’t specify the correct valuation, they only tell you the shipping cost. As per the details on their site, the customer has to find out for themselves what import duties/custom taxes etc they would need to pay…

      “Duties and Customs Charges:

      Some countries charge duties or other fees on merchandise arriving from the United States based on the customs forms provided at shipping, please note that we cannot adjust these forms or mail packages as gifts. You are responsible for paying your country’s imposed charges when your package arrives. Each nation has different rules and rates that apply and these fees are not included in your order total. Please contact your customs office for information regarding duties and other taxes”

    • For shipments from US outbound, they do specify the value of the package (in USD), inclusive of the contents.

      What they don’t do is attempt to calculate duties for the arrival country. That’s what they are saying there. So when they ship something to me here, then the local customs office assigns a duties value based on the information about the value of the items.

      For the most part, the vast majority of US retailers don’t try and pre-calculate duties for countries overseas. It’s just too complex for smaller or medium sized companies to do when they have huge inventory (about 20,000 items for CT) and with 180 countries to ship to.

    • Fast as Asloth

      Indeed, and since remi was asking about the taxes (presumably he/she was referring to the import ones that France would charge)

      Remi, “any ideas on taxes if I buy from CT.com (US) to ship to France ?”

      you replied to his question with an implication that CT calculate those up front.

      “Yup, CT US would specify the correct valuation if shipping overseas”

      I wanted to clarify that they don’t….

    • I think there might be some language misunderstanding. Valuation is what the value of the package as sent to customs is. Whereas inclusive of taxes is when a retailer includes those in the price and pre-pays customs for you.

      Remi was asking whether or not CT specified the correct valuation on the package (which then France would hit with a roughly 20% tax). Some people ask/hope that a company will specify a lower than accurate valuation so that the taxes are less.

      Given I roughly know Remi from past conversations over the years, I figured I knew what he was asking. All inbound packages to France are subject to the 20% taxation, over a certain amount (it’s silly low – like 75EUR or something), and then some exclusions (books I think is one).

  17. Dulle

    Hello, any news on discounts on polar vantage v in Europe? Thank you.

    • Nuttin I’ve seen, and I don’t expect it either to be honest. Polar doesn’t seem to get Black Friday sales. I’ve got zero sales listed for them (current or upcoming). I did see a BF only deal on either the A360 or A370 come into my French address e-mail, but I can’t find an equal version outside of that. And honestly, it wasn’t a great deal.

      Doing the CT US 20% off VIP deal tomorrow for the Vantage V and importing it in would probably make the most sense.

    • Dulle

      Bummer, thanx for feedback.

    • Marcello

      So far you can get 15% discount and free shipping on this Italian website.

      link to df-sportspecialist.it

  18. Chris Elam

    What’s the clever training code?

  19. Marc Simkin

    I noticed that the Forerunner 645 is on sale in Europe, but not the States.

    Will that change between now and next Wednesday? I’m looking to replace my 630 with the 645 because of it’s support for indoor rowing and elliptical.

    Been suffering from some chromic soreness in the knees, so I’ve been doing a bit less on the treadmill and more on other cardio machines, when I’m not using the Kick’r.



    • Thounee

      Noticed the difference also. Above arsi linked juoksukauppa.fi where you also can get the Forerunner 935 with Eur 279 ($318 USD).

      Link: link to juoksukauppa.fi

      Makes a big difference if in states you pay $449 on it…

    • No US Garmin FR645 sales planned. It is unusual to see a EU deal for the FR645 (the official one isn’t huge, but it’s still there nonetheless.

      The one from the Finnish site is just them running their own sale, so no specific Garmin-driven sale there (doesn’t mean it’s not a good deal).

  20. Rene P

    Garmin Edge 1030 offer in Denmark

    link to pulsure.dk
    2400 DKK about 367 USD

    link to pulsure.dk
    2900 DKK about 444 USD

    • Andrew Pogrebennyk

      I have emailed the Danish shop, unfortunately they won’t ship to the most of Europe.
      Meanwhile, Fenix 5 dropped prices to 299 euro on Amazon Germany. I would be more happy with a 935, though.

    • Marcello

      So far best deals for FR935 I’ve found:

      Eur 374,99 (Gaglianogioielli.com)

      Eur 389 (Nencini sport)

  21. Ivan

    On Amazon germany (and shipping within EU), very good deals on Garmin watches:
    Vivoactive for 150 euros
    Fenix 5 for 319 euros!

    • Mika again

      You know, Amazon Germany is taking a loss, because it is below the cost.

      LOL, it is funny to read when somebody defends a lower discount in market economy.

      On the other hand nobody here may know what the fair price of F5 based on its production cost, because it is so easy to say that the marketing cost increases its price to the sky.

      Finally you should always focus on whether you will be really pleased with a product or not. Price should not make people blind.

  22. On Google Express it shows Target has the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music in Cerise for $404, that’s about 10% off.

    link to express.google.com

  23. hdb

    For those looking for a deal on Favero Assioma: I got an email this morning from them (as a current owner) that they have the Duo on sale for 570EUR/650USD outside of the EU (i.e. no tax). link to cycling.favero.com
    Prices may vary with shipping destination, I assume.

    • Indeed, effective Nov 23rd, 2018 the Favero Assioma pedals will be $649USD going forward (and $415USD). That’s a pretty substantial price-drop. Note, it may take a few more hours for Clever Training to display this new price, but they are planning to do so very shortly. Because it is a price change, the 10% DCR discount code will still apply.

      The EU prices are 695EUR inclusive of VAT (Duo), and 445EUR inclusive of VAT (Uno).

      Note also that there might be slight differences on the exact final USD price from retailers due to the sorta weird way that Favero charges US retailers (in EUR and not USD, so it’s not protected from exchange rates). Hang tight!

    • Jhonathan Montoya

      Awesome, i was looking for a BF deal for the uno, but this price drop is better as i was short on money to get the duo, so i may just wait a few weeks to get the duo then.

    • hdb

      Wow – big drop there. Do you think that could precipitate some reaction from other manufacturers?

    • Scott

      Hmm. It looks like the price only dropped to $739…

    • Vinay

      CT have updated the pricing but the 10% discount from DCR doesn’t apply to the product as they apply a default discount on checkout which prevents further coupon to be used. The price after default discount now is $665! Any idea if there would be further discounts on this?


    • Scott

      I show that it is still listed at $739. CT then gives a 10% discount.

    • Vinay

      Scott, add it to cart and you will see an automatic 10% discount being applied, making it $665 and due to this additional codes can’t be applied.

    • RE: “Wow – big drop there. Do you think that could precipitate some reaction from other manufacturers?”

      Yes, though, not immediately. My guess is early next year. The first that’ll have to move is PowerTap since they’re at a disadvantage compared to Garmin. Then Garmin will likely have to move. My guess is Garmin will have to go to $899, maybe $799 if they’re feeling frisky. But I suspect in the 8’s somewhere.

      To be totally frank, I’m actually not sure why Favero did it. Business-wise it doesn’t really make a ton of sense. They were already the lowest pedal based power meter by a wide margin (save the discount recently on slightly reduced P1 pedals, but those would have run out of inventory sooner or later as production has shifted to the P1.

      Sure, Favero might sell more units than before, but my guess is actually not really. My guess would be people would have bought them at the previous price anyway, with the exception of a handful that might have looked at picking up a pair of Vector 3’s and moving them between bikes. In this case they might just pickup two sets of Assiomas for the same price. But in the grand scheme of things, that’s a small number.

      Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s awesome the price is lower. But this is one of the extremely rare scenarios where I’m not sure from a (their) business standpoint it was the correct move (beyond this weekend).

    • Scott

      That’s what I’m talking about. See Ray’s post above.

    • Aldo

      Could it be they are releasing a replacement for the actual version of the Assiomas?

  24. Flo

    Powermeter24 is down… ^^

    ComKor from Germany has 15% off the regular Fenix 5 plus (non-sapphire) and a few non-plus Fenixes: link to comkor-gps.shop

  25. Scott

    I got an email from Xterra today. They are partnering with Suunto and offering 20% off everything Suunto sitewide.

  26. Rz605

    Ray, can you check the Mavic Air $499? It’s $689 on Amazon for base.

  27. Bob L

    Hi DCR,

    Thanks for helping all of us here. I missed the first 20% off that ended Nov 17th. Called up CL and even talked to the supervisor and she wasn’t willing to give me a 10% off the price on top of the 10% off coupon code listed on CL. She also said that there is no other sale coming along! and now this :) What a relief!!

    Btw, I’m torn between the Vantage V and Sunnto 9 Baro for indoor gym based exercises (e.g) 21 Day Fix/P90X etc and also outdoor runs. Which one do you personally prefer? I’m also reading on the brightness and font issues on the Vantage V even with the latest firmware 1.2.3. Is that not an issue on the Sunnto 9? I also read on your S9 review that S9 isn’t sending daily activity stats to the MovesCount app but it sends it to SportsTracker app. With the latest Nov 19th firmware update for S9, is it still an issue?

    Appreciate your reply which will help us with our decision.


    • For indoor gym stuff I find the Vantage V tends to handle better than the Suunto 9. There’s a lot of reasons for that. Namely the weight of the Suunto 9 bobbles around, which hurts optical HR. Secondly, the Polar sensor is just better.

      As for 24×7 type stats, I don’t see any shift in that from any notes I’ve seen for the Suunto 9.

    • Bob L


      Are you saying that VV is not good outdoors in terms of brightness and GPS accuracy but GPS accuracy is better on S9? With S9, I can always pair to a external HR sensor as a workaround. Right?

      Please advise.

    • Both can always pair to a HR strap (BT Smart).

      I’m saying that I think the Vantage V and Suunto 9 are getting pretty close to each other in terms of accuracy (logical since they use the same exact Sony chipset, though, accuracy often depends more on antenna design).

  28. J

    The Garmin 820 can be found for 222€ on German Amazon. The deal is only valid on the 23 of November

  29. For the tracking / optimization obsessed among us, InsideTracker offers its best sales of the year right now: 2-for-1 Ultimate + 2 FREE InnerAge blood tests (including diet recommendations for athletes) which you can use yourself or gift to friends and family. No code required—offer valid through 11:59 pm PST on Monday, November 26, 2108. Also, 25% off any other InsideTracker plan (same time limit) with code “BESTDEAL25”.

  30. Giovanni

    on amazon.it they have the Suunto, Spartan Trainer Wrist HR at 149 € and the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR at 239€.
    Any suggestion on which one is better on quality/price?

  31. Yonah

    I am a happy Polar User. I’ve been using the Loop for a while (about 5 years) and I think it’s time for an upgrade. I was thinking about the Vantage M – is it worth buying now with the 20% discount, in the hopes that they keep improving via updates, or is it worth waiting a few months until they fix the software a bit and hope that it might go on sale towards the summer?


    It appears the Garmin 935 (499-50 = 449) & the Fenix 5 basic (599 – 150 = 449) are the same discounted price. For the Average Joe (that has plans to take on another Ironman in the next 12m) what watch would you suggest?

  33. Amitoj

    Wahoofitness.com is offering $80 off on Elemnt and Elemnt bundle and $200 off on 2017 Kickr smart trainer.

  34. Dealhuntingdude

    Does the VIP deal stack with other coupon codes (you mention stacking with sales, but it’s not clear if coupons are the same as sales)? I’m eyeing a Viiia product and see there’s a coupon code on Clever Training’s site for 20% off Viiia. Thanks!

    • Typically not, no. The exception if ‘final’ price adjustments. For example the Tacx Neo 1 is considered a price adjustment supported by a manufacturer, so in that case the discount applies as that’s just the new price from here on out. Same goes for the Favero Assioma pedals.

      Whereas things that are on sale or being clearanced, can’t be double-dipped.

  35. Justin Speyer

    ENVE is extending it’s trade-in program to include alloy wheels, instead of just carbon, for Nov 23-27th only (the email says 23-27th, the splash page says 22nd-27th). $700 off any set of ENVE wheels in exchange for whatever (*rideable*) alloy wheels you have laying around.

    link to enve.com

  36. TKe

    Power2Max NG Powermeters 250€ off with voucher: p2m_powerfriday_2018

  37. ismo

    20% off everything in ubyk.co.uk, including the Garmin vector etc.

  38. Steve

    Amazon UK currently have the Edge 820 for £174.99. Also have the Wahoo Blue speed & cadence sensor for £38.24

    Both on lightning deals, got Wahoo RPM and TICKR coming up later today too.

    • Very nice. Just added those in, plus a crapton of other Amazon UK deals (all of which are shippable to mainland EU). Some really solid ones in there. All are listed in the Euro section: link to dcrainmaker.com

    • Steve

      I’d get one if I hadn’t got a 520 earlier this year (not long before the 520 Plus came out too!) – going to be difficult to get it past my girlfriend, especially as I’m trying to get a new turbo trainer past her too…

  39. Georgy Kartashov

    Ray, do you think Garmin will announce fenix 6 anytime soon (2-4 months) or we are year+ away from it? Trying to decide if I should get 5x+ or wait

  40. Mathieu

    Garmin Fenix 5 at € 319!
    Garmin vivoactive 3 at € 158!
    Garmin Index Scale at € 95!

  41. Rmv

    link to futurumshop.nl from 549.00€ to 399.00€
    link to futurumshop.nl from 879.00€ to 599.00€
    link to futurumshop.nl from 1399.00€ to 939.00€
    link to futurumshop.nl from 799.00€ to 579.00€
    link to futurumshop.nl from 239.00€ to 199.00€

  42. Brendan

    Garmin edge 820 for £175 on amazon UK lightning deal.

    Varia RTL 510 has be £99.99 on amazon uk for about a week now.

  43. Steve

    Tacx Flux (not the S, but should be identical apart from derailleur clearance) for £399 at Halfords (UK retailer)

    link to halfords.com

  44. Vincent

    AS Adventure stores in Belgium and France also give discount up to €100. Everything from €500 gets €100 discount. Everything from €250 gets €40 discount.
    This means Polar Vantage V + H10 for 450 instead of 550.
    They also deliver internationally as far as I know.

    • Rmv

      Or just add something for 1-2€ and get the Polar Vantage V without the H10.

    • Dulle

      100€ discount is a good deal. I see they also ship around Europe. Is this shop reliable in terms of delivery on time and returns ? Thanx.

    • Rmv

      Ii should have been reliable, since they have physical stores and a good reputation. Yet somehow they suddenly cancelled my order, because of “out-of-stock” today. Which means I can no longer profit any other Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals. Did they deliver yours @Vincent? Now I regret not have order through the deal below with intersporttwinsport.nl.

  45. Raymond

    In the Netherlands 20% discount on ALL products https://www.intersporttwinsport.nl. Polar Vantage V for € 399,99. Just bought one, now all I have to do is wait for flaless firmware. Also ships to Belgium

  46. James

    Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR is currently £131.99 at fitnessdigital.co.uk

    link to fitnessdigital.co.uk

  47. Riccardo

    There is a very good deal on the Garmin Instinct (-25%) on an Italian jewelry website. I just bought it, no connection with them.

    link to gaglianogioielli.com

  48. Kurt

    link to futurumshop.nl
    At futurum shop, I bought a Kickr Snap €399.

  49. J P

    Looks like the Wahoo Kickr Snap is on offer in the U.K on Sigma Sports if you’re looking for wheel on turbo. £100 seems good saving: link to sigmasports.com

  50. Steve

    Wahoo TICKR £31.20 (23% off) at Amazon UK (lightning deal)

  51. Hey folks – the 8-hr VIP sale is now live. 20% off most trainer and power meters. And remember especially that stackable deal on the Tacx Neo 1 (taking it down to $959USD). Details all here: link to dcrainmaker.com

    Also…high tight for one more last moment trainer deal that should go live any minute now (US). I’ll post once it’s live.

    • Bob L

      I wanted to buy 2 smart watches (Vantage V and Suunto 9) with each getting 20% off and that didn’t work. Then I was able to buy VV separately and after the order is placed, tried to buy S9 as a separate order and it didn’t work. It is giving me a weird message: “Coupon ‘HOLIDAYVIP’ was not applied. Please ensure you are logged into your VIP account and try again.”

      What gives?

      Btw, Ray – can you please comment on my question that I posted earlier? link to dcrainmaker.com

    • The deal is only good for a single item per VIP human. Which, is tied to a single e-mail address.

      Missed your earlier question, headed there now. Sorry!

    • Bob L

      It is comment #83 from Bob L.

  52. Brian Dahlmann

    Guidance sought: upgrading from a ancient device (polar s710) and taking first step into modern technology.

    At this point, I am specifically focused on running, though have historically been a racing cyclist. Very much interested in a data rich recording device with the highest accuracy.

    Zero interest in notifications, contactless payments and other smart phone cross-over features.

    Do not train with music, but….

    Have never used mapping, but… (Does the size of the watch face really make for a useful interface for mapping beyond breadcrumb navigation?).

    Regardless, based on pricing, I am considering the Fenix 5 or 5 Plus. This selection is primarily driven by current discount, build quality, and possibly for the “what if” features.I

    Based on these considerations, would there be a better selection? Also, in hopes for longevity and forthcoming support, would the Plus he the top reccomendation, even if a number of the additions are in my mind superfluous?

    Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • For mapping, I think it makes a huge difference on trails you don’t know. I loved it this past summer/spring in the Alps hiking with it. While certainly the map is small, I found that it made the difference between figuring out whether I was going the right way or not when I got to intersections of trails.

  53. Hey folks – biggie on a trainer deal – the 2017 Wahoo KICKR (full edition) – $799USD. It’s not silent like the 2018 version, but is compatible with CLIMB and also ships immediately. Deal here: link to clevertraining.com

    Note these won’t last long. Like, probably not an hour long.

  54. Christoph

    Just picked up the Polar Vantage M (i use Stryd on treatmill ) and pretty happy with the 230 USD!
    Thanks Ray!

  55. Rz605

    No deals on Garmin cycling devices, such as 520plus?

  56. Tim

    If I used my CT VIP discount a couple of weeks ago, can I still use the one today?

  57. Frank Smith

    For the Favero Assioma Duo, it appears that the best price from CT is $665.10. However, if you order direct from Favero, it appears that the price is slightly lower at $650.00. (Both prices shipped to USA.) Any reason not to buy direct from Favero and save a bit more? Will there be extra customs charges or something that are separate? Thanks in advance for any feedback!

    • giorgitd

      I see the same CT price. While the price drop and 10% VIP discount is great, when Ray posted that there was Assioma DUO price drop to $665, I thought that that implied $665 in the cart and THEN -10% for VIPs. I should be happy, as I was planning to buy DUOs soon anyway, but then I got excited about $665 – 10%….

  58. JB

    Hi, I know this is not the place for this, but as an exception and as Ray also had an ipad on his list… saw great deals in US, IPAD for 250$, I cannot find anything similar in Europe. Anybody? Ray, any luck in Europe? They stay around 320-350€ as to what I see.

    PS: Ray, I’m ordering through your Amazon link ;-).

  59. Steve

    I’ve lost track, have we seen the Fenix 5 Plus as low as £499 in the UK?

    Fenix 5+: link to blacks.co.uk
    Fenix 5S+: link to blacks.co.uk

  60. Mark P Leventhal

    Wahoo kickr 2017 vs 18. 17 is on sale at CT for 799.00.
    Seems that the 18 is quieter. But other than that are there other major differences?

  61. I think the Assionas is a typo. The prices I’m seeing are $749. Are you sure it’s $649?

    • Because nobody has had time to update the pricing yet. Favero dropped it in a press release last night just before midnight, but only with EU pricing and USD pricing only if bought on their storefront..

      Historically speaking Favero has made things a bit funkier when it comes to how they do USD pricing for retailers versus themselves (let alone invoicing/billing). So all these retailers are trying to sort things out at the last second on the busiest day of the year.

      As noted elsewhere, there’s no sports tech company in this entire space that does it as complex as Favero when it comes to pricing. Great products, but…messy for retailers.

    • greyltc

      Ray, could you link to this press release please?

    • Here ya go. link to dcrainmaker.com

      (Note: They had just pasted it into an e-mail, so I pasted it into Word and then exported as PDF).

    • Marko Krevs

      What about the eu? Favero site sais 695€ and CT has it at 706€. Are these prices updated or was the price drop US only?

  62. greyltc

    Re. the Faverto Assioma pedals at $649 and Ray’s comment:

    Why is this not happening?

    • Like all retailers right now, they’re working to sort this out. While it might seem simple, it’s actually not in this case – mostly due to the rather unique way that Favero does pricing for the retailers themselves.

      Appreciate the support – they’re working as fast as possible with all the right people involved to ensure the final price is correct/updated.

    • greyltc

      Okay, I’ll hold my order then until they manage to get the price fixed up. Thanks!

    • Frank Smith

      Me too, I prefer to order from CT and support DCR! Thanks!

    • greyltc

      Actually, I don’t think the Clever Training price for the Assioma Duo pedals is going to move. The $650 MSRP from Favero is without VAT. The import duty that CT pays on the pedals is likely why they’re listed at $739. I believe if you buy at $650 from cycling.favero.com/shop and have them shipped to the US, you’ll get hit with with the import duty by the courier and end up paying round about 739.

      Does anyone know if Clever Training offers any sort of price protection? ie. if I buy now and they lower their price tomorrow, will they refund the difference?

    • I’ve been back and forth with CT on the phone more times than I can count today while they’re trying to get to the bottom of what the final price should be in conjunction with Favero.

      As you noted, there are duties involved in some cases. CT is aiming to get the end consumer price to ~$650USD. Whether or not that’s with or without the discount applied is still being sorted out. Again, most of this is due to the fairly complex way Favero handles international sales behind the scenes. You’ll notice other retailers are trying to sort it out as well.

      (Normally, what most manufs do is set a specific price per country. However, Favero doesn’t. Favero sets a base EUR price excluding any import duties, and then leaves it up to retailers globally to ‘sort it out’. The challenge there is Favero also specifics some conditions on how low a price is permitted. It’s like a faux-MAP but without how MAP actually works. Anyways, it’s messy as noted. But I think they’re close to having it all sorted. The exact same thing happened with Favero introduced Assioma actually. Took a few days of back and forth to get things settled.)

      Thanks for hanging in there!

    • Peter L

      Pretty sure that importing anything under $800 is now Duty free so buying directly from Favero is now the cheapest option ($646 vs 665).

      link to cbp.gov

    • greyltc

      Ah. Interesting. Thanks for the relevant link. So CT gets hit with the import duty since they’re importing in bulk, but the individual buyer purchasing right from Favero doesn’t. Oh well, could have saved a few bucks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Scott

      I tried ordering direct from Favero but their website wouldn’t accept my U.S. address and phone number. So it wouldn’t work.

    • Bryce

      I had success tonight ordering from Favero in the United States. Free shipping, no tax, fair exchange rate.

    • Peter L

      Awesome. Sounds like as long as your credit card/bank has no foreign transaction fees then ordering direct from Favero is the best option.

      Current exchange rate for Visa cards puts them at $650.67 so you’ll save $15 vs CT.

      link to usa.visa.com

  63. AndyB

    Scosche Europe is also offering 30% discount on BF

  64. IAmHolland

    Bummer HOLIDAYVIP does not work on the Kickr 2018. I missed the earlier deal, so bummed. Oh well, no upgrade from the 2015 for me this year.

    Thanks for the info, been following your articles and videos for years, but just signed up for the newsletter.

  65. Pete

    Super deals on Fenix 5. Have not tested the reliability of this shop however so one may want to check the experiences before buying.


  66. Steve

    Fenix 5 Plus for £431.99 at HS Johnson (UK Watch store) – priced at £479.99, then they have a 10% off code (HSJ10)

    link to hsjohnson.com

    Note the 5S Plus isn’t priced as low.

    (thanks to the good people at HotUKDeals for this one!)

  67. Scott

    Suunto is offering some pretty big discounts on their website. I just got an email.

  68. greyltc

    The “pick out the item you want to buy” link in the instructions for getting the Clever Training deal seems to be broken for me. Is this just me?

  69. Steve

    Withings Body+ scale £59.95 (£30 off) at Withings own store link to withings.com

    • Patrick R

      I built an app to sync withings with garmin connect: link to smartscalesync.com

      the free approach is to sync withings -> MFP -> garmin but i’ve found this is buggy, and doesn’t sync all the advanced metrics captured by the withings scale (like body fat%, muscle mass, bone mass, and water %).

  70. greyltc

    The POWERTAP P1 POWER METER PEDALS Clever Training deal doesn’t work.

    • PowerTap is concurrently running a promo of their own right now for also 20% off – so basically, you can’t double-dip on sales. The bright side is that it doesn’t count against the VIP deal.

  71. Stephen

    Hi Ray,

    I’m buying my first ever trainer. Should I go ahead and take the 2017 Kickr for $799 on the Wahoo Fitness website? Or, should I take a chance and wait until Monday hoping for a 10% discount on the 2018 Kickr Core? Is the extra price worth it for the Kickr Core since it’s silent? I’ve been planning to buy the Core as my first trainer, but if the 2017 Kickr is going to be a better buy with the discount I’ll take it. Any feedback is appreciated.

  72. Chris Hughes

    I’d wait and buy the Core

  73. Pedro H

    Any deals on a Cervelo P2 or similar tri bike?

  74. Guillermo Guerin

    Hey Ray, I just called CT to ask about the Assioma Duo but they painted a very different picture. They said they are aware of the price change but that Favero didn’t take the import/customs fees in consideration when announcing the new outside-EU prices. Basically, CT told me that if I buy the pedals directly from Favero I will have to pay import fees once they arrive in the US and the price will come down to around $720. Also, I would have to wait a few weeks, as expected. Instead, CT said I can use your VIP 10% and pay only $665.

    This is very different than what has been said so far, which is, the prices are temporarily outdated. I just don’t want to pull the trigger now and in a few days the price goes down.

    Do you know what’s really going on??


    • Yup, they’re working through it. And I’ve been chatting with them every few minutes.

      It sounds like right now the end-state price will be roughly $650-$660USD. Likely with the coupon (no VIP is needed, just a regular DCR coupon). That’s due to a request from Favero to keep the minimum purchasable USD price at approx $650.

      Lots of chatter in the comments above. Again, this is really about trying to find a solution that Favero will accept.

    • Guillermo Guerini

      Thanks for the very quick reply. I didn’t see the most recent messages you exchanged a few minutes before I posted this one. I didn’t refresh the page. ;) If the price will settle around $650/$660, do you think the 10% discount will still apply??

    • Peter L

      There shouldn’t be any import fees into the US. As long as the item is less than $800 USD it will be duty free so CT is incorrect there.

      It’s actually cheaper to buy directly from Favero seeing as the Duo is $646 on their website vs $665 on CT.

    • Dan

      Is $489 gross ($440 net of 10% discount) the “final” price for the Assioma Uno or will we get closer to the $415?

  75. Flo

    For Europeans, Italian shop Cingolani Bike Shop at link to cingolanibikeshop.com

    Fenix 5 plus: 545,90 EUR
    Fenix 5S plus Sapphire black: 623,90 EUR
    Fenix 5 plus Sapphire black: 623,90 EUR
    Fenix 5 plus Titanium w/ rubber strap: 662,90 EUR
    Fenix 5X plus Sapphire black: 662,90 EUR
    Fenix 5X (non-plus) Sapphire black: 399,90 EUR

    Not affiliated, just ordered a 5 plus, was 20 EUR shipping to Germany.

  76. Rui Pereira


  77. Jimmy Strack

    Hey Ray. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but it looks like Bontrager is having a 20% off sale on some of their accessories. The Ion 200 RT and Flare RT that you recently reviewed are included

  78. Ed

    It’s like Garmin knew the two things I wanted to purchase and made sure not to discount them, lol…go figure. Anyone finds a good deal on an Edge 1030 and Vector 3, I’m in the market for upgrades this holiday season.

    • Jimmy Strack

      The Bontrager version of Garmin’s Edge 1030 is on sale for $479. Take a look on Trek’s website. I believe Ray did a review on it earlier this year; it is basically a black version of the Edge 1030 with some minor software tweaks.

    • Ed

      Thanks, Jimmy, appreciate it, that looks like the best deal going right now for the 1030.

  79. Ross P

    I just tried my Clever Training VIP code and it worked, despite being past the 4 pm deadline.

  80. CAMERA NERD COMMENT: The GH5 is a great camera, but for your needs it seems like the dual pixel phase detection autofocus on Canon cameras is the best choice. I know there was a firmware update this year that improved the AF performance of the GH5, but it’s still not as good as Canon. Since you have Blackmagic cameras, you likely already have M4T lenses, making a switch to Canon less appealing. The dual pixel AF is one of the major reasons I switched from Panasonic to Canon back in 2015, and I’ve been very pleased with it.

    • Yeah, there’s no perfect solution.

      Canon still lags heavily behind when it comes to video capabilities. I rented a GH5s actually back in September for about 10 days to test drive it. Really liked it, despite not quite learning it all yet.

      For the Black Magic, I bought them, but didn’t use them. Basically I bought them last spring when they announced and got relatively early shipping. Ultimately though they decided to not do ProRes RAW (which they said they were considering), so that took away some of the post-prod benefits I wanted with RAW (sure, they do their own RAW, but nothing that works natively in FCPX for adjusting the aspects I want). But the lack of continual auto focus was sorta the decision point. I knew that from the beginning, but in realizing how well it works on the GH5, it was sorta nice (my Nikon doesn’t have it).

      I still have a ton of Canon glass (non M4T unfortunately). And the bright side is that no matter what I choose going forward, it’s going to be M4T. So that helps.

      Of course, then I gotta decide on glass too…

  81. Sandro

    Today there’s mode great deals on Garmin watches in Amazon, at least on the italian Amazon, in particular the Fenix 5 goes as low as 329 and the 735 XT goes for 209

  82. Ellie

    I just bought a front wheel hed Jet plus 6 for 394.00 out the door

  83. gingerneil

    Just paid £340 on Amazon UK for a gopro hero 7 black

  84. gingerneil


  85. Eileen

    Thank you for your reviews and Discount deals, wish CleverTraining can actually deliver on what they discount on.

    • I haven’t seen any issues there in that department. People for years have seemed pretty happy with CT.

    • Rz605

      +1. I’ve been extremely happy with CT, their customer service is great as well.

    • Dan

      I have had a couple exceptions using them however that was truthfully over a year ago and I popped for a wahoo fan at 20 off last sale and it was on my doorstep in a couple of days. Plus I used their customer service to deliver to my work instead after I realized no one would be home and it was all flawless. So redeemed they are.

  86. Toan

    Hi Ray,

    For existing DCR Analyzer subscribers who subscribed last Black Friday using the discount, will the sub renew with the discounted price?


    • Hmm, I don’t believe so, it’ll renew at the regular price.

      We had tried to figure something out last minute for sub-renewals at the discount price, but, I thought about it on Thursday night at 11PM, and the dev works was just too much to do in a few hours.


  87. giorgitd

    Well, I’m still confused about Assioma DUO pricing – I suspect that many are (including CT). I’m not an *insider* in any way / shape / form. BUT, I bet that the CT price will be about $650 *with* the 10% discount not before VIP discount. So, look, I’m appreciating the price drop, please don’e misunderstand. But Favero’s approach seems whack to me. If this is a price drop and not a sale (as it seems), well, I’ll just wait it out. I’m hoping for new power pedals by late winter (January-ish). If this was a temporary price drop to an effective $650, CT would have my purchase (anticipating that the DUO effective price returns to $799 – 10% after Cyber Monday or whatever). BUT, it seems like a permanent price drop. So, I’ve got a coupe of months and another big holiday season to wait. Maybe Garmin and/or PT decide to drop prices in response. The there’s another Favero discount for mid-December? And if there is not? Well, I keep my cash for another month and buy at today’s price in 6 or 8 weeks. So strange. Now, if this was $650 AND -10% (which is what I thought Ray implied some comments above)…well, yeah, that’s the deal I’d pull the trigger on right now.

  88. Bryce

    I’d pull the 650 -65 trigger also. Because I thingk I’d rather have the Assiomas than the $543 P1’s?

  89. John Watson

    Dang looks like I missed that coupon. Any chance it will be available again on cyber monday?

  90. Bob

    Any hint on what might be coming for Cyber Monday?

    I’m looking for a Garmin heart rate strap to pair with my Garmin 935 so I can get those advanced metrics.
    Am I correct in assuming that other brands won’t work for that?

    • Steve

      You can also get the same data if you get a Garmin Running Dynamics pod (aka RD-POD) – Ray reviewed it here link to dcrainmaker.com . You can then continue using whatever HRM you like.

      However, if you need a HRM as well, then I guess it would probably work out cheaper just getting the Garmin HRM-RUN (or HRM-TRI, which also supports the data but would probably be overkill unless you’re doing triathlons)

  91. Dan

    I bought a bell z20 mips helmet today for 50% off. It seems like backcountry is selling some color combos from 114 to 125 usd.

  92. dan

    going into cyber monday if anyone finds a super batter pack deal… the type you use to charge items view usb when you have no electricity please post a link. / recommendation

  93. Vadim

    For those looking for a smart trainer:

    Wahoo Kickr Snap for 354 euro

    link to sigmasports.com
    Plus lot more great deals on that website!

    Tacx Bushido Smart for 330 euro
    link to tacx.com

    Hope some people will find these useful. Lastly, thank you Ray for bringing us the latest sport tech!

  94. Eidman

    Pulled the trigger on the Assioma DUO pedals using DCR’s link. DCR – Thanks for pulling all this together. You’re the best in the business.

  95. Correl Williams

    The 935 has quality issues.
    If you want to regularly swim the barometer-altimeter WILL eventually break. The optical heart rate plastic on the back is known to shatter gradually over time.

    It’s an expensive purchase for this to happen after just a year or so of light use.

    Caveat emptor. Buyer beware.

  96. Florian

    Amazon.de ist offering the Polar M430 at 122€ starting now and going through Monday.

    link to amazon.de

  97. Andre

    Hi Ray,

    Do you know if those wahoo Kickr/Headwind deals will come to the UK today?


  98. Carl

    The Kickr Core and Flux 2 are the same £699 (unsurprisingly no discount)

    Is it worth paying the extra £100 over the cost of the Elite Dorieto (£599), and if so which one.

  99. Rich

    TrainingPeaks 20% on the web site

    link to trainingpeaks.com

  100. Tom

    Hi Ray,
    Check out Target.com — appears they have Vivoactive 3 on sale for 199 PLUS15% off.
    So, that’s $170 for a pretty darn good device.

    I was hoping to pick up an Edge Explore or Wahoo Element — alas, no bf or cm sales to be found. Any idea why?

  101. PascalDG

    Garmin Forerunner 735 = 199€ @ Amazon.es

  102. PascalDG

    Garmin Forerunner 735xt @ Amazon.es : 199€

  103. Carl

    Acycles still have the Brifday code available for 15% off

    Just picked up a Elite Direto 2019 for £518.

  104. Robert

    It’s strange how Amazon works. Ordered a Vivosmart 4 from the USA as it received no love in the UK. Selected the cheapest shipping which is on average 9 days from experience. They’ve sent it express DHL to be delivered Thursday. I’m not complaining but surely it’d have been cheaper to fudge it and ship it from the UK?

    • Eli

      Giant size company. It may be the exact same product but if their unique internal identifier is different they don’t consider them the same product

  105. JC

    hmm.. Sale pages from the Power Pod links above don’t show the discount.. am I looking in the wrong place?

  106. Yannick

    Hi Ray,

    Great sum up of the Black Friday deals, thanks!

    Just a minor correction: the Gopro Hero 7 Black bundle includes a 32 GB memory card, not a 64 GB one. It still is as of today, monday November 26th (Cyber Monday)

  107. Eli

    I know its been awhile since you covered sleep tracking products but Dreem is $75 off:
    link to dreem.com

  108. dan

    late in the day…but I sent sporttracks an email this morning asking if the cyber monday deal can also be used to extend a current subscription and they replied YES.

  109. JM

    HSN.com has the Aftershokz Trekz Air for less than $100 ($99.99)!

  110. DJI Mavic Air is now $150 off on Amazon:
    link to amazon.com

  111. Scott

    Well, I couldn’t get the Garmin 520 Plus deal to work. But, I did get the DC Analyzer discount! Thanks!

  112. Andrew Wessman

    Has the price still not dropped for the Favero Assioma pedals? Still looks like they’re listed at 739 or 749 everywhere. Rather than the 649 in the table.

  113. When was the “couple hour deal” for the vivoactive 3 music? I waited up past midnight on Sunday into Monday, but the price never changed. Haha…oh well. P.S. you site is awesome and one of the top sites I refer to for all gear reviews.

  114. siddharta1979

    I was hoping to score an elemnt bolt for lower than 210$, but obviously I had no such luck.
    Can I expect a rebate under Christmas, or this is it until next summer?

  115. Frank Carrino

    Just a heads up. Spoke with Clever Training today and they informed me they WILL NOT be lowering the price of the Assioma to the msrp of $644usd. Seems unreasonable since the drop in msrp must have come with a drop in their cost as well???

    • dan

      maybe…maybe not. Certainly not if they already have product in inventory in which case they paid a higher cost so this price drop only takes away their margin. Money is so cheap most carrying costs have gone away so having to sit on their inventory makes more sense than giving away profit.

  116. HASSAN MK

    Ignore my previous comment!!

    Hi Ray,

    There is a great deal on Amazon UK for the Garmin Index Smart Scale, but the comments/ reviews are not appealing. Do you recommend this Garmin scale or shall I go for Aria 2 or RENPHO. I’m already heavily invested in the Garmin world and I’m looking for a smart scale at the moment, but I don’t want to buy something is not working.

    Which smart scale are you recommending?

    Thanks in advance.

  117. Tom

    Hi Ray,
    Just a heads up for anyone interested — the 520 plus (for $ 229) deal is still on Amazon and with $50 rebate, that’s $180!
    However, 2 things I just noticed:
    1. rebate ends this month and must be submitted by end of December.
    2. Amazon is not shipping the units until end of December or early January

    So, it may not be possible to get rebate — I assume you need the unit first

  118. Dennis

    Looks Like DCR was right! Clever Training dropped their prices. Assioma Duo is 649.99USD and Uno is 414.99USD. The DCR discount code can no longer be added.

  119. Jeff

    Quick, 10 year old daughter on a swim team, and runner. Which wearable for tiny wrist? Thanks, you rock!

    • Normally for younger runners I’d recommend either the smaller Polar M200 or Garmin FR25/30/35 type series. However, if she wants swimming stats, that does increase price a little bit. In which case you could look at something like the Vivoactive series. The Vivoactive 3 is a bit pricey for a 10-yo old though, and the Vivoactive HR is a bit clunky.

      If she just wants it for GPS running and not caring about swim stats, then I’d go with the two variants mentioned first (fear not, it’s still totally waterproof).

    • Jeff

      Thanks, and Happy Holidays!!

  120. siddharta1979

    Is there a reason to prefer CleverTraining over WahooFitness.com (or the other way around)?

  121. Mr. T

    For those interested….and this is short notice. eBay is having a sale you can get 15% off any sports/fitness purchase. That includes Garmin watches. CT has a Ebay site. And the coupon works.

    But’s it’s only a for a few more hours- Dec. 14 until 11:59 pm (PT) for the US site.

    it brings a Fenix 5S plus down to $510, for example.e

  122. arnonymous

    As someone who currently just takes his phone on him + bluetooth HRM, for bike rides, runs, skating and summer outdoor swims(phone in a float buoy).

    I’m looking at several options of last gen top-end devices, namely the Garmin 920xt (+tri combo), Polar v800(+h10) and Suunto ambit3 peak.
    with these there are several options of used/new/refurb for very good prices.
    I would like something that handles indoor pool swimming and outdoor gps swimming, for running, for biking and other sports if i happen to do them.
    For swimming i would love to have some feedback on my speed and cadence while swimming/end of lane.
    For runs maybe more run stats like Garmin provides with the Tri bands.

    But its hard to find a good comparison of these three for their “swim performance”, and overall, especially now after the firmware have been completely changed since they first came out and were reviewed.

    Any thoughts on this?

  123. Humon Hex is 30% off applied at checkout plus a free shirt which is about $90 off But this offer is only in the US. Guessing that coupon code you mention works in Europe

  124. GoPro has the Hero 7 Black bundled with an extra battery, a “Chesty” chest mount and an SD card for the normal price of the Hero 7 Black.

  125. Hello, is there anything related to cricket at cheap discount rates