Giveaway Extravaganza: DJI Spark Drone

While I have a somewhat absurd collection of drones (and growing), it’s actually one of the least expensive and smallest ones that I prefer the most – the tiny spark. It weighs less than a water bottle and I’ve taken it tons of places in my back jersey pocket cycling – ready to pop-out for photos and videos whenever I feel like it.  And most of the time, I manage to do so without crashing my bike or the drone. Heck, even last night I got did so successfully!

Now of course, I can’t promise you that you’ll be as skilled. In fact, that’s a pretty good chance you’ll not only crash the drone but also yourself. The key thing though in making that worthwhile is getting that on video. If you can both capture your crash and then the subsequent crash of the drone – you might just have a viral video on your hands. Then again, it’s also likely you’ll just have fodder for your friends to make fun of you. But you can’t win if you don’t play, right?

Giveaway Opens: 2:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 4:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: DJI Spark Drone

Product Source: Myself
Fine Print: The DJI Spark base drone (any color)

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is, of course, eligible as always.

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Thanks all!


  1. Kevin H

    I dream of having a drone this nice

  2. Mike Richie

    Need to be flying one of these, so thanks for the chance!

  3. Mike T

    Yes please!

  4. Timo T

    Drones to the air!

  5. Onno

    Would love to get one of these.

  6. Scott Elliott


  7. Dustin

    Uh, yes please!

  8. Tomas

    This is something for me

  9. Tavis

    Count me in

  10. Jayson S.

    That looks fun!

  11. Nicholas

    Mine mine mine mine.

  12. Boyd D White


  13. JG

    Love the blog Ray

  14. Howie Nordström

    Interesting toy!

  15. Drew W

    Somebody has to win, why not me?!

  16. TG

    In Lucca now

  17. Anthony Foundling

    Love the reviews – thanks

  18. Chris

    I know that I’m going to win! Thanks Ray!

  19. Dominik


  20. Brian Taylor


  21. mmb

    Thanks Ray!

  22. Eric Roe

    This one is a slippery slope, but I’m game 🙂

  23. DQ

    This would be great for my soccer team.

  24. Peter Kim

    Time to learn to fly!

  25. Martin_S

    Let the sparks fly!

  26. Jonathan


  27. Kim Robberecht


  28. Ryan

    Mmm, Shiny

  29. Derek Armer-Derner

    yada yada yada

  30. pieksibbe


  31. Henry Wang

    I really would like to win

  32. John Marshall

    I sure would have fun with that

  33. Vincent Needham

    Fly me to the moon…

  34. Anders Licht-Larsen

    Must have……

  35. Joanna

    Yes please!

  36. Drew

    Selfie ahoy?

  37. Brian Furtak

    Great drone

  38. Beau

    Oooo, a drone to capture more epic adventures!

  39. Sara

    hope I win!

  40. Rick Snowdon

    Drone, Baby!

  41. Joaquin


  42. John Curtis

    Oh yes please?

    Too desperate?? ????

  43. Jan Schorpion

    would love to fly this

  44. Mb

    Flyyy little drone

  45. Martin Lewis

    Drones are cool!

  46. Brent Schulte

    Drone me

  47. Stuart

    I bought a little gun and I learned to shoot
    I bought a little a horn and I learned to toot
    Now I can shoot and toot ain’t that cute? Plbbt!

  48. Petter Kjeilen

    Yes please !

  49. Mike


  50. Shane

    Yes, please

  51. Alex Smith

    Let the crash videos commence

  52. Mike

    Sounds like fun!

  53. Paksi Dávid

    Awesome air photos! I want it!

  54. Brian Hudson


  55. Zachary Gonzalez

    Awesome!! Winner Winner

  56. Sabbel

    What kind of film does it take?

  57. Steve

    Wow. Flight training. Again.

  58. Rob

    Yes please!

  59. Tommy

    Us Eastern time?

  60. Stéphane Marchand

    A drone? Why not! Thanks, Ray.

  61. Justin Achord


  62. Alex

    Sure I could find a use for this

  63. Marko

    This looks like a great drone!

  64. George V

    Some good times to be had.

  65. Sebastien

    Nice gadget !

  66. Carol


  67. Aaron


  68. Jeff Nelson

    One more time

  69. Karl

    Does it gold?

  70. Brian

    Count me in

  71. Conor Buckley

    Me please

  72. Peter

    Yes please

  73. Justin Hildebrandt

    Oh yeah!

  74. Gabe

    Looks like a fun drone!

  75. joe graczyk


  76. Trevor

    Yes please

  77. Lyn

    This would be great for us…please!!!

  78. Nick Stanfa

    !!!! WINNER !!!

  79. Nicolas K

    yes pls

  80. Constance

    Cycling shots 🙂

  81. Kevin Snow Snow

    I’m in.

  82. Rita

    Can’t believe it

  83. Ari

    Yes that would be nice to have

  84. dieter Neirinck

    I wonder if I would look good from above… Bring on the drones

  85. Bryan

    ready to get my top gun on

  86. Sandeep

    Please count me in.

  87. Stephanie

    My son would love this

  88. Teresa Coplen

    I want…. choose me!

  89. Kristen C


  90. fisao

    Buzz buzz!

  91. Hans Heunis

    A drone would be nice.

  92. Michal Balicki

    In before the bell…

  93. Darrell

    yes please

  94. SvenBe

    I would cry if I get it :-:

  95. sandijs

    drone could improve my mountain photos 🙂

  96. Aba

    Checking in