Clever Training VIP Program


Two ways to save big!

Since October of 2012 I’ve had a partnership with Clever Training that gets readers great deals on virtually everything I review.  By using Clever Training you save a bunch, and at the same time support the site.  For example, they provide all the products for the giveaways that happen around these parts – including the hugely popular annual ‘Giveaway Extravaganza!’.

There are currently two ways to save 10% on everything that Clever Training sells (except sale/clearance/deep-sale stuff).

Method 1: DCR Coupon Code

The first is the DCR reader coupon code for 10% off your cart, which is DCR10MHD.  That’s good for 99.99% of things Clever Training sells today, and you get free US shipping for orders over $75US.  This covers anything that’s not on sale, clearance, or part of a small number of products (less than you can count on your hands) that require the VIP program below.

Click here to start shopping now with the Clever Training coupon code (just add coupon code DCR10MHD)

Simply use the code on the vast majority of the products out there, no VIP program required.

Method 2: The VIP Program

The second method is via the VIP program.  This covers the other .01% of items that Clever Training sells, excluding clearance/sale items.  At the end of the day, you still save 10%, but the methods differ slightly and there’s more benefits with the VIP program.

– Exclusive Promotional Opportunities: For example VIP-only deals and VIP-only giveaways (fear not, regular DCR giveaways are always open to everyone in the world)
Save 10% off all non-clearance or sale items with your personal coupon code
Free 3-day US Domestic shipping: For orders shipping anywhere in the US you’ll get expedited shipping for any order over $75
Priority Shipping: Orders will ship same business day if placed by 1:00 PM ET
Priority customer service email address and phone number: vipsupport@clevertraining.com & via the good ole telephone at 844-399-6440 (toll-free)
Portion of the membership fee will be donated to a sports-focused charity.  That charity will rotate a bit, but for the next little while it’s Girls On The Run.

Get Started:
The Clever Training VIP program normally costs $19.99.  But for DCR readers it’s only $4.99.  So why the the VIP program?  Well, in short – it enables you to get even more benefits than before.


So how  do you get started?  Super easy! Simply head over to the Clever Training page and add the VIP program to your cart and then pickup whatever gadgets you came here for. You’ll automatically see the DCR 10% discount as well as get enrolled in the VIP program.  Note that the VIP program still doesn’t apply to most sale or clearance items – but otherwise, it’s good for everything Clever Training sells.

Of course if you run into any snags you can immediately hit up the VIP priority line up above.  And beyond that, if you run into any hiccups with Clever Training you are always welcome to contact me (contact at top) and I’d be happy to get everything sorted out.  Just to put a face to the name, here’s a recent ‘Behind the Scenes’ post I did with them.

In using Clever Training you support the site and all the reviews that you know and love, while also getting an unbeatable deal.

Thanks for the support!
-Ray (DC Rainmaker)