Giveaway Extravaganza: GoPro Hero 6 Black


There’s one product you’ll find with me on every single ride, run, or swim: my GoPro. Specifically, the GoPro Hero 6. Sometimes even two of them, if I’m gettin’ really wild! Now, unlike the GoPro Fusion 360° camera I gave away earlier this morning, this one does require some basic skill – you have to point it at your subject.  Beyond that, it’s frankly hard to screw up. My two-year-old has been using it for at least a year now, and she even knows how to start/stop recording and point it at the right subject. Mostly.

Also, when she was younger she’d try and eat it. Thankfully it’s waterproof as well, so in the event it falls into your pasta sauce somehow, all will be well.  Action cameras into pasta sauce is an important test of course.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: GoPro Hero6 Black Action Cam

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself
Fine Print: The base Hero6 Black camera

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is, of course, eligible as always.

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Thanks all!


  1. Erik Pieh

    wifey alyawys wanted one

  2. Jeff McKenzie

    Thank you

  3. Terry Lazarou

    Picture perfect.

  4. Jeremy Nolle

    I want to record stuff too!

  5. Enrique ortiz


  6. JapanRunner

    Yes please! Would love to have it!

  7. Tim G

    Do you want to be a hero, with pictures in the snow. I promise with this action cam, it won’t be a sham, the motion looks so smooth. If you want to be my hero, please won’t you now, randomly pick me now. You can be my hero. Won’t you please.

  8. Juan Vela

    I want to be a Hero with my mtb!

  9. Guillermo

    Came across randomly.. read “about me” section… Made you my spirit animal lol. A tip my hat to you, sir.

  10. Mahesh


  11. Travis Matthews

    I need this!

  12. Brett Ronald Ward

    That would be sweet.

  13. Aonghus OMuircheartaigh

    Hero … nice

  14. Margie

    Thanks for all you’ve done today.

  15. Steve

    The best one yet!

  16. Kevin S.

    Who needs Strava when you can video record your ride!

  17. Tim B

    I want

  18. Jason M

    Thanks Ray and CT!

  19. Samantha McGowan Glass

    Great day of goods. Thanks!

  20. Arno Turk

    GGG. – Gotta Get a GoPro

  21. Mike Zwijacz


  22. Peter L Fine

    This I could use…!

  23. Jerimey Davidson

    Thanks DCR I need a Go Pro

  24. Spencer

    I could put that to some use

  25. John Bowers

    I want!

  26. Alexander Lingley

    I like sports!

  27. Andy

    I can see clearly now

  28. Brandan k

    Thank you ray!

  29. Gabe L Byars

    Yes, please

  30. Paul

    Thanks for doing this Ray!

  31. Martin Solms

    Good stuff

  32. Meghan F

    Yes please

  33. Jennifer Geiger

    Wow, this one is awesome too!

  34. Mark

    Upgrade from my Sony Action cam

  35. carol clark

    ive been looking in to this model for christmas



  37. Robert Warden

    Go Pro and be my Hero!

  38. Goh Wee Kia

    Nice product to have, must have.

  39. Brian Faure

    Great for my bike

  40. Fabian Salazar

    GoPro goodness please!

  41. Robert Juric

    A GoPro would be super awesome. And in case I win, you rock Ray.

  42. Matt Scott


  43. alan rey mercado

    gimme gimme

  44. Daniel Goupil

    Perfect time to replace my hero3+

  45. meedo

    I’m in.

  46. Donald

    Would be nice to have one!

  47. Dave R.

    In for the win 🙂

  48. João Carreira

    Count me in!

  49. Charles Stover

    Yes please!

  50. Thomas

    Now I’ll have that Bonnie Tyler song stuck in my head but, but I Need a Hero.

  51. Mary Podbielski

    Comment !!!

  52. Andy Goh

    The perfect product to have.

  53. Joan

    Would love that GoPro!

  54. David Grimes

    Yes please Ray. I need something to capture me being dropped by my cycling buddies.

  55. Michael Farrar

    Thanks Ray!

  56. Roger Parenteau

    How much? And gimmie.

  57. Jeff Rogan

    Looks Good

  58. Andriy Karpov

    Yes please

  59. Matt Sparrow


  60. George ross

    Yes please

  61. Chris

    That may look like slow-motion, but it’s just my regular speed.

  62. Quentin broad

    Love to have the hero for my cross riding.

  63. RC

    Time almost up!

  64. Frank

    Just about missed the time

  65. Patrick Young

    In before the wire

  66. Kerry Sullivan

    You know, this would be nice on vacations

  67. Jukka

    Says Hi

  68. Grag

    Have always wanted one

  69. Daryl R Jump

    Last chance!

  70. Jeyden Lim

    Wonderful product. Must have.

  71. Oscar

    I’ll take one!

  72. Jonathan Pinchefsky

    Over here!

  73. Artem P.

    Go-go-go, Pro!

  74. GEC

    I just lost my gopro3+ to the bottom of the ocean yesterday! Come to papa gopro6 😀

  75. Jocelyne Montgomery

    Thanks Ray!!

  76. Phillip Mullens

    Yep yep

  77. Nate

    Can never have enough action cameras to rarely use…

  78. Corey

    Always wanted one of these.

  79. Dawn


  80. Michael Horn


  81. Kevin r Ford

    You can be a Hero

  82. Peter

    Yes please

  83. Jeff

    Dangit… I knew I was forgetting something today!!

  84. Alex

    I need a Hero…

  85. Ed S

    I’m a Pro

  86. I would love this camera

  87. Thom Wood

    Perfect, I’m in.

  88. Istvan Nagy

    GoGoGo, Thx.

  89. Steven Crawford


  90. Mark H

    Not the seven? 🙂

    I’d still like to see how the picture is.

  91. Robert Klein

    Need to get some action..shots.

  92. hypokris

    very fine!

  93. Ldn

    I could use a better camera

  94. Olaf

    Yes, please