Amazon Prime Day’s Sports Tech Deals (US and Europe)


Now technically the deals last a bit longer than today, into the first half of tomorrow too – but that’s a bit more of a technicality than anything.  What matters here is the deals themselves.  Like most flash in the pan Amazon deal days, there’s some fantastic deals to be had. But also, a lot of has-been stuff too.  And even more importantly is understanding that the deals don’t all last equally. Some last a few hours, some the entire duration.

In any event, I’m going to keep this post quick and tidy. I’ve leveraged my internet surfing capabilities to the maximum today, and here’s what I’ve found that’s sports tech related.  I’ve made occasional notes for my favorite things.

Generally speaking for sports tech products, with Eurobike behind us last week, you won’t see any meaningful product announcements till the first week of September or so (usually mid-range running/fitness watches).  Then GoPro historically the last week of September, along with new drones around then too and maybe some leftover cycling products timed to Interbike then.

And finally – anything you buy through these links supports the site (unless I’ve hosed up the link, in which case it just supports Jeff Bezos).  Even if you don’t want to buy any of these products but are buying other Amazon goodness over the next 24-36 hours you can use these links below which get you to the main store page, after which you can search/find whatever you want and it’ll still support the site here (and a bit of Bezos too)!

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Amazon UK here!
Amazon Germany here!
Amazon France here!
Amazon Spain here!
Amazon Italy here!

Amazon Canada here! (not European of course, starts at 3PM EST too)

Oh, and finally, if you aren’t a member of Amazon Prime – you’ll need to be.  Though it’s easy to sign-up for a free 30-day trial.

Thanks for the support!

Note: I’ve separated out the European deals down below too!

Wearables and Cycling:

Definitely don’t expect any deals here on the Suunto 9 or Fenix 5 Plus series that were just announced.  Nor likely anything on the Apple Watch 3.  Instead, shift your expectations towards products announced from 2017 and prior.  So expect things like the existing Fenix 5 series, probably most of Suunto and Polar’s existing lineup, probably most of Fitbit’s lineup, and then a bunch of Android Wear and related watches.

Fitbit Alta HR Activity tracker for $89 (40% off): Not too shabby at all, especially since this has optical HR inside it.

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch for $159 (20% 0ff): I believe this is the best deal we’ve seen on this unit, which just launched this past winter. It doesn’t have built-in GPS, but instead uses your phone. It does have music storage though and app support.

Fossil Watches – 25% off: These are more swanky watches, but also many (most/all?) are now Bluetooth Smart connected as well.

Garmin Watches – up to 30% off: This is a smattering of random watches including the Vivoactive HR, Vivoactive 3, Vivofit Jr, Vivofit 4, Vivosport and even the odd golf watch too.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 for $209 (regular $269): That’s a very solid deal for this watch, and I think the best deal we’ve seen since Black Friday last year. Includes contactless payments and GPS, no music in this edition though.

Garmin Vivofit 4 Activity Tracker for $59 (25% off): The most recent of a long line of Vivofit activity trackers.

Polar H10 Bluetooth Smart HR Strap  – 20% off: The latest generation HR strap from Polar, which includes accelerometers in it as well for sports tracking.

Scosche Rhythm+ Optical HR sensor band for $59 ($20 off): This isn’t the new Scosche 24, but it’s the totally and perfectly functional original Scosche complete with dual ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart.

Wahoo TICKR dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap: This is an unknown deal from a price standpoint, but that it starts at 6:25PM US Eastern Time.

Withings/Nokia Activite Steel HR Activity Trackers – 30% off: This is the Withings/Nokia fancy looking watch that also does all of the activity tracking under the hood as well. Really solid little unit.

Action Cameras & Drones:

This section will include action cameras and drones (duh), and any sort of accessories that I tend to use.  Generally speaking I would expect deals on the GoPro Hero 5 lineup rather than the Hero 6 Black…but at the same time GoPro is also pretty desperate to show some good numbers, and during the earnings call last August they noted how massive Amazon Prime day was for them.

Here are some drone deals we do know of ahead of time, they are:

DJI Mavic Pro Combo – $300 off: They’ve got the DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo down to $999, which includes the extra batteries and charging bits along with the drone itself. It’s an awesome drone, and what I’d generally use prior to the newer Mavic Air coming out.  The stand-alone (non-combo kit) is down to $799 from $999, so $200 off.  Full review here.

DJI Spark Fly More Combo: Meanwhile, the smaller non-4K Spark is down to $499 for the full combo. This one fits much better in the back jersey pocket while cycling, and if I didn’t have the Mavic Air, it’s what I would have had in my jersey while cycling the Stelvio last week. I think the Spark is the best all around drone for 95% of people.  Full review here.

GoPro Hero Session + Headband Mount for $99 (normally $149+): A great deal for the GoPro Hero Session, especially if you don’t need 4K and related image quality (most don’t). Totally waterproof little cube of a camera.

SanDisk MicroSD Cards – 30-50% off: I use these constantly in tons of action cameras, drones, and cameras. Always solid. I tend to go for 64GB and 128GB cards, merely so I don’t end up with an even larger pile of cards than I already have.  But there’s a few 256GB cards in there that at 50% off is a sweet-sweet deal!

The Randoms:

This is my geeky section of things that mostly don’t have to do with sports tech but are stuff I have and will probably be suckered into buying more of.  Shh…don’t tell The Girl about this category though – it’ll get me in (more) trouble!

Amazon Echo Dot – $29 ($20 off): We use this around the house to play music, as well as at the studio. Love it. I know the full Echo units have better audio quality, but half the time it’s just playing kids music anyway.

Anker 20,100mAh Battery Pack – $30 ($17 off): I’m all about the battery packs. Seriously, I never leave home without one or three of them. I have a slightly older variant of this model. Love it. The Girl often steals it from me as well.

Bose Quietcomfort 25 Headphones – $125 (58% off): This deal might finally tempt me away from my older wired ones to…well…newer wired ones.  Maybe…will decide by tomorrow morning. But damn, what a deal.

Lacie Ruggedized USB Hard Drives – 2TB and 4TB: These are both on sale for about $30-$40 off, down to $79 and $109 respectively. I have one of each and use them for all of my portable storage. Love em’.

(The rest of the things I add here once they go live this afternoon will likely be totally tech focused…but last year you guys found this section interesting, so I’ll update it with all the things we won’t tell The Girl about.)

European Deals – Already Live!:

The European deals are a bit harder to track, because they’re across nearly half a dozen sites (Amazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Germany, Amazon Spain, and Amazon UK).  But, one thing to remember is that Amazon allows cross-shipping to other countries for most products.  And while many times the deals are similar between countries, there’s a long history of other country sites (cough cough, Amazon Italy) offering far better deals.

Here’s my best go at things – but definitely keep an eye on this page throughout the day and the comments section below.  So if you find something, drop a note in the comments.

Fitbit products up to 50% off (Amazon France and UK): Mostly the lower end products like the Charge 2 and Blaze activity trackers.  Amazon UK has a similar slate of deals here.

Fitbit products including Ionic – up to 50% off (Amazon Italy): The Fitbit Ionic in this lineup is the best deal, down to $219EUR.

Garmin watches up to 50% off (Amazon France and UK): This includes the Forerunner 235 (running), Vivosport (GPS band), Forerunner 735XT (triathlon), Forerunner 35 (Running) and Fenix 3HR (multisport/hiking).  All of these are older editions, though all of them are still quite functional and for the price not a bad deal.  Amazon UK has a similar slate of deals here.

Garmin watches and Edge 520 up to 50% off (Amazon Italy and Spain): This includes the Vivoactive 3 at nearly 50% off, the Fenix 3HR at 50% off, and the Fenix 5/5S at about 40% off. The winner here though is the Edge 520 at 169EUR (Amazon Spain has it for 159EUR). Very solid deal.

Withings Activite watches up to 60% off: These are the stylish watches that double as an activity tracker. Like the Garmin deal, all of these are slightly older – mostly because Nokia was busy screwing up Withings and they didn’t make anything newer. Hopefully, with the recent re-sale of Withings back to itself, it’ll find its way again.

SanDisk – Up to 60% off MicroSD/SD Cards: Fantastic deals here for cards for action cams. Most of my microSD cards are SanDisk and they work well for me. Also some moderate deals on SSD’s as well in there.

Suunto GPS watches up to 60% off: This includes the Suunto Traverse, Suunto Spartan Wrist HR Trainer, Suunto Spartan Ultra, and Suunto Spartan Sport. My favorite deal here though is easily the Suunto Spartan Wrist HR Trainer at 149EUR. For a full multisport watch with optical HR? That’s flippin’ incredible and may be the best deal overall on this entire list.

GoPro Hero 5 Black Package – $90 off (Amazon Italy): This is a so-so package. It includes a Hero 5 Black, plus a deep-dive case and a floating stick. Honestly, unless you’re a diver this probably isn’t worth it. Amazon Germany has some sort of GoPro deal today, but the page is currently returning an error that says they’re trying to fix it. Will update as soon as I see.

Polar Watches and Bike Computers up to 60% off: This includes the Polar M430 GPS watch, Polar M200 GPS watch, Polar OH1 Optical HR sensor, and the Polar V650 bike computer. The Polar M430 and OH1 are reasonably new devices, with the OH1 being a solid piece of kit.

A pile of Suunto/Polar GPS watches/activity trackers – up to 50% off (Amazon Germany): In case the units above aren’t available to you, check out this big pile of Suunto, Polar, and more GPS watches and activity trackers that are 30-50% off. Fitbit ones listed here separately.

Garmin watches, bike computers and scales – up to 45% off (Amazon Germany): Some good deals in here, like the Vivoactive 3 for 174EUR, and if you really wanted the Garmin Index scale it’s down to 94EUR.  And the Edge 820 full mapping device at 220EUR is very solid too.

GoPro Hero 5 Black for $100 off (Amazon Germany): Not a bad deal, but not a great deal. Good camera though!

Phew! I’ll keep on updating, especially once the US deals go-live at 3PM US Eastern Time.

Thanks for reading – and more importantly today, for clicking those links!


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  1. incaking

    RM,re. the Garmin Edge 520, I think you are referencing the price for the product WITHOUT the additional sensors on the two Amazon sites (IT and ES). Including the sensors, the prices are higher (e.g. ES: EUR199 vs EUR159)

  2. kravenn

    what is the best offer between suunto spartan trainer and garmin fenix 3, on fenix 3 the discount is ‘important’ (€ 300) compared to the original price, but is it worth it? or by now it is too dated


    • That’s tough. Sure the Fenix 3/3HR is older (barely?), but technically it’s more full featured and supports apps. GPS-track wise I think the Suunto gives slightly better tracks though. Kinda just depends on what you’re looking for.

  3. Eli

    Looks like Amazon isn’t handling the load very well

  4. Jimmy

    Looks like Amazon (US) has Garmin Vivoactive 3 (non-music) for $199. I think thats about $60 off of the normal pricing

  5. John

    Getting the “Bowser”
    something-went-wrong page repeatedly. ?

  6. Miguel Estrada

    Hi Ray, this are the wired version… The deal was too good to be true…. “Bose Quietcomfort 25 Headphones – $125 (58% off): This deal might finally tempt me away from my older wired ones. Maybe…will decide by tomorrow morning. But damn, what a deal.”

  7. Eli

    wahoo rpm speed sensor: link to amazon.com

  8. Bikeman

    I’m not seeing a price drop on the Versa. My wife recently bought one so I was curious. I did succumb to the Vactive 3. I should know better having owned the original & the 2 but I guess I’m a slow learner.

    • Mike Richie

      I would have gotten the 3 as well except for the weird same number of data fields per screen problem (making multi field CIQ non functional). That really makes it less useful for what I really use it for then the VA HR. By the way, the problems Amazon is having makes them almost useless as well. I did manage to pick up their paperwhite kindle for 80 bucks though. (As well as 3 months kindle unlimited for .99 cents)

  9. Bruce Burkhalter

    $36 for the Wahoo TICKR.

  10. Ryan M

    Feiyu Tech G5 Action Cam Gimbal at $159.20.

  11. Czechdude

    well, there is a sport shop,under München, in Penzberg, with an e-shop that has -20% on the new Garmin Fenix 5 plus and siblings all the time. I bought my FR935 there a year ago. Great guys…

  12. rpulidor

    Forerunner 945 for USD 430.

    Forerunner 935

  13. f|33tStA

    Garmin Index Smart Scale on Amazon.de with -50% arround 94 EUR ¶:-)~

  14. Bruce Burkhalter

    If you have an Amazon Prime Credit Card, there are some additional discounts:

    GoPro Hero 2018 (the cheap basic GoPro) – $143 (additional 20% off listed price)
    Wahoo Element – $275 (additional 15% off listed price)
    Wahoo Element Mini – $85 (additional 15% off listed price)
    Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Armband, Bluetooth/ANT+ – $68 (additional 15% off listed price)

  15. Steve

    Tacx Neo in UK – £797.66

    link to amazon.co.uk

  16. Mark

    Dear DCR,
    great service. Do you think there will updates to either Forerunner 235 or Polar M430 this year (maybe eurobike)? And if not: Which one would you prefer?
    Kind regards

  17. Tom

    Probably not connected to prime day, but the price for the tacx flux is now at EUR 553. Do you think we will see lower prices around black friday?

    link to bike-components.de

    • Generally we do see lower prices around then, but matching to EUR prices is always really tough given the way the EUR pricing system works in terms of advertised price/etc…

  18. Igor

    Amazing deal on the Cycliq Fly12 on Amazon Germany!!!

    link to amazon.de

  19. Alex C.

    A really useful post as always, thanks.

    I have a quick question I’m hoping you and / or the wider DCR community can help with.

    I’m thinking of upgrading from my current Polar M400 as it’s started to develop a few gremlins. My needs are pretty simple; at the moment all I do is run, so multi-sport is nice, but by no means essential. I’ve half an eye on getting something like Stryd or Runscribe, so running power support would be a nice-to-have and I do like the ability to create and follow structured training sessions that I have on the M400 and they way it creates automatic laps for each segment (e.g. 10 min warm up, 5 mile run, 5 min cool down) , but I’m assuming this is pretty standard across the board.

    I have a basket ready to go with the Suunto Spartan Wrist HR, but I’m wondering if the benefit I’d get from this over, say, the M430, is worth the move from Polar Flow –> Movescount, or even if there isn’t another alternative I should be considering.

    Any insight you, or anyone else lurking in the comments section, could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    • I’d say given you’ve got an M400 already, I’d be more likely to stay within that family so you can easily save all your data. Moving between Polar and Movescount is pretty difficult (even possible?). If you’ve got everything on Strava of course, then no worries.

      Of course, if planning on going running power then I’d shift towards Suunto/Garmin there, as I believe only the V800 from Polar got the running power update for Stryd.

      From a structured workout standpoint, Polar and Garmin are ahead of Suunto in terms of creating/setting/etc targets and such.

    • Robert

      Hi Ray I don’t own a Suunto but I know the recent firmware update does give out of power zone alerts. Are you still saying you can’t do 10 minutes warm up at 180-200w then 5 minutes at 350+ ect?

    • vicent

      I think I did it when moved from polar to my ambit 3.
      you can upload to movescount using this
      link to movescount.com

    • Alex C.

      Thanks, Ray, that was really useful.

  20. K Hendo

    I see there are deals on the TICKR X and the Scosche HR. I use all garmin products and zwift. would you recommend one over the other?

  21. Alice

    Hello Ray, this is completely off topic, but I just can’t help thinking how wonderful it would be to have some more of the lifestyle posts you used to write up in the very beginnings of your blog! Not that I don’t appreciate all you do, I must declare an unending admiration for your integrity, work ethic, good humour and all round humanity beyond the obvious skills and dedication to doing the best job at your chosen field. But it would be lovely to hear some more about what it’s like for you to have become a father and what are you cooking up right now for all your girls and such :) Greetings and best wishes, as always!

    • Hi Alice!

      Yup, I try and pull those into the ‘5 Random Things I Did This Weekend’ posts each Monday, though sometimes in times of crazy-busy convention seasons those drop off the radar, as has been the last couple weeks.

      Fear not – they’ll definitely return next weekend!


  22. Eli

    Wonder how much this would damage all the parts of a zwift setup as they aren’t meant for outdoor use where they could get wet:
    link to amazon.com
    May be good at keeping cool though

  23. Alex Will

    I honestly am disappointed in Prime Day this year…was really hoping for either the 735xt/fenix 5 series to go down at all

  24. Kevin LaCour

    The sports deal are underwhelming. And add to that the problems at launch accessing the site, it was a disappointing Prime Day.

    • Yup, I generally agree (at least for the US side). The European side had some fantastic deals, though, still some website issues (but nowhere near as bad as the US side).

      As I said on YouTube somewhere, I think part of the problem is that all these sports tech companies have been doing more and more sales, so the sales we saw this time were kinda ‘shrug/meh’, as it’s become the norm. Versus 2-3 years ago the Black Friday and Prime Day sales were legit and unique, and companies only did perhaps 1-2 big sales per year.

  25. Dan

    Hey Ray, just snagged some balega hidden comfort socks on lightning deal. Thought I’d pass it along. Cheers!

  26. Mikko

    I got the Polar V650 with H10 for 200 € in Amazon italy. I’m already in Polar for a few years with M400 and thought this was a good deal. Thanks for the heads up :) After recent update do you think it is a reasonable device for the price?

  27. Bob

    FYI. If you click on the Scosche link you provided it’s still on sale for $59.

    I’m frustrated as I want another heart rate monitor to wear while I’m wearing my Garmin 935. I just don’t trust the low readings I’m getting. Also, I’d like to run without my phone. What would my be my best option?

  28. wow, the Mavic Spark, is priced at $284 on Amazon.com and still 499 euros on amazon.fr. Is there a difference in the frequencies or something that would impede use in the EU after buying a US product ? thanks

    • Damn, that’s solid.

      Identical units. DJI has for a couple of years actually done regulatory compliance totally in software. So each time you power it up it does a country check and reduced antenna strength accordingly. Kinda a pain in the butt if you keep crossing the border as I did during my Stelvio ride last week (Italy > Switzerland and back). But only takes perhaps 30 seconds.