TrainingPeaks New Structured Workout Integration with Garmin Wearables


Tied into yesterday’s Garmin FR935 release was TrainingPeaks announcing rollout of their new dedicated Connect IQ apps.  This new integration allows you to sync structured workouts that you or your coach creates on the TrainingPeaks platform.  The workout for the day will then be available for you to pull/load directly from your watch – without having to manually re-create it on Garmin Connect or do any other funkiness.

I’ve played with it a bit over the last two weeks, and it’s both easy to use…and impressively simple.  As I’ll explain – this isn’t actually a super complex app.  Rather, it’s just the messenger.

Getting it setup:


First up is that you’ll need a TrainingPeaks account.  I’m going to presume that since you’re interested in the functionality, you already have such an account.  Once that’s setup, you’ll need to get the TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app on your watch.  That app is coming pre-loaded with the Garmin FR935, but it’s also available for the following devices:

Edge 520/820/1000
Edge Explore 820/1000
Forerunner 735XT/935
Fenix 5/5S/5X

Notably absent from that list is the Fenix 3/3HR as well as the FR920XT.  These units aren’t getting the app at this time since they lack Connect IQ 2.2 (announced last fall).  So that’s definitely a bummer there.

Note that you can search the Connect IQ store for the app, or just use this link.  Either way, go forth and get it installed before moving onto the next step.

Once you’ve got the app installed on your device and open it up for the first time (with your phone handy), it’ll ask you to authorize with TrainingPeaks.  This enables Connect IQ apps to use the Bluetooth Smart connectivity to Garmin Connect Mobile to in turn get content from their respective sites/databases/platforms.  So in this case, it has to do a one-time authorization of your TrainingPeaks account.  Basically, just like you’d authorize Facebook or any other service on the interwebs.

2017-03-23 18.57.13 2017-03-23 18.57.25 2017-03-23 18.57.41

With that all ready to go, you’ll need to have a workout created on your TrainingPeaks calendar using the Workout Builder (generic instructions to simply run 60 minutes won’t work).  The point of the app is to basically allow you to sync that day’s workout from your calendar to your watch.  That’s it.  And more specifically, a structured workout with all the sections.  So, I went ahead and created one within TrainingPeaks:


You can see above that I created various sections with targets, in this case specific pace targets, as well as durations for each segment.  I can easily create repeating chunks as well.  Overall, it’s pretty straightforward.  It doesn’t quite have the same flexibility as the Garmin Connect workout creator in terms of specific target types you can set, but it’s pretty good and covers most people’s scenarios.

Once that’s done, you’re ready to grab your watch, which we’ll talk about in the next section.

(Minor note: It sounds like there’s a few quirks/bugs in the FR735XT that are awaiting a near-term Garmin firmware update to resolve some issues seen in the TrainingPeaks app.  I didn’t use the FR735XT variant for this post, but just some feedback I’ve heard from a few folks and TP has confirmed it is resolved in Garmin’s next FR735XT firmware update.)

Using it in a workout:


With the workout on your calendar, it’s time to turn to the watch.  At least, as long as the phone is nearby.  Since the watch requires initial connectivity to pull the workout from the TrainingPeaks site, it does need to be near the phone when you first open up the TrainingPeaks app.

When you crack open the app you’ll see the initial TrainingPeaks logo, followed shortly by it going out to download the workout:

DSC_9113 DSC_9115

The entire process takes anywhere from 5-20 seconds, depending on where the moon is in the sky, whether or not you had bacon for breakfast, and other random things.  Once done you’ll see the workout listed for you.  This is going to use whatever name you assigned it within TrainingPeaks. Note that it’ll download only workouts for that day, but will download multiple workouts if that exists.


Next, you can choose to either do the workout (‘Do Workout’), or you can select to view details about the workout.  If you select to view details, you’ll see all the steps listed out, and can iterate through each step to review the targets/durations.

DSC_9118 DSC_9120

Once you select to do the workout, it’ll then prompt you to select a specific sport type for it.


Finally, you’re ready to start the timer and begin the workout.

DSC_9123 DSC_9124

At this point what’s happening behind the scenes is that the moment you selected which sport type to use is when the TrainingPeaks apps hands over the .FIT workout file it downloaded to the Garmin watch to execute.  At that point the TrainingPeaks app closes itself out and the native Garmin workout parser (function) is now in full control.  Said differently – the TrainingPeaks app is merely just the messenger here.  Its singular purpose in life is to grab your structured workout file from the TrainingPeaks platform and give it to the Garmin device to execute.  That’s it.  It has no awareness of what happens after that point.

From that point forward the watch will execute the workout using the normal Garmin workout function, which shows you how much time is left within each segment as well as the targets for each segment.  It’ll give you a nifty graphical gauge for the target, letting you know if you’re under or over.  Also, it’ll beep at you if you’re too far out of zone.


Interestingly even though you may have set a specific pace for a given section (i.e. 7:55/mile), the watch parses that with a bit more latitude.  It’ll give you a broader range, and your goal is to keep that gauge in the middle.  Do keep that in mind when executing the workout, since you may incorrectly believe that you’re ‘all good’, when you actually missed your target pace by 20/mile (which, for the record, is a crapton).

In any event – I put together the below video which shows you how all this works in real-time, iterating through an interval workout this past weekend using the app:

(Note: A few astute viewers noticed in the video that the laps were missing from the analyzed workout.  That’s because I had two watches – as always – and one synced faster than the other. The one without the laps.  Normally it’ll show laps for each section.)


So, what happens once you’re done?

Well, the watch ends the workout like normal when you press the stop button, and then you’ll save the workout like normal.  None of that changes.  Further, assuming you’ve got Garmin Connect to TrainingPeaks autosync setup, then it’ll send that file over a few seconds later to TrainingPeaks (also, like normal).  Again, at this point the app has no awareness of what’s going on.  It’s long since left the building and is drinking margaritas on a beach.

Meanwhile, over on TrainingPeaks, you can find your completed workout.  You’ll see it’ll have automatically joined the structured workout on your calendar together with the one you just completed.  This allows you to see the steps up top, and the completed data down below:


And then if you crack it open to analyze it, you’ll see a lap marked for each section of the workout, automatically created.


You’ll also get data from that workout as you normally would – graphs and all:


And there ya have it – the entire functionality in one not-so-quick post.

Now – one tip: If you don’t run/ride/whatever with your phone, you need to remember to open up the app at some point during the day and sync the workout to your watch.  That’s because when the app opens it depends on having a Bluetooth Smart connection to your phone (and thus Garmin Connect Mobile) to contact TrainingPeaks.  Without that, it’ll simply error out.

The good news is that once you open that app on that day, it’ll download that workout automatically to the structured workouts portion on your watch.  So later in the day when you head outside without your phone you can simply open the standard ‘Workouts’ function (usually in the ‘Training’ section), and find the workout there.

Going forward:


Now some of you above may have been wondering whether there’s any overlay of the structured/planned workout on top of the executed workout.  At present as seen above, you get shown the structured workout at the top of a workout, but it’s not overlaid on the workout itself.  Nor are you ‘graded’ on how well you executed the workout.

The good news is TrainingPeaks says that’s coming.  They sent over a few screenshots of how it looks on their current dev/testing servers showing the upcoming functionality.  You can see in the below screenshot how they’re overlaying the planned work intervals (in blue) on top of the executed workout (pink).


You’ll also note in the upper left corner are grades for each workout.  Essentially scoring the workout on your ability to execute it correctly.  Here are a few more samples.  Different workouts, each with different targets/types.



sample3 sample1

Definitely cool stuff – and inline with what we’re seeing with other sports tech companies doing as well.  With the overall trend in the industry using technology to focus folks on correctly executing structured workouts (rather than overachieving or underachieving).  Oh, and as a side note – sister company Best Bike Split also released a similar app as well yesterday that more or less acts in the same way.  You can find that app here.

With that – thanks for reading!


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  1. Heado

    That’s really interesting Ray, thanks a lot.It might convince me to subscribe a premium account on training peaks :)

  2. miguel

    Fenix 3 should support it. too young to die

  3. Matt


    Do you think there is any chance this is coming to the Vivoactive HR? It has connect IQ 2.2.


    • Unfortunately the Vivoactive HR lacks the ‘structured workout’ piece, so there wouldn’t be anything for the TrainingPeaks app to hand off the structured workout to. Be like firing a blank. :-/

    • Matt

      Is there anything you recommend for structured workouts on that device?

      I tried the genius wrist apps but found them to be not quite what I was looking for.

    • Paul Stevens

      I created a structured workout data field for the Vivoactive HR a few months back; it’s been “Pending Approval” since, and seems like it will stay that way.

      I did, however, add a feature to one of my other Data Fields that was designed for HR based training, it caters for some rudimentary structured workouts, and works reasonably well.

      Out of respect for Ray I’m not going to post links or details here, but if you search the IQ App Store, I’m sure you will find it.

    • I’d actually be interested to see it. Feel free to post a link to CIQ apps!

    • Paul Stevens

      Thanks Ray, you can find the app here

      link to apps.garmin.com

  4. Bernardo Harvey

    Mixed feelings over here.. it does look like what i’ve been hoping for a while .. just to see that my FR920 is not compatible makes me a little bit sad.

    Thanks for the news though

  5. Ray: ditto the previous comment but regarding the Fenix 3 – any chance that this app will at some point roll out to Fenix 3? You can already manually export workouts from TrainingPeaks and import them to the Fenix 3 by dropping them in the Workouts folder. If I’m venturing a guess, the answer is no, because TrainingPeaks used some fancy graphics or something in Connect IQ 2.2 that’s not supported on the Fenix 3. Is there some other limitation that I’m not aware of? It seems like Fenix 3 should be fully capable of beaming a workout file over to the watch, and its a pretty big bummer to miss out on that slick new functionality. I get that backwards compatibility is a big test burden on TrainingPeaks side, but on the flip side, these watches are a pretty big investment and I don’t see a technical limitation that makes my “old” watch not capable of this feature. Does Garmin offer any kind of upgrade/trade-in discounts these days…?

    • The SDK functionality needed for persisted (and downloadable .fit/.gpx) content functionality are only available on Connect IQ 2.2. The Fenix 3 variants and the 920xt run Connect IQ 1.x which does not currently have this functionality. I have added a few links to the Garmin Dev blog that goes into it a bit.

      The PersistedContent module allows access to stored routes, waypoints, and other stored user data.

      Persisted Content:
      link to developer.garmin.com

    • Seth

      Ryan, surely there must be some workaround if Genius Wrist is able to support it. Alternatively, there should be an easier way to export from TP to Garmin Connect therefore allowing users to sync workouts using the GC app.

      While I certainly recognize Garmin’s interest in having people invest in their platform, Garmin clearly realizes that a subset of people- serious athletes- use Training Peaks to track their workouts. Further TP has functions that GC simply doesn’t have (calculating stress scores and whatnot). We are all clearly invested in our Garmin devices, but at these prices, sport watches are relatively long-term investments. I understand that some features cannot be supported by older devices, but I am really questioning how this part of the SDK is hardware dependent.

    • K Anderson

      Well said. I hold on to these watches for a while and aim to get at least 2-3 years of service out of them. The smartwatch world is replete with competition. I am confused as to why do this when the market is so thick.

  6. Raul Valdez

    Thanks for the review. I see you have a TSS score in the “Planned” column, did you input it manually or did it get calculated automatically ? Is that a premium feature possibly ?

  7. Seth

    Pretty pissed that they are omitting the Fenix 3/920Xt from this. It’s a simple messenger type app- I have serious trouble believing there are hardware limitations. There’s even another app (genius wrist) that has similar functionality. Is this a decision on Garmin or Training Peaks’ part to limit the support or is it legitimately a hardware limitation.
    I just got my 920xt in the fall- (you know, because it was on killer sale from Clever Training) and don’t see the need to invest $500 in another watch which honestly doesn’t seem to have any killer features worth the $.

    I’d really love to know which company to be more pissed at as I love the structured workout builder in TP- use it almost daily now–but hate having to go through the extra effort of getting it onto my 920. I also have a 520 but I rarely do structured workouts when outside.

    • Yeah, I wondered the same thing. I wouldn’t have thought that simply transferring a .FIT file would be all that hardware intensive.

    • Aaron

      It feels a bit like a planned obsolescence move, no? Perhaps limited device support was part of the dealmaking to get the app pre-installed so that people would be motivated to buy new gadgets. From a business perspective that would make a lot of savvy sense.

    • giorgitd

      Only if that decision did not make 920xt and F3 owners so unhappy that they would move to Polar or Suunto next time…

    • Chris Benten

      Is a device out there that compares to even the F3? Polar lacks communication protocols and the new Spartan, from everything I have read, is a POS. Ambit3??

  8. DerLordBS

    Does it really only download the plan for the current day? Do you need sync it every day you are doing a workout? Annoying.

    • Yes, only the planned workout for that day.

    • That’s a pretty poor user experience if you ask me. Instead, it should download as many workouts as you have in your calendar (maybe with some reasonable limit like up to two weeks.) I ran into an issue two weeks ago where my Garmin wouldn’t download a workout that I had just created (20x1min on/1min off – no way I wanted to do that manually,) and for whatever reason, it wouldn’t sync. Ended up delaying my workout by 30 minutes and pissing off my girlfriend. If you have to open up the app to sync every day, there are multiple points of failure (going on vacations with limited internet connectivity, etc.) I sincerely hope they change this model.

    • Scott

      One place where my Polar V800 still holds on- it’ll load future workouts into my “diary” as long as I’ve got them created in my Flow account. But…The 24/7 HR monitoring improvement as you described in yesterday’s review plus BT sensor compatibility (my stuff is all BT a la Polar V800 use) on the 935 has me really scratching my head about my V800’s future…..

    • Herve

      So I don’t see the real added-value there.
      As of today, using Garmin Connect, their workout builder and their agenda, I can have my training plan for all coming weeks on my Fenix 3, with a simple synchronisation through Garmin Express.

      Regarding the overlay of “plan” vs “performed” workout, Adidas MiCoach was delivering it for years, at least since 2011 when I started using this platform; including a “rating” on how well the runner performed. Here is a sample picture: link to f3fe4ccd9c6fd20bba7a-ff0779454b6d4c343b768a4324e4380c.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com

      Even after my “migration” into the Garmin world, I continue to use micoach to build my training plan, because it’s so easy and fast. I really regret their decision to stop their service.

    • The value-add here is that you don’t use TrainingPeaks.

      Just like if you don’t use Strava, then there’s no value add in using a Strava Connect IQ app.

  9. Nemo

    Can you comment on how this is different from the Workouts feature in Garmin Connect and/or why someone might want to use this instead? Unless I had a coach loading workouts into my calendar for me, I’m having a hard time figuring out why I’d use this over what is already available in Garmin Connect.

  10. LukeJ

    Workout builder is great, but you cannot:
    1. create a block lasting until you press lap button (warmup/cooldown, there is such option in garmin connect)
    2. you cannot create a block without any target (only time constraint – useful for FTP test)
    3. you cannot add multiple targets (cadence + power)
    4. you cannot mix and match blocks (every block has to have the same type of constraint – either %FTP, %HRmax, %LTHR, RP) – you cannot do steady Z2 + 20’/20′ spin ups (only cadence >140, or cad>140 and power = 60% FTP) for example

    Also while exporting to ZWO (Zwift format) you don’t see any comments/notes you’ve written under each block (would be useful)

    So overall – it’s great functionality, but needs improvement.

    Regarding IQ app – underwhelming if only what it does is simply transferring .fit file over the air.

    • Olly

      Well, I thought I should look into TP in more detail, especially due to Workout Builder. By reading also their documentation (link to help.trainingpeaks.com) I thought it could replace the workouts I create in GC as especially this paragraph attracts my attention: “When a structured workout is applied to an athlete’s calendar the Workout Details will automatically calculate the prescribed heart rate or power targets and the target zone based on that athlete’s current threshold and zones settings for that workout type. This means that an athlete can continue to use the same workout from their library as their threshold or zones settings change over time, and a coach can use the same workout for all of their athlete’s without the need to calculate specific targets for each athlete.”
      And then I read your comment :-( Especially points 1 and 4 are show stoppers for me.
      Hope they improve their tool soon as it really sounds interesting.

    • Aaron

      Interesting comment, TP has made a fundamental design choice currently that requires a consistent goal/duration target throughout the workout. I had noticed this when it rolled out and scratched my head at the limitation. Can you for example even do distance repeats (ex 400s) with a timed recovery (xx:xx seconds)? I don’t think it’s possible but I could be wrong.

      If you need mixed workout goals you can use Garmin Connect, out of the box, a 3rd party IQ app like Genius Wrist, or a 3rd party app like SportTracks, and probably other training apps I would guess.

    • Andrew

      What I’m noticing is (I’ve been manually entering workouts to my 920) is that the work outs from TP really only prescribe which zone you should be in. If I want to do .5 miles at say 7:00/mi (95% FTPa) it’ll just say on my watch .5 miles at 6:58-7:20 which is z4. Not especially helpful. If you look at the workout summary in TP it has an exact pace but that doesn’t transfer. It’s really frustrating.

    • LukeJ

      Yes, kind of zones ;)

      When you build workout using GC builder you can select a specific zone (Z4 for example), when building workout in TP you setup target pace/power/whatever but in brackets under the exact pace/power/whatever you’ve just set up there are small numbers defining a custom zone (and its kind of ok because you want some tolerance on you target pace – you don’t want your watch beepin’ whenever you go 1s/km faster/slower than prescribed pace). If I’m correct when you use GC builder you can select “custom zone” and enter any value you want – and I think it’s basically the same when exporting workout from TP).

      Hope that makes sense, just got off my bike after hard session :)

    • Andrew

      So say I select 90% threshold pace as my target for 30 minutes. Say that it’s 7:00/mi. Then say z4 starts at 6:59/mi. When I export to the watch TP is going to just write z3 (pretend it’s 7:00-7:30) to the workout. If my target is 7:00 then that range isn’t much help. In GC I can specify the range, say 6:50-7:10. I also utilize the feature to do the step until later press which I can’t with TP. I love the TP work out builder for estimating TSS for workouts and I love that it updates the target paces whenever I change my threshold (I try to do a 30 minute threshold test every 4 weeks). Right now my work flow is to look at my TP workouts for the week and the current target paces and recreate this in GC with the range I want and sync my GC training calendar to the watch. Not the simplest but I feel like it gives be the most control.

    • frank andreasen

      absolutely with you on this :)

    • LukeJ

      Andrew – that’s exactly what I’m doing also ;)

  11. Simon Befort

    Now it’s up to Trainerroad to do something similar for their outdoor ride support. :)

  12. gingerneil

    Just opened up an account to have a play with TP – never used it before. Aint cheap though is it ?!?!?! Cant see myself migrating from Sporttracks at that price!

  13. Mark Goldman

    Ray, Any idea why TP left out the Chronos? Software should be the same to support it. Will they add support?

    • We are waiting on a firmware update for the Fenix Chronos. As soon as that is released we will update the app to work with the Chronos!

    • Hi Ben, I made a comment above about syncing only the workout for that day. Please reconsider this feature and perhaps expand it to include all future planned workouts. Thanks!

    • Jay

      Ben, why Fenix Chronos and not the Fenix 3?

    • Ben Pryhoda

      The app uses a few new features of the Connect IQ 2.2 SDK, which allows content to be downloaded, stored, and executed on the device. The Fenix Chronos supports the CIQ 2.2 SDK, whereas the Fenix 3 and the 920XT do not. We did not target specific devices, rather we targeted a specific version of the CIQ SDK.

      Currently the supported devices are:
      Edge 1000, 820, & 520
      FR735XT – pending a firmware update
      Fenix 5 – all variants
      Fenix Chronos – pending a firmware update

      If you have a Fenix 3 or 920XT you can still get workouts from TrainingPeaks on to your device. I agree that it is a lot of steps, but you could do this in batch once or twice a week to save some time.
      link to help.trainingpeaks.com

    • Camilo Kejner

      Is there any way to just export my trainingpeaks entire calendar (training plan) to garmin connect and see it on my Fenix 5X?

  14. Emiliano

    Not really related, but did Garmin ever fix Connect to be able to use more than one device seamlessly? Have one as a workout device and another as the activity tracker?

  15. K Anderson

    I’ve owned every Fenix version. I am not going to buy the 5. Not because I can’t afford it (I can), but I feel this is poor support for the faithful flagship users. I just paid $500 over christmas for a new HR. This seems short sited and cash grabby. Awesome new software, easily engineered backwards, but doesnt do it to save money and promote sales of new hardware. It’s frustrating.

    • Jay

      totally agree…. Garmin may have just told all its users, dont by a flagship model because itll only last you 2 years max….

    • Sander

      So you fault a company for innovating and keeping up with the fast paced development of their competition? Do you blame apple and samsung for releasing new phones every year?

      Also, the F3HR doesn’t suddenly stop working. It still lasts and is still a good buy.

      If you’d blamed them for stopping to update said Fenix 3 HR, then you’d be right I guess.

  16. Roman

    So is it safe to say that Garmin just made Fenix 3/HR obsolete? Even through it shouldn’t be? Seams like all support goes towards new 5 versions and none trickle down. Don’t expect to see any software updates :( sad

  17. Wes

    Still don’t understand why I have to use the computer/web based garmin connect to build a workout. The mobile app does everything but build a workout. Soooooo annoying to have to fire up the laptop every two weeks to build workouts. While it would be awesome to see this feature on my 920, I’d settle for a garmin app workout builder.

  18. Robert

    Ray: You noted the download works via Bluetooth tethering to a phone. Can watches with wifi download the workouts w/o a phone? If not, what’s the limiting factor to cut out the middle man (i.e., the phone)?

  19. In unrelated news, Wikiloc released today a new app in Connect IQ with similar functionality, but this time for downloading navigation tracks.

    link to apps.garmin.com

  20. Dania

    Do you know if the functionality is coming to the FR230 or FR235? Since they have the structured workouts functionality and Connect IQ 2.2 shouldn’t be a problem

  21. Milt MacFarlane

    G’day Ray I got the TrainingPeaks email and they had some free 2 week structured training programs I’ve loaded the 10k running taster onto my account in anticipation of getting a 935. My question is have they leveraged my running HR zones to form the intervals efforts and rexoveries in the workout? Thanks love ya work, much appreciated

    • Andrew

      It should. The workouts are written based on a percentage of threshold, be it pace, HR, or power

    • Milt MacFarlane

      Thanks Andrew appreciate your answer but a should isn’t a yes or a no

    • Andrew

      I loaded it into my calendar to confirm. Yes all of the targets will be set based on your Threshold HR. Also when 2020 rolls around I’m going to wonder why the hell I have two weeks of random workouts in my calendar.

    • Milt MacFarlane

      Thanks Andrew much appreciated haha I hope it’s at least 2030 that you forget why they’re there

  22. frank andreasen

    this is cool stuff :)
    BUT Trainingpeaks woroutbuilder has a big fault
    when you build a workout you can only use either intervals by time or intervals by distance you cannot combine those in the same workout so if you have a workout where you run 4 intervals of 5 minutes at a pace of 5min/min and after that youll need to do 2 intervals of 1 km at pace 5.5 min/km you cannot do that

    ad the same issue with the bike workout and you cant create swim workouts
    thats the reason i keep on using connect workout creator

    if these features would be enabled then i would rather use TP because they have much better calendar and TSS/TB calculator

    • Andrew

      I love the workout builder for estimating my TSS but it could definitely afford to have a bit more flexibility built in.

    • frank andreasen

      wooops just noticed that its actually possible now to combine duration and distance in a workout but still needs a lot more flexability to be up to speed with garmin connects workout builder but getting better and better :)

  23. Chris

    Strava (and other route planning apps) need to use this method to get routes onto garmin devices.

  24. GreenPlease

    I’m assuming that the 935 can do Ant+ FE-C, right? If so, let’s say we have a bike workout in Training Peaks that calls for specific intervals (let’s say 30 30-second intervals at 120% FTP with 30 seconds rest). Could this app hand that workout off to the appropriate function in the 935 to control something like a Kickr/Drivo/etc?

  25. Mark

    This takes care of one of my biggest gripes with Garmin: their workout builder is awful!

    But no support for the FR23x/630 is really bad! At least the 630 should have been updated to CIQ 2.2, and let the 2xx wait till 24s.

  26. Alex

    Does this work with FE-C trainer control? This would be a perfect use case for me since my coach builds my workouts in TP. I currently export them to TrainerRoad and use this to perform my indoor workouts.

    This app would make that process more streamlined. Although the final piece would be some kind of power match (like TrainerRoad) in the Edge 520 – I like to use my Quarq to control my KICKR. Do you think this might be on the horizon for the Edge series?

    I only actually use TrainerRoad now because of power match!

    • Thomas Wylie

      I’m in exactly the same boat. Garmin don’t put FEC contol on their wearables. I don’t know if this is a hardware limitation or they are just trying to sell more Edge devices. It should work if you have a unit that has FEC control like the edge 520.

      Yeah I’m really wanting someone to add a powermatch like feature to a head unit. Would be an instant buy as I could scrap my trainerroad subscription. I don’t much like the lack of balance in their plans (Although I’m giving their sweet spot ones another try to see what results I get.)

    • Yeah, no FE-C control is somewhat annoying.

      The impression I got when talking to them was that they were mostly undecided on how to implement it in such a form factor (such as changing resistance).

      But I think you’re right that in cases like this, or for TrainerRoad and such where a downloaded workout is there – that it would make sense.

      Of course, there’s absolutely nothing stopping any app from doing FE-C control on their own. In fact, I’ve had a few apps talk about it (but none have ever found the right business case to doing it).

    • Dave

      This app has powermatch but you’ll need a subscription to their service. link to apps.garmin.com

    • Thomas Wylie

      So there is no hardware/firmware limitation at all? This could be coded in right now in CIQ? I guess the best business case I can think of would be for Xert (as pointed out by Dave below).

      If they port their Edge app to the Fenix/Forerunner line with FEC contol that would a lock in for me! It would work perfectly when paired with their web based mnitoring offerings, no need to look at your watch just start it off and suffer or monitor on your computer.

      It would even work for outdoor rides if they reduced the displayed metrics down to MPA and power (or just made it customisable).

      Do you know if they’ve thought of doing this or if it would be easy for them to port their app? It seems like it would be the easiest way for them to increase their user base (aside from the iOS app).

  27. Ricky

    Hi Ray

    I don’t own any of the compatible watch, but is curious to know if this new app fits my use case.

    I build running workout in TP based on “% of running FTP”, when this workout transfer to the watch, would alert be set based on running power?


  28. Thomas Wylie

    So, I used this for the first time today. Just for a long run based on HR so I had a warm up in zone 1 , run in zone 2, cool down zone 1. What was kind of annoying was that it didn’t alert me when I wen outside my HR zones, also when I was setting the workout up in TP you had to pick a specific % of LT and it showed you what that was in HR gave you a margin around that and told you the zone. However it didn’t seem to allow me to pick the zone.

    I was using it on the 935 which is obviusly brand new (upgraded from Fenix 3 non HR) and I haven’t had time to check through all the settings.

    Anyone got any idea what I’ve done wrong/missed? Or is this a bug/effect of using HR not pace?

  29. Andy

    Thanks Ray for the – as always – great article!

    So last week I tried the TP app with my Edge 520 and found it is extremely difficult to maintain semi-constant power output on a wavy, hilly, traffic-y country road and even more annoying to have to listen to a cacophony of beeps alerting me that I’m out of the prescribed range every 0.5 seconds.
    I wish it was possible to use 10s power average instead of the instantaneous power but so far there is no customization in the app…

    My Fenix 5X is still on its way to me so I wonder if it is at all possible to use the TP app with the Stryd IQ data field, i.e. set up a workout based on power for running and execute it in the watch?

    Also is the power drop-outs bug with Stryd resolved, please?

    • LukeJ

      You’re using the Edges workout app, not the TP one. TP app is just for transferring the .fit file into specific folder on your unit :)

      And it also bugs me how people use the workout mode on Garmin and not be infuriated with those constant beeps and buzzes when instant power is over/under prescribed value…

    • Andy

      Nope, there is a TP app for edges too and if the Fenix TP app is the same then I’m not using it :)

    • LukeJ

      Didn’t know it exists. I’m on e500 :P. Just bought it and hope it’s matured ;)

      But – normal workouts on Edge – how do you configure them to not be bothered by constant beeps? I mean – is it possible to use 3s / 10s power for the alerts?

    • Andy

      Sorry, but it’s a nope again. Therefore I go with the old-fashioned trick ;) which is to memorize the intervals lengths and intensities and operate manually.
      Gave TP a try, didn’t like it – at least on Edge 520.

    • Alex

      White electrical tape on your stem with a sharpie. Works every time and guaranteed to never beep!

    • Andy

      Yes, before Edge I used that for navigation :)
      But intervals are not that difficult to remember, at least the ones I do…

    • frank andreasen

      no it uses the edge workout mode but download the workout from the TP app so the smoothed power we need has to be delivered by garmin

  30. I’m constantly getting “No workouts found” now on this app (did work for 2 days though) – even though i have workouts with the TP builder set up for today – frustrating! Anyone else seeing this?

    I have emailed support at TP but nothing yet…


    • David E.

      Yeah, I had a workout set up in TP for this morning, but the TP app on my 935 couldn’t find it. Firmware is up to date, and I downloaded the update for the app. I can live without it, but it’d be nice if this worked.

    • Tried re-installing and re-authenticating but still doesn’t work. Oh well I guess I’ll need to copy the workout manually into GC and then sync – *sigh*

      Ray – can you confirm if there is an issue with the TP integration currently?

    • Just found out what my issue was by looking at the TP help page here: link to help.trainingpeaks.com

      Key comment: “Note the workouts that use RPE as the intensity target aren’t compatible at this time.”

      Once I changed the workout to %age of Threshold Heart Rate it appeared on the 935 TP app straight away. Would be nice if the TP workout creator supported RPE or just selecting HR or Power Zones though…

    • David E.

      Nice find, Ian. My workout was set up in RPE, so I’ll try setting up next one using HR. Thanks.

  31. mucher

    Maybe – just maybe – somebody will finally use that to sideload courses to Garmin. I know there are things like dwMap etc, but having the ability to create a course using Strava, RWGPS, MapMyRide or just a plain old GPX file and load into a watch / head unit would be very useful to many folks.

    Especially that the new Wahoo allows to do just that.

  32. David

    All I get is “open the connect mobile app and log in”
    Nothing shows on my phone at all.



  33. Karl Bedingfield

    I have been using it quite a bit lately. Quite impressed with it, but if I have 2 workouts planned for the same day and I run the first and upload, there is no way – as far as I can see – to access the 2nd workout of the day.

    Am I correct?

    thank you.

  34. Maurice

    Does Strava has something similar this easy? I have jet to decided which platform to use so this looks like a winner.


  35. Chanzelle


    Do I need a training peaks premium account to be able to export a workout that my coach have loaded?

  36. OD

    For brick/duathlon/triathlon workouts built in Trainingpeaks can the watch use a multisport profile or do I have to perform each one separately with its dedicated profile? Example: brick workout – bike/transition/run. Will the watch be able to identify the 2 workouts as bike and run when using a “brick watch profile” or do I have to perform the bike part using the bike profile, stop, save then start the run part using the run profile/stop/save?

  37. Aj

    Hey, TP Working Perfect on my 935.
    But How Do you change The screensetup?
    Dont need The steps i rather have something Else.
    Thanx a lot in advance

  38. GB78


    I have a 935 and an Edge 1030.

    I created a TP account, and purchased a plan to train for a 70.3, and all the future scheduled workouts are now in my TP calendar.

    I connected the account to garmin Connect, and I did an activity with my 935, and it got uploaded to Garmin Connect, to Strava, and to TP.

    But todays structured workout is not showing in garmin connect, and when my 935 runs the TP app, it trys to pull the workout, it says “No structured workouts”

    How can I get my scheduled workouts to appear in my 935?

    Thank you!

  39. dave

    Ray, when doing a timed w/o on a garmin edge 520 is there a way to pause the timer like at a red light?

  40. Laurent

    Hi, I am a user of the TP activity on my 935, if anything for the benefit of not having to write on a piece of scrap the details of my W/O. (forget remembering, even with all blood in brain, it’s not going to work, let alone when blood is in thighs.).
    I have 1 question: do you know how to personalise the additional screens of the TP activity. The main one with the gauge, I get you can’t change, but for the rest, I would quite like to see what I want to see. Am like that.
    Thanks, and thanks for all the good work on here!

  41. Shubhankar


    Have you tried exporting structured workouts to a Suunto watch?
    I have been trying to figure it out for a long time, but unable to get it on my ambit3 sport!

  42. Jeremiah

    Any chance they’ll add support for the Vivoactive 3?

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  44. Shelley Schoepflin Sanders

    Thank you DC rainmaker. If I accidentally hit the lock button during the structured work out it skips to the next interval. Is there anyway to undo that skip?

  45. Nathaniel

    Ray, when doing a timed w/o on a garmin edge 520 is there a way to pause the timer like at a red light?

  46. Rebecca Rodman

    I can’t see TrainingPeaks in the Connect IQ App so that I can download it to me Fenix 5S. Anyone know why?

    • frank

      you do not need a IQ app anymore
      just link your garmin connect with trainingpeaks and enable workoutsync and all your workouts from TP will flow into your connect calendar and be available on your device
      the old IQ app is discontinued

    • Rebecca Rodman

      Thanks so much. My TP workouts are now visible in Connect. How do I get them to my watch? I’ve synced and can’t see them

    • David

      The workouts in trainingpeaks need to have a structured workout built in them using the TP workout builder

    • Rebecca Rodman

      Yep they do

    • Olly

      There are two ways afaik:
      – start an activity you have a planned workout for today in your calendar. It should bring up the workout and you can select to start or skip it. So if you e.g. have a planned bike workout for today and you start any of your bike activities you should get the workout.
      – if this doesn’t work select your wanted activity and chose your workout from trainings menu (hold menu button).
      Hint: currently bike and run workouts are supported only. You also won’t find any other in GC calendar.

    • Rebecca Rodman

      Thank you! Will give it a crack

    • JK

      I accidently deleted TP app from watch, where do I see structured workouts written in TP? thank you very much.

  47. Doug

    I’m wondering if it’s worth it to purchase a pre-built training plan. Entering hundreds of workouts to train for a Marathon seems like a hassle. If I want to purchase and actually use a pre-built plan, do I have to go premium?

  48. hi
    i need some help
    i have now the new stryd power meter
    i use my garmin fenix 5x
    i use training peaks for training and I have a coach
    The coach used to put on my the training programm based on “pace” or “heart rate” during the intervals.
    My garmin was very efficient telling me at each of the intervals if I was going fast or slow..as i have seen you show in your video
    Now, with the “power” my garmin does not tell me whats going on
    I start the Garmin by starting training peaks and choose dowload workouts and the do workout and I can see the power on a separate field but the first screen of the garmin when I start trainingpeaks in the garmin is not showing the power at the top field..
    Would you please help me?
    thank you in advance
    Ramon Grimalt

    • frank andreansen

      thats the issue we are all struggling with right now :( unfortunately garmin doesnt support native power so the power wont show during the intervals and it wont guide you when you are to high or to low

      best advise is to contact garmin and push them further to implement this feature

  49. Jan Kubeš

    Hi Ray, there is no trainingpeaks app anymore. So after deleting from fenix 5s how can I get structured workouts to my watch and follow them?

  50. Chris

    I continued using the connect IQ app for a while, but eventually got this setup. I’ve started to run into the following problem: When a workout contains repeats, my edge 520 only progresses through the initial steps, it skips all of the repeats and proceeds to the next block.

    This doesn’t happen with every workout. I typically structure with a warmup following by my prescribed intervals. When the first block after the warmup contains repeats, things fail. I haven’t confirmed this in enough cases, but if I add a multi step build before the repeats, the repeats work as intended… at least on my initial trial. Weird.

    • Speko

      I just got Premium on Trainingpeaks and was excited about the structured workout. But unfortunately have the same issue.

      On a 12 times repeat interval, only the first was done. Really frustrating when on the treadmil. Any one have a solution? This bug is not mentioned anywhere at Trainingpeaks.com but several post on garmin forum.

  51. Martin

    Hi, pls, I use garmin fenix 5x with maps and tra8ning workout.
    The one thing I don’t like is when doing a workout, and I am out of „desired zone” with watts, tempo, cadence, heart rate- whatever – it writes me notification on the display and overwrites the map.
    And usually I slow down before the crossing, and lose speed or power then I usually have to slow down even more, so I can’t see map.
    I would like to know whether larger screen on edge 830 solves this better? E.g. only part of map is redrawn


  52. Sam Dumcum

    Has anyone on this thread figured out how to turn off the “in desired zone” alert, or even the “pace” alert update that happens every 20 seconds on a fartlek run?

  53. Peter

    I’ve tried this Ray and it worked fine the first time. But now, even though everything is sync’d I keep on getting a thing saying BLE Timeout Error. Grrrrr….
    The workout is on Garmin – on the phone – but it’s not going through to the 935 and I can’t see how to export the workout from either Training Peaks OR the Garmin app on my iPhone. Double grrrr…

  54. Tomek

    Is it possible to transfer Garmin training Plan into TP calendar ? I know you can do it from TP to Garmin but I am interested in going it in the opposite direction: from GC to TP. If garmin training workout would be in TP calendar then I can chose it from workouts on Zwift and use Zwift . Alternatively- is there a way to transfer garmin training plan to Zwift directly?

  55. jonlynch

    if anyone is annoyed by

  56. jonlynch

    if anyone is annoyed by the lack of secondary target support (e.g. cadence) in training peaks for the garmin edge 540/840/1040 or forerunner 955/956 there is an issue logged in trainingpeaks uservoice that needs more votes for trainingpeaks to consider it. I provide the link below (hopefully it will not be filtered out)

    link to peaksware.uservoice.com