Garmin releases Strava Live Segments for Running, Muscle Oxygen on devices, Photo Watch Faces

Phew, all sorts of Garmin news over the last few days on numerous fronts, and this post seems the easiest way to bundle up three totally different things into one tidy little package.  Let’s get on with the show!

Strava Live Segments for Running:


Last weekend Garmin quietly rolled out a firmware update for the FR735XT which allowed folks to compete on Strava Segments using the same technology as was rolled out last summer to the Garmin Edge cycling computers.  This would mark the first running wearable to display Strava Segments live on the watch, whereas previously it was restricted to cycling segments and dedicated cycling devices.  This update gives you both cycling and running.

But the trick with last weekend’s update was that the backend web pieces needed to download Strava segments wasn’t enabled yet (hence why they rolled out the firmware update quietly).  But as of late Tuesday night it was illuminated, thus giving life to Strava on the wrist for both cycling and running.

To get started you’ll need a Strava Premium membership, same as with how it worked on the cycling segments side of the house.  Next is that it’ll automatically download any ‘starred’ segments from your Strava account.  These being the ones you clicked the star next to, basically favoriting it (Dashboard > My Segments).  You can see those here, and I’ve highlighted the running ones.


It also appears to sync the cycling segments that I’ve favorited as well.

Next, go ahead and sync your watch however you prefer to sync it.  Be it USB via cable, or Bluetooth Smart to your phone, both will get the segments transferred over. If you use Garmin Express (that’s the desktop software), you can actually see which segments it’ll sync:


If using USB, you can actually look at the folder for Segments and see them listed in there (for those geeky curious people), but only after you’ve unplugged and re-plugged your unit in.  That’s because they’ll first be chillin’ in the ‘NewFiles’ folder, which is how Garmin devices consume new files upon starting up (courses, workouts, and everything else go there):


Now before we start running around chasing segments, the unit allows you to preview any given segment.  You can check that via the menu system, which allows you to see all the segments loaded on your device.  Simply navigate to: Menu > Training > Strava Live Segments > Running or Cycling > Select a segment.


When you do that (select a given segment), you’ll see your current PR on it, as well as both the map and an elevation profile:


DSC_7878 DSC_7877

Once done looking longingly at your wrist, go outside and start your run like normal.  As you approach a segment, it’ll start to give you a count-down, indicating that the segment is upon you:


Then, once you hit the starting point it gives you a big green GO:


During the run, you’ll see Time Ahead/Behind, Distance Remaining, and Segment Pace:


Or, like this if actually running:


Following completion of the segment, it’ll let you know if you hit a PR (and presumably a Strava Course Record or KOM):


And then after you’re done with the workout entirely, it’ll show you any segment stats like it would for PR’s and recovery time:


I’ve put together a quick video showing you how it works mid-run and all:

To summarize, your simple checklist for getting this working is as follows:

1) Have a FR735XT, and have the firmware be updated to 4.30 or above.
2) Have a Strava Premium Membership (either paid or trial).
3) Have starred at least one Strava Segment in your area.
4) Sync your device using computer or phone.
5) Be capable of running or cycling, or at least faking it in a convincing manner.

That’s it.  Go forth and enjoy!

Before you ask: Yes, I already asked if/when it’s coming to other wearable devices (i.e. Fenix3), and haven’t received an answer yet.  I’ll let you know if/when I do receive an answer.

Muscle Oxygen Recording:


You may have seen this in my ‘Week in Review’ posts over the last few weeks.  It started quietly with the FR630, but has since expanded to a number of units including the FR735XT and is being worked on for additional units.  What this allows is the viewing and recording of blood oxygen saturation and total hemoglobin data from compatible devices – namely the Moxy Muscle Oxygen sensor and the BSX Lactate Threshold sensor.

Previously you had to use Connect IQ apps/data fields to display that data, but even then, you couldn’t record it on your Garmin device.  Well this summer Garmin released (a week or so ago) the ability for 3rd party apps to record data to .FIT files, thus lighting up all sorts of interesting sensor options down the road.

However, at exactly the same time, Garmin also enabled the ability for you to simply connect straight to Muscle Oxygen sensors just like you would a heart rate strap.  So no 3rd party software needed at all – thus making your life a lot easier.

Using the FR735XT as an example, I go into the pairing menus and search for Muscle Oxygen sensors:


It’ll then show me the ANT+ device ID of the sensor in the list, which I can pair to.  Obviously ensure that your sensor is powered on.  Next, I can add the two muscle oxygen fields onto my data pages, tHb & SmO2:


Now – all of the above will display (and even record) the data just fine from Moxy/BSX…but, it won’t actually show up on Garmin Connect.  For that you’ll need to grab the Moxy data field and add it to your watch.  It’s free from the Connect IQ app store and is available for more than just the FR630/735XT, they support the Edge 520/820/1000, Fenix 3/F3 HR, FR230/235/630/735XT/920XT, vivoactive/vivoactive HR.


Without the above, you won’t see the data show up in the recorded activity file on Garmin Connect.

Finally, you go for a run.  Or a ride.  Or the horizontal shuffle.  Whatever you want, just get some interesting data.  In my case, I selected run and ensured I had the Moxy data field added:


During the run you’ll see the data displayed using the Moxy Data field.


However, a word of caution – I’ve found that the Connect IQ app and the native SMO2 capabilities don’t mix.  In fact – they block each other.  Meaning, if you pair the Moxy sensor as a regular Muscle Oxygen sensor and then view the data fields, that blocks the ability (for reasons that make no sense) for the Moxy Data Field to see and thus record the data.

Of course, all of this is totally silly (and not Moxy’s fault), because if Garmin just displayed the darn data they actually displayed and recorded to begin with, then Moxy wouldn’t have to write their own apps to make Garmin show the data that’s already there.  Sigh.


But what happens afterwards assuming you use the Moxy app is what’s most interesting.  It’s here that you can view the data on Garmin Connect natively.  You’ll notice the data fields have a small ‘IQ’ next to them, implying that they are from Connect IQ.


On the right side of Garmin Connect, you’ll also see the Moxy Data Field logo displayed:


I then did a short trainer workout, which makes the data a bit clearer as you can see the pattern of 30×30’s.


Yup – right there!  In fact, since it’s recorded to the .FIT file, 3rd party apps that also receive the data via auto sync (like TrainingPeaks or Sport Tracks) could show it as well.  At this point, only Sport Tracks shows it (I also tried TrainingPeaks, no luck):


In fact, Sport Tracks is cool enough that it even shows the data recorded WITHOUT the Moxy app, using the standard sensor pairing option on the FR735XT to muscle oxygen sensors.  Something that Garmin Connect doesn’t do.

On the downside, as of today, this breaks Strava (the files won’t import and totally failboat).  I’ve let them know and they’re working on it.

Then there’s a bunch of other bugs and oddities that exist right now – so if you try it today, certain Garmin devices work well, and others may need a bit more time baking in the oven.  I suspect things will get better, but I’d definitely say if you try this out yourself, certainly try it sitting at your desk first to see if everything is recording right – before you go out on that 5 hour long ride and it craps the bed.

Photo Watch Faces:


Last but not least (ok, it’s kinda least) is a new phone app that Garmin has released that allows you to create watch faces using pictures.  Previously developers could do this, but it wasn’t something the average Joe (or Jane) could easily do themselves.

These watch faces would be supported on any Connect IQ capable device, so basically, any Garmin watch over roughly $200.  At present that’s the Garmin Fenix3/Fenix3 HR, Vivoactive, Vivoactive HR, Forerunner 230/235/630/735XT/920XT, D2 Bravo, Epix, Quatix 3, and Tactix Bravo.  Phew!

In order to get started you’ll need to grab the iOS or Android versions of the app called Garmin Face-It, which is separate from the existing Garmin Connect Mobile app.  The singular purpose in life for this app is taking your questionable photos and putting them on your watch.

IMG_3077 IMG_3078

Once installed you’ll go ahead and select your watch and then it’ll ask you for permission to access your photos:

IMG_3080 IMG_3081

Next, you’ll go ahead and select a photo from your library to use on the watch:


At this point you can change it from digital to analog, as well as resize the photo to fit:

IMG_3090 IMG_3089

Once done you’ll save the watch face by giving it a name, allowing you to save multiple watch faces:

IMG_3091 IMG_3092

Last but not least, you’ll go ahead and login to Garmin Connect, which will offer up your selected device type.  Then it’ll actually transfer the watch face to the Garmin Connect Mobile app, which does the heavy lifting of sending it to your watch.

IMG_3094 IMG_3096

At which point you’re done and ready to enjoy it on your watch (Garmin Connect Mobile will automatically change your watch face for you on the device):


It actually came out clearer than I expected.  The above photo was taken in crazy-bright outdoor sunlight, so that helped.  My only tip would be to use the default photo editing capabilities and increase the exposure a bit more than normal, which helps to compensate for the slightly darker screen on the Garmin devices.

That’s it folks – thanks for reading!


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  1. David

    Running segments is great but if they don’t bring this to their running specific watches the 230, 235 and 630 it’s laughable.

  2. Michał

    Ray, do you think it’ll ever be possible to have Strava Live Segments on a Fenix 3?

    • ooooooohhh gosh….

      “Before you ask: Yes, I already asked if/when it’s coming to other wearable devices (i.e. Fenix3), and haven’t received an answer yet. I’ll let you know if/when I do receive an answer.”

    • David Fox

      Oh gosh.
      Dcrainmaker said he asked Garmin.
      The guy asked dcrainmaker if he thought it would every happen, you know, whats his opinion if it would happen.

      2 different things

  3. Just to add to the Strava segments part.

    It is also compatible with Garmin Segments (if you enable them under Garmin Connect), so no need to have the premium account to enjoy the new feature.

    Everything is the same in terms of how it is shown on the screen (well, on the menu it shows “segments” instead of “Strava segments”), but you obviously can’t compete with KOM or times of other friends, just your times or others from Garmin.

    And with that, back to watching how Spain wins the olympic triathlon :-)

    • Tim Grose

      Unlucky on the triathlon :) 1-2 us for Brits!

      Also you can use a tool like link to gniza.org and “side load” the Strava segment FIT files into NEWFILES. This works for cycling ones. You would need to edit the FIT file and change the sport type to Running (01) and not Cycling (02) for it to work with running ones.

    • Impressive performance from the brothers. Well deserved victory, working right from the beginning.

      Mola’s options vanished when he lost the first group after the swim. The leading group worked flawlessly on the bike, but on the chase group (what we could see on the horrendous TV production) nobody worked.

      Nevertheless, amazing to watch those two guys going all out right from the beginning. Congrats to GB!

    • Don

      How do you edit the FIT file to change the sport type?

    • Tim Grose

      I used Visual Studio. Look for the segment name then there is a zero byte after it, then 4 bytes for some ID then the next byte is the sport type. I did ask the FIT File Repair Tool developer which would make editing it much “friendlier” but he hasn’t had a chance to implement that yet.

    • wil

      what is a “garmin segment”. is it anything like a strava segment. if so, does anyone here find it useful?

    • I couple years ago Garmin decided to copy Strava Segments, in an attempt to get people to love the Garmin Connect platform more. The attempt flopped, with only a handful of people actually bothering to create segments and race them (a handful in the grand scheme of people using Strava).

      The feature still exists, but Garmin hasn’t really talked about it since lighting up Strava Live Segments on devices last summer. I expect at some point down the road they’ll kill it off, or perhaps just let is sit there forever without updates.

    • So sad to see that garmin really not invest anyresources to this items, but use other support like strava platform.
      It would be so greatful to have segments on garmin, yes there are but doesn t work!!

    • Tim Grose

      Garmin segments work fine on a Garmin! The “problem” (as Ray implies) is that why would you bother to create a Garmin segment when 99.9% of people “compete” on Strava segments. It was actually a blessing in disguise as the basic functionality for supporting segments was built and the Strava support is really nothing more than putting FIT files on your device that just happened to have been created on Strava not Garmin Connect.

    • Aaron

      It says a lot that Garmin with the much larger user base and multiples of revenue, resource backing and integrated hardware can’t lift the popularity of their segment features above a small startup with only a few million active users. :)

      On the other hand, if they get it for “free” from Strava, customers are happy, they keep selling watches, and they can outsource the development and maintenance to the VC dumping money to keep Strava going… brilliant move by Garmin.

    • NT

      You’d bother because maybe like 99.9%* of Strava users, you don’t want to pay for the Premium subscription?

      *(I assume)

    • Tim Grose

      A lot more than 0.1% of Strava users I know are Premium members. Lot cheaper than any Garmin product!

    • Tim Grose

      PS I think Garmin lost the “popularity” because they got to the party far too late and then did not progress it. For example, there is no “flag” facility for Garmin so competing on running segments became pointless when virtually every segment was “led” by somebody who could not be bothered to classify their bike activity correctly.

    • Victor

      Hi Tim – I hate to be that person that cannot do something without asking for help but I’ve spent the whole morning trying to open those fit files with visual studio without luck. Any chance you could explain very briefly how it is done?

      Many thanks in advance.

    • Christian Borchgrevink-Vigeland

      Do you know if it is possible to choose if I want to race against my PR, a friends PR or the KOM on this watch? Thanks.

  4. Wouter De Raeve

    Hello Ray,

    when using the BSX for the oxygenation, do you still need to start an activity through the BSX app? Or will it start recording independent of that as soon as it is connected?
    In the latter case, this would mean you could start the run without a phone nearby?

    • Jan Becher

      Yes, you have to. However BSX does not support yet the SmO2 and tHb on the .fit file. Only Moxy does for the moment.

  5. Rodrigo Valle Teixeira

    Hi Ray,
    Do you know if the 920XT has any hardware limitation that would prevent it from ever supporting Strava Live Segments?


    • Tim Grose

      Probably not – it can do courses and has a map page just like the 735. That’s a good start over the 230/235/630!

  6. On 920xt will it be released?

  7. Tiago

    Does anyone knows if the first two features are coming to the Fenix 3?

  8. Aaron

    By the way, the new IQ / FIT SDK 2 updates that enabled Muscle Oxy recording is also being used by Stryd for the running power data. We’ve already seen a handful of .FIT files in the wild recorded by Stryd coming thru from Garmin Connect. So apps like Strava that don’t yet support these FIT files will bork on them too.

    They are currently fully supported in SportTracks and run power shows fine and is integrated with the performance modeling.

    Unfortunately there was a glitch in some data recording that Stryd is working on fixing with a new IQ app release. Also… somewhat oddly, this power data never showed up in Garmin Connect, but flowed through the sync to SportTracks and “magically” appeared. So there are still some wonky integration bits to work out.

  9. Magic M

    I really hope your asked your better half for approval before posting the pictures above :) Otherwise, I really like the SmO2 stuff. What do you think, how long will it take and garmin will be able to measure SmO2 with their own NIRS detector? It seems to me that they do not differ too much from the already used NIR-detector for HR. I guess, the smO2 detectors are even more on the dark-side of the force than the garmin ones, but that should be (somehow) manageable. Maybe measuring at other frequencies? Maybe I just see things (way) too simple.

    I could also imagine Garmin launching new products, like a new fenix 3, e.g. fenix 3 hr SmO2 ..

  10. Nick

    Has Lucy been testing this unit out? It seems to be a new product.

    link to www8.garmin.com

  11. Matthew Weigel

    So this means running with the Stryd, and a Connect IQ watch with very recent firmware, you can display power on the watch in running mode, record it to the FIT file, and also see it when viewing the activity later in Garmin Connect?


  12. Angela

    Love the idea of the personalised photo watch face! Tried it on my 920xt for a lovely photo from a recent holiday (nothing crazy just a lovely landscape I snapped). Looked great on the designer, but the colours appear washed out and the image quality is very pixelated on my watch. Great to have a colour face on my watch, but I think this feature needs a higher resolution. Back to TriFace….
    Thanks for another interesting article – I love reading your thoughts, so clear and concise but informative still, and step-by-step details of features is brilliant!

  13. Simon

    Hi Ray, will the bsx unit work with the moxy IQ app, and do you still need to start the bsx from the mobile app?

    • Joe E

      Best way I have found is just use built in fields and record an Activity. Sync to GC and have auto-sync set up for SportTracks. SporTracks then shows the SMO2 and THB data. No need for any ConnectIQ app at all and SportTracks works great.

  14. Ian S

    Looks good. Sometime soon though Garmin need to get out of this cycle of releasing new functionality on whatever the newest device is and missing the other devices, including higher end models. It irritates the customer base, especially as they then take months to roll the thing out. It’s annoying…..

    • CobusP

      It’s true, Strava Live segments were released with the Edge 520 and took months to roll out to more expensive models such as the Edge 1000 and 810.

      Now the 820 is released with group track and “Garmin plans to expand it to the Edge 1000 (but oddly not the Edge 520) later this year or early 2017. Which, is a heck of a long ways away.”

      I own a Fenix 3 and feel a bit miffed by this. Surely they can do a better job of rolling out features that are already being implemented on newer (but lesser) models? I don’t see any reason for intentionally doing this as no Fenix 3 owner is going to be tempted into buying a 735XT.

    • tomaek

      quote:”as no Fenix 3 owner is going to be tempted into buying a 735XT”

      i used to own a F3 and swapped it for the 735XT. no regrets whatsoever – imho the 735 is a much better watch. the F3 has more features, but most of these i don’t really need (and i would suggest most triathletes don’t). on the other hand the 735 is more stable and most importantly the gps overall more reliable. battery life is the only thing that’s a bit of an issue

      live running segments work great by the way!

    • Tim Grose

      Well given the Fenix 3 has got pretty much all the features that have ever been released on Forerunners and more besides, I suspect you may be in luck. There is also the small logistical matter that different teams develop the Forerunners and the Fenix line up so that could also be a factor. It may also help to drive 735 sales for a bit.

    • Eli

      You’re missing an important part, the 735 is much faster, see:
      link to apps.garmin.com

      So the Fenix 3 may not have the cpu to handle it. The only watch from a cpu perspective that can keep up with the 735 is the vivoactive HR

    • Mateo (from Strava)

      Minor correction. SLS support was out for 1000, then 520 and 510/810 came after that.

  15. marklemcd

    In typical Garmin fashion the photo does not work on my Fenix 3. I either get a blank watchface or it just reverts to what I had prior to telling the app to push it to the watch.

    I cannot wait for Wahoo to release a running watch. Their stuff actually works.

    • Jerry

      I can’t wait for Garmin to sell a bike trainer. I am tired of my Wahoo failing when using Zwift or Trainer Road.

      Is you Fenix 3 up-to-date? That has always been my fix!

    • marklemcd

      Yup, definitely up to date.

      It actually worked for about 30 seconds when I tried again, then reverted to the blank face, and then back to the regular watch face.

    • Bob Goodman

      Weird. It works fine on my F3.

    • Tim

      The latest beta firmware for F3 notes changes to improve the new Face-It app, perhaps it will fix your problems once it becomes released (or you could jump on the beta firmware path if you want to find out sooner).

  16. Alex

    For me the photo face is not working. FR 230.
    In Garmin Connect I get a no name blank 0kb face and on the watch is not changing.

  17. Mike

    I suspect most people will be excited by the Strava thingy. I however love the photo watch face and it couldn’t have come at a better time. A few days ago we had to put our 15 year old Dachsund to sleep and this allowed me to her smiling face on my watch and have her with me at all times. Sure the colors are a bit washed out but it’s better than nothing. Thanks Garmin.

  18. Drew

    Well if garmin is bringing out support for moxy, maybe they’ll be thinking about supporting power when running soon? Stryd is great, but native support would be better than the work arounds

  19. Martin

    Hi Ray,

    quick question: do data fields also show up in Garmin Connect? I’ve got a FR920XT with latent FW and e.g. the Strava Suffer Score data field on the watch. It show’s everything during the run but doesn’t show or sync anything to GC. Shouldn’t it do that as well?


  20. Morten Tillquist

    Is Strava live segment also for Fenix 3 ?

  21. Jeremy


    Noticed you showed a software update for “The Vibrator”… :O

  22. simon

    hi ray – 2 quick questions – do you get the option to customise the strava-segment screen – or use the time ahead/behind or distance to go field in other screens ?

    the 520 implementation is badly crippled by not having this feature – to be able to see ahead/behind and distance to go you have to look at a very unnecessary map and you can’t see your heartrate/cadence/power or any useful information.

    also can you use this feature whilst following a course – another aspect of the 520 version that makes it less than useful ?

    • Tim Grose

      No afraid you can’t customise the screen nor use the fields elsewhere. That said on the ones have tried so far then distance to go and time ahead/behind and average pace is ideal for “chasing” running segment times – especially when such efforts typically don’t last more than a mile or so.
      The implementation is basically the same as the Edge devices so you can’t follow a course and have segments pop up either.

    • simon

      shame – that implies that garmin think the implementation is ok as it is :(

  23. Mateo (from Strava)

    1st! (how can that be)

  24. MAGNUS

    Just tried recording BSX using the Moxy app on my F3 but no luck. It graphed on GC.com but no data is there. Also noticed the GC.com no longer displayed GCT or VO.

    Guess we’ll have to wait for BSX to update their app.

    • Joe E

      BSX records perfectly on the 735XT and without using Moxy App, just load the FIT file from the watch to SportTracks and it works great. Even sync’d activities from GC to SportTracks works fine as well, all SMO2% and THB data transfers. You cannot see it in GC, but you can in ST.

    • MAGNUS

      I have a F3 and don’t use SportTracks. Would be nice to be able to see BSC on GC.com as I’m not a fan of their native app.

    • Joe E

      Was giving you an alternative to waiting for BSX App uodate and telling you I know it works on 735. Don’t have my F3 anymore so YMMV.

    • Spud

      Afternoon Joe E,
      You sound like a man in the know, I’ve been using my Bsx insight for the last 10 months or so without much knowledge on how I can use it to improve my training (it looked so easy looking at the companies website), it’s a little different in reality.

      I currently use a 920xt, 520 and vector pedals, You’re reporting that since the latest firmware updates you can now see your Sm02 and Thb info in Sporttracks? I can’t?

      I have followed what Ray has written word by word but I still get no data in either GC or ST? I thought it may have been my Vector pedals blocking the data but it does say in one of the reports regarding the Sm02 data, that if the data is being displayed then it will be written to the fit file?

      I have also tried the process using my Wahoo kickr to see whether that made any difference, it didn’t.

      Am i missing a trick? Surely it can’t that difficult?

      Any advice would be very much appreciated.


    • Lars Ejaas

      I am a happy owner of the Forerunner 735XT.

      I am interested in buying the BSX Insights unit – but not sure how well it integrates? Can I start/stop the BSX unit from the watch – is there anything else I should be aware of?

      It would be nice to just use the watch and the BSX without a phone.

      I am planning on using Sport Tracks Mobi for the analysis…

    • Joe E

      Tough to trouble shoot this without seeing your watch and what is happening, but if you are seeing the SMO2% and THB using native Garmin Muscle Oxygenation data fields it should be recorded to the FIT file and then it automatically transfers to Sport Tracks and you get additional fields for SMO2% and THB in SportTracks. Here is one of mine so you can see what I mean:

      link to sporttracks.mobi

      I did not do anything special, when the activity sycns from GC to ST the data comes over.

    • Joe E

      The one pain with the BSX is still the operating process. You need to initiate an activity from your phone with the BSX (after you wake it up) and if you want link sensors to the BSX (HR and footpod for running and HR and Power Meter for cycling). Once the activity is initiated then the BSX starts transmitting, not before this, even though when you wake it up the BSX will link to the 735, until you start an activity from your phone it will not transmit.

    • spud

      I think the only difference is that you’re using a 735? Where as i’m using the already out of date 920xt…. God damn Garmin…:(

    • Joe E

      @spud – Sounds like it unfortunately. Hey on the bright side at least you have an excuse for a new watch if you want, I guess…. ;)

    • MAGNUS

      I signed up for a SportTracks trial – and recorded a few activities whilst using the BSX/F3. The data displays on my F3 but does not record so it is not visible in either GC or SportTracks… Which I expected…. Though something interesting did occur with yesterday’s activity.

      I went out for a run, again using my BSX, and when my activity synced to SportTracks the default chart was SMO2. The activity name was also set to “Run BSX” instead of the name given in GC. The chart was empty but thought it was interesting as it was the first time I’ve seen the chart available as well as the “BSX” in the name of the activity.

    • Aaron


      The SportTracks app remembers preferences like last chart used, and the importer has a lot of logic to pull in any descriptive data in the FIT file, so the run name isn’t too surprising. BSX probably saved that somehow.

      You can email support your FIT file if you want to be 100% certain the data wasn’t recorded somewhere in custom data fields that we’re just not pulling out. We’ve also found some vendors write these FIT files incorrectly. A quick email to Stryd had that sorted out in a week.

  25. Kevin MacArthur

    I can’t see a way to pair the BSX sensor on the VivoHR. Still have to use the footpod workaround

  26. Doug

    Hi Ray,
    a wee thought; combining Strava & MOR posts are like putting the hay into the needle stack – painful to find the forum commentry on MOR

    Given MOR is a ‘specialist’ topic at the moment it’s useful to have any commentry grouped together rather than trying to extract it from something a lot more popular

    Thanks as always for your excellent work

  27. Tim Grose

    Nice video on Strava segments. Largely matches my experience. One extra thing to note is that seemingly, by default, the target “Race Time” for a segment is your PR. However if you find the segment on the watch you can change this to be the CR which is very useful if you are trying to bag it as you can then get time ahead/behind info for that. I have also noted if you follow somebody with a better time than you, then this also comes up as a Race Time option and it even gives their name. You do need to make these changes before you start the timer on a run however. Even if you stop the timer then the Training menu, where the segments are, is not accessible.

    Another thing to be aware of is to avoid overlapping segments especially if you want to “do” one that starts after another one. In this case the one you get to first “wins” and you either need to wait for you to run through it (or go off course). However I recall you can stop a segment starting by pressing the down arrow when the “countdown” screen appears or, in one, press and up the up arrow and think there is a stop segment option in there.

    Under Activity Settings there is also a Segment Alerts enabled/disabled option which is enabled by default. I presume if you set this to disabled you can effectively turn off segments for that run/bike. I guess that is useful if you are just out for an easy one and don’t want to get tempted in segment bashing that day.

    • gijom

      Wow, this is brilliant! Thanks for pointing that out, I would have completely missed this. The entire implementation is very elegant and practical. Kudos to Garmin on this one.
      I did not notice any popular segment got loaded in. Maybe I am wrong here, will check more carefully later…

      But the real question is: Will this be implemented on Fenix 3? Just kidding… LOL

    • gijom

      Oh, I was referring to the ability to pick the target between PR, CR or friend ahead of you… Simply beautiful!

    • Gijom

      OK so today was the day I could try live segments on the bike (earlier I used courses that are incompatible with the feature). I have my segments in the watch, the option to activate Strava Live Segments in on BUT no segment gets trigerred?!? What did I do wrong? I was using Live Tracker so that my wife would know when I am back and am using a ConnectIQ data field with 7 metrics… Is there an incompatibility with any of those? I guess I will have to debug this. Sometimes using those watches (regardless of the brand) feels a bit too much like work ;)

    • Gijom

      Update: Got it to work on a run with same Connect IQ data field. Good, no limitation here. Next thing to check is whether there is a limitation with live tracking or if the latest sync up I did fixed things (after unstarring, restarring a run segment and syncing again it appeared on the watch. Not vlear why it was not there in the first place…). Will make sure all the segments I care about are in the watch and will try again with a ride without live tracking.

    • Gijom

      Yet another update. Trying to make sure my 26 starred bike segments and 5 starred run segments are in the watch, I stumbled upon bugs. As you can see in screen capture some segments look empty in watch. Also I only got 3 segments from the 5 run segments in the watch. I have better things to do than waste time on this. Will wait and hope things stabilize over time…

    • Gijom

      Update: Because my watch could not sync up without failing, I went ahead and looked for a solution. I plugged the watch, deleted the 60+ corrupted FIT files in the SEGMENTS directory and resynced via USB this time. Now everything is back in order with a mix of starred and what I believe are popular segments.
      Bottom line: I highly recommend to sync up via USB once you activate the Strava Live Segments if you do not want to end up with corrupted FIT files and impossibility to sync up…
      [Yes, that definitely feels like work ;)]

    • Phil

      In you warnt to See a truly elegant implementation you should check out Rays post about the Wahoo Elemnt Strava Live Segments:
      -Change target PR/KOM while in the segment very easily
      -Ride several overlapping segments at the same time and switch between them with the press of a button
      -you can follow a route and still conquer segments:this is the thing that annoys me in the harm in implementation the most, I have several routes that follow some MTB trails in the woods, without routes I tend to miss the trail heads as some are hidden, but I want to see the segments at the same time! Come on Garmin!

      Currently lacking with Wahoo as well as Garmin:Custom data fields on the segments page. On the Wahoo not as tragic as I still use the side LED to see my heart rate zone, so at least I know that one, and I am also confident that Wahoo will implement those custom fields later, whereas with Garmin I believe they think that their implementation is good enough and just move on to implement another half baked feature :(

      I also wish that my Vivoactive HR gets segments, but I think Garmin doesn’t want to…

  28. Rafael

    Great article, Ray.
    One question: do Garmin have any plans for a successor of the 920XT? The official 920XT mini site doesn’t work and I guess the 735XT it’s not the real successor of the 920XT. Maybe 930XT?

  29. Anton

    I’d buy the FR235 tomorrow if Garmin implemented Strava segments on it and I’d also buy Strava Premium.
    So, Garmin and Strava what are you waiting for? There is money to make!

  30. R Cooper

    A lot of talk about the fenix 3 on here. Just a couple notes that can try to put it in perspective. The Fenix series is a product of the outdoor group as opposed to the sports group at garmin so the platform is a bit more all around than pure sport focused (i.e. Built in Dog tracking widget)

    Also the memory and processor in the device is limited compared to something like the 735xt so it might not be possible to handle live segments , though they say there are getting a lot more out of it than originally thought.

    There are a couple of benchmarking apps on ConnectIQ the following forum posts sheds some light on the differences for various garmin devices.

    link to forums.garmin.com

  31. Åsmund

    This made me buy the 735 :)

  32. PhilBoogie

    @R Cooper

    Surely the CPU in the F3 is capable of doing Lap By Position? I wonder why that hasn’t been implemented, even though, as you say, it’s not really a sports activity device. Perhaps Garmin needs to focus on their groups, instead of, well, whatever they’re focussing on.

    • Tim Grose

      You could always try link to apps.garmin.com
      I never found lap by position worked that well which I is why I think they dropped it – a key use would say be on track intervals but if you “hanged about” near the start/finish you would often get lots of false laps.

      “Focus” is on things Strava segments I think. One happy camper here on that front.

    • Phil

      Thanks for the feedback Tim, much appreciated!

  33. GPSig

    Just want to highlight that you can move the time around on the face of the watch to get a better effect for your personal picture.

  34. NT

    So theoretically, if running a planned but unfamiliar route, you could create Garmin Segments that start just before each major change of direction and use them as navigation alerts?

    Name the segments sensibly to provide the instruction.

    PLEASE can we get this on 235!?

    • Tim Grose

      In theory yes but a lot of effort for that use case and you have to get quite near a segment (about 150 feet it seems) for the warning of one to appear. On a 735 you would be better to create a course on Garmin Connect – it inserts turn “alerts” for you when you download to a 735. On a 235 also create a course but use the CIQ app dwMap to navigate it.

    • NT

      Unfortunately dwMap isn’t an option for me as a WindowsPhone user, it’s unsupported according to the description.

      Also – I have a couple of IQ fields that I really don’t want to run without!

    • Tim Grose

      I am in contact with the dwMap developer so have asked him about that. On dwMap usage in general, my thinking is that on the rare time (probably?) you really need to “navigate” there could be some compromises to make.

    • Tim, NT is correct, dwMap will not work with Windows Phone. The data service call that it relies on (to link with the dynamicWatch website and download updated maps and settings) is not yet implemented properly in the Windows Mobile version of Garmin Connect Mobile. Hopefully Garmin will address this soon. The Android and iPhone versions have been great right from the outset.

      Mappicus (developer of dwMap)

  35. Eli

    So any chance for a comparison between the BSX and Moxy sensors? Maybe one attached to one leg with the other attached to the other then switch. If you use a true right/left powermeter then you might be able to see how the differ in relationship to the effort of that leg

    • A second for what Eli said. That would be very interesting. Maybe while also wearing the Stryd or PowerTap PowerCal (or all four ;-)

      BTW I got the BSX to work with the 920XT last night. I didn’t have time to do an actual recorded workout but I will try that tonight.
      One glitch is that once added to a field of a screen, and I “back” “back” and then go look at which IQ field I have enabled on that field, it displays jibberish for the name. Both the Moxy and BSX fields display jibberish symbols for the name when applied to the field.
      BTW One of them didn’t work for me, but I can’t remember which one it was. i think it was the BSX field.

    • SmO2 on Moxy and BSX – in my tests and reported by some others – seem to have different scales, what seems to be due to different understandings of what absolute percentage should mean … so attaching to different legs wouldn’t show that much other than that the sensors are different …

      Agree someone should get out an SmO2 data field with larger fonts.

    • Spud

      Hi, bsx live data being shown on a 920xt has worked since February time, the issue is the data being recorded and saved to fit file for post exercise analysis, are you saying this function is now working?

    • The Moxy datafields are device specific and I don’t have the 920, but the explanation to the 920 data field says it’s recording to fit files, and my combination of BSX with Moxy datafield for Edge has no issues recording to fit files and displaying in Garmin Connect, so I would assume the 920 would work too. Just don’t use the BSX app and set the ANT ID – and it seems this would support only one SmO2 sensor. Have fun!

    • Spud

      So I need to delete the bsx app and use the moxy one instead and not use the android app to start off the session prior to a workout?


  36. Seb

    Hi Everyone,
    Can someone tell me if this ability to connect directly to the BSX sensor is there with the Fenix 3/Fenix 3 HR? I can display the SmO2/THb with the Connect IQ app, but I cannot connect the watch directly to the BSX sensor like I do with HRM or footpod.
    Thanks in advance.

    • LeviZ

      I can’t seem to get a Moxy Monitor paired with my Fenix 3 HR. I can if I set it up to broadcast over Ant+ as a HR monitor or a Speed/Cadence sensor but it won’t detect the Moxy as a Muscle Oxygen sensor. It won’t pick it up or display the SmO2 in the Moxy Run IQ app even paired as HR or S/C. Any one else know why this is or how to fix it? Thanks!

  37. smileman

    Any word on whether Live Segments might be coming to the Vivoactive HR?

    From this analysis it appears that the Vivoactive HR has a similarly powered processor as the 735XT, so hopefully there isn’t a hardware (or marketing) reason to keep it from the Vivoactive HR.

    link to forums.garmin.com

  38. gijom

    I have not looked in details but have the feeling that when racing a segment, we are being compared to a virtual racer that would go at the average speed of the reference trace. I say that because when I raced against my PR on a segment made of a flat section followed by a climb, I was well ahead during first part and got caught up during the climb… That reduces the value of the feature quite a bit… Is my assumption correct?

  39. If it would be so, agree with you tha it’s quite unuseful.
    Only at the end of the segment you could have the real state of challenge

  40. maxfrance

    Finally a feature we couldn’t live without: picture wallpapers on a small screen.

    What’s next Garmin ? Pokémon Go integration ?
    Seriously, all updates are heartily welcome, but please stick to real needs for the average user …

  41. Spud

    Any idea’s what the latest bsx insight update was? Both my 920 and 520 have been updated (September) but I cannot find the details of the update anywhere?

    It annoys me when I receive an update but no details are available on its contents.

  42. Mark Middleton

    How can i get this natively on Edge 820 please?

  43. Frank

    How many segments can be sync on 735xt. Ich hab over 150 favorite segments and some segments not found on gamin 735.

  44. Rodolfo Acosta

    Maybe I’m late to ask but is there any reason the Vivoactive can’t get strava live segments?

  45. Luiz M

    DCRainMaker did you know how to work with Strava Live segments on fenix 5? I already tested ever configuration and still not work. Apear that strava not repass the segment fit files to garmin connect.

    • Sorry, you tested which configuration?

    • Luiz m

      The question is abou strava live segments on Fenix 5. Garmin Connect and Strava are not working yet with these new devices. I tried everything and no sucess. But today I generate a fit file of a segment and put manually in my Fenix Chronos. It wirk like a charm. But I want to use strava automatic integration. Did you tested Fenix 5 with Strava live Segments?

    • Correct, that’s because Strava hasn’t enabled it for these devices yet automatically, so you have to do it manually. In turn, that’s because when you upload to Strava from the Fenix5, it doesn’t yet list it as from the Fenix5. It shows it as null, usually until Garmin starts shipping it to consumers.

      This is 100% normal for new devices in beta, and one of the handful of beta quirks.

    • Brad

      How do you enable this? Strava shows my Fenix 5x as my device, but my Fenix 5x shows no options to allow the Strava Segments (only Garmin Segments). Any help? Thanks!

  46. M. BONEV

    I got interested on MOXY / BSX devices so I am reading your posts.
    I noticed there is no Moxy data on the Garmin activity you have posted the screenshot from. Neither the Moxy device as a unit connected to the activity. Is that some bug which happen after some time?

  47. I realize I’m late to the party here, but I just got a 945 and was excited to use the native recording for SMo2 from my BSX Insight only to discover the hard way what is described here, which is that despite the fact that the SMo2 and tBH data are recorded to the fit file, they aren’t actually displayed in Garmin Connect.

    Is there any rationale for why Garmin won’t enable these fields for viewing?

    I imagine that since it’s been over 2 years, it’s pretty unlikely that Garmin will ever enable the viewing of the data on Garmin Connect, but are there any plans for them to add this support? Considering any ConnectIQ data field can display any data on Garmin Connect, it seems disingenuous that a “natively supported” sensor can’t have its data displayed.

    • Pierre

      I ahve an old BSX and was thinking also to use it on my now “old” 945″ but realized when looking in Connect IQ that the two existing “data fileds”
      link to apps.garmin.com
      link to apps.garmin.com

      doesn´t support the 945.
      Which “app is you using to start and stop the BSX device?
      Don´t think that the Moxy does that…
      link to apps.garmin.com

    • I followed the instructions here: link to muscleoxygentraining.com

      Basically, you use the Android nRF connect app to connect to the BSX Insight via bluetooth, then use a macro which sends the “start” signal to the Insight which gets it broadcasting via ANT+. The 945 recognizes it as a native device (no Connect IQ data field needed), you just need to pair it in the main sensor section of the 945.

      You’re right that the Moxy app won’t start/stop the Insight. The BSXField with Charts will do it, but the manifest has not been updated to include the 945 (I’ve contacted the developer, but he doesn’t seem interested in updating it). The BSX version of the app is in the same boat where its manifest also has not been updated. However, that app has been open sourced, so I was able to mess with it enough to compile a version that has the 945 on the manifest and side-load that on my 945. It works, but I don’t use it, preferring to use the native sensor support and not use up a Connect IQ data field.

      That said, you can side-load the version of the BSX app that I compiled by downloading this PRG file and putting in the GARMIN/APPS folder on your 945.

      BSXField.prg: link to drive.google.com

      I also have the macros for turning on and off the Insight if you go with Android app route.
      nRF Connect BSX Start Macro: link to drive.google.com
      nRF Connect BSX Stop Macro: link to drive.google.com

      Good luck!

    • Pierre

      Thanks Justin,

      Was using the nrf app earlier today and worked like a charm to start.
      DIdn’t know about the stop macro but will test it also.
      To stop it now I put it back in the dock.