Giveaway Extravaganza: Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer


Vowels are overrated.  Especially ‘E’.  KICKR, TICKR, ELEMNT, RFLKT…all missing an ‘E’ or two.  Somewhere in the universe there’s a vast supply of extra E’s, like a Wheel of Fortune dumpster with vultures circling overhead.  Homeless and looking for a savior.  And Wahoo is most certainly to blame for it.

However, where there’s a missing ‘E’ there’s also an ELEMNT (and apparently, one ‘E’).  And you could be that very savior for both that ELEMNT and the E.  If you aren’t familiar, the ELEMNT is basically the bike computer all the cool kids are getting.  Especially if you want to track where other kids are mid-ride live and in real-time, since it’ll allow you to follower-creep on all your besties right from the home screen. If only it could find those extra ‘E’s too…

Giveaway Opens: 6:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

Product Source: Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Steve

    I’d like that!

  2. Justin

    Yes please.

  3. Jose Maria

    I need it

  4. Rob

    A bike computer would be very nice to have!

  5. Francois

    i am in

  6. Joe

    I get lost enough this would be helpful…pick me!!!

  7. DM

    Would be great for the commute

  8. Ben Mullin

    Slept through a few time to try to win another

  9. DaveM

    Thanks for this giveaway series!

  10. Jerry C

    Bring it on

  11. David Rundio

    This would be awesome!

  12. Matěj Novotný

    hmm… new bike computer 🙂

  13. Sébastien

    DCR, you are wonderful ;o)

  14. Andre Costa


  15. Dixie House

    Wahoo! This would be a great to have a cycling computer!!

  16. Brian Ballard

    Awesome. Pick me!

  17. Mathias

    love the blog!

  18. Marc Vignocchi

    Bike computers are awesome for training

  19. Ben

    Guess I’ll be checking the site every two hours at work today.

  20. Ryan Shawgo


  21. Kelvin Lim

    Yes please! Thanks

  22. Daniel Besse

    I’m in

  23. Carlie

    Good morning everyone!

  24. Jompi

    Sign me up

  25. David

    Merci beaucoup!

  26. Tj

    I’m in

  27. Mariusz

    Nice device!

  28. Brad


  29. Dani

    Cool Stuff.

  30. Simon Langham

    Thanks Ray

  31. Charl Jameson Beukes

    My “Voweless” KTM would also enjoy this.

  32. Charles

    Thank you Ray!

  33. Dennis Schoenmaker


  34. Lowell Weiss

    The Elemnt is great. Have some people in mind who could use a gifted one…

  35. Looks like a nice bike computer.

  36. Tamara


  37. Karri K.

    Yes please.

  38. Brian K

    Giddy up.

  39. Ahmed

    Est-ce que je peux l’avoir ? 🙂

  40. Nimsky

    Nice device!

  41. Andreas

    Wahoo, what a thing!

  42. Katie hansen

    I would LOVE to win this trainer!

  43. Chance

    Time to stop my two week Bender and get back to riding

  44. Mark Middleton

    Boo yah.

  45. Charlie O

    Love the site – and the amazing giveaway

  46. Bailey

    Probability of winning is low…

  47. Damian

    This would be great to have.

  48. Phil W

    I’m a Wahooligan!

  49. Robe

    I always wanted one of these.

  50. adrian

    Yes please

  51. david

    I dream i won this

  52. Gilberto Baisch

    please, I’d love to have this

  53. Andrew

    I’m in

  54. Dylan

    yes please!

  55. Pat Dameron


  56. Mitchell Mond

    I am interested

  57. Victor Preston

    throwing my name in the hat

  58. Daniel Welch

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  59. Jason L.

    I’m in

  60. Trey

    Chicken Dinner!

  61. Tarquin

    Way to go Ray

  62. Matthew

    Yes, please

  63. Ilona K

    One ELEMNT please!

  64. Noel

    I could use one of these!

  65. Adrian Cuciurean


  66. DaveG

    This would be a nice new bike computr. Hopefully picks this post #.

  67. Joe

    Wahoo makes good stuff

  68. Paul T

    Yes please!

  69. Róbert Olasz

    Good to go…

  70. Paulo M

    Good for my bike! 🙂

  71. Malyssa

    4 finished!

  72. Noam Deul

    Hi fromTel Aviv

  73. sergio

    Just on time

  74. Josh

    I would love a GPS bike puter please!

  75. Alexis

    Yes please.

  76. Tony Goncalves

    Hello from Vancouver

  77. Paul Rawlins

    Pick me

  78. Harry Charlton

    Time to upgrade my edge 800. This sounds perfect.


    I would live a new comp

  80. Karlheinz

    Let’s do this….Leeroy Jenkins!

  81. Bernard

    Should be about my time now.

  82. Adal Gil Darias Febles

    I need it!!

  83. Jamie S.

    This would be cool to have as I train for my second 70.3!

  84. Kmays


  85. Kevin B

    Give me a Kick!!!! R!!!!!!

  86. David Webb

    In for number two.

  87. Chris

    I’m looking forward to winnin this!

  88. Tomasz

    No more worries that I loose my smartphone 😀

  89. Vincent

    Yes !!!

  90. Jason

    Free me from Garmin!

  91. Martina

    yes, please

  92. Torin

    Free things!

  93. Tomer Slaney

    This is getting good!

  94. Steve Walker

    Count me in, thanks

  95. Mike

    This would be sweet.

  96. MDW


  97. Dave

    Last minute check in!

  98. Ruben

    nice to experience

  99. Rimvydas

    Oh a computer 🙂 who wouldnt want one 🙂