Giveaway Extravaganza: Tacx NEO Smart trainer


It is but a Star Wars aircraft.  The stabilizing wings fold up and down in place, making a solid clunk/click sound once locked securely in position. The design even exhausts out hot air out the back, just like a real aircraft.  Not to mention you can get on it and ride it for hours and hours on end.  Plus, it’s jet black.  All cool aircraft are jet black.

Of course in this case you’ve got what is probably the highest end consumer Star Wars aircraft trainer on the market today, which also might even make you a better cyclist.  Then again – it damn well better make you a better cyclist for the $1,600 it costs.  That’s like…well…one Ironman race registration with a handful of gel packets.  But, magic ain’t cheap – and Tacx NEO is full of magic.  Just stop eating those fries and it’ll all work out.

Giveaway Opens: 4:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 6:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Hands-on with the Tacx NEO

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Ray Johnson

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  14. Miguel Angel Ayala

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  15. Colin Hayes

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  16. Roland

    Would be good to compare with Elite digital

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  18. Steven Knapp

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  19. Virginia Riches

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  21. Daniel Vela

    I will use my chewbacca mask training on this!

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  24. Leonor Rodrigues

    Portugal just one the ticket for the semi-finals and I’ll win this trainer.

  25. Matt Dziuban

    Pure awesomeness!!

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  27. Zac

    Holy SWOW that is the one for me.

  28. Nicolas

    Me please ! 🙂

  29. Richard

    Very cool.

  30. Carl P.

    Yes Please! 🙂

  31. Simon Thomas

    Love it

  32. Peter Elliott

    It’s wet wet wet
    I need a tacxxx

  33. James

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  34. Houston Skipper

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  35. George

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  36. Mafalda Rodrigues

    Here I am! Portugaaaal!!!!!!!

  37. James quilligan

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  41. Chelsie N

    My husband would love this.

  42. ekutter

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  43. tara stanley

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  44. Hidé

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  45. Rune Mollan

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  51. Laurie

    The weather is pretty nice for a trainer

  52. Abe

    Love the Tacx Neo, would go great with my bike:)

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  54. Dieter Werckx

    I hate rain so I’ll love this

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  56. Tom

    Please, I want this one very bad!! 🙂 Super generous of you!

  57. Júia Peixoto

    This way no more excuses for my husband to go out on a ride. 😉

  58. Marion

    A big upgrade!!

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  60. ubrab

    That + SWIFT = <3

  61. Seb

    My dream training tool

  62. Dan

    ‘Gotta have it!’

  63. Jon P

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  64. James

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  65. Mark Yeo

    Pick me pick me! Time to upgrade my kurt kinetic!

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  68. Kenny K

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  69. Matt Schiller

    Is this what Kienle uses?

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  81. Tony Race

    Love the look of this… something from Star wars 😉

  82. This would be gamechanging….

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  84. Matt Mabry

    I don’t know what it is but I need it.

  85. Darryl

    A useful tool.

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