4iiii Announces New Factory Pre-Install option, Dual Timelines/Prices

Today at Sea Otter, 4iiii has announced a slate of new products and outlined their future power meter plans for much of the year.  As you’ll remember, the company started shipping their $399 4iiii Precision power meter about a year ago.  That unit was installed on your existing left-only crank arm.  So basically you sent in your left crank arm, and they installed a 4iiii Precision power meter on it.

The new announced products fall into three basic camps:

– A new Gen2 4iiii Precision design (aka 3D Precision 2.0)
– Ability to now order a 4iiii Precision power meter with the crank, already installed for you
– Details of their dual left/right, including timing and pricing

So, let’s dive right into things with all the details.

4iiii Precision Ride Ready:


The ‘Ride Ready’ program is their newest addition to the stable, and the one announcement that you can purchase immediately.  In this configuration the company will include the crank arm with the power meter already attached.  So you don’t send in your own crank arms if you purchase a ‘Ride Ready’ unit.  Instead, you just pick the model/size.

In many ways, it’s like the Stages Power Meter model.  Obviously it has the benefit of getting you a power meter quicker than double-shipping your existing crank first to 4iiii, then back to you.  The downside is that there are fewer model options in the Ride Ready program.

Today’s announcement begins with the following Ride Ready crank types and lengths – both in road bike and mountain bike.


Shimano 105 – $399: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm
Ultegra – $499: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm
Dura Ace – $599: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm


Shimano XT M8000 – $499: 170mm, 175mm
XTR M9000 – $599: 170mm, 175mm

All of these units are available for purchase now, though delivery won’t occur until July 2016.

Note that the existing program (called ‘Factory Install’) of sending in your own crank arm continues, so realistically if you want a 4iiii power meter before July, then that’s the route you’ll need to go.  The price remains the same at $399, which makes sense because that program quite frankly requires more cost (dual shipping) and effort than just installing it on a brand new crank.


While we’re at it – both the existing Factory Install program and the new Ride Ready program will start using a new Precision 2.0 pod design.  This design both looks different, but also has new functions.  Starting with the outside, you’ll see that the wings are gone, and the pod looks a bit more aerodynamic.  (Correction follows) But it’s slightly thicker though, by 1mm, which decreases frame clearance (thus decreasing bike compatibility).  The new pod comes in at 9g for the left side (and 16g for the right side):


Internally, they’ve made some tweaks that enable them down the road to offer new software features.  Now technically speaking this product is called the “3D Precision 2.0”, because 4iiii says it can measure force on the crank arm in three dimensions (bend, shear, and axial).  The theoretical benefit behind this is that down the road they may be able to get additional fit-type information from the crank arm, perhaps similar to what Garmin and Pioneer do today.  Also, 4iiii notes this just gives them more accurate power.

Dual Capable Precision:


Next up we’ve got some clarity around the dual-capable version of Precision.  If you turn on the way-back machine, this was originally part of the plan a few years ago.  Then once they started shipping the left-only units last spring, things got kinda quiet on the right side.  You’ll remember my demo ride of the right side this past fall, but otherwise details have been slim.

Now they’ve come out with some clarity on how things will move forward.  Starting in July, they’ll begin to offer a right-side (or complete dual) option.  That will be available only on the Shimano Dura Ace 9000 series crank arms, as a factory install option (meaning you send in your crank arms).  This is the same system that Pro Cycling Team Etixx – Quick Step is already riding on (including this past weekend at Paris-Roubaix).

The prices for the dual option will be:

Single Sided: $399
Upgrade to Dual Sided: $349
Dual Capable Set: $749

Remember, the above prices mean you send in your own Shimano Dura Ace 9000 series crank arms.  The 3D Precision 2.0 system will use the new 2.0 pods.

Note that 4iiii is doing right by Gen1 customers wanting to upgrade to dual. In July you’ll send in your existing left crank arm (with the right crank too) and they’ll upgrade your old pod to Gen2, no extra cost.

4iiii is introducing what they’re calling ‘Dual Dynamic Backup’, which means that if one side of the dual-crank arm system were to go offline (because you forgot to swap out for a new battery), then the other side will automatically cover for it and double the power of the single side (effectively like a left-only power meter).  It will do this without any user intervention.

Don’t have Shimano Dura Ace 9000 series crank arms?  Well, there’s still (some) hope for you. In the fall they’ll announce what the rest of the line-up looks like.  I’d expect this announcement to be at Eurobike or Interbike (late August/Mid-September), as with most bike announcements.

Of course, the challenge with right-side as 4iiii has learned over the last 1-2 years is pod placement, crank clearance and bike frame clearance.  With the left crank arm, it’s easy to access for things like battery changes as well as just general placement along the crank arm.  But with the right side, it’s far messier.  You’ve got the chainrings there and crank spider, then further up there’s the derailleur.  Really, it’s like a field of land mines.  And that’s all before we even talk about individual bike frame clearances.

So starting with just a single crank makes some sense, even if it’s a fairly limited offering upfront.

Finally – expect that I’ll do a review of the new dual system (combined with the new Precision 2 pods) once they release around the July time frame.  I do have one of the new Precision 2 pod systems waiting for me back home, but haven’t installed it on my bike yet.

Thanks for reading all!


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  1. Stephen G

    Ray, maybe it’s just my FireFox configuration but it looks like all the images are full-size here (not seeing it with your other posts).

  2. Susan

    Images look fine on my laptop (using Chrome), however first line poutlined should be outlined.

  3. John

    I don’t know of any technical reasons they can only do Dura-Ace/9000 cranksets and not Ultegra/6800. Is that just a way to manage early demand, Ray?

    Either way, really like the Bluetooth/ANT+ plus dual sided power meters for Shimano cranksets. Looking forward to getting these when they get to Ultegra.

    • It sounds mostly like a demand management thing.

    • Chris

      If you look real close at a 6800 crank and a 9000 crank the space where the battery goes on the right side is smaller on the 6800. Look at the teeth of the inner chainring from the outside as a point of reference. If you look at a Durace 9000 52/36 from the right side you can just see edge of teeth on the 36 ring and they are hidden on the Ultegra 6800. It would surprise me if they are going to make a smaller design.
      I was told originally that dual sided would work on my 6700 Ultegra but do not see any chance of that now since that is a 5 spoke crank. I am going to have to live with single sided power I guess unless I start all over.

  4. Roy H

    any word on SRAM compatibility?

  5. Dave

    Any update from stages on when they will release their campagnolo versions?

  6. Mike

    I posted this on 4iii’s facebook page, but this is kind of disappointing to 1.0 owners. Not that they are innovating and bringing out new technology, but I preordered November 2014, didn’t get the install until around April 2015, they had my crankarm for almost 2 weeks (living in California, which is not *that* far from Alberta), and then the thing was full of bugs for many months after that. They finally got a firmware update correct so that our PM’s were working pretty well, but that’s only been about 6 months. And NOW they are announcing a “new and improved” model, which you can buy for the low low price of 400 bucks?! I don’t know…just seems a bit sucky to be a 1.0 owner who supported their product a long time ago, and I’m sure the money we all gave them helped R&D the 2.0 model. Now, we are left with outdated tech less than a year after 1.0 finally gets the kinks worked out.

    Ray, can you clarify the “doing right” by 1.0 owners upgrading to dual? How do they plan on upgrading my pod, since they are permanently glued on? Are they just going to replace the “guts” of your pod and leave the casing on it? Will we get brand new left cranks and a new pod put on our existing right side? It would be weird to have 1.0 models on the left, and 2.0 models on the right…just think that would look tacky. I’ll shoot off an email to 4iiii, but I haven’t had a lot of success with their CS and they only reply to about 1/5th of the questions on facebook…

    • “Now, we are left with outdated tech less than a year after 1.0 finally gets the kinks worked out.”

      But is your unit working now? (actually, you say yours is – “working pretty well”) I guess that’s the bottom of it. No doubt, their introduction was rocky. Like most new tech. But all has been well for some time now. I’m not sure how it’s outdated though, it does exactly what they set out and said it would do.

      “And NOW they are announcing a “new and improved” model, which you can buy for the low low price of 400 bucks?!”

      Companies that don’t innovate die. It’s as simple as that. If they don’t create new products and move forward, then yes, they will go out of business. That’s not good for you as a consumer, nor the industry at large (less competition). When I see companies stop producing new products, it almost always means death of a product line (including support) is imminent.

      “Ray, can you clarify the “doing right” by 1.0 owners upgrading to dual? Are they just going to replace the “guts” of your pod and leave the casing on it? Will we get brand new left cranks and a new pod put on our existing right side?”

      You get a brand new pod. Fully replaced. You don’t get new cranks, because you sent them your crank – so they brought that, it was always yours.

      They never said they were permanently glued on. In fact, they were pretty clear that you could remove it – it’s just that it would kill the pod in the process. In their case, they’ll take the hit of ‘throwing away’ perfectly good tech to give you a brand new pod on the left side.

    • Mike

      Thanks for the clarification re: upgrading the left pod.

      In terms of my disappointment, I think it’s mostly rooted in the fact that it was not at all a smooth process from the get-go to get their first gen model installed, and fully functional. Delays in getting the install process started, delays with getting the crank arm back, a host of issues with the pod (accuracy, battery life, calibration issues, etc), and so on. Finally the product seemed stable after 3 or 4 firmware updates, and then just a few short months later they announce a brand new improved model, without any mention of some of these “perks” for 1.0 owners who want to upgrade.

      I don’t know…maybe I’m the only one who feels this way, and it’s probably not valid, but it’s the last time I buy an untested product’s first offering. It’s the same with a lot of products, and I should have known better, so I guess that’s on me. Maybe they’ll let gen 1 owner’s who don’t want to upgrade to dual, upgrade their left-only pod at cost, or a minimal charge, as a way to say thanks for supporting their product before it was really ready for market. We’ll see how it goes.

    • lkr

      I ordered a month or so earlier than Mike, and got my version 1 about the same time, but less than a week turn-around. ?Perhaps he was a victim of binational holidays? Device worked from the start and even better with each of the firmware uploads. [Which means that so far they are supporting the version 1! I’ll certainly hang onto the version 1 as long as it works, but I’m delighted to get the version 2 for my favorite gravel-grind/cross bike.

    • ChrisK

      I had a bit different of an experience.

      I ordered mine around November through Clever Training with DCR discount or maybe my VIP code.
      Not being able to ship the glue and do the home install thing set them back and they were a little quiet on the communication front.
      They got a lot better. I got a refund since I ordered the calibration set with it. For installation, mine was done in July and I had the crank arm back in my hands less than a week after I sent it in. When I got my crank arm back, they threw in a free Viiiiva.
      To put things in perspective, after waiting 8 months I ended up with a power meter, a HR monitor with bridge function, and free shipping and installation for a little over $300 (using DCR discount or my VIP discount).

      For the price and added cost of setting up an in house installation process, considering the price point of Stages, it’s amazing they did what they did.

      Sounds like you were more on the bleeding edge of their learning curve.

      I assume they added a 3rd strain gauge and processing which is why it is now “3D” to account for the small but apparently not insignificant cyclist population with a unique pedaling style. (I could be wrong.)
      Yeah they could probably throw people a bone on a case by case basis if you having accuracy issues (not precision issues…pun not intended).

      Ray’s posts probably planted the seed of doubt in a lot of people of “Is my pedaling style one of the ones that will cause accuracy issues?” especially if you have no point of reference. (Very probable since at this price point, most of their customers never had a power meter before.)
      I know my only point of reference is what Zwift or GoldenCheetah divines from my speed and trainer type.
      One of these days I may borrow a PowerTap wheel and see if there is large gap in the numbers and maybe apply a correction factor.
      Note that I’m sure power numbers for 2.0 will be different than 1.0. I’m not sure how meaningful the difference in the numbers would be.

      I’ve thought about buying another one and putting it on my touring bike.

      Cheers. Hope you get your issues sorted with your Precision

  7. Ed

    am i right in thinking then that if you are willing to wait until july you can get the gen 2.0 with a free crank thrown in (if you go for the 105)?

    • Hi Ed, That’s right. PRECISION 2.0 on the 105 is listed at $399.99US. It will be in stores before July and can be ordered online for July delivery.
      Ask your local dealer to give us a call.

    • John

      Victoria, the Ride Ready 105 left side cranks seem to be 5800 only, but those come in two finishes. Is there a way to specify silver or black cranks when ordering? I couldn’t find anything on your website or at CT…

    • Victoria at 4iiii

      Good point John, Black is standard. We’ll add black to the 105 crank descriptions.

      If your 105 is silver, you can use Factory Install to custom install PRECISION.

      Ride Ready on silver would be a long lead special order by you or your dealer.

  8. Scott D Gilbert

    Why do they discriminate against us with 177.5 cranks?

  9. Filip Lexfors


    Still no Word on carbon cranks?

  10. Scott M

    I have a crank arm at 4iiii right now getting a pod installed. I will give them credit, this morning I got a call from them asking if I wanted the v2 pod installed instead of the v1 pod. The person explained the difference over the phone when I asked about technical differences and explained the only cost would be a one week delay in returning the crank arm. It was an easy choice to go with the v2 pod and keep the option open in the future for a dual sided power meter.

    • Dolan H.

      Good to know since i’m in the pipeline for my second install next week (I have a 1st gen that’s been working great for the past six months).

    • Pearl

      Hi Dolan
      I can confirm that based on the measurements you provided your crank arm is suitable for installation of PRECISION v. 0.2.0. You will be receiving this version.

  11. ekutter

    So if we want the dual setup, is there any reason not to get the left only now and then the right half in July? Price seems to be the same. I have DA9000. From the sounds of it, the technology would be identical. The only downside seems to be I’d be without the left crank arm for a couple weeks now (not a big deal for me). Am I missing something? Will they prioritize new dual setup over right side upgrade when they become available?

    When do you expect to have the final dual setup in order to have accuracy info?

    • I don’t know of any reason not to do it now to be honest. Since they aren’t shipping a dual-inclusive version (meaning a Ride Ready option), there wouldn’t be a prioritization issue.

      I don’t know when they plan to get me a dual unit. The Gen2 left unit is however waiting for me back home once I get back. Given the Pro Teams have one (meaning it’s good enough for them), I suspect it won’t be too long till they’ve got an extra to send my way. By the same token, I’d prefer it to be final if I’m basing a review on it.

    • If you want to get going with power now, you can do a Factory Install with your left now and be riding that in April. Then order the dual upgrade in May for a July install.

    • John

      Victoria, is it too soon to ask about a plan for right side Ultegra cranksets. Is that on the roadmap? Dura Ace cranksets are pretty expensive (more than double) for that additional 8 oz of weight savings over Ultegra, especially for those in the market for value-priced power meters.

  12. Steven

    If the cranks will automatically switch to 1 sided left or right. Will you be able to split a dual system onto 2 bikes assuming they are not ridden at the same time?

  13. Lumorx

    Bought left only crank with pod from them last year. But now I think I’ll wait for Shimano power crankset

  14. CJ

    Clever training no longer stocking the 4iii precision?

    “page not found”

    • I’ve brought it up to the CT folks, they’re looking into why the existing ‘send in your own crank’ link seems broken/missing at the moment. Should have it resolved shortly.

    • pearl

      Factory Install is only available for order from 4iiii.com as this option is a customized installation for your crank arm. Approved dealers, including Clever Training, will offer Ride Ready and will also be able to order factory install for you.

    • lkr

      A bit disappointing, but good to know. [I hope you make this clear on your website.]

      Even without a discount from CT, this is a reasonable value. But if installed units were shipping now, I’d likely get the Ultegra crank arm at the discount!

    • ekuttter

      So there is currently no way to order with a 10% off discount? Ray, have you approached 4iii’s to see if they would be willing to do a direct discount for DCR readers?

    • Unfortunately I don’t do direct affiliate deals with manufacturers. Only with 3rd parties (i.e. Clever Training, Amazon, REI). That helps to keep me out of the fray there (on a lot of levels).

      That said, at a basic business level I don’t entirely understand why 4iiii would minimize retail/distribution channels for the only product they’re actually shipping right now. I could kinda see the logic after July (or whenever they catch-up on backorders). But then again, perhaps I just watch too much Shark Tank (or Dragon’s Den, in Canada). Either, that’s up to 4iiii & Clever Training to sort out.

    • ekutter

      Excellent reason not to go directly to the manufacturers.

      Victoria, hopefully you are still reading these comments (We appreciate all the feedback you have given here). I was about ready to order the left side crank for DA and then likely the right side in July, but now will probably wait until I see the dual sided review from Ray. While not a huge difference, the $40 was enough to make me pause. Does 4iii’s have any plans to sell through REI or would that be completely in REI’s court?

  15. Ric Liang

    Ray, does it happen to say if the Gen 2 is still made in Canada?

    Thanks for another great review

  16. Kg

    I’m very excited about dual. I have the same question as ekutter above – any reason not to get a left v2 pod now and upgrade it to dual come July?

    • This option gets you up and going right away. We coordinate production with your ship kits so that when your crank arrives we are ready for it to land into the manufacturing queue without waiting.

    • Daniel

      Are there any plans in the works to offer canadian pricing for your fellow countrymen or will it always be US pricing?

  17. John

    The more I look into these, the more they seem to tick all the boxes for me:

    – Transmits on both Bluetooth and ANT+
    – Firmware upgradable via iPhone app (also Android)
    – Path to dual sided measurement
    – Compatible with my current Shimano cranksets (6800 & 5700)
    – Compatible with my current SPD pedals (road cleats/shoes not required)
    – No issues with disc brake wheelsets

    Just not seeing a downside. I think I’ll sell my Quarq RS with DA chainrings while it still has decent resale value. I figure it’ll (mostly) cover the cost for left-side units for three bikes.

    • Chris

      Thought the same a year and a half ago as I ride with my left only power meter on my Ultegra crank with no sign of dual power for a second season

  18. Arthur

    I have been interest for quite some time in this product, but not being sure if it would be dual side compatible and living in Europe was holding me.
    From clevertraining it seems that in total they ask 390 $ with the dc coupon and the shipping, anyone know how much should be added if I buy from Belgium with import duty, etc ?
    If ever I have some trouble with the unit and need to send back, is the delivery paid by 4iiii ?

    Thanks to whoever could answer this, maybe someone from 4iiii would be great.

  19. andrejs g

    Hmm, I wonder why SRAM Red always gets left off these PM crank-based options. It would be nice to see 4iiii work with those. Any insight on that?

  20. Joe

    Hasn’t the running power meter that you previewed last year come out yet? (I thought it came out last fall.) Any updates?

  21. Kg

    Ray, you mentioned that the v2 pod requires less clearance. V1 needed 10mm – do you know what v2 requires? I’m hoping it will fit on a Madone 9. Also, for dual, can the left pod be placed anywhere along the left arm or does it need to be even with the right side pod? Thanks.

    • Eeebs

      V2.0 is just about 8mm in stack height, compared to V1.0 which was ~7.3mm. The 10mm clearance is still perfectly ok for the V2.0 version. As for the dual version, the left pod can be placed with the same flexible guidelines as the left-only version. Hope this helps!

    • Pearl

      The pod dimensions are:
      37.70mm long (orientated to the length of the crank arm)
      28.73mm wide
      7.75mm high
      Contact support@4iiii.com for more information.

  22. Eric

    I was at their headquarters to pick up my crank arm just an hour ago. I was hoping that my crank which was scheduled to be installed this week would have been the new pod that was just announced. Nope… 🙁 I dropped off my crank early and they managed to do the install on April 1st, 2016. DUH.

    Hopefully they would eventually extend the upgrade offer to Ultegra crank as well. Bought the Ultegra crankset new to specifically get this installed. New price and structure of 399 which includes the 105 arm is a sweet deal.

    Looking forward to your review of the new 3D Precision.

  23. Jeff Timleck

    this company is a fail at customer service.. sent 2 emails last week .. no answer.!!! I want to buy but….

    • Have you tried following up via social media (i.e. Twitter or Facebook), in case the e-mails are getting stuck somewhere in the tubes?

      I can’t remember the last time I heard of a 4iiii customer service issue.

    • panos

      …well, the same here…one week email, no reply….seems that they can’t handle growth very well…anyway i am already a customer but i think i will switch to another brand for dual…

  24. Siarhei

    Hi, Ray!
    I am trying to choose the power meter for myself. Do you think the watteam powerbeat worth waiting? Clevertraining has a preorder with the delivery planned for may currently, is the date looks realistic? I have also read that you are going to write a product review soon, any due date so far?

    • I would be hesitant to wait on (or go with) WatTeam at this juncture. I’m not confident with what I’m seeing over the last few weeks on my unit. I have both a second unit on the way, as well as a firmware update to try when I get back tomorrow. But currently things aren’t trending well (for me or some others).

  25. Rob

    Can you specify placement if you expect clearance issues with rear brake?

  26. Mr J

    Victoria – any word on UK pricing and availability? I’ve got a Cannondale crank arm ready to go!

  27. G.g.

    So if you have tiagra, it won’t work to use a 105 version? I would have to upgrade cranks first?

    • John

      You didn’t say which version of Tiagra you have.

      Assuming you are only interested in single-sided power, and the correct length 5800 105 crank arm is compatible with the spindle on whichever particular Tiagra crankset you happen to have (check first with your LBS to verify), there is no other reason the crank arm has to “match” other than aesthetics.

  28. Laurens Bloem

    Have they ever mentioned the DIY option again? Is that still their goal or are they happy to continue selling new cranks with their pods preinstalled and factory install options?

    I thought that DIY was pretty exciting, wondering if the issues with the glue (regarding shipping it as I understand it) killed off that whole plan or just delayed it.

  29. Nathan

    This looks really promising! I’ve been keeping my eye on the PM market for a while now, and have been looking at the single side with a route to upgrading to both sides if I find I get on with training at power.

    I’m a big fan of the way 4iii have treated gen1 customers, so it looks like they could be the no1 contender!

    Any word on shipping to the UK?

  30. Thanks Nathan for your support.
    Here is a link to our UK distributor!
    link to 4iiiiuk.com

  31. Blair

    Anybody use these for ‘cross and gravel racing? Any particular durability issues? Thanks.


    DC does 4iiii power meter have any active temperature control like the stages? I wouldn’t want have to calibrate throughout a ride as the temperate rises. Last year I rode La Marmotte in the French alps where temp went from 5 degrees C early morning up to 40 degrees C later in the day.

    • Hi Mark,
      The inherent design in PRECISION self corrects for temperature changes. Hence the affect of temperature swings is not as invasive as it can be with some other implementations in the market. Our 3 pro teams have been using PRECISION and/or PRECISION PRO this year with no mention about temperature concerns.

      That said, the temperature characteristics of each crank are captured in our factory process.
      When active temperature compensation is released in the future, our install base will be able to do over the air upgrade to their left PRECISIONs and dual PRECISION PRO’s via their 4iiii app.

  33. Jacky Wong

    I just ordered from CT, awaiting the delivery on Jul.

  34. Albert H

    Ray. Any thoughts on investing on the dual sided that they just announced now. I am worried about accuracy compared to others already on the market?

    i want to upgrade my duraace and am now using vector 2 but would love to go back to using my old duraace pedals that are on my other bikes.


    • I have no concerns on accuracy from the 4iiii solution, at least based on the single-leg unit. It sounds like I should get a dual one to test in the next few weeks.

  35. Sebastien

    seems like they changed their mind regarding the price for the upgrade to Dual Sided (from either 1st or 2nd gen).
    Their website now quotes $599 (USD) instead of $349
    Disappointing, at that price no real incentive to upgrade…

    • I’m pretty sure it’s just a web drop-down error. Their e-mail sent out and the press stuff I got showed 349/399 for the base crank sets. The difference depended on Gen1 or Gen2. Basically they promised Gen1 folks $349 upgrades, so they’re holding to that, versus Gen2 for $399 ugprades.

      However, on the site I’m only seeing the option at the moment in the drop-down for the FC-9000, which is Dura-Ace, and thus the most expensive option. I’ll defer to 4iiii’s folks to clarify when the page will allow orders for the non-Dura Ace version.

    • Jacky Wong

      thanks, Ray. Highly appreciate your help. Hope 4iiii will share the updated price soon.

    • Hi all,
      Here is the scoop. First of all, apologies for the confusion.

      Yes, All FC-9000 PRECISION customers upgrading to FC-9000 PRECISION PRO who purchased PRECISION before July 23, 2016 will be emailed a discount code this week that is linked to your email address. If you don’t hear from us by Friday, please contact support@4iiii.com with your preferred email address, include the month and year of your purchase and your crank type and PRECISION serial number. Your online purchase of of the $599.99 Factory Install PRECISION PRO upgrade with your promo code will trigger the $349.99 upgrade price.

      Going forward, PRECISION FC-9000 Factory Install purchases placed after July 22, 2016 can upgrade to PRECISION PRO (FC-9000) for $599.99. It is a strong option to consider for the following reasons:

      Riders have the option to start out at $399.99 with a left and if they decide to go to a dual, they don’t throw away their crank and their left power meter, rather they can send in their crankset and ride an awesome dual power meter for just under $1000. So the options are to jump in on a left only, or a dual, straight out of the shoot, for just $399.99 left or $749.99 dual. Or, go with the left and add dual to it later and still be under $1000 for a dual system.

      This begs the question about what happens when we bring out PRECISION PRO for other crank models. Our goal is to bring out more models providing dual power at the same $749.99 price. This isn’t in stone, but it is our plan. We plan to issue promo codes to eligible customers when the dual model is announced. Eligible customers will be those who purchased PRECISION up until July 22, 2016 who had the impression they could upgrade to Factory Installed PRECISION PRO for $349.99.

      To be clear, we have not announced models or future pricing of our next dual power meter.
      We do not promise to provide a dual solution for every crank model that we have installed a PRECISION onto.
      That said dual is a strategic direction for the company and we plan to bring out more models in the future. There are no price guarantees for dual models going forward, however, we understand and respect the importance of a congruent experience for our customers.

      4iiii solidly holds to the vision that our products including power meters be upgradeable to protect our customers’ investment by growing value and leveraging the same hardware platform for as long as possible. We continue to add value to our products even after they have left our factory. We aim for fair pricing so that more people have access to products that enhance their wellness, and at the same time, so our company stays viable and continues to innovate for you.
      We sincerely thank our customers for making their choice 4iiii

  36. Jacky Wong

    Got an email from 4iiii for the right side upgrade if purchase from CleverTraining, here is the detail:
    As a Clever Training customer you may be eligible for a discount program with them when you proceed with the right side upgrade. Current right side installations are scheduled for late August.

  37. andrew

    Any further word on dual sided models from 4iiii? Notably, any mountain bike offerings?

    • Nate

      I just wish they’d release the ultegra precision pro dual upgrade option! Seems like a lot of those cranksets are out there, ticks the boxes for real dual and ant+/BLE at an affordable price point, while allowing usage of any pedal system.

  38. WF


    I understand you are working on a full review of the precision 2.0 power meter. Can you tell us if there are any connection drop out issues using an out front mount, as with the Stages? I’ve got a race coming up and really need to pull the trigger on a left only unit soon (to pair with Garmin 820).

    Thank You

  39. Andrew S

    Any word on the Ultegra dual upgrade?

    • davie

      I’ve got Ultegra 6800 and am considering 4iiii. I asked them about dual.

      email reply from Pearl on 26 Jan was:

      Thanks for your interest in the PRECISION Pro power meter. The Ultegra is on our roadmap but we don’t have a scheduled release date yet. We will announce to all our customers when it becomes available. Let me know if you need anything else.

      Hope they get it sorted soon.

  40. TITO


    I am out of USA so, need pre installed option but my bicycle has a Sram Red 22 Crankset… What can I do? Which one can i buy?

    Thanks a lot,

  41. Jacky Wong

    bought the left leg option from CleverTraining last May or June. Seems like there is no USD$399 dual side upgrade available from CleverTraining or 4iiii. A bit disappointed, considering sold it out and get something else with dual legs.

  42. Miguel

    Hi DCR

    As an industry insider, wondering if you could help – I sent a FSA K-light crank for a factory install – 10 days later they say it’s not compatible and they’ll refund/return. No explanation why it’s suddenly not compatible, cr*ppy client service, but that’s another matter.

    4iii was kind of the only option – Stages doesn’t even list FSA as compatible for factory install: do you know if it’s something to do with the way the cranks are built or some issue FSA has with non proprietary powermeters?

    And more importantly, do you know of any factory install alternatives to 4iii or Stages? The other option is getting a favero/garmin pedal, but I would like to keep my speedplays if possible.