Ultra TwoNav GPS Cycling Computer

Just before heading out of town I unboxed and took a quick spin around town doing errands with the Ultra TwoNav computer.  This unit by CompGPS includes a touch screen, and mapping.  Plus ANT+ capabilities.  It’s like an Edge 500 – but with far more day to day functionality, albeit less race-specific functionality.  Look for a review in December.

" DC Rainmaker : ."

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  • These look great, but I've become addicted to Garmin Connect, so if it can't produce a TCX type file then I'll not be that bothered. I'm big on compliance with standards.

    (Loving the Queue BTW, nice to get more out).

  • Hi Andrew Kerr,

    Your interests are centric around serious biking, thus your view regarding Garmin's .tcx format is relevant to you and most readers here. Compliance doesn't mean .tcx, as it is a Garmin created file, whilst .gpx is THE standard that everyone else uses. The capabilities of .tcx is good but doesn't stop the HR and Cadence being acquired through the TwoNav or other brands. If we are to talk about compliance it wouldn't be Garmin's .tcx.

    As for the TwoNav Ultra (made by CompeGPS), it is something unique that not even Garmin have created. It is an innovative product but is not for dedicated die-hard road warriors like yourself. It is a mixed bag of tricks for riders, hikers, mariners and even hang-glider pilots. Thus, it is designed for many purposes rather than a dedicated device like the expensive high end bike GPS products.

    It does connect with the Heart Rate, Cadence and bike speed ANT+ products and does provide a good range of features and data to suit most semi-serious and recreational activities.

    One great feature is the ability to swap between a wrist band and a bike mount and is able to handle both raster and vector maps and can auto-route via street map.

    Importantly, it does have a transflective screen, which means, unlike iPhone and other smartphones it is totally viewable in direct sunlight, which then brings to mind the senseless development of iPhone and Samsung APPS for outdoor activities.

    TwoNav Ultra has Over 80 types of data that are user-configurable, so you can view exactly the fields you want. 'Virtual Coach' & 'TrackAttack' modes can be used to improve your competition performance. You can also customise alerts, to advise you when moving off-course for example.

    File types directly supported include: *.WPT, *.BWPT, *.LOC, *.GPX, *.KML, *.KMZ, *.TRK, *.IGC, *.PLT, *ECW, *.IMP, *.MAP, *.CDEM thus is the most map type flexible recreational device on the market.

    There are 4 configurable buttons on the sides for setting up the device for quick operation of your preferred feature or function. Each button has a two press option, quick or long press to effectively provide 8 configurable settings. With the touch screen and buttons, the interface is designed to be fast and easy to use.

    I have been selling Garmin and Magellan for 19 years and can say they have produced some great products but none have surpassed themselves in creating a multi-purpose device like CompeGPS have. And yes I sell TwoNav products as well.

    Starting price is 329,75 €

  • Skip forward a few years...and the OS in the UK has just launched a series of what appear to be re-branded CompGPS/TwoNav GPS including a cycling oriented one "OS Velo GPS". Because of the mapping they provide, they may prove popular.

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