A few quick (and totally worthwhile) items

First off – fear not, my race report is coming.  I had Monday’s post pre-written (correctly) assuming that I’d be exhausted.  Then tonight (Monday night) came along, and I got caught up finishing other work items.  So, I’ll be spending a Tuesday night plane flight getting the race report out.  I know lots of you are eager to hear how it went down.

Of interest though in the meantime – three quick items.

Geeks in Running Shoes Podcast:

First, even though I didn’t write up a race report Sunday night, I did manage to squeeze in a little bit of time on a podcast called with Geeks in Running Shoes.  I was on the show last year talking about the top picks in the sports technology world.  And this year I went on again to talk about what’s new, what’s coming – any my top recommendations for the holidays.

We had a great time and you’ll get a bit more detail into why I like certain things that you might otherwise have seen in Monday’s recommendation post.  Plus, I also talk a little bit about how the Philly Marathon went, and we just have a good time in general chatting about endurance racing and sports technology.  Since the show was live last night – so there were also folks asking questions via chat as well.

Plus, some folks have said they don’t know what my voice sounds like.  And, after listening to it – I’m not sure either.  Hard to tell with a cold and my nose stuffed up.  Maybe I should have inhaled some helium from the inflatable shark blimp.

Hit up the first link to read a bit more and grab the recorded MP3 file – or the second link to add the podcast to iTunes.

Sticker photos!

If you were one of the three hundred or so people that received DCR stickers over the past few weeks, definitely ensure you post some photos of their final resting place to the DCR Sticker Flickr Pool.  Especially cool to start seeing stickers from the other side of the world down under in Australia and nearby in Singapore.  It doesn’t have to be a super-high resolution fancy photo, though that’s always appreciated.  A cell phone photo of a unique place is just as good!


I’m thinking maybe a bit of Turkey Day love for folks that upload awesome sticker pics.  And at the moment, your odds are far better than the normal giveaway (mathematically speaking).  Plus, I might end up awarding points in the ‘creativity’ category.  However you define that. Maybe I’ll giveaway multiple things.  We’ll see…

Ban on Cycling in National Parks on Road bill:

There’s an interesting bill that’s aiming to make it illegal to cycling on roads in national parks of a trail/path is provided within 100 yards of the road.  I won’t get into all the details – because this post from the National Bicycle folks does a far better and more succinct job of explaining why it’s a bad thing for a lot of reasons.

But if you also believe it’s a bad thing for cycling, then hit up the petition which is closing in on 10,000 signatures.  Of course if you believe it’s a good thing…well…there’s no petition for you.

Ok, that’s it for now! 

Hang tight for the race report! I’m trying to limp around the house and knock out pre-Thanksgiving items as fast as possible.  Since both of us ran the full distance Sunday, both of us are a bit…slow…and groaning…in everything we do.  And having a four flights of stairs in a very vertical townhouse is not helping the situation!

Thanks for reading and supporting everyone!


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  1. Ray,

    Thanks for introducing me to the “Geeks in Running Shoes.” I enjoyed the podcast, and hearing about your Philly experience.


  2. Oh cool! Thanks again Ray for coming on the show this past weekend. it’s always cool to hear your take on gear.

  3. I hope that wherever you guys are headed for the holiday that you get to sit around and not be in the kitchen the whole time! Thanksgiving after a marathon is like a stage race for runner chefs!