Garmin Forerunner 610 May Giveaway

In celebration of summer BBQ season nearly being upon us, it’s time for a giveaway (or BBQ sauce)!  Given how hard to get the new Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS-enabled touch screen watch is, I figure it’s only appropriate that I give one away.  It was either that or giving away a case of BBQ sauce…and I’m pretty sure I know which one you’d prefer.


And the best thing is you’ve got nothing more to do than leave a single comment below (multiple comments don’t count around these parts!).


All you’ve gotta do down below is tell me how you plan to spend the upcoming three day weekend (for those in the US), for those in Canada, you can go with this past weekend.  And for those folks everywhere else in the world…we’ll just go with your plans for the weekend ahead.  Most importantly of course, is if a BBQ is involved…details are needed!

The entry period will run until Tuesday May 31st, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period and randomly select a winner.  Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you.  The winner will get a brand new Garmin Forerunner FR610 (with HR strap).  It’ll be sent out Wednesday morning and you should have it a day or so later – or roughly ‘4-6 weeks’ ahead of everyone else waiting for their orders to get fulfilled.

(Note: If you’re active duty military and deployed and are unable to complete the entry method above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in.  For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets.  In short – I purchase and giveaway everything here, these are not sponsored by Garmin.  Through careful planning I picked up a handful of them when they first came available…just so I could give them away to you.  Thanks all!)



  1. Well, I work on Friday and Monday, so no major plans. I’m sure I can find some time to squeeze in some delicious BBQ though! Thanks for all the great posts!

  2. I’ll be spending 4 days backpacking in the Ventana wilderness with friends. There is a possibility that we will be taking “the road less traveled,” which includes a 1 mile, 6 hour section of bush whacking. If I win Ray’s Garmin giveaway, but do not make it back from the weekend, I will the Garmin to “the girl.” No, silly, not Ray’s girl – My girl.

  3. I’ll be running intervals on Friday, swimming on Saturday, racing on Sunday, and biking on Monday…and in between, spending lots of time with family and friends!

  4. This weekend I’m cutting at least 10 inches off my hair and donating it to Locks of Love! And then I’m taking my daughter to a birthday party, babysitting my niece and then going to visit my brand new nephew. It’s all about family this weekend!

  5. Great Blog check it daily

  6. I’ll be heading to the beach on Saturday & Sunday. Working on Monday. I plan on doing a little swimming at the beach.

  7. Hmmm, didn’t realise that it was a three day weekend. I’ll probably be working on the normal day and doing the usual biking on the weekend.

  8. Thank you for the great reviews… extremely informative… I can only imagine how much time you are spending on these…as far as for my weekend… hoping for some sunshine, so I can enjoy some running, some biking and a lot of time with the family 😉

  9. Heading to Quebec city, my hometown for the long weekend and some extra days!
    Thank you for the chance!

  10. Is there a way to win a 610 covered in BBQ sauce? If so, sign me up.

  11. 5k afternoon with my woman, then we will go on a 40 mile ride Saturday morning. Shower and change for a crawfish boil Saturday night. Rest Sunday with another run and/or ride monday!

  12. Three day weekend .. sounds nice, but I’ll be working on Friday and Monday here in Germany. Plans for the weekend include continueing with my Marathon recovery and hopefully a bikeride on Sunday. Probably a BBQ, too – but nothing all that special (a bit of meet and a sausage or two). Probably going to follow IM Brazil if ironmanlive is working for a change.

  13. I plan on taking my son to the zoo, get in a good long run on Sunday, and catching up on tasks around the house, pretty exciting indeed.

  14. Going to Berlin for the weekend with my good colleagues. Must remember to bring my running shoes…

  15. Kayaking Friday, Cycling Saturday & Sunday Morning Hopefully get in a swim and a run in the afternoons and then Cycling and Kayaking Monday. No BBQ for me 🙁

  16. Sac

    Inlaws coming town. Eek.

  17. Awesome Giveaway!
    I’m planning on spending the weekend rock climbing and hiking with my kiddos 🙂

  18. Pre- and post-emptively celebrating the end of the world!

  19. Interesting giveavay ))
    I’d like to join

  20. We were off to see the wizard 🙂

  21. Anonymous

    I’ll be at the races in beautiful florida with 14 of the junior athletes I coach for a beautiful sprint distance race. Then my whole team and families will go for lunch on the river with pontoon boats, snorkeling and manatees! Sunday will be for relaxing and Monday “the guy” and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary. We’re going on a 50 mile ride (no kids) and a mile ocean swim and then hitting the Ritz and drinking mojitos all afternoon! Great weekend ahead!

  22. Climbing a mountain! Looking forward for a great adventure in a tropical rainforest.

  23. Thanks for doing another giveaway! I’ll be spectating a 10 mile race on Saturday, running the Madison Marathon on Sunday, and eating my weight in hot dogs on Monday:)

  24. Headed to the Lake of the Ozarks to meet up with family for the long weekend.

  25. Bike road race saturday. Ride hills sunday and 90 minute run sunday afternoon.

  26. Yes, put me in for this one. 6-hour ride planned with friend Lauren for Saturday – hoping to get from Fort Lee, NJ to Bear Mountain, will perhaps extend slightly past the 3-hour ‘out’ mark if we are near our destination but not quite there! Sunday will be 1.5hr swim and 2-3hr run (getting over a lung ailment and thinking about cutting long run from 3 to 2 hrs) – or the days will be switched out if thunderstorms come Saturday…

  27. Plan on spending my weekend watching my teammates compete in a half ironman and freeze their butts off in a cold west coast lake.

  28. will be back in the saddle after a gap of two weeks. 100Ks on my bike and topping it off with a mild 7K run

  29. Great review of the 610. Love your site.

  30. Actually off to a mates 40th birthday bash so that will probably kill training for the weekend.

  31. I’m still stuck on Easter, so it will be barbecued Peeps, with barbecue sauce. Yum!

  32. I’ll swim, bike, run, and eat!

  33. Hi, in Italy we have a normal 2 days week end and for me there is a big party with a lot of relatives and big BBQ. CIAO!!!

  34. This weekend? This weekend will be like any other, three days or not. I’ll start off by lying to coworkers about my big plans involving running, relaxing and spending a tremendous amount of time watching television, only to later make a run for the empty field near my house. I’m nearly certain an old sailing vessel or a partly dissaembled Dook LaRue from Showbiz Pizza’s “The Rock-afire Explosion” band are buried in that field. Or maybe it’s something else altogether. I won’t know for sure until I dig it up. There’s also a thin chance nothing is buried in that field. Nothing at all. If that turns out to be the case, I’ll probably go ahead and spend my new-found spare time by inventing a teleportation device that only works for objects or persons who are currently being consumed by fire.

  35. Jonathan

    Swim, bike, run … bbq.

    Ribs and brats for me … mushrooms for the lady!

  36. I’ll be doing a tempo run Friday, bike of 60km or so on Saturday, then long run and possibly also swimming Sunday. Have a good one everybody!!

  37. Michael

    Hopefully having a birthday barbecue if it doesn’t rain!

  38. I’ll be skiing at Arapahoe Basin on Saturday, followed by a short run. No plans other than a long run on Sunday, maybe I’ll go for a ride too? Monday is a BBQ at a buddy’s house where he is breaking out his new smoker to do up some ribs. I’m definitely going to bring a couple of kegs of my home-brew (probably my Mexican Chocolate Stout and a Kolsch)

  39. I’m from New Zealand so no out of the ordinary plans for me. Easy 5km on Sunday with Steady 16km Sunday. Will be stormy and wet so should be good fun! Enjoy your long weekend.

  40. Gonna be hiking 10mi up a peak on Saturday and doing some biking and running the next two days. Hope it doesn’t rain.

  41. I haven’t seen my two daughters in a year. They are flying in on Thrusday. My husband and I are so excited to spend some time with them this summer. This weekend we will be heading out to Massacre Rocks State Park in ID, enjoying a cabin, and hopefully doing some rock climbing if the weather permits. Oh and BBQ? Yeah we are BBQ addicts!


    Rebecca Child

  42. I have to work on saturday. On Sunday we (my wife and kids) plan to visit the Windmill at Britzer Garten Berlin. Before or after I try to sqeeze in an 20k run.

    No BBQ, but had one last Weekend with fresch Asparagus and the usual.


  43. Not this, but next week an adventure race (running, mtb, canoeing, climbing) in the city center of Vilnius in Lithuania

  44. jancam81


  45. Planning to hit 100 running miles for the month on a 12 mile long run on Sunday! This will be my first ever 100-mile month. I just started running last fall and am training for the Chicago Marathon which will be my first full marathon!

    Will also be working and BBQing with a college friend that I haven’t seen for 5 years!

  46. I’ll take a luxury cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm with other Finnish runners. After Stockholm Marathon on Saturday we celebrate and enjoy fine foods aboard, including BBQ!

  47. Well it’s Comrades this weekend on Sunday, but unfortunately I’m not running this year. So I plan to get up, watch the start at 5:30, then head for a 20km run, and settle back on the couch and watch the rest.

  48. I haven’t got so long weekend but I’m going to race in mtbo 🙂 (mountain bike orientation)

  49. I’ll racing this weekend!

  50. Well it’s not a long we over here but since I took Friday off it’ll count I guess. So I’ll be enjoying Friday and swim in my new super flexible wetsuit. Do a swim workout Saturday am, bike workout with my club and catch up on my reading before the first Tri of the season on Sunday.

    Ray thanks for your great blog of which I became a keen reader.

  51. After 3 races last weekend i’m taking it easy, but will run on the mountain and since it Comrades (a silly 89km race here in SA) on Sunday I’ll be watching almost every step on TV.

  52. Not sure which category I fit into. Live in New Zealand but landed in Canada today for a month and going to be in the USA on Monday. Plan for the weekend. Saturday running in the Norgh Vancouver hills. Sunday either more of the same or the Crud and Mud downhill at whistler. Monday possibly a road ride around lake Washington in Seattle. All with 310XT in tow. Still waiting for my new old style HR strap to arrive. Have given up on the stupid soft strap so will likely ware my Polar s625x as well and merge the HR data in SportTracks.

  53. The neighbors are opening the pool this weekend! Swimming, BBQ, and a few drinks!

  54. Oddly, I have the EXACT same plans as Jon. Except I’m not looking for Dook LaRue. I believe Fatz Geronimo is buried in my field.

  55. Lin

    Work travel and work. Do some grillin and chillin for me…

  56. I’m Canadian, so my long weekend is in the past…

  57. Plans for this weekend: Sprint Triathlon Team Trial Madrid Championship with my friends.

    Thanks for the giveaway and the blog !!

  58. Weekends here are Fri/Sat. I have a sprint triathlon coming up on Sat. It’s the very first one I ever did so I’m eager to see how (if?) my times have improved! Thanks for the opportunity!

  59. Friday: dinner party
    Saturday: dinner/birthday party
    Sunday: sprint triatlon
    I should work on my planning…

  60. I plan to spend it indoors as the weather this time of year in New Zealand is far from ideal BBQ weather. 🙂

  61. on friday i have a 6k friends race, and sunday a 10k. Saturday i hope i could rest 🙂

  62. i will be traveling to Singapore for a full marathon. and will be running in East Coast park, and sure will have smell of BBQ to push me on. 🙂

  63. I’m stoked about this weekend! Going away to the cabin for a few days, just good food, wine, hiking trips and the best company 🙂 And thanks for the giveaway!

  64. Friday : work
    Saterday : doing a run in the morning
    Sunday : Mtb in the morning and contract relax in the afternoon

    Grtz from BELGIUM

  65. Ok, this Memorial Day weekend is going to kick ass. My little guy is turning 2 on Monday and to commemorate the day, we’re actually spending the whole weekend…ready? POTTY TRAINING! Yes. Happy birthday to me. Hopefully, we’ll be phasing out the diapers, eating cake, and in true PNW style, lighting up the BBQ for some wild Alaskan salmon.

  66. It’s anniversary weekend for me… 12 years.

  67. Haven’t had any special plans till yet. But BBQ sounds like a good idea. Let’s see, where I can invite myself 😉

    Best regards from Germany!

  68. 15 mile run this weekend. Tapering for the Utah Valley Marathon in two weeks.

  69. backpacking in Kings Canyon!!!

  70. graduation parties and backyard bbq’s!

  71. Marc

    This weekend, the Grindelwald Challenge, 75km road race near Launceston, Tasmania

  72. Hi! I will spend my 4 days working on Friday and Monday: Sms don’t stop (I work in a SMSC center). Saturday I will relaxing waiting for Sunday. Sunday I will play the final game of the soccer season: if we will win we will remain in 1 division. Otherwise, we will downgrade in 2nd division 🙁 … Go Wolves (my team)!

  73. Thomas H

    we have a long weekend coming up ahead here in NZ – will be at the beach in the Coromandel of New Zealand. Too cold to swim or BBQ though this time of year but will be out on kayak and getting a few kms in somewhere along the line. All the best Ray!

  74. Enjoying memorial day bbq. Friends just bought a rib smoker and we’ve made beer.

  75. I was hoping to buy it when coming to the states but would not mind coming from the mighty DCrainmaker

  76. This week end I will be doing a 215km team race in Norway. Team consists of 30+ riders pluss + supporting vehicles. Forecast is wind and rain.

  77. So I live in South Africa, which means I don’t have a three day weekend this weekend, and with the weather the was it is, I’m not going to have a braai (our version of BBQ).

    I will tell you about National Braai Day which we celebrate on the 24th September. Its a new thing, but it involved wood and a fire (the fire is used to burn off the left over stuff on the grid from the braai before). Then we throw some meat on it and eat it. The ladies normally make the salads.

    We are trying to make a tradition of inviting friends over on braai day, but this year we have a wedding on that day, so we’ll have to see.

  78. I will be supporting my girfriend at her second triathlon ever. TriStar 111 in Worms, Germany.

  79. Cool new Garmin device…
    I will be at the starting line of Woerthersee Triathlon in Corinthia (Austria) this weekend…

  80. I’m going to test our new chariot Cougar with the kid in the weekend. Also some core training gonna bee involve in the weekend…not forget the family BBQ on sunday.

  81. Running Stockholm Marathon on Saturday. As little as possible on Sunday 🙂

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. Rain, Rain and Rain, so no BBQ. Indoors isn’t the best option….

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Saturday will be 1h running including 4×7′ 10k pace. and sunday 1h low pace just before BBQ!

  85. I plan on removing my bathroom this weekend so that I can have a new shiney one installed. Can’t wait.

  86. This weekend I’m running the Stillwater Marathon before heading back to Milwaukee for the summer.

  87. Hi Venice Italy here,
    In the upcoming weekend i will

    – Do a BBQ with friened (Like american boys :P)
    – 10 km running race
    – Get drunk
    – 1,5 km swim

    In a random order!

  88. Hope this Garmin could fly to Paris 😉

  89. I’ve got some home electrical repair ahead this weekend to finish a bathroom fan installation that’s been going on 3 months.

  90. Going to a 10km hill running competition to test my new pair of Inov8 X-Talon 212-s. Other than that I’m hoping for a warm weekend here in Estonia and perhaps even some sunshine and grilling 🙂 All the best!

  91. Anonymous

    Great Blog check it daily

    doron from tel aviv

  92. I am going to spend Saturday morning getting lost on my bike and Sunday morning getting lost on my run. Monday I plan on spending getting lost in food, provided I find my way back from my previous endeavours.

  93. Stumbled on your blog while searching for GPS watch reviews. Bought a Garmin 210 based on your reviews. Now I’m a regular reader. Great work – thanks.

    I’m in New Delhi and it’s a 111 degrees outside. So definitely no running outside this weekend and no BBQs either! The plan is to catch Hangover 2 in airconditioned comfort….

  94. scott

    Cutting the grass and cooking outside!!!

  95. No vacation in DK put planning on working the weekend anyway. Although spending Saturday evening with some bbq and then watching the champions league final. Go Barca.

  96. My upcoming weekend will be pretty dull, with orchestra rehearsal on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. But …. the weekend after that will see me at the BBQ grill, preparing food for 6 adults and 4 kids. It’s going to be awesome.

    Even more so if I can use the FR 610 to run off all the calories 🙂

  97. Will be relaxing, watching the French Open tennis and the Giro d’Italia (on TV) on Saturday and Sunday. Have a 70 mile cycle planned for Monday taking in a 30% hill along the way (Millook, Cornwall, England) just for fun!

  98. Phil

    Normaly we’ll have a nice weather this weekend around Paris and it will be bbq, run, bbq, mountain bike, bbq, run, bbq, mountain bike, bbq…
    Sport sessions to compensate for bbqs and bbqs to compensate for sport sessions 🙂
    Best regards from France.

  99. I’ll be running intervals on Friday. Saturday will be rest day which includes BBQing with my parents. On Sunday there’s two 30k bike rides to work and back.

  100. Cycling on friday, running on saturday, cycling on sunday.. Just a regular weekend.

    Ray u r the king of gadgets!

  101. Like always an in depth analysis and a perfect way to get a deep analysis before spending money. thanks again dc! BBQ all weekend along with training in the sunny greek beaches!

  102. Anonymous

    Thanks for the website, read it every day.

  103. Friday Resting. Saturday Hiking. Sunday Long Distance Cycling. Night Time during these days watching Giro dItalia.

  104. SDO

    Kia ora Ray

    This weekend in Aotearoa (New Zealand) I’ll be hoping that the torrential rain we’ve had for the last 2 days stops for my ride on Saturday and my run on Sunday.

    Great blog. Enjoy your BBQ.

  105. Since the weather is fantastic right now, the plans are simple, long runs and bbq 🙂

  106. We are off to Locarno (Ticino, Switzerland), to do some hiking with our dog Toni ( To get there, we have to drive through the Gotardo-tunnel – which is 10 miles in length.

  107. Klemens

    In my country (Austria) the long weekend is 2 to 5 June. I will go cycling to the mountains and have a family gathering there (and hopefully BBQ opportunities).

  108. Greetings from Denmark!

  109. My first marathon-first race of any kind-is 3 weeks away. This weekend I’ll run the final long run (20 miles) along the tundra here in Bethel, Alaska. It’s finally warm enough for enjoyable outdoor running (snow & ice only departed a few weeks ago). Time to make final decisions on clothing, fuel and target pace. Nervous and can’t wait at the same time!

  110. Gotta work all weekend so no BBQ for me.

  111. I’ll be spending the weekend training for my upcoming sprint triathlon next month. Core exercises for Saturday. Swim (AM) and long run (PM) for Sunday.

  112. Preparing for my 2nd ultra marathon.

  113. 10 km run on Friday

    8km run on Sunday

    Unfortunatly we do not have a 3 days weekend here in Germany… so I work on Friday and Monday…

    Keep you Blog as it is…we love it here

  114. Can I still comment if I don’t like BBQ? I’m a make a terrible Kansas City resident!

  115. Editing some cycling videos and hitting the excellent local park of Hampstead Heath for a bit of mountain biking

  116. Racing today, tomorrow, saturday and sunday…..

  117. I would LOVE to win one! 🙂

  118. Hi.

    I have to go to school on friday and saturday.

    But sunday is “relax”-day. That means that there is maybe some time to jump on my bike and after that a BBQ if the weather is fine.

  119. Yeah!
    Thanks Ray, great post :o)
    In my agenda: run 90K untill Tuesday.

  120. No long weekend in Brisbane Australia, but I am riding Saturday then racing the 25km “Damn Run” from a bayside pier to the top of a dam wall.

  121. A holiday for BBQ? I’d do it 12 months a year! Right now I am finishing school and planning my next training phase. Woo hoo!

  122. Not much planned but I’ll definitely watch the formula 1 race from Monaco.

  123. Have to work on day time on Fri & Sat, and overnight duty on Sun night! Plan a Interval run while off duty on Sat. Go church with my family in the Sunday morning & 1-hour open water swim in the afternoon.

  124. I hope the upcoming weekend will be quite productive in many ways. Need to do some pretty tough stuff for university while recovering from tomorrow’s exam. But this weekend will also include the final key workouts prior to qualification for German regionals (800 m).

  125. We got hit by the first major cold front of winter. I think I’ll spend the weekend huddling under the blankets. Brrrr. Also missing one of my favourite races due to injury.

  126. My weekend same as my week. Swim – Eat – Sleep – Run – Eat – Sleep – Bike Eat – Sleep and repeat and repeat and repeat

  127. Anonymous



  128. Hope to do three trainings

  129. Kash Serasinghe

    I’ll be doing my long run first thing in the weekend. I have palans to do a little bit of shopping too. Then next week I’ll be on my taper for my very first race.

  130. Weekend = Racing time and it implies a quite standard template:
    – Friday: Travel time towards the “battlefield”
    – Saturday: Racing time (this time, a sprint triathlon).
    – Sunday: Come back home.

  131. Hi,

    hope for the best 😉

  132. My perfect weekend:

    Friday: run 7k in my new hometown
    Saturday: run 10k in my old hometown
    Sunday: Relax! BBQ!

  133. No long weekend here in New Zealand, and no barbeques either, seeing as it’s early winter. I have a muddy trail run planned for Saturday and, weather permitting, a fast, flat bike ride for Sunday. In between there will be lots of sleeping and eating!

  134. Mr Bouldegom

    I will go with my family (wife, son & daughter) on holidays in Brittany for one week. A house just in front of the sea ! Perfect place for a BBQ !
    Marc from France

  135. Thanks Ray. Saturday short bike ride, Sunday Woodland Half Marathon & Monday is my day of rest.
    (sadly too cold for a BBQ)

  136. My plans for the weekend are to do a 10k race (first one for me) and keep training for next year IM 🙂

  137. no special plans, just resting with the wife and kids

  138. The wife and I are taking 30 kids from our church youth group on an overnight backpacking trip in Rancho Cuyamaca State Park. Should be a blast!

    Thanks, Ray!

  139. 10k race coming up this weekend. Hopefully a nice new PR will come out. Looking forward to it!

  140. biking in the austrian alps!

  141. This weekend I will visit Oviedo in Spain, and I want to run on saturday if I can

  142. Will be flying back from Crotia:@)

  143. Sveiks!

    Altough I would prefer having a century (km, not miles) ride on my road bike, I will spend my weekend doing other stuff. First, it will be 18-hour car-orienteering event, starting at 2AM. This will leave me quite exhausted. Sunday will be spent with dinner with my GF family and a watching a theatre play in the evening.

  144. Saturday will be spent watching either Pirates or Kung Fu Panda II.

    Sunday will be reserved for the 5th Sunday Run of Adination – Tiendesitas.

    BBQ will be squeezed in between 😛

  145. Doing easy on friday and than a hard weekend before going to the Challenge Kraichgau! My first middle distance this year.

  146. CKee

    Group ride on Saturday, long run Sunday. Cheers 🙂

  147. I’m planning on doing the Capital of Texas Tri this Memorial Day. I have a slight fever, but I hope to get better. Awesome blog Ray!

  148. Dunhill Deodores

    We’ll be watching my daugther’s ballet recital on Sunday

  149. I will be running Stockholm Marathon. It is my first marathon and I am really excited about it! Hopefully I will get some BBQ after I finish.

  150. My answer will probably surprise everyone reading this comment. For this weekend I plan three beautiful runs 😉

  151. i don’t have plans for weekend

  152. On Saturday 120km road cycling race 🙂

  153. CH

    heading for Stockholm Marathon, Sweden, this weekend. might do a bbq if all goes well 🙂

  154. Read your blog every day. It is the best!

  155. I plan to get a run in Saturday and Monday, then eat well!

  156. foe me the week end is full !

    Friday : check up my stuff for the course

    Saturday : Half ironman in france ( BELFORT )

    and sunday : a big BBQ for mother day in France

    i think sunday will be the hardest day ( lighting the BBQ with only one hand because in the other i’ll have a wineglass ! )

  157. Saturday I hope for 100 km bike.

  158. I have on Saturday a 15k cycling tour and on sunday I’m going to run 20k. In the evenings I’ll be lazy and watch some TV I guess 🙂

  159. BBQ and the beach!

  160. Well, I have a MTB race. So, thats my plan.



  161. Iain Melhuish

    No long weekend in Australia. A 32km marathon training run Sat morning followed by quick bike ride to the beach for a 2km ocean swim.

  162. Weekend plan,running, swimming and being a driver sending children….

  163. My sons 7th birthday party saturday 1pm – 3.30pm then the rugby game of the season Magners League Grand Final 5.05pm Munster vs Leinster, hoping for a huge win and a trophy for the Munster Guys

  164. Hi

    This weekend the plans are a early long bike trip in the forrest saturday and just family fun the rest of the weekend. The summer is comming to Norway slowly now, and everything is green and beautiful. The rest of the Saturday we probably take a trip out in the forrest and just play and hike around for fun. Sunday will most likely be spent on a farm/museum nearby with wife and kids (link to for some playing, BQ and just relaxing.

    Planning to go to Norway soon DC? This one is popular link to 🙂

    Thanx for a good site. Take care.

    Best Regards


  165. G

    Err… training, training and more training. With perhaps watching the Champions League Final thrown in. And I think you SHOULD give away a case of BBQ sauce!

  166. on friday i have my rest day, so no practice and running. on saturday i will start the day with a 60min run followed by shopping on the farmers market (i love that place, so much fresh fruits and vegetables).
    At 11 am i have baseball practice for the BBQ Cup. The BBQ Cup is a small tournament for local businesses.
    After that I will take a short stopp at home take a shower pick up my kids and straight back to the baseball arena to watch our local team play .

    Sunday morning starts with a very slow 90min run.
    The rest of my sunday is just chilling.

  167. Long weekend is gone already for me as I am Canadian … But my plan was to head to Lake Placid for a training camp, which was really fun. This weekend, I am running the Ottawa half marathon.

    Thanks for the giveaway Ray!

  168. going to Walibi amusement park this weekend and intend to enjoy it to the max! 🙂

  169. The only thing on the BBQ will be me… I’ll roast myself with, 3 run sessions, a long bike and a swim session. As sauce some core training will do!

  170. mid distance triathlon race on sundday

  171. Well in Denmark it’s a two-day weekend as usual. There’s carnival in my town with loads of dressed-up, drunk people running around, so that will be fun to watch. Weather should be good so perhaps mowing the lawn and getting 40-50 km of running done before it turns into june 🙂

  172. No holiday weekend in dusty Iraq so I will be heading to the DFAC for the typical trimmings and run the outer perimeter road that will give me about a 4-5 mile celebratory boost. In between coughs of dust from the non-potable water and sewage trucks driving by.

    Better yet, send me the watch and I can tell you exactly how far it is. 😉

  173. Saturday, long bike, then friend’s housewarming party. Sunday, long run, then dinner with mom; grilling some meat. Monday, 100 mile bike ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway through the mountains.

  174. Weekend here in Denmark is going to be cheering for the misses running her first half marathon… and see if i can squeze some training in!

    Keep up the great work!

  175. Hi,

    I’m from Latvia and we will have normal 2 day weekend. I’ll start training for my first half-marathon this saturday.

  176. On Saturday I will be running building up my mileage for my first half marathon. Then my sister in laws birthday; which involved a BBQ at their house and then a night out in the city clubbing. Sunday will probably be a simple road ride. Monday will be a lovely day hitting up one of Wales’ mountain biking trail centres, which one is yet to be decided.

  177. BBQ is the best preparation for a good long run.

  178. doing first long run of my half marathon training.

  179. Also a 3 day weekend here in the UK with spring bank holiday on Monday.

    Saturday is a day shift at the local lifeboat station. Sunday some gentle cycling to ease out left over tiredness from last weekends half iron. Monday is a big swim, bike, run session with a mate.

    Hoping for some good weather!

  180. Loudoun Road Runners are having their annual potluck brunch, after a group run on the C&O towpath. Its almost like a BBQ.

  181. Nothing major other than a couple of shortish runs. Recently stumbled across the blog – enjoying it.

  182. Sat – Football (soccer) with my son and netball with my daughter.
    Sun – Football tournament with my son.
    Call me a taxi!!

  183. only 2 days here in the Netherlande, but sat morning will be perfect: running 10k with my kids riding their bikes next to me, then pool and BBQ – will sneak in some beers also! and sunday means long bike ride to the beach – the family will go by car
    just missing the 610 to make it better!

  184. Just getting prepared for knee surgery on Monday. Damn meniscus 🙂

  185. Mindz

    Today I will have a 2:30 bike ride, followed by a 3h ride tomorrow. And on Sunday I will go for another 2h ride.

  186. Thanks for the shot at a forerunner, Ray! On Saturday, I’m bringing my bike to the shop really early for a little checkup and then hopefully having an epic ride. Sunday, long swim (I’m going to try to find some open water since my first tri is the weekend after, but who knows how that will pan out) and on Sunday I’m going to run 7 to 13 miles in this awesome free trail marathon series here called the Holiday Marathons in Van Cortlandt Park. At some point there will be steak and corn on the cob. Have a great weekend yourself!

  187. I will be running on friday, and probably out to a small piece of land I own 30km away from the city if there is good weather 🙂

  188. just bought a trainer so definitely some indoor biking away from the humidity. then, of course, a bbq on monday

  189. Hey DC!
    Love the reviews; stumbled on the site by pure coincidence! Running my 3rd Marathon this weekend in Ottawa, Canada!
    Keep up the good work.

  190. ERIC

    Spending this weekend celebrating my older daughters birthday!!! Will also do a brick this weekend as I enter peak phase for my A olympic at the end of June. And lots of BBQ
    Eric A

  191. Absolutely love your site 🙂
    Really looking forward to that RCX5 review 🙂

    I am doing a slow run trying to get back after an injury, and taking the kids to a themepark.
    Kind regards Erik

  192. Count me in
    Ciaran rodgers Ireland

  193. Swim, bike, run! What else is there to do?

  194. nothing special..JUST RUN from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.Little bit holy,a bit of Sea.Nice view on the way and 7.5 hours of fantastic songs in MP3…

  195. I spent this past weekend moving my stuff into storage as I am moving from Canada to Malaysia for two years!


  196. This comment has been removed by the author.

  197. Run, work, run, driiiiiink my way through some graduations.

  198. Didn’t get it last time… I’m sure I will this time.

  199. I will be camping with a load of scouts on a rainy, cold, wind-swept airfield. There will be BBQ though so it is not all bad.

  200. This Memorial Day Weekend I will be:
    chopping & stacking 4 cords of wood with my husband-with oil prices on the rise, we want to be well prepared for Winter 2011-2012 here in Maine

    We will be planting our garden

    We WILL be cooking on the grill-but that is no different than any other weekend. We grill year round so how about a “runner up” prize of that case of BBQ sauce?? 🙂

    Oh, and of course-my training schedule will fit in early morning around these fun filled festivities! a 40 mile ride/5 mile run brick, 2400 yds in the pool and a 10 mile trail run.

  201. I am continuing my preparation for my French Alps Cyclosportive (Marmotte). So I will be doing a roadbike session of 3-4 hours (110 kms) with specific drills on Saturday. Then on Sunday I plan to do a Threshold session of one hour at the Gym.
    Thank you again for then wonderful information you are posting on the blog.

  202. I’ll be spending four days at the beach with my family.

  203. It would be a nice addition to my workout!

  204. I am running my first 10k race on Sunday!

  205. My parents are in town from Michigan for Rolling Thunder so I’ll spend the weekend trying to figure out they like motorcycles better than bicycles (I prefer bicycles!).

  206. oops…missing word
    I’ll be trying to figure out *why* they like motorcycles better than bicycles!

  207. If the rain doesn’t stop, it sure looks dark for any BBQ around these parts 🙁

    I will most likely fix new furniture for the home office. And maybe get some miles of running in.

  208. It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK as well. I’m shooting a wedding on Saturday in central London, I will then be meeting up with a mate nice and early on Sunday morning (6am ish) for a 3 or 4 hour ride in the Surrey Hills, the rest of Sunday and all of Monday will be devoted to some quality time hanging out with my wife and 2 wonderful children!

  209. I plan on spending as much time as I can with my family!! If the rain stays away long enough there should be some time for some BBQ!

  210. I’ll be working and sleeping…and eating…and that’s it~

  211. I’ll be searching for chekpoints at forest

  212. Camping in West Virginia…hopefully getting an open water swim in

  213. On tap for the weekend will be a long bike ride on Saturday around 60ish miles a little swimming on Sunday and on Monday the one and only Bolder Boulder!

    You have the best give aways. 🙂

  214. Actually I have a three day weekend here in Taiwan. Saturday morning aquathlon – 1.5km swim followed by a 10km – first time for me to do this type of race. Should be fun. Sunday I imagine will get in a 100km ride. Hoping for good weather. However there is a typhoon out at sea – heading towards Taiwan. Monday not sure what I will do.

  215. No BBQ here in Poland, but will participate in 10k race in Krakow on Sunday, to get close to 45:00. Keep your fingers crossed please!

  216. Karina

    Okay, admittedly there’s people doing some pretty cool stuff this weekend. But I’m pretty excited about my first double-digit run in months, since I’m slowly rebuilding after injury. And my training partner, who broke her foot 2 months ago, just got cleared to start biking, so we finally get to go ride together on Monday! It’s not running, but it’s something! Happy Memorial Day, Ray!

  217. Taper madness: I’ve got the Vermont City Marathon this weekend so a giveaway like this is a welcome distraction!

  218. Taking care of my three kids (6, 8, 10) while my wife is away at her college reunion. We’re going to Viva Vienna, the pet store to buy a fish, and the movies. The ten year old may run a 5K (but probably not, since the other kids may not get out of bed early enough). All my running will be before the kids get up.

  219. This weekend I’m training hard (trail running Saturday, swimming Sunday, long ride Monday) all morning and sitting at the pool not moving a single muscle (except for my eating and drinking ones)all afternoon.

  220. I’m going to spend it with my wife and 3-year-old. We’re going to do some hiking and biking…and then on Monday bbq up 3 racks of baby backs over mesquite charcoal…along with some grilled corn on the cob. Cheers.

  221. training ride and cookout

  222. I am going Camping!!!! and then while Im there I am going to the Fly By Night Duathlon in Watkins Glen, NY. This is on the race track at night!! How cool is that?!! Then a BBQ the next day with my parents on the balcony of their home. Its going to be a great weekend!!

  223. Ciao! This would be awesome because I’m just about to start marathon training (Venice, Italy, 23 October 2011). It’s my first! 😀

  224. Maybe a Memorial Day race. Spend some time with the fam. Enjoy the day off.

  225. Will go fishing next week.

  226. If I don’t end up procrastinating, I’ll be studying for my finals next week and writing my thesis. In the little time that remains I’ll go for a 10 to 12K run.

  227. Sat: 110km TT then 3 x 2k run off the bike. Sun: 2.5k swim then 3 hr bike. Sweet!

  228. Mike R

    Saturday rest. Vermont City Marathon in Burlington on Sunday. Burgers and dogs on Monday!

  229. I’ll be spending the long weekend doing a couple of easy runs, and figuring out what my training schedule for the summer should look like.

  230. Nope, no barbecue involved this weekend. Instead, I am racing TriStar 33.3 in Worms, Germany (yup, that’s really what it’s called). That is unless the stupid ash cloud extends into southern Germany and they close Frankfurt.

  231. Ray,
    Weekend starts tomorrow with a long flight to Honolulu in preparation for the upcoming Rhoto Ironman 70.3. Saturday is the travel recovery day, a bike ride, and visiting friends/family on Oahu. Sunday is powered hang gliding and hanging out on the North Shore and finding a quiet place to swim. Monday is for Hiking up Koko Head and beach BBQs with friends and family. On Tuesday we head over to the Big Island for the final preparations for the 70.3!

  232. I actually am going to a BBQ Saturday in France (I live in Belgium). Luckily Saturday is my rest day so I can kick back and fuel up for a short training run Sunday!

  233. Staying at home, doing yard work, getting some running in, and hopefully stealing a few minutes for myself to do some shopping and grab a latte. Thanks for the great blog!

  234. Shiny! Spending this weekend at a Wedding on Saturday and then heading for a trip to the Zoo on Monday!

  235. Big weekend of swim, bike and run planned.

  236. Bussy weekend taking a 9 hours flight to Buenos Aires and returning back on Saturday. Probably some running saturday morning, and a wedding tomorrow friday !!

  237. I´m planning to explore some new routes in near by park witch I found this week.

  238. This coming weekend has activities with the kids planned and a big endurance ride on the cards for the Monday which is a holiday in the UK.

  239. Need new running bling!!

  240. I love the blog. Thanks.

  241. I am going to take care of my son and run. Probably some tennis friday eveining and a deserved barbecue on saturday. Sunday swimming and boating !!

  242. Leszek

    Please, count me in.

    lta [at] gridia [dot] pl

  243. I’ll be spending some QT on my bike Saturday and Sunday, attending a rehearsal dinner Sunday night and marching in parades on Monday morning with the wedding to aforementioned rehearsal dinner on Monday night.

    The weekend gets extended to 4 days for me, as it is capped off with my final for my NYS EMT-CC class. FUN!

  244. I’ll be running!!

  245. Spending the weekend in rehoboth

  246. I’ll be doing a long solo ride, long group ride, and a run

  247. Saturday I will be a technical official in the 18th annual women’s triathlon in Herzliyia, Israel (link to Maybe a 10k run afterward.

  248. My plans include getting ready for a house inspection (we sold our house!), my daughter’s first sleep over at our house, chasing my one year old, and trying to get a few miles in Saturday and Monday.

  249. Anonymous

    I’ll be biking followed by Lobsterfest! A friend is flying lobsters in from Maine for everyone to feast on here in Texas.

  250. Hope I get it this time…

  251. We’ll be camping in the mountains and cooking on an open fire!

  252. I’m running in the Alexandria Running Festival Half Marathon on Sunday. I pray that I finish – it’s gonna be a hot one!

  253. hope to do a slow run on Friday on my road to recovery… and spend the weekend with the family.

  254. Saturday – club ride & relax
    Sunday – ssprint triathlon
    No 3-day weekend for me!

  255. This weekend I’ll get a good group bike workout in. A long run. Two picnics, both with heated pools so I’ll be taking full advantage of that. And of course, any free time will go towards yard work. Thanks for the giveaway!

  256. Nothing special, just some work around the house and lunch with a friend!

    Oh yeah, and perhaps some running…

  257. Anonymous

    Thanks for the blog and information!
    Lots of running and BBQ.
    Clinton from NC

  258. Aaahhh, I love a long weekend! I am going to go to a graduation, the big city running store and lay low.
    Bar-b-q? I’m sure that I will – I live in the South where that is a common meal. Thanks for the great give-away.

  259. Thanks for the great 610 review. If it weren’t for you I probably would have purchased a 405 this week when my 305 finally gave out after almost four years of service.

    This weekend up I’m running in the Run For The Heroes – Race Across Georgia. I’m on an 8-person relay running 260 miles for a great cause. Check us out! link to

  260. Hi Ray

    I plan on a really quiet Friday and Saturday. Sunday taking the kids for a road trip to Philly for a Pat’s Steak.

    I enjoy your website. Keep up the good work!


  261. Here you go once again, please, let me win guys, lol.

  262. Friday I’ll hopefully only be working for half of they Day at the Harlem Armory in NYC(full time National Guard). Then I go home and try and dig out a falling retaining wall, to set back up. Fun. Saturday is more of the same, while having a garage sale, trying to clear out some clutter, so we can get some more clutter. Sunday I will be coming back to Harlem, so we can ship approximately 35 soldier’s off to an afghanistan training mission. Monday will be spent at a parade in the morning, and then my Aunts house, as they are throwing a BBQ. Should be lots of fun, and lots of food. I like food.

  263. I’m looking forward to taking some time off and visiting with family!

  264. Thank you for another awesome giveaway! I plan on eating some great food off the grill, getting some kick-ass off-road miles in on the bike down at Mohican and maybe putting some road miles in as well. I’m close to breaking 1000 miles for the season and this weekend just may do it!

  265. This upcoming weekend begins my base volume training for my 1st IM with a long ride at the beach and some dreaded ocean swimming. Oooo did I mention the heat has picked up just in time in NC?! yay…*grumble*

  266. Running, biking, running, and eating.

  267. I’m spending my weekend running the Stockholm Marathon (and recovering from it)!

  268. It is currently raining excessively, hopefully it will clear up for a long run tomorrow, relaxing up at a friend’s lake house on Saturday, and time helping my dad back home in the yard on Sunday. Should be great! Thanks.

  269. Couple long rides and runs on the WO&D trail, hiking Great Falls if the Potomac will ever recede and of course lots of grilling!!

  270. I’ll be having a cabinet install party for my kitchen remodel

  271. Great Blog Ray, Unfortunately, I won’t be doing any training this weekend. I’m the only person to get the flu during spring!

  272. Producing and timing the Alexandria Running Festival.

  273. In Canada, so the long weekend is long gone. But I did a great ride Saturday and a good brick session on Monday, with socialising and BBQs in between. Three days weekends are always better than two day weekends.

  274. The island of St. Kitts!

  275. Leaving today to help the people of Joplin, MO. KC has some fine BBQ sauce if you decide to give that away too! 🙂

  276. No big plans…run, BBQ at some point. Looking forward to the long weekend!

  277. I’ll start running again! Although my hand’s fracture is not completely healed I have doctors release to start again 🙂 As it has been almost 3 weeks of an easy run on Saturday should do the magic!! Anyone else starting with barefoot like running but in minimal footwear??

  278. A busy Saturday ahead with kids’ sport sandwiched between a 5km race and a mini MTB adventure race. Sunday will be all about family and relaxing but too chilly for a barbie here!

  279. Wish I was going to be outdoors, but I will spend most of my time driving to see family.

  280. Next weekend I’ll do swim in swimming pool on saturday and I’ll race on sunday a cross country in the highland of Trieste. The race is very nice but long for me 18K. Then I’ll recover some hours and probably start my open sea season with my first long swim in sea.

    If I’m so lucky to win the Garmin you can send me a mail to fabio_saitta1963 at

  281. Heading to see family and coach my mom in the pool so she can start swim training!

  282. Hello, I hope I win this one…would be a great tool for my half marathon.

  283. sitting int he sun all day saturday then family and friends bbq on sunday. relaxing on monday. gotta love that extra day

  284. I am working all three weekend days!!

  285. I’ll be doing some lung-bursting hills, a long run on Sunday, then rewarding myself with some coconut salmon noodles and a couple of Colonsay lagers, from the smallest island in the world with its own brewery!

  286. Well… I’m in Italy, and it will be a hard cycling weekend on the roads of Giro d’Italia.
    Together with a friend, we’ll start cycling in Susa, and climb on Saturday Colle delle Finestre, Sestriere, down to Susa again, then Col du Montcenis and Col du Chaussy, with final descent in La Chambre where we’ll spend the night after 220km and over 5300m uphill.
    On the next day we’ll start climbing Col de Glandon, then down to Le Bourg’Oisans, L’Alpe d’Huez climb…and we’ll come back to Susa through Col de Lautaret and Col du Montgenevre… after other 200km and 5000m uphill. It will be a hard weekend, but weather forecast are good, we’re strong, and the Giro atmosphere in the air will help us doing great!!!

  287. Chris N

    I’ll be doing a local sprint tri on Saturday, followed by a long bike ride and some swimming sunday and finally some relaxing and bbq with the family on monday.

  288. Greetings from Finland!

  289. No 3 day weekend in South Africa. Will be going to my sister in law 30th birthday party and hopefully get in a couple of long runs on Saturday and Sunday.

  290. I’ll be heading to the lake to relax this weekend. Also try to get in a couple OW swims and runs.

  291. DC here in Australia BBQ season is over so i will make the most of any good weather and get out for a run and a ride in between taking my eldest son swimming


  292. Hopefully dry out from all this rain and get a good ride and run in! Oh yea, and a BBQ this Sunday!!!

  293. Swim Bike Run. Is there anything else??!!

  294. Moving, then squeezing in a few workouts and hopefully an easy 40 miler on Monday!

  295. I grew up in Kansas City, and we take our barbequing seriously… now living in Central VA, it is always fun to smoke a brisket (or two!) and provide my friends a taste of KC. Yay for a giveaway!

  296. This weekend my wife and I start our 10th anniversary vacation!

    If I win, don’t fret if I don’t respond to accept right away, we won’t be able to get email until we get home!

    A duathlon around the Watkins Glen Indy car racetrack!

  298. *Traci*

    Spending time with family.

  299. Busy long weekend, first doing the Fly By Night Duathlon at the Watkins Glen International Speedway. Next some R and R and picnicing on Sunday. And Memorial day spend at a local park for a cook out and some open water swimming. Wishing all safe and relaxing weekend. DC thank you for this blog also.

  300. I’ll be racing the Captex Tri in Austin on Memorial Day.

  301. Upcoming race, half marathon.

  302. Taking Friday off as well, so I have a 4 day weekend. That gives me enough time to visit my parents. BBQ will be the standard burgers and dogs with a slow run after to take off a few of the extra pounds I will no doubt pick up.

  303. On Saturday, I have a 6 mile run. Sunday, I hope to get in a long bike ride. And Monday, another short run. Plenty of chilling out too!

  304. My husband is going fishing for the weekend, my son is going to a sleep over Saturday night and I am running a 10K Sunday morning – Fallen Heroes 10K in Lansing! I am going to enjoy the alone time and run time since I took a week off after my 25K race on 5/14. It’s been hard getting back into the running thing after taking a break but I am BACK! Everyone enjoy your holiday weekend and remember what the weekend is for. Freedom is not free – support our military even if you don’t beleive in the cause beleive in the soldiers. 10th Mountain Division – US Army! Thank a soldier this weekend!

  305. Thanks for the giveaway. We have a family trip to the zoo planned. And of course will be capping the evening off with a bbq. Let summer begin!

  306. Finally sunny weather here in Boston so a couple of runs during the Memorial Day weekend. Awesome site DC Rainmaker, keep up the good work!

  307. I’ll be starting the first week of marathon training, hanging out with family, and having a BBQ.

  308. Run, beer, run, beer, … repeat as necessary.

  309. Cookout with family along with celebrating a birthday…and hopefully sneaking in some long workouts in!

  310. I have a scheduled long run of 10 miles on Saturday morning then it is relaxation all weekend. Which of course will include family friends and BBQ sauce.

  311. Running 20mi in the blue ridge mountains on Saturday and bbq in the evening. Sunday & Monday maybe a short trail run. Probably bbq again 🙂

  312. I will have two birthday parties here in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday and Sunday. Despite that, I will make my long run on Sunday morning. It should be 18k. No BBQs planned. Really like your blog.

  313. My club of Triathlon organizes a free Aquathlon for the kids and all the members we shall cooperate in the organization … nice day making happy the kids … moreover I’ll reschedule my routines to complete my workouts

  314. This weekend I get the summer mohawk out. Need to run or bike so I can tan it up a bit.

  315. I’ve got a busy 3 days planned including attending a high school graduation, 1hr and 45min bike ride, and to top it all off a Memorial Day 4 mile race!

  316. Saturday will be spent at the velodrome. Sunday long bike ride and brick session with evening swim. Monday easy bike, tempo run, long swim. Bliss!

  317. VJ

    My plan is to run one mountain race in Czechia, 9 kms uphill.

  318. The only plans I have is a few miles on Saturday and a few on Sunday. Then a race on Monday.

  319. I’ll hopefully be getting in a long bike ride and a long run as part of my training for my upcoming 1/2 ironman. Other than that just playing with the family. Hope you have a good weekend!

  320. Happy Memorial Day! I am spending the weekend in Carlisle, Pa with my wifes family. The weekend would be complete without a workout or two, that includes doing a 4hr Brick on Sunday! Have to work off that BBQ and Beer!
    Have a great one!

  321. I’ll be spending the weekend finishing packing up the old house and moving into the new house.

  322. Let’s see. Spectating at the CapTex tri (and doggy du before-hand), logging more than a few miles on the streets, and, who knows, maybe getting a couple of swim miles in as well?

  323. I’m spending the three day weekend getting ready for a four day backpacking trip to Yosemite!! Haven’t packed a single thing yet, so have a lot of stuff to pack…and buy! 🙂

    Of course, I’ll still be training as always…and also playing some music at a local bar…so pretty jam packed weekend!! 🙂

  324. Photograph my wife and step-son on their first 5K. Grocery shop. Hit the lake on Sunday. Spend time with new pup.

  325. Swim, Bike and Run

  326. spent last weekend triathlon training – bike, run, golf

  327. Friday: Short open water swim with new gogles followed by a short run where my 3-year old will ride his bike along side. Saturday: Getting bike ready for Sunday’s race. Sunday: Triathlon debut! A quarter Ironman… I can’t wait!!!

  328. Last weekend was a lazy long weekend with a bit of gardening. This weekend I’ll be running my 2nd marathon in Ottawa.

  329. My husband and I are a few weeks out from our first Olympic distance tri (DC Tri) so we’ve got a long bike, long run (going to run the course route) and a couple of BBQs on the calendar. Should be a great weekend! Happy Memorial Day to all!

  330. Andrei.S

    Hey….next weekend i want to go for a run…and if the weather is fine..maybe to the beach.No BBQ for me…unfortunately

  331. This comment has been removed by the author.

  332. running friday, biking/running saturday, racing on sunday – THEN drinking, monday swimming!


  333. I’m feeling lucky!!!

  334. It’s my wife’s birthday on Sunday, so I’ll have to do my long run on Saturday and I’m sorry but I can’t tell you what I have planned on Sunday. She’d find it. I don’t know how, but she always finds what I write.

  335. biking 60 on Saturday and 30 on Monday …… thanks for the blog

  336. Taking it easy for a holiday weekend. Some training, a lot of sleeping, and some time with family from out of town. Sadly, no BBQ involved:(

  337. On my way to Durango, Colorado, for the Ironhorse bike race!

  338. Racing a Sprint Tri this weekend!

  339. I’m going to run and watch my kids’ soccer games Saturday, Bike the Drive and a swimming lesson Sunday, and probably just take it easy Monday.

  340. I spent the long weekend landscaping but still managed to get in a few taper runs. Race this weekend!

  341. I’ll be attending the AMA Pro races at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah, but trying to squeeze workouts in while traveling (much like yourself). Cheers!

  342. I spent the long weekend landscaping but still managed to get in a few taper runs. Race this weekend!

  343. Art museum on Saturday, long trail run Sunday in Raccoon Creek State Park outside of Pittsburgh, and grilling on Monday with some cold ones!

  344. I’ll be doing a long run, plus some hiking with my dogs. Hopefully there will be some time for a BBQ and beer!

  345. Saturday is a brick w/ 100 mi. ride & 4 mi run.
    Sunday is a 40 mile bike.
    Monday is my first open water swim of the season and a 50 min run.
    I’ll also be a spectator at the Vermont City Marathon.

  346. I will be recuperating from my injury, swelling behind the knee and to keep myself going,I will be swimming, working towards a triathlon, 1.5kms being the goal for this year.

  347. Adam OJ Wall

    Swim, toddler’s birthday party, bike, sleep, run, toddler’s birthday party, sleep, brick, BBQ, sleep… (but not too hard as Rev 3 Quassy only a week away!)

  348. I will be tomorrow checking out a beer factory and later that day I will getting my self some great BBQ with a beer. On Saturday I was thinking about to wake up early to go out biking and to chill out rest of the day with family or friends. On Sunday I will probably go out for a run and getting ready for school on Monday

  349. Either run in Paris or stay in front of my TV watching Rolland Garros 😉 !

    Thanks you for all the reviews btw!


    We’ll try to get one last strawberry picking trip in, spend some time by the pool (which opens up this weekend), barbecue a bit.

    Unfortunately, we’ll also be celebrating my birthday (which seem to come faster and faster each year)…or as I like to put it, catch up to the number the USAT likes to put on my calf.

    I also have to go out and buy some birthday presents. It’s kind of a tradition in my family for me to give gifts to my kids on my birthday, as I don’t need any more gifts and stuff…

    …although I’ll make an exception for triathlon equipment, e.g., a 610. (Let me know when you’re giving away a P3, okay?)


    P.S. I’ll also be talking to my kids about Memorial Day and it’s meaning. Unfortunately, I don’t have a flag pole so I can’t demonstrate the “half-staff until noon” rule. (My thanks to those who served, those who currently serve, and especially to those who have lost servicemen and servicewomen.)

  351. Well, weekend starts early for me. On Saturday morning I’ll pick up my wife from the airport at 5:30am. As for running: I’ll try to get some intervals in today and do a long run on Sunday in preparation of a 10K I’ve got coming up next month.

  352. Team cycling ride on Saturday, run on Monday followed by a BBQ.

  353. Dalesrunning

    I will do a 20 miler on Sat then attend my nephew’s graduation party, where I am providing the roast pork!

  354. My wife and I have decided to spend most of the weekend painting a couple rooms in our home. I hope to squeeze in a 5k race Saturday morning and maybe some fishing Sunday.

    Thanks for all the tips and reviews.

  355. My weekend is looking like some climbing on Saturday, long-ish brick on Sunday, and hiking a 14-er on Monday. Oh yea…I forgot to mention the consumption of beer during any freetime over the weekend!

  356. Heading to rocky mountain national park for 3 days of camping/acclimating then boulder sunrise triathlon 4th
    Thanks for give aways!

  357. Heather G

    Baseball and biking!

  358. I’m heading to the World’s Largest Bratfest in Madison, WI. How’s that for a BBQ?

  359. offriver

    C’mon random number generator – pick me please!!

  360. I’m headed to Indy for the 100th running of the Indy 500. Saturday night BBQ with Mario Andretti in attendance!

  361. I’ve got 3 days off from work and my apartment’s outdoor 25 yard lap pool finally opens for the summer. It’s going to be in the high 80s all weekend and I’ve got a six pack of Sierra Nevada with my name on it. STOKED!

  362. cooking out, beer and 5k Sat am

  363. Seeing as it was the weekend after our one year old’s birthday, last weekend was spent sleeping. No BBQs, but a trip to the zoo.

  364. This weekend is our anniversary, so we’re going out to dinner! Plus a race on Monday morning, and the neighborhood pool opens up. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  365. Continuing to study for the bar exam and listening to the Indy 500 on the radio – I’m an Indianapolis native and they always black out the race on tv in the city. After 20+ years of that, I can’t “watch” the race any other way!

  366. Today is my 10-year anniversary, so my bride and I will be celebrating with a weekend get-a-way! Only thing that would make it better would be a new FR610 as an anniversary present. 😉

  367. Weekend? F1 in Monaco. I heard they have cars there.

  368. Two long workouts this weekend on Sat. & Sun. before my taper week and “A” race next weekend. Family coming to town for the weekend with lots or BBQing and hopefully fun. 12th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday.

  369. I’m going to get tipsy and sloppy for 4 days straight in a different city, while trying to wake up without a hangover and get some training in. Oh, and I’d totally love the BBQ sauce.

  370. Shane W

    Nothing major planned for the weekend, continuing to train for the RI 70.3 and enjoying the extra day for R&R!

  371. It is graduation weekend at the school I work at this weekend. With the amazing CT weather that has finally arrived, I will surely get out for a run or two. Thanks Ray.

  372. Bryan F

    Thanks for doing these!

    Sadly, I’ll be spending my weekend indoors, correlating data for my thesis.

    Happily, I’ll undoubtedly sneak outside a few times to clear my head.

    Sadly, no BBQ is in the offing.

    Have a great weekend yourself!

  373. Jonathan

    DCR – I have 2 triathlons this weekend in NJ – Saturday and Monday. I need the early season to get in shape. Nice work at Escape from Ft. D. Tough Swim at that race.

  374. Relaxing weekend at the lake. Hopefully good BBQ will be involved!


    howdy from texas

  376. Recovering from Ironman Texas!! My first Ironman! Woot!

  377. I’ll be spending the weekend sewing 22 blankets for my kindergartner’s class. Note to self: do not tell first grade teacher that I sew. Planning to fit a 10-miler in there somewhere too, and something fun with the family.

  378. Found a last minute flight deal so going to visit family this weekend. Bonfires, hotdogs, S’MORES!! and enjoying the outdoors are always top of our activities when we get together.

  379. Anonymous

    Swim, Bike, Run, Drink Beer, Repeat…

    – Stone

  380. This comment has been removed by the author.

  381. Hi,from France !
    This week-end, I’ll run my first triathlon.
    I’ve got no particular problem with the running part but I’m a bit anxious with swimming (like everyone challenging this experience for the first time, I expect) and I hope that my old trecking bike will not collapse before myself…
    Thank you for your all your advices !
    I will certainly have a great and greasy BBQ after the race.

  382. spent time with the family, soaked up some sun and got some great runs in.

  383. Bbq’s & bike rides. Lots of each.

  384. This comment has been removed by the author.

  385. I finally come out of hiding and stop stalking you… But this giveaway is so worth it…
    A Big Hello from India
    First Thank you for all the great posts. Your reviews are better than those on the pure review sites.. a great help…
    This Sunday I am doing a 10K Cross Country Trail race. About a 400 odd people race in the Aravali hills around Gurgaon, India. So the saturday morning will be a run from home to the starting point of the run, which is where the expo is to pickup the bib. (and hoping I dont get tempted to buy the salomon trail shoes!!)

  386. Moved to DC a few months ago and it didn’t hit me until this week that your here!

    I used to read the blog in Miami.

  387. Well if it was a case of Head Country BBQ sauce it might be a toss up. If you have not tried it, you need to get yourself a bottle.

    This weekend should be mostly spreading mulch and riding. Hoping for 30 on Saturday, 100+ on Sunday, and anything on Monday. It is a little late to start trained for the B2B, but it too much fun to pass up.

  388. This comment has been removed by the author.

  389. I will be going to a small festival, listening to some nice music and pretending that it won’t rain. But it will. Also, the final leage football (soccer) game of the season is on sunday, so I’ll probably end up ruining most of the form I’ve built up recently 🙂

  390. Katie

    Running the Madison 1/2 marathon & doing my part at the world’s largest brat fest in Madison, WI!

  391. This weekend is the same as pretty much every weekend the past 6months… long ride/brick, long run..

  392. Hi, from France !
    I run my first (super-sprint) triathlon this week-end.
    I feel a bit anxious with the swimming period (like everyone challenging this adventure for the first time, I suppose), I hope that my old bike won’t collapse before myself… But I’m quite confident with the running time.
    Thanks for your advices.
    I will certainly have a great and greasy BBQ after the race, with all my friends (who didn’t had the b—ls to follow me in this challenge…)

  393. YNWA Steve

    Well, I have got to get in on this! Cleaning out my garage and trying to find time to go golfing. I’m grilling some steaks tonight though!

  394. Awesome – I’d love to get my hands on this watch! As for my Memorial Day weekend plans — I’m moving from Durham, NC to Charleston, WV. Not fun – but I’ll definitely get some of that famous NC BBQ before I leave!

  395. Its time to study hard, final examns…are so important in my studies i need to pass it. When i finish it…time to enjoy the summer

  396. 20 mile run on Saturday and a graduation party on Sunday

  397. 20 mile run on Saturday and a graduation party on Sunday

  398. Exploring Berlin on Saturday, then running in a couple of urban orienteering races – Ripon on Sunday, York on Monday! (and Peckham on Tuesday – not quite the same.)

  399. Brett

    Great work Ray.

  400. My wife and I will be driving down to DC (where I lived for a couple years) for a “fun weekend.” I will (not so) secretly be trying to convince her to move back the entire time via a carefully arranged schedule of great experiences. Boy, would winning this watch really be the cherry on top! 🙂 My future life (in DC) is in your hands, Ray!

  401. Hey Ray, I’m working Saturday and Sunday (Holiday Pay!), getting a long ride and run in, and making some pulled pork on Monday! If I win, keep the BBQ sauce and send me the watch! haha, thanks for the giveaway!

  402. Hi, from France !
    I’m running my first triathlon this week-end.
    I’ll try to survive from the swimming period (and to achive the all-challenge thanks to your advices)
    I will certainly have a great and greasy BBQ with familly and (fat) friends after the race.

  403. Fra

    Nice giveaway

  404. Hanging with family, after doing some spring cleaning!

  405. Lots of Running and Cycling

  406. Hitting the “mountains” around the DC area for some bike training.

  407. Tennis and biking in Richmond VA

  408. Joel Neely

    Just looked at the schedule: Saturday: Swim 30 min, Bike 2:40 min, run 30 min. Sunday: Bike 60 min and run 100 min. Training for Ironman Florida. There will be a cheeseburger cooked on the green egg and a cold beverage too.

  409. Need a break!!!!

  410. Anonymous

    Wow the thing looks cool!

  411. Heading to Austin to race in CapTexTri olympic race.

  412. Training for an 8.5 mile ‘fun run’ – not in the DC ultra distance league but still a good challenge for my ageing knees!

  413. Swimming, biking, running, walking, hiking … living life one day at a time.

  414. Hi! Since last weekend a runned my first marathon, in the next, I’m planning to do a light jog and spend the rest of the time with my family, running with my 18 months years old boy and the family dog.

    Saturday night is the perfect time for a BBQ. Here in Brazil, we call it “churrasco”. For the cow meat we use only salt. Other types of “churrasco” are done with specific sauces, envolving herbs, garlic, wine, etc…

    You can see the South Brazil BBQ style here:
    link to

    Thanks for the good information provided in your site, and good luck for me in the giveaway!

  415. I’ll be at a wedding in Philadelphia. Will have to preview the marathon course.

  416. Flying to the parents tonight, family reunion bbq Saturday, friends BBQ Sunday, a whole lot of running in between there, an actual running watch would be handy. Great blog!

  417. Hey Ray! I’ve got two 5K races this weekend and some bike and swim to help round things out. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the BBQ!

  418. Delaware beaches

  419. Francis Jago

    This weeken? More miles, trying to play mid-season catch-up!

  420. PeterK from Zurich

    Saluti – 9 days to go to Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil – 1st race of the season. Feeling is good.

  421. it’s raining, and there is now thunder….

  422. Sweeeet! Have a great weekend!!!!

  423. OOOOO, thanks again for putting one of these on. We don’t have that holiday up here in Canada

  424. Not a long weekend in Canada as you said, but with the snow finally melted away in the woods, this weekend will mark the opening of the mountain biking season !

  425. Awesome, I’m in for a shot at the title.
    Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

  426. I’ll be celebrating my birthday!

  427. Not much chance of BBQ weather here in Sheffield, UK! I’m going to join up with the Rapha Mobile Cycle Club for a ride, free pasta and to watch the Giro!

  428. I have a long run on Saturday, bike and swim on Sunday, and then eat and drink and be merry on Monday!

  429. I’ve got a good feeling about this one…

    Just relaxing Saturday and Sunday. Monday I’m running a road race and afterwards the local running club is throwing a party. So I’m sure the BBQ will be out in full force. Enjoy your weekend.

  430. I live near Greenville, SC so Monday I will be downtown with my dad retired Special Forces LTC Robert Huckabee, we will be hoping to see Big George win another.

  431. I’ll cycle two days on the Alps, meeting Giro d’Italia on Colle delle Finestre!!

  432. Run, rest, run with the middle being done most!

  433. Saturday will start with a 1 mile ocean swim followed by a light run. In preperation for a sprint Tri on Sunday morning. I think after that is when the baby backs will hit grill covered in a little Sweet Baby Ray’s for some great fall off the bone southern BBQ. Maybe some steamed clams for a little different side.

  434. spending the weekend traveling to see some family. should be plenty of beer & bbq.

  435. Plan to participate in the XC race – link to

  436. Well, my wife is out of town so …
    Friday: pick up my daughter from week-long school trip to DC
    Saturday: bike ride with my daughter (maybe the tandem instead of our single bikes so we can ride farther)
    Sunday: swim with my daughter (she’s on swim team)
    Monday: clean up house for my wife’s return

  437. Gavin

    I will in Downtown Greenville, SC with my dad retired Special Forces LTC Robert Huckabee, we will be hoping to see Big George win another championship.

  438. Running first marathon this year, can’t wait, would love a give-away for The Girl 🙂 (link to

  439. Jake Jendusa

    Running the Madison Half Marathon on Sunday, and enjoying 40 degree weather with 35 mile an hour winds and rain! 🙁

  440. Well, it is just a regular two-day weekend over here in Germany and the weather forecast is not exactly impressive, so I guess there will not be a whole lot of BBQ-ing around here…

    Also, it is going to be the last weekend before a marathon, so I’ll take it easy on the running side of things.

    Sounds like a good weekend to catch up reading this blog…

  441. Anonymous

    US weekend for this Canadian transplant. My Mum is visiting so I will be hanging out with her (shopping, gardening, etc) and fitting a few workouts in between including my first OW swim of the year!

    Susan in Shoreview

  442. I’m hosting a Saturday morning fun run at a local park for my running club with breakfast for about 50. Backyard camping and bbq with my kids and neighbors, and the township pool opens so I’ll also be swimming and soaking up some rays!

  443. Hey. Another awesome giveaway! This weekend will be long ride/brick, long run and recovery swim. All in training for Challenge Roth, my second IM. Flatmates birthday so will be squeezing in some GBK burgers (they have a special offer 2 for £10 over the weekend on takeaways) and a couple of beers. Bring on the weekend 🙂

  444. Watching my 8yo daughter’s swim meet on Sat, 15k time trial on Sunday, and relaxation on Monday – as well as resuming my training after a lazy May 🙂

  445. Biking at least twice. Cleaning yard and house. Attending, instead of hosting, BBQs, so I don’t know the deets. Ask me Tuesday!

  446. Thanks for offering the giveaway! Drooling over that watch :). I’m planning to spend the weekend enjoying BBQs and hikes on Sun and Mon(and, um, doing some work). Hoping to make the most of my move to the burbs with a local 5K and/or ride with my new (to me) cycling club on Sat am! Hope your holiday weekend is a blast.

  447. I have a fu filled weekend planned! I have a couple runs that I am going to do this weekend, and I am having all of my family (both sides) over for a huge BBQ!!! I love to cook for the crew, so it will be a WONDERFUL weekend!

  448. Family picnic and a float trip

  449. I will be doing my best not to be jealous of people racing this weekend and will cheer on Rebecca Saturday morning in a local 5k and then it is time for some BBQ party action. Hopefully one of the other days will include a nice long bike ride, since that is about the only other form of exercise I can do right now.

  450. Headed for Union Pier, MI to enjoy some lakeside fun!

  451. doublea334

    Been using the 405 for a few nows and LOVE IT! Buttttt, I’d really love to strap on the new 610! 😀

  452. Well, I’ll be spending the weekend in Conakry, Guinea (W Africa) because I can’t get a flight back to Nairobi, Kenya until Wednesday. My meeting will be over, so I hope to get in some runs and see the city. Could be some African BBQ (goat?) in the works.

  453. I’ll be multi-sporting it up with a long ride, long swim and possibly open water swim/bike combo. Thanks for the giveaway!

  454. Since the forecast is rain, rain and more rain I will likely be hanging out indoors instead of going camping with the in-laws. Maybe hit the drive-in movie theaters if there is a break in the weather 🙂

  455. I’ll be spending this weekend wrapping up finals and some end of year school projects, but next week I’ll be Pounding the pavement and hitting the pool to prepare for the upcoming XC season and the LA triathlon.

  456. Ryder

    Pick me pick me! What did I do for the long weekend. Bike bike bike. Runner relatively new to the bicycle but starting to love it.

  457. I’m spending the weekend flying back to Finland from NYC — so mostly jetlagged!

  458. Long ride on Saturday, long run on Sunday, day off on Monday. Thanks for organizing.

  459. Long time follower, first comment 🙂
    Great blog!

  460. This comment has been removed by the author.

  461. Nice looking watch.

  462. Anonymous

    I’ll spend the weekend riding the La Chouffe classic: nothing beats a nice ride through the Belgian Ardens, and drink a Chouffe (one of the best Belgian beers) afterwards!

  463. BBQ means Cevapcici on our side of the planet. You gave me a great idea for the weekend, i’m already hungry:)

  464. Plan to spend my weekend running as usual. Cut the grass etc. Nothing too exciting. Love the blog.

  465. I’m doing my first sprint Tri on Monday in Austin! Last weekend I went on a party bus with Google for a BBQ Bonanza, going to 3 different BBQ places on a bus with a stripper pole 🙂 I’ll be sure to grab some awesome Texas BBQ after my race on Memorial Day.

  466. The sun is finally coming out this weekend. Got a 40-mile run planned for Saturday, anniversary celebration on Sunday and a relaxing day with the kids on Monday. Perfect.

  467. I will be doing a long ride out in Chappel Hill Tx. Live in flat Houston so this is our only way to get hills..Great trainning for Austin 70.3!

  468. Florian VENEC


    Maybe me…
    I believe in my star !!!
    Thanks for that great blog 😉

  469. IN. Low Country boil on monday afternoon after going home to Vidalia, GA on Friday-Sunday.

  470. In the swimming pool, on the bike and of corse in my running shoes…

  471. Going to spend the weekend with Family in Wisconsin and run the Madison Marathon on Sunday.

  472. Looking forward to the Bolder Boulder in a gale on Monday.

  473. Thanks for all the great posts! As a native Finn I am really looking forward to some more Polar related posts and why not some about the Suunto models. Of course I want to take part in the giveaway as well…

  474. Dan Mc

    I’m going to train a bit but hope to lounge by the pool after some hot laps. Also would like to take my 17 month old daughter with us so she can start getting used to being in the water.

  475. hi hi – nothing exciting – 4 hour ride and a little 8km run race that will hurt like hell….

  476. Anonymous

    Boston’s “Run to Remember” Half-Marathon will be this weekend.

    I will be running in the heat (forecast is for 80’s and humid) with about 5,000 other runners.

    Hoping to crack the top 15 in my AG.

    Please enter me in your giveaway!

    – Boston Beaver

  477. Not sure what my family & I are going to do, humm. We will def be grilling and since I’m currently training for my first 1/2 I’ll be doing my long run on Saturday. There will probably be some consumption of beer & wine going on.. It should be a great long weekend. Happy Memorial Day & ladies, we can start wearing WHITE 🙂


  478. I finish my first year of medical school Friday. Means my weekend will be full of sleeping, cycling and grilling if the weather holds in New England! Kicking things off with a bachelor party on Saturday (not mine)

  479. I am going hiking in the rockies.

  480. There will be no long weekend for me, but I will be racing a Sprint Triathlon with all the members of our team for once in almost two years!!

  481. I will be running with a long lost running friend who is up from Georgia.

  482. Awesome. Wish me luck!

  483. This weekend will be fun:
    Starting with my cousins wedding in Bloemendaal.
    Saturday a nice diner with family to celebrate 80th birthday of Granny.
    Of course, some running on Sunday to burn some of the celebration carbs!
    BTW, I will be running with my defect FR305 (no sound), so I really have my fingers crossed for this FR610 Giveaway!

    Love you site and reviews!

    Greetings Gerard

  484. I always love your more creative entry requirements! Long weekend = guilt free training: 2 hour run, 50 mile bike, and, first open water swim of the year, even though the lake is still freezing! Less than 3 weeks till Boise 70.3 and need to get my rear end in a lake!

    Have a good holiday weekend!

  485. Running in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is how I plan to spend my weekend.

  486. hmm – not much planned for the weekend – dinner out with friends etc…

  487. Driving, then swimming, bikign and running.

  488. We just bought a home and are in fix up/remodel mode! Hope I have time for a BBQ, it is greatly needed. Thanks for all of you reviews and helpful information!

  489. Just so your clear on one thing Kansas City has the best BBQ and sauce; Even though the name does not sound Kansas City in Origin its roots are here, Oklahoma Joes takes the cake with Gates and Author Bryants in a close 2nd and 3rd, but if your feeling a bit more classy, get to Jack Stack for the best burnt ends in this city (my opinion)Weekend of BBQ and fishing for me, while I take a week off after my first big race.

  490. Going up to PA to visit the folks.

  491. No three day weekend for me because I work in Mexico, but no one is going to stop me from having a cookout. 🙂 Fajitas and some Coronas.

  492. Gil S.

    Great Blog Ray! keep going!

  493. Wanna! 🙂

    Dinner with friends Friday, a WNBA game Saturday, puttering around the house on Sunday, and working on Monday.

  494. Hey Ray!

    This memorial day weekend I’ll be doing a few short and intense bike/swim/running in preparation for my first triathlon of the season on June 5th, Olympic distance. Can’t wait!

  495. H

    Count me in!!

  496. No three day weekend for me because I work in Mexico, but no one is going to stop me from having a cookout. 🙂 Fajitas and some Coronas.

  497. You are a good man. If all goes well Saturday I will be going on a mountain bike ride in the early AM, then I will watch our 2 baby girls while my wife goes on her ride. Sunday is a beach volleyball tournament which I look forward to every year and Monday will be relaxing and doing the usual p90x chest and back to start the week. All planned out to perfection. I hope. :).

  498. My plan is to continue resting to allow my injured ankle to heal. While doing this I’ll be cheering on my wife running 5k race on Saturday and then on Sunday my son is doing his third kids triathlon in local pool. So despite no training on my part it will be very busy weekend and a lot of fun.

  499. Bricks on Saturday and then hill work on Sunday. Training for Buffalo Springs 70.3! Thinking about doing an open water swim on Monday to celebrate Memorial Day.

  500. yes, please! 🙂

  501. Heading out to the lake to get some camping in.

  502. MMMM …. BBQ
    Now only if the weather would cooperate.

  503. kab

    Taking the little one to Chattanooga for the weekend! Fishing, aquarium fun and caves.. whoo hoo!

  504. Going to cook some hotdogs, have some smores, and hang out with friends. Thanks for the giveaway!

  505. This weekend I will be doing a little yard work, some outdoor cooking, some running/biking, and the rest of the time sitting around doing nothing.

  506. my little treasure… 🙂

  507. I’m heading to BikeJam in Baltimore. It’ll be my first time going — have you been?

  508. Long run on Saturday followed by lots of yard work to get our house ready to put on the market.

  509. I’ll try to get my running form back and then tee it up on the golf course with friends.

  510. Ah! Love, Love, Love GARMIN products! We have tons of garmin gps’s etc!!! My husband & I are both into fitness & he just bought me a new HRM a couple months ago. I know he’s had his eye on a new Garmin HRM & this would be perfect! 🙂 Thanks for having such an awesome sight!

  511. Gary Maxwell

    Thanks for the giveaway Ray. Pretty simple really, long three day training weekend getting ready for IM Canada. Wish me luck.

  512. Hi, Ray. I check out your blog everyday.

  513. My wife and I were just talking about this weekend last night. My mom is having an 80th b-day celebration for my grandfather so we’ll do that Saturday. Sunday my wife is hanging with friends so I will be working in the yard, I’m putting in an irrigation system for the vegetable garden, and hanging with the kids. Then Monday will be parade time, and of course BBQ. Burgers and chicken most likely, but I’m still not sure where.

  514. Last night the town and county I ) live (Lewistown, Montana) were declared a disaster area due to recent flooding. I’m going to be spending tonight, and every other day and night this weekend helping neighbors move the contents of their ruined homes, filling sandbags and doing whatever else I can do to help.

    It has been a brutal winter here in central Montana, have only been on the road bike three times, and I was using yak tracks to run into April. I’ve already had to bag two races simply because I can’t achieve any consistency in training. To all you racing this weekend, I’m envious.

    And yet, flooding is no tornado and no lives have been lost. Sports and exercise ground us to what we are capable of, and what our limitations as humans are. Have a great weekend everyone and though I would live to have a new Garmin, I’m just glad that when the water recedes I can still get out there.

  515. Camping and Geocaching.

  516. Ah! I wish I was doing BBQ this weekend! As it turns out, I will be working normal shifts and some overtime in my job as a paramedic. Ambulances are busy over holiday weekends like this.

  517. Well in Singapore it’s barbecue weather throughout the year (day and night actually) so nothing special there. I will however be running the Sundown half marathon (without GPS watch *wink* *wink*) on saturday night and going for a bikeride on sunday morning (guess it doesn’t really count as a brick if you still get 4 hours of sleep in between, but whatever).

  518. I will be running a half marathon on Sunday. Should be a beautiful day for it.

  519. I will be completing (hopefully!) my first sportive 🙂 This comes just after entering my first official 10k race! How fab would it have been to have a Garmin 610 at my side? (or indeed on my wrist) lol xxx

  520. I’ll be testing my new RCX5!

  521. Shawn

    Can’t wait for the upcoming long weekend. Thanks for another giveaway, Ray!

  522. Jason V

    This weekend: getting ready for Rev3 Quassy Half next weekend! Brick on Saturday, long recovery ride Sunday, rest and relax on Monday…

    Jason V.

  523. Saturday: Bike and Open Water Swim
    Sunday: Run
    Monday: Bike and Open Water Swim

  524. efe

    great blog!!
    race this Sunday here: link to

  525. Well there is no long weekend here in Australia. But it is taper time for the first Challenge event in Cairns next weekend. So time to kick back and get the gear ready for the race!!! BTW great blog 🙂

  526. Anonymous

    Guys Weekend! Taking the day off Friday and heading to Ocean City to party it up with friends at Fager’s Island. On Saturday, we head to Dewey Beach to party it up some more. Back home Sunday to relax with the family.


    Mike D.

  527. This weekend I´ll run and bike. A lot. A 20 mile run on saturday and a 50 k ride on sunday. Getting ready to run the Rio de janeiro marathon in july. Cheers from Lisbon.

  528. This comment has been removed by the author.

  529. We’re traveling to Oregon! Going to stay dry (not a chance) and cool (yay!) in Portland.

    Also, Murphy’s Law dictates that because I’m under physical therapy orders NOT to run, I’m going to win. 😉 😛

    Tai Fung

  530. Will plan for a road bike ride in Saturday morning and a one hour run in my barefoot shoes on Sunday.
    BBQ is planned but the forecast says possible thinder and lightning so we have to see.

  531. I’ll be heading to the beach

  532. Oh boy! This weekend is going to be full of adventure. Camping, Hiking, and rock climbing are all on the list. And we’ll be roasting some hot dogs of course. I’ve never tried BBQ sauce on a hot dog before…

  533. I’ll be heading to the beach

  534. Greetings from Barcelona!
    Great blog!

  535. w

    No three day weekend for me over her, but I’ll be running a half marathon in Aachen with people from work. First race after Boston

  536. This weekend I will be heading to the desert sun for some pool time and golf in Tucson. Part of me wishes I was staying put and running the Boulder Boulder.


  537. I’m going to sleep A LOT. Also spectating a race that I can’t run.

  538. Friend coming to CO to visit from Sea Level. Plan to trail run and mtn bike him into the ground! Should be 4 straight days of intense trails and solid beer drinking!

  539. Cortney

    10 mile run Saturday followed by Prairie Home Companion at Wolftrap that evening. Sunday BBQ (menu still being planned but certain to be delicious). Monday we always volunteer for a small community 4 mile race. Oh, and I’d like to plant some flowers, hike the dog and swim laps. Good weekend.

  540. Hi there,
    This weekend l’ll be running in my club ‘s 5k timetrail team event and hopefully get a few hrs on the bike on Sunday.

  541. Have a great weekend!

  542. I’m working all weekend! A long weekend, and I am working through all of it! Madness.

  543. Having raced Columbia last weekend, my plans for this weekend are to slowly ease back into training and lots and lots of BBQ (3 nights, 3 different BBQ)!

  544. Backpacking on North Manitou Island!

  545. It’ll be hard to let go of my 305, but somehow I’ll manage.

  546. I will be working. When I put my bid in last month for my work schedule I forgot that this weekend was a holiday.

  547. Duathlon Saturday morning, followed by afternoon BBQ, then golfing in the evening.

  548. Hopefully bringing my daughter home from the hospital on Friday, then a couple nice long runs and rides of relief over the long weekend

  549. Great Blog! keep it up.

  550. I’m headed to Virginia to visit family. I hope the weather is nice!

    The display on my 2+ yr old Nike+ is 50% ruined by some blemish that keeps growing. I can only determine my pace by the minute now. I want to know my pace when I run!

  551. “coach” has me doing a Sat Brick, Sunday Jim McDonnel 2 mile lake swim, Monday another brick….you know the drill. You and “the girl” have a swell weekend.

  552. Going out to train on the Madison IM course.

  553. I´ll be running 20 miles on saturday and riding 50 k on sunday. It should make me sweat…

  554. Taking Friday off work to make it a 4 day weekend! Fri: 60mi Bike/7.5mi Run. Sat: 40mi Bike/3mi Run. Sun: 30mi bike. Hope the weather stays nice!

  555. I am active duty military serving in Germany. AS I am close by, I am honored to be participating in the Memorial Day ceremony in Somme France at the American cemetery/memorial. Let us not forget what memorial day is truly about.

  556. Spent the weekend building a new deck for the pool.

  557. I’ll be gettin’ in some rides on a road bike, and 4 wheelers.

  558. well.. sundown marathon 2011 is on this coming saturday night. I haven been training much for the 42km. Just planning to push my limits.

  559. I’ll be running on Saturday, biking on Sunday and walking on Monday. Also giving away my 305 to make room for this 610 🙂

  560. Running the BolderBoulder 10K on Monday! And hopefully BBQing afterwards.

  561. Taking my son on a child bike seat on a 10K ride to the park for a picnic. Priceless. Watching him sleep on the 10K ride back home. PRICELESS !

  562. Taking my son on a 10K ride on the bike seat to a picnic Priceless. Watching him sleeping on the 10K ride back. PRICELESS !

  563. I’ll be doing a triathlon with an indoor swim on Monday, but plan on doing some biking and running Saturday and Sunday. Thanks for setting this up!

  564. In South Africa we call it a braai not a BBQ, we even have a national braai (BBQ) day.

    Although we dont have a long weekend I plan to run up/fast hike up Lions Head (2195 ft).

    At least the new watch has that nifty function to show you how to get back to your starting position which knowing myself will come in useful.

  565. I’ll be competing in the BolderBoulder 10k for the 14th time. Nothing like enjoying Memorial Day with 55,000 of your closest friends!


  566. We have a new baby and moving to a new house, so I plan to have a garage sale to get rid of my junk.

  567. Yes please! Grad students can’t afford stuff like this!

  568. I will be doing my long bike and run workouts this Saturday and Monday. Sunday will be a rest day with the family.

  569. I plan to head to my families lake house for fun on the lake, wake boarding and tubing.

  570. I am excited to spend some time with friends and get some decent weather to get some good road rides in!! And of course a little BBQ won’t hurt.

  571. I’m going to run Sat, Sun, and Monday. Swim each day since our community pool opens this weekend. I’ll probably bike on Saturday for a bit. Cook-outs are scheduled on Sunday and Monday. I can get you an invite on Sunday if you want.

  572. This comment has been removed by the author.

  573. A new garmin would be awesome!

  574. Amber H

    I am going to visit my parental units to help them pack up their possessions to move from KS to AZ. (There will probably be a butt ton of tears.) Have a great weekend, Ray!

  575. the swimming pool opens!

  576. Jenny G.

    My weekend will be spent in Blacksburg, Virginia where I’ll be participating in the infamous Mountains of Misery century ride. Bring on the pain!

  577. I’ll be waterskiing in the mornings and hanging with the family in the afternoons.

  578. jon

    this weekend, spending time w/ my wife & a few friends camping in assateague. also putting in some road miles ove rthe long weekend.

  579. Training in between the tornados here in KS!!

  580. enjoy my anniversary and figure out how to tell my wife i purchased a quarq power meter.

    Thanks for feedback on their product– it helped it making my decision.

    Great, great blog.

  581. BBQ/time with the family and a couple long runs

  582. I plan on spending my weekend racing and training. Criterium Saturday followed by long ride, Long run Sunday and maybe a Criterium followed by a brick on Monday. There will be a healthy dose of food and yard work mixed in just to balance things out though.

  583. doing a 155k bike ride on saturday, then volunteer for a rowing regatta

  584. 3 day weekends = time for an extra long ride!

  585. 5 Year Anniversary Weekend!

  586. Next long weekend will consist of a public holiday on Thursday, and a day off on Friday. Those four days will be spend bouldering with the kids and friends in Fontainebleau.

    After bouldering there might be some time to run the mud tracks in between the French corn fields, with great skies at the end of the day. Saturday evening this will be topped off with a BBQ (built the hour before with stones from the bricolage) and plenty of fermented grape juice (when you’re in France, do as the French).

  587. Anonymous

    I have the Cascades 10K Saturday morning, followed by a ride and then possible swim in preparation for the Old Tidewater Tri in 2 weeks, Woot!!

  588. Hmmm, bbq sauce, why cant you give that away too?!

  589. We’ve got less than a month until our wedding, so I will be working on some last-minute wedding details.
    We were invited to a BBQ on Monday, but I may have to work (stupid TV).
    Happy Memorial Day!

  590. Whew! Nearly 600 entries already. Hot Item for the Hot Summer. My 3-day weekend will consist of running the Soldier Field 10 Miler (Chicago) and then relaxing in my new CEP compression socks. I will then BBQ with close family friends that night (one of whom I will run the 10 Miler with). Then it’s off to the in-laws to take care of mother-in-law who will be recovering from back surgery. Full weekend!

  591. Have an Xterra race on Saturday, weeding the yard and planting vegatables Sat and Sunday, then taking my mum to watch my son on Monday for the first time play in the memorial day parade.

  592. Going on a golf trip Friday and Saturday and then spending the rest of the weekend hanging out with the wife and kids. A couple runs and bike rides will be worked in there as well! Thanks for the great blog and have a great weekend!

  593. Whew! 600 entries already! Hot Item for a Hot Summer. Here are my 3-day weekend plans. Start by running the Soldier Field 10-Miler (Chicago). Then relaxing in my new CEP compression socks. BBQ with running partner and family friends in the evening. Then out to the in-laws to take care of mother-in-law who will be recovering from back surgery. Busy weekend! Fun weekend!

  594. Miami beach! Have guaranteed tickets to Game 6 of the NBA eastern conference finals. Hopefully the Bulls win so there will be a Game 6!!!

  595. Working Sat/Sun, hope to spend some time on the beach Mon.

  596. sjryan

    Just a quiet weekend at home. perhaps a trip to the beach if it warms up.

  597. BBQ/Time with family and a couple long runs.

  598. This comment has been removed by the author.

  599. I’ll be doing my first 1/2 Ironman of the year!

  600. I think my plan is to work in the garden and bbq!

  601. Just finished an Iwo Jima Memorial run. No better place to run than D.C.

  602. My husband would love this! We are hoping to go camping!

  603. Vermont City Marathon on Sunday and back to Montréal for a BBQ !

  604. BB10Krunner

    Bolder Boulder 10K this Memorial Day.

  605. I will be celebrating my friends bachelor party in Chicago all weekend!

  606. Kayaking and running and biking, oh my!

  607. Anonymous

    Canadian but heading down to Seattle to catch the Mariners play the Yankees. Make use of some of the trails and of course celebrate 10 year anniversary with my wife.

  608. It’s my birthday weekend, so planning on a pub lunch on Saturday, watch the Champions League final, then Sunday go for a nice bike ride in Kent, UK and a picnic!!

  609. Doing a mini Tri instructional camp in an empty parking lot for my wife and our friend who are both doing their first Tri in two weeks.
    Sunday will bring some fishing with my son.
    Monday I’m cooking BBQ for a little get together at out house.
    In between all that I have to get my training done as well.

  610. Hmm… BBQ or garmin… sounds like a good KC weekend to me!

  611. Grilling, running, swimming & cycling. Another great spring weekend.

  612. I’ll be headed over to Queenstown, MD to do 80 miles on the bike.

  613. This comment has been removed by the author.

  614. Weekend plans include watching my sister’s kids as she has gone away for the weekend. Mowing the lawn if the sun in the Northeast continues and getting my new chicken flock settled in. And if I am lucky, I will get in a run or two while dodging bird sized swarms of black flies.

  615. While a head cold canned my climbing trip to WV this weekend, I’m resting the next few days with the hopes to do an 80-miler group ride on Sunday. Then sleep some more. Then an alumni function that involves 32oz vessels and copious beer. Swim Monday until I think I have gills.

    All while remembering those who faught for our freedom.

  616. I’ll be riding a century to Monterey and spend with family Sunday and Monday.

  617. Probably go geo-caching with my son…

  618. Jean-Philippe B Savard

    Cat 3 bike race last week-end in Canada, just to have my ass kicked and get some motivation to train on the bike. Also a stir-fried Shrimps on the BBQ… delicious!

  619. this timing is just right. Was planning a bbq with the family this weekend as I still have a lot of rubs and bbq sauce in stock. will do ribs and chicken. Will throw in some veggies as well. I wanted to try grilling pineapples so will do that also. Then i plan on doing a long run the following day to burn those calories!

  620. I’ll be visiting family in Fresno. Running and playing golf or tennis.

  621. Entertaining blog. I enjoy reading it…

  622. Absolutely love the blog and look forward to your newsletters. I am a gadget geek myself, that is addicted to the sport of triathlon. But, I still am using a old Timex IM sport watch. Very much in need of a new watch! This would be perfect! This Memorial day weekend I will be in Austin Tx for the Capital Texas Triathlon.

  623. Hi, I will be racing on Sunday. Orienteering run. The best way I know for endurance training in summer! I hope my next race will be with FR 610! Nice weekend to you as well.

  624. Running BBQ and reducing the length of my honey do list!

  625. I’ll be helping a friend move on Saturday, then hopefully getting some hiking in during the rest of the weekend!

  626. I really hope to have a shot at winning this Garmin Forerunner 610!! Thanks for all that you do!

  627. Michael B. Lauritzen

    Going to spot festival Denmark. Two days of upcoming bands. Hoping for sunshine and bbq in between acts:-)

  628. Heading to a wedding! Also… I’d be happy to take that case of BBQ sauce if I don’t win the watch 🙂

  629. Slated for Saturday is the Ride for Cardiac Kids in west Knoxville, TN. Relaxing on Sunday, maybe a run, and then a Monday wedding with the promise of some sweet BBQ!

  630. I’ve got a big weekend of openwater swims and swim/bike/run bricks before my first A race of the season next weekend at Rev3 Quassy!!

  631. Upcomming weekend I tend to spend as following. Tomorrow (in about 7 hours) I’ll head down to Trigg beach here in Perth to watch some surfing (Chill JuniorPro).

    After I’ll run from Trigg back to Padbury (hoping around 15 K) on my Luna Sandals 😀 and tracking it with my Garmin Forerunner 305. After I’ll probably have some lunch.

    Saturday and Sunday are still open but I’ll probably take it easy and might try to find some temp work in Perth to fund the rest of my travels here in Australia.

  632. I have soccer matches to ref! 3 games a day, Sat, Sun, and Mon.!

  633. First open water swim of the season Friday, daughter’s track meet Saturday, long run Sunday, swim,bike & BBQ Monday.

  634. Great blog!
    Will go biking my usual ride (25 Miles) perhaps 2 days this long weekend and run around town taking my kids to their activities.

  635. Looking forward to a girls-day on Saturday! Otherwise will be relaxing at home.

  636. BBQ with my family and then a nice 22 miler with my brother.

  637. in order… first time riding Velodrome, 35 mile ride, half marathon race, 2.5 hour ride, hot yoga, 6 mile run, BBQ, then cap that all off with some single track mtb riding with my son. Mind you – that’s Friday night to Monday night.

  638. Getting home from my almost around the world trip on Friday. recovering from jet-lag in the quite cold baltic sea doing endurance on saturday (and testing my new wetsute). Long bike ride sunday followed by short run preparing for next weekends sprint. Monday back at office

  639. I plan on not training this weekend and having a big ol’ cook-out replete with tasty grilled chicken, pasta salad and caprese salad, and maybe even some grilled turkey burgers.

    But none of that will compare to spending Memorial Day honoring and reminiscing on memories of my recently deceased step-father who was a retired Army Major, who was also crazy enough to test fly recently repaired airplanes and helicopters. There’ll be some Taps and a flag hung in his honor.

  640. I think I’m headed to Tahoe to finish out the ski season in between bike rides and runs at home in San Francisco. I am so ready for summer to arrive!

  641. My Memorial Day weekend plans: finish sanding and painting drywall and then start installing the kitchen cabinets. No BBQ for this guy.

  642. I’m up north, so our long weekend was last week. I started by taking Friday off to make it an extra-long weekend. Managed to check all the todo’s and errands from the list on Friday, so I had 3 days left for enjoying the weekend. Friend’s bachelor party on Saturday, biking and bbq’ing on Sunday (I got to try my new Garmin Edge 800, purchased thanks to your review). Monday I spent the day babysitting the big hunk of pork for what became awesome pulled pork for dinner!

  643. I have no fun plans 🙁

    since, I’m working over the weekend.

  644. Going over to friends on the Severn River and having a waterfront BBQ. Whole pig and trimmings. Should be great. The rest of the weekend will be spent burning off calories of said BBQ. Hope everyone enjoys some friends, family and food.

  645. Spent my time doing yardwork. very boring.

  646. Rod K.

    Great review. Thanks.

  647. My whole family is headed to my house for Memorial Day weekend. We’re all gathering to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday. Yes, absolutely there will be barbeque involved. There will also be low country boil and homemade beer. Now THAT’S a weekend!

  648. I could use that in my non existent arsenal of gagets

  649. Visiting relatives (party), bike ride on Saturday and run on Sunday!

  650. I’ll be working. Unfortunately for me, airlines never take a day off.

  651. Love your give-a-ways, and your blog. I’ll be climbing with my son in the beautiful Wasatch mountains this weekend.

  652. KC

    Great site. Spending Sat and Sun working around the house. I will probably squeeze in a brick workout as well. Going to relax by the pool on Monday with the family.


  653. Unfortunately, I have to work. Stupid April fiscal year end.

  654. Resipsa99

    In Portland for an extra long weekend doing some mountain biking for a change from road biking!

  655. sat – eat, sleep, ride.
    sun – eat, sleep, swim.
    mon – eat, sleep, run, and bbq.

  656. Celebrating my birthday and riding the nountain bike leg of the Ski to Sea!

  657. Erik B

    Will do some biking this weekend, if weather permits.
    Monday probably some racing at PIR in Portland.

  658. I hope you allow this recomment as I entered before I read the rules – I will be spending the three day weekend coaching my daughter’s 12 & under ASA team (hopefully to victory) in Moline, Illinois – GO MUDD DAWGS!!


    Hey. I’ll start off Saturday with a 5 mile run then later a family get together. Sunday will begin with church then a cookout and finally a 5K run/walk. Monday will begin with a 10 mile run then off to visit the grave sites of some of my family that have already passed on. Should be a great weekend!

  660. The weekend will be spend with the in-laws, not much bbq-ing going on. Maybe some running on sunday morning, but it’s a pretty standard kind of weekend in these parts.

  661. Thanks for the give aways that you do.

    I’ll be flying to Iowa for my daughters graduation ceremony. I’m planning to get in a couple of run workouts around campus; alas, I fear most of the co-eds have left for the summer.

  662. I’ve to improve my 5k run for the upcoming 10k race. No BBQ for me as I’ve to watch my diet ;(

  663. Plan on spending it at CapTexTri in Austin, TX

  664. This comment has been removed by the author.

  665. I’m training for the Marine Corps Marathon, and a month ago, my HR monitor fell apart – literally. This would be extremely useful to me! And if I don’t win, I guess there’s always the second choice of BUYING one?! Your review was great, which solidified my mind as to which watch I wanted. Thanks!

  666. Nina C.

    I’m heading out to Cape Cod for a relaxing weekend with friends.

  667. A 50 mile ride on Saturday, followed by a century ride on Monday. No BBQ in the plans at this time!

  668. have a great weekend planned.
    Saturday – interval run in the morning, swim with the kids (local pool opens saturday), bbq for my birthday in the evening

    Sunday – Jim McDonnell swim in Reston, kids soccer games @ 1 and bbq/pool party at friends, afternoon bike ride in the hills

    Monday – bike/run brick, bbq at local pool in the afternoon.

  669. Promise to do 1 mile of backward running with it 😉

  670. Long run on Saturday, followed by some crab eating and socializing! Biking on Sunday and the rest is yet unplanned.

  671. The weekend will be spent fixing a classic bike for the wife, riding on Sunday and a long run on Monday.

  672. I continue to enjoy the blog.


  673. No BBQ. My sister in law gives a high tea for her birthday.

  674. hmm.. theres a run, a bike ride and a swim in the plans plus celebrating my cousin graduating from Cornell….

  675. Thbanks for the Great reviews! Long bike/run brick on Saturday and then I’m doing a half mary on Monday as a training run.

    thanks again

  676. This three day weekend will be spent doing some runs, some yard work, and maybe watching some boat races down at the local river.

  677. Trading in the running shoes for golf spikes and hitting the links on Saturday.

    Then plenty of BBQ, beer, and friends if there’s time…..

  678. We are moving back to the States after 5 years in Brazil. So I’ll be going for my long run while my wife packs. (just kidding, the kids will help her pack.)

  679. Beginning a summer of nonstop adventure… flying out to Madrid and spending 12 days lounging around Spain before another 12 days in Argentina and Chile.

  680. I have a trail marathon scheduled for Saturday! and then a garage sale on Sunday and Monday to get rid of all the stuff I’ve collected in preparation for a move in the fall.

  681. I had BBQ yesterday 😉 Training for 100Km ultra marathon in Brasilia over the weekend!!!

  682. I’m running the trails at Oak Mountain State Park where I plan on utilizing the two new things about trail runner I recently learned. One, snakes DO sun on the rocks in the middle of a trail, and, two, ticks like me more than they like deer!

  683. Still recovering from my first 50k trail run, bit of a knee problem that I want gone once and for all:( It would be great to have such an upgrade to my Garmin Foretrex 401 though, though I kind of like the geeky pill box on my wrist, but having start and stop functions, readings in minute miles vs. mph would be great, and a million other features I’m sure.

  684. Heading up to the lakes in Michigan for some family time. Hoping for good weather so we can bbq.

  685. We’re going to Michigan – hopefully to spend some time at the beach!

  686. You know the more popular you get the harder it is to win these things!
    I’m spending the weekend with my family and gearing up with my last hard weekend for Boise 70.3!

  687. I’m working Saturday and Sunday but that’s not going to stop me from competing in Sunrise Tri #2 here in Shreveport, LA Sundsy then Monday joining in on a big group ride that will do at least 50 miles. Good weekend even with work.

  688. Spring rain just won’t let up here in Utah, and we are going to be under the weather all weekend. Darn. –Scott

  689. Rob

    For my weekend I plan to put all of my Garmins (310,500,305,60) into a pile on the porch and watch it rain. We have had something like three non rainy days since the temperature went above freezing.

    Maybe if I leave them alone for awhile they might morph into the one single “do everything I want” gadget I have been searching for.

  690. I’ll be releasing my inner-redneck and hitting both NASCAR races in Charlotte, look for me, I’ll be wearing the tan hat!

  691. Bill from DG

    I am returning home to my family on Friday after being stationed overseas for the last four years. Get to finally enjoy some family time!!

  692. scouting the course for a trail run the following weekend.

  693. I’m running a 10k on Saturday morning at 8:30a, followed by a 5k at 9:30a. I plan to relax the rest of the weekend.

  694. planning on going to a couple bbq’s, catching up on work, and hitting the pool (maybe Great Waves?!)

  695. Hey!

    I unfortunately will be spending the weekend working at a local running store (and of course running (a lot) and cheering friends on at a local race! ). On that note, I regularly recommend your website to customers who have either just bought a Garmin/GPS/heart rate monitor or who have questions we cant answer! Your blog is awesome and such a fantastic resource. Keep up the good work and good luck with your training!

  696. Alcatraz is just around the corner

  697. Plans for this weekend…run around downtown Atlanta, eat “Glady’s Knights Chicken and Waffles,” run some more in Atlanta, attend boring wedding…fly back home!

  698. Regular weekend, just hills running on saturday morning, bike on evening and 75 minutes run on sunday. Getting ready for the XC season that’s starting here in Southern Hemisphere (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  699. Hello,

    pleas one vote for me 2 :-)))

  700. I’ll be doing two training runs, one ride, and a local 5k race.

  701. Friday to Sunday I will be helping a friend renovate an apartment and on Monday I will be enjoying a nice backyard BBQ eating and beer drinking session.

  702. Off to Rochester, NY for a wedding. Don’t worry, there will be Dinosaur BBQ involved! yummmm

    Happy to do my long run in the cool Upstate weather instead of the humid stuff we are getting in DC already!

  703. Memorial Day Weekend!!! I have a bike planned for early Saturday morning. Then I’m driving down to my parents house in Virginia for a family BBQ and some time by the pool. Sunday has us running the DC Tri running course so “the girl” (mine, not yours) is comfortable with where we’ll be running next month. Sunday afternoon is lunch with a friend and some Chuck E. Cheese time to celebrate his birthday. Monday is a BBQ on a friend’s roof in Columbia Heights! Probably will fit a swim in Monday morning too, but we’ve decided to leave that part unplanned.

    Thanks for all the great posts, Ray!

  704. I’ll be running the Vermont Cities marathon. Of if the rain continues, swimming it.

  705. I spent Victoria Day weekend celebrating my 17th Wedding Anniversary. Just started training with my old FR305 for the Victoria Half Marathon in Oct, this Old man is hoping to get under 2hr. I’m sure you could run it backwards in 2hr but not this 40 year old (not yet, anyways.)

  706. HM training and some fine BBQ

  707. This weekend I’ll be squeezing a run in during the kids’ swim lesson, then go for some extra cardio by mowing/triming the lawn. Hopefully I get some bike time in, but mostly I’m just going to enjoy some family time. Love your blog.

  708. Well working Monday but planning doing some riding with the kids on Saturday

  709. Run in the Rain! Gotta love the NW!

  710. I will be playing in concerts all weekend but will fit in my brick and long run for the weekend, hopefully on a new bike!

  711. I’m going to spend my 3.5 Days running around NYC. Hit up Central Park. Maybe see the Hangover 2. Just enjoy the good weather and all the city has to offer!

  712. I’ll be running the All American 5K in Peachtree City, Georgia USA on Saturday. On Sunday it’s a pool party at a friend’s house. I will not be wearing my circa 1990 Scott Tinley Speedo style swim suit.

  713. I have to work, but I’ll be hitting a bbq on Sunday! Oh, and some running and biking, too.

  714. I will be swimming, biking and running most days this weekend and of course a BBQ of some sort will be had. Got to refuel somehow.

  715. Herbert

    greetings from vienna.
    i raced IM 70.3 St. Pölten last weekend. great event, no pb due to hot weather but a great day. this weekend will be resting (bad weather forecast), meeting friends, …
    wanted to thank you for your great articles. go on.

  716. Thanks for all the work on your reviews Ray!

  717. Hmm, this friday night I’m playing octopush for 2hrs at Aberystwyth uni (in preparation for playing for Great Britain in the Netherlands in June). Yes, honest, I play underwater hockey for Great Britain 😀

    This weekend I’m planning to go surfing at a local beach in Wales (yes it will be freezing), then maybe a bit of revision for a uni exam next week. Sunday I’m planning to hit the trails for a long bike ride 🙂 Gotta love the outdoors…

  718. I have a best friend coming to town to visit… I have regular training stuff, but, my hubs has his second triathlon, ever. After three years he took a seat on my boat! Then, my Daughter (6), has “NextGen” practice (a kids tri club!). We have a busy weekend… but no BBQ. Hmmm, that might have to change! 🙂

  719. Hope for a parcel heading for Sweden this time. Tnx for a great blog.

  720. The husband, kids and I are running the Midnight 5k Friday (the 1 year anniversary of our very first race). Then we are going to spend 3 days camping at the cabin, fastpacking, 4-wheeling and eating too much good food!
    ShaRee Hirschi

  721. D

    10k on sat and then a 50 mile bike ride of sun and nothing at all on Monday!

  722. I’ll be packing and prepping for the honu 70.3 on big island. Second time doing that race and distance. Yaaaaay.

  723. Duane

    running and relaxing!

  724. BBQ, a ride, a run, maybe a swim, ending with a 5k Race and hopefully a PR.

  725. gimme gimme 🙂

  726. This comment has been removed by the author.

  727. I am going to do my last long run before my 1/2 marathon and go to the pool and have a BBQ.

  728. I’ll be riding and running. Plus we are doing smoked brisket and boiled crawfish on Sunday just to mention the good stuff 😉

  729. Work day as usual here in Brazil, but hoping the Americans I have contact with are planning an uberBBQ quest of supreme food! Then I’d spend the afternoon at work, staring at my monitor while brain whispers (rather loudly) about how wonderful a nap would be. Sigh…

  730. i have a swim and a bike on the horizon for the weekend, plus beach with the kids!

  731. Three day weekend? Ha! My company isn’t celebrating, but I’m planning a weekend trip to Lake Tahoe. Mountain biking season is in full swing (although there’s still lots of snow).

  732. Going to the Berkshires. Time to run on some real hills, not the wimpy ones in Newton.

  733. I’m headed to Blacksburg, Va, this weekend to ride the Mountains of Misery, an aptly named century ride. I will need this Garmin only if the mountians don’t kill me first…

  734. Ride Saturday morning before taking off for Mount Snow for a wedding on Sunday.

  735. My Daughter was 12 yesterday, so she is having a BBQ party and sleepover this weekend. Somehow I’ll squeeze in a few back to back long runs.

  736. Great Blog. Just hanging with the family. Big training block before Friday.

  737. Grand weekend plans indeed.

    Visit with friends on Friday, two graduation parties on Saturday, R&R on Sunday, the zoo with the kids on Monday.

    Try to squeeze a long brick and some runs in there too. Two weeks till my ‘A’ race of the season.

  738. Now that I’m officially back from injury after the NYC Marathon, I’ll be getting a good run in, maybe some biking to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone, and quality time with my girlfriend. Oh, and beer.

  739. Ride 60 miles, going for the first open water swim…watching my daughter in a parade….

  740. Getting back from out of town…riding Saturday…riding Sunday and working Monday!

  741. Love the blog i read it everyday!

  742. Friday – Hard training ride in the morning then Mariners/Yankees Game

    Saturday – recon Stage 1 of the new upcoming Capital Stage Race in Oympica WA

    Sunday – Recon Stage 4

    Monday – easy training ride then lots of Babyback Ribs.

  743. Love the blog and I read it everyday!

  744. Running the Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City!

  745. Amazing blog for info and products. Spending the weekend in a 3-day golf tournament and hope to BBQ and hit the pool with a few beverages as it’s 90+ deg here in SC. Cmt268

  746. Easy runs saturday & Sunday, then hit the trail for 20+ with the Keenyans.

  747. This weekend I am planning on running a little bit, grilling up some meat and catching up on chores. Really exciting, I know.

  748. Biking, running, sunning. And then eating copious amounts of BBQ’d foodstuffs.

  749. Training, training and more training.

  750. Plans: Working on a paper, cleaning my house, going for a run, perhaps a hike, and a visit with the family. Oh, and paying some bills. My life is really that exciting. Yep, it is. 🙂

  751. My wife and I are heading to Branson, MO. We’ll take our bikes and enjoy some beautiful scenery. Maybe this time I can take the time to enjoy it, unlike during IM Branson 70.3 last september!

  752. Maggie R.

    I’ve got a jam-packed training weekend planned! With a long bike, long run, and then OWS in Annapolis (inspired by your DC-area OWS links)- it should be fun! I’m still deciding whether to go sightseeing on skyline drive for the bike as well

  753. I’m just want it… plzzzzzzz

  754. Thanks for doing this.

  755. Going to NYC for the long weekend.


  756. eating food of course and lots of riding.

  757. I NEED this Garmin!!!

  758. I’ll be working 13 hours a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, possibly finishing off with an hour on the indoor bike trainer in the stuffy basement at work.