Garmin Forerunner 310XT Giveaway–January 2011!

Because it’s Friday. Because my bike finally arrived at my hotel in the country of Jordan three days after I did (though, my luggage…not so much). And because most importantly – the bike arrived in one happy piece. Thus, so many reasons to be happy to and give away a Garmin Forerunner 310XT.


Here’s my in depth review if you aren’t familiar with the little orange device.

Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you. I’m going about this like a random raffle drawing, except that you can get multiple ‘entries’.  Here’s the usual skinny on how:

One Entry: Simply place a comment below on this page, that’s it!  No lyrics to create, or poems to make.  No stories to tell, or anything complex.  Only comments on this page count (nope, comments from 2 years ago don’t count).

Two Entries: Three different ways to double up here.  In addition to the comment below, just put a link on your blog (if you have one) to this contest page.  Or the second option is adding your Twitter account as a follower of DCRAINMAKERBLOG and retweeting the contest announcement.  By simply spreading the word, ya get an extra entry.  (Note: If you’re already a follower, simply re-tweet and you get credit!).  The final third option for non-Twitter/Blog peeps is to Share this on FaceBook instead. Surely you have FaceBook, right?  There’s a handy button below the post for doing it automagically.

Three Entries: Triple-time baby!  This is easy – just do all three of the above!  Twitter (or FaceBook), Blog/Site, and Comment.  Ya max out at three entries though…no quadruple dipping here!

See, that’s pretty painless, right?

Please let me know in your comment below how many entries you’ve qualified for if more than one, as it’s super-difficult for me to lineup a Twitter account named “AwesomeRunner28” to a blog named “RunnerGuy” to a comment listed from “RunningCowTippers!”, and I certainly want you to get all your entries.  I don’t need to know your account names, just how many entries.  Also, if ya have technical questions/thoughts/comments/diatribes/poems regarding the FR310XT specifically, use that post page for those writings.

The winner will get a brand new Garmin Forerunner 310XT (with HR strap).

The contest will run until Thursday January 20th, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Time when I’ll close the entry period.  I’ll announce the winner the following day.

For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets.  Thanks all!

(Note: If you’re active duty military and deployed and are unable to complete the three entry methods above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya counted for all three.  Thanks!)


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  1. Dimitri BE

    I’ll be quick this time: count me in!

  2. Vijesh

    What are the odds that #1 is the randomly chosen winner? As good as any other I guess. Thanks Ray.

  3. Allan

    You are king – i’m in

    Have a great day everybody

  4. 3 times (comment, twiter, blog). This is my favorite garmin product. Hope for lucky hand.

  5. Count me x 3! I shared on my blog and on twitter!

  6. 3 times – comment, twitter, Facebook.

  7. Wanna take part just for the fun 😉

  8. Woohoo, what a giveaway! 3 entries for me please, just RT’d and on my blog too!

  9. Anonymous

    These are fantastic.

  10. my brother would love this for running 🙂

  11. Ohh a 310xt I’m in 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    I’d like to get one of these for my mate (I’ve already got an Edge which’ll do me ;)) – mcdurdin, about to RT and FB

  13. Hi,
    count me in twice (jhwist@twitter). Any bonus entries for catching errors in blog postings? (kidding).

  14. Gaspar

    Thank you for this opportunity!
    x2 (comment, twitter)

  15. I’d love one. Great promo

  16. I promise to start running again if I win this.

  17. Three for me, please! Comment, twitter, and FB. 🙂

  18. Well, it’s one of my favourite blogs, so why not actually ENTER a competition for once? Nothing ventured and all that…

  19. Three times for me! Comment, Twitter and blog.

  20. Two for me pls. Comment and twitter.

  21. Nice! Count me in twice! Also RT (@AMSShenhua). Thanks

  22. please count me too for 1. tks

  23. wktaylor1 on Twitter
    William Taylor on Facebook
    for 3 times the love.

    Favorite blog, Ray! Thanks for the foot pod “rundown”

  24. Put me down for 2 please dude! I’ve retweeted too! Cheers man keep up the good blogging!

  25. Frank

    Here and twit.

  26. scicoya

    Commented and retwitted (2)
    Well done!

  27. Tweeted, Blogged and commented! x 3 please mate!



  28. Three entries thanks Ray. You’re a champion!

  29. Thanks Ray! Good stuff, keep it coming — always look forward to your posts.

  30. I’m in for three. Thanks Ray!!

  31. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me

  32. Good luck on the race to the best blog post! I voted for you but I really like Run,Courtney, Run as well! I,m in for 2!

  33. Wow, my husband dreams about something like this 🙂 Maybe next year Santa Claus will buy it for him 🙂

  34. please, please, please! count me 😀

  35. Put me down for one on Twitter too ;o)

  36. Count me in! 2x (guess I’m not cool enough for twitter)

  37. Oh, it’d be sweet to have one of these!

  38. Once again, here I am. Keep wishing I am the one…

  39. Eventually managed to post to Facebook too.
    Pick me, pick me, pick me ;o)

  40. Santa let me down so I am still short a 310XT. Fingers crossed.

  41. Wow – only one border away from me (I’m in Israel). Count me in for one – thanks!

  42. I’m in for 1. Thanks Ray!

  43. Count me in! 2x
    Here + twitter

  44. Hi Ray, three entries for me – comment, FB and retweet. All the best from Brussels, Belgium

  45. RT’d as dimassss on twitter. Awesome blog, keep it up!

  46. two times! RT @julrx. cheers!

  47. Kalle

    Thank you for all the good reading!

  48. Login your work dc. Count me in.

  49. Count me in for three please. Twitter, blog and here!

  50. Thanks for the opportunity!

  51. Please sign me up for 2. A RT and this comment.


  52. One for me. Thanks for such a great blog!

  53. Awesome giveway! Come on lady luck…

  54. Sign me up for one… thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Great idea for a comp! Only just noticed all your previous comps wish I entered earlier!

  56. count me in – posted on here, facebook, and twitter… is that 2 or 3 entries? Thanks for offering these (and all your work keeping such a good blog up to date)

  57. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  58. Facebooked! Don’t have twitter, sorry!

  59. Count me in thrice! (blog + twitter).

    I love your blog, and because of it currently have the 305. I’d love to upgrade.

  60. 2 please! Twitter and comment. Thanks Ray!

  61. David Cole

    Facebooked! Don’t have twitter, sorry!

  62. count me in, doing a triple dip

  63. 3 times for me. Comment, Twitter, FB. Hope you find your luggage…

  64. Anonymous


    Thanks Ray

    Doron from tel aviv

  65. I’m in with a comment and a retweet.

  66. Might need to try and win one for each arm to maintain symmetry… but I’d be super happy to win my first one!

  67. Thanks for running the giveaway! 1x – comment only.

  68. Thanks for the chance to win. I also tweeted. Thanks

  69. Put me down for 3 entries, comment, tweet,and blog.

    Great giveway as usual.

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. Cool Contest. What better way to start the training year.
    Two entries for me.

  72. Anonymous

    COunt me in for 3 Ray! comment twitter and fb

  73. Count me in for 2!(facebook and the comment log). After giving my wife one of these for Christmas, and seeing what all it can do I really want one.


  74. Thanks for another great give away Ray! Put me down for two entries.

  75. Bernard Maughan

    Count me in for 3 Ray! Comment, Twitter & fb.

  76. Love Garmin, and really want that watch!

  77. Ray- I am in and I put it on my FB page! I am also Active Duty out in Korea. O finally met Daniel as well, he came out and swam tonight!

  78. Twitter follow, retweet, comment. Thanks for doing these great contests – and I don’t mind the gorgeous recaps of the foreign travel either!

  79. Really dig your blog and love the contest you do!
    Count me in for this giveaway for sure –
    Best of luck in all your races in 2011!

  80. Comment added. Great blog!

  81. Oh this would make me sooooooo happy!

  82. Rob cannon

    Me me me 🙂

  83. Garmin is going good with Strava!

  84. Garmin is going good with Strava!

  85. WhoooHOOOOO Garmin Giveaway!!!

  86. Great Site. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  87. Anonymous

    Gotta say, even if I don’t win, your blog is da Best. Keep up the good work.

  88. Kevin V

    Put me down for 3 (comment, twitter and blog).

  89. I’m in for 1. Thanks again for all of this!

  90. I want to win so bad my…oh my!

  91. Gotta say … even if I don’t win, your Blog is da best.

  92. I’m in dire need of a Garmin!

  93. just discovered your blog via friend who wants the garmin!

  94. 2 times (comment and facebook). thanks for hosting!!

  95. count me in for two: comment and link on my blog

  96. I’m feeling lucky!

  97. posted to facebook too!

  98. Count me in for 1.
    Good luck on all the blog voting!

  99. Anonymous

    i’m in

  100. Let’s give it a go. Greetings from Holland!

  101. 3 for me (FB; RT; Comment)

  102. Ah love the Garmin Forerunner watches, my friend showed me his, ery impressed. Count me in x 2 (twitter retweet)!

  103. I just went for a run. But I had to hold my Garmin Edge (cycling computer) in my hand. The Forerunner would be so much better for running that the cycling one.

  104. Chris N

    Count me in for two…here and facebook.

  105. Put me in for 3: comment, twitter, FB

  106. Count me in

    Thanks DC

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. I could use that… 2 entries

  109. Hello!! One entrie. Your blog is adictive for me.

  110. Jake Jendusa

    Two times Facebook and comment 🙂

  111. Awesome giveaway!

    Count me in for 1 entry!

  112. Following your journey…

  113. I’m in with 2 entries (w_1_b on twitter)

    Thx for the great blog! Hard to find better reviews anywhere else!

  114. Posted to my Facebook…

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. Another fantastic giveaway, thanks.

    3 counts for me (blog & twitter)!

    Keep up the great work.

  117. I’m in. Its on facebook and twitter too.

  118. mmm belated xmas present.
    (and retweeted)

  119. Oh man could I use a new Garmin!!!! Count me in for three comment, blog and facebook!

  120. In for 3 – Thanks Ray!

  121. Count me in twice: once for this comment and once for my retweet! Thanks!

  122. I’m in for 3 as well. Awesome blog Ray.

  123. Kelley

    Great giveaway!

  124. I’m in.

    Liam Salmon, Salisbury UK

  125. Twitter and Facebook. Shame on me but I´m not a Blogger yet 🙁

  126. Big bucks, big bucks…..

  127. Count me in twice. Here & twitter

  128. x2 – Twitter and Comment for me!


  129. Thanks Ray. Just started following you this month on twitter and re-tweeted as well as shared this link on facebook! – Brian Baran

  130. All in !
    my 305 is too old 😉

  131. This looks awesome…1 for me

  132. Count me for 2 with the retweet!!

  133. bectom1

    Please put me in for two enteries – I’m commenting and I retweeted your message. Thanks!

  134. Here and on FB… Dang, I really want this… And it’s all your fault… Dang you for thorough, in depth reviews! 🙂

  135. Awesome giveaway today! Count me in!

  136. I love your blog and I’d love to upgrade to a 310XT.

  137. Count me twice, this comment and twitter

  138. Considering my 310 died this week, I’d love a replacement ; )

  139. Z. Liz

    2 – tweet & comment. would love to win this!

  140. I’m in for all 3!

  141. Love that it’s waterproof!

    3 entries: comment, tweet, FB

  142. ostatetri

    2x’s for me – comment here and tweet as well

  143. Two for me. Thanks Ray.

  144. Count me in for two, comment & facebook post.

  145. Please enter me in the contest.

    Thanks DC Rainmaker

  146. I really wanted to write you a poem about how this Garmin would change my tri performance!!
    This is yet another awesome giveaway!!

    3 please (comment, linking on my blog and tweeted about this contest).

    Thank you!

  147. hello, thanks for the garmin and now in Spanish,gracias por el garmin y por los comentarios sobre los productos

  148. Count me in! 3 entries for me (comment, twitter, blog).

  149. Put me down for 3, Facebook, Tweeted, & Comment. Thanks!

  150. count me in for two, fb and here.

  151. I’m in – 2 entries for me (comment and twitter).

  152. This comment has been removed by the author.

  153. Count me in! I am also linking this to my Facebook page.

  154. Would love to upgrade to 310 😉

  155. I “need” this! Thanks!

  156. Tracey OK

    LOVE IT! Put me in the giveaway!

  157. This comment has been removed by the author.

  158. This comment has been removed by the author.

  159. Count me in for three Ray, Happy Travels

  160. This is awesome and you are awesome for giving it away!! Count me in! Twice!

  161. I’m in for all three too!

  162. 3 times – comment, twitter, blog

  163. Thanks Ray- 2 entries for me (here and facebook).

    Will in Boston

  164. TimT

    Facebook – Tim Thompson
    Twitter – TimT77

    Thanks, Ray!

  165. one more time for twitter–you’ve been twitted

  166. Shane W

    I wrote a haiku
    to enter this giveaway.
    Hope you enjoy it!

  167. Count me in! Keep on good job Ray!
    Have a great day 🙂

  168. Love your site. Thanks so much.

  169. 2 entries, Facebook and Comment.
    I would love to have one of these!

  170. 2 für mich.

  171. 3rd time…you’ve been facebooked

  172. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂 Posted on FB (twice) and on our CTFitnessandrehab blog! That’s three!

  173. Another giveaway? Yay! I’m in for 1!

  174. Awesome! Count me in for 2 🙂

  175. C

    Just found your website- cool!

  176. CharlesH

    Count me in…thanks!

  177. I just had to talk myself into not purchasing a new Garmin due to budget constraints so this would be PERFECT!

  178. hop, here I am,
    make it two entries.

  179. Anonymous

    Karen said this would be awesome to win.

  180. I followed you on Twitter and retweeted the giveaway.

  181. Comment, Tweeted, Posted on Blog – count me in for 3!

  182. Alan B

    Count me in for three, thanks!

  183. One entry for me, please and thanks!

  184. I’ll take one raffle ticket please.

  185. I’m in for 3. I can’t login to facebook or my blog from my work computer, but will repost/share your “giveaway” link when I get home, as well as link your blog from mine,
    Thanks DC.
    Can’t wait to spend the rest of the winter catching up on years of your blogging!

  186. Thanks for your generosity!

  187. Count me in 2x! BOOYA!

  188. Heya, Ray! 3 Entries here!

  189. Sign me up! Thanks for blogging and all the great contested (although I NEVER win!)

  190. Count me in! Thanks Ray!

  191. Stéphane

    Here i am, *3.
    Always a pleasure.

  192. GAH – another giveaway! I’ve been wishing for a 310XT for so long!

    count me in for 2 entries – this comment and a twitter mention (@ActiveEggplant)

  193. I’ll play. Everyone else should just stop posting, since I’m going to win. Really, there’s no point.

  194. Paul Bunyar

    I want it. I want it. I want it. Love my 305, but daddy needs an upgrade.

  195. Stephen J Parshall

    Whoo-Hoo!!! I’m feeling luck this month! Put me down for 2 entries (comment and Twitter – @stephen_jeffrey)

  196. Not sure if this is open to people outside the U.S. But I will play anyway.
    Great blog ny the way.

  197. 3 for me please!
    – this comment
    – tweeted – tracyrunning
    – on my blog –


  198. Let me at it! 🙂

  199. I’ll take 2 entries!

  200. Awesome Giveaway! Just one time for me!

  201. Awesome contest! Two entries for me! (comment and twitter)

  202. Anonymous

    1 for me – Eric V of Naples

  203. One entry from the home team here in DC.

  204. Woo-hoo, three for me! Thanks as always.

  205. Keep being awesome, DC Rainmaker!


    I want to win a fancy watch!

  207. Count me in please.

  208. I sure you love to get one of this. Also posting on Twitter (@gregreasoner) & Facebook (Greg Reasoner).

  209. This is really cool. Count me in!

  210. Count me in for 1 😀

  211. One comment for me…hopefully that’s all I need!

  212. I’m in for three: comment, facebook (Kara Thomas and ctfitness) and blog (ctfitnessandrehab). pick me pick me pick me!! 🙂

  213. Count me twice (twitter and here)

  214. I’m in for two–comment and retweet. Thanks again!

  215. Count me in for two, comment and Twitter (@saturdaygolfer).

  216. Count me in, x2; here & facebook.
    I check in every morning to see what’s new.

  217. CT

    Got you covered on facebook, blog (CT Fitness) and here. Chris Thomas

  218. Awesome !

    Three for me – blog and facebook.

  219. Hi! Count me in.
    This is my blog:

    my twitter @balonbiru
    i’ve followed and RT this giveaway.
    So i guess my entry will be counted as triple entries,rite?

    i hope that cute orange garmin will be shipped to my door 😀

  220. Kenny B

    2 for me! Comment and Facebook. Thanks!

  221. All in for 2! (comment and tweet)

  222. I have 2-fb and comment. Pick me; Pick me!!

  223. I don’t “believe” in lotteries, yet I keep entering your giveaways! The lure of GPS, I guess. One for me please.

  224. I’m in! Three entries for me please (comment, twitter and facebook)

  225. You’re assumption is that when someone says they qualify for three entries, they actually did all three things.. i’ll be honest.. count me in just for ONE..

  226. so want… twitter & comment now…

  227. Hi! Thanks for offering the giveaway! I earned 3 entries – blog comment, twitter, and facebook. (I don’t have a blog, or I’d link to yours.) Fingers are crossed really tightly, metaphorically!!

  228. Thanks for all your great reviews!

    3 Entries (Comment, Twitter/FB, Blog)

  229. Re-Tweeted, Facebook, and this here comment posting makes 3 for me.


  230. count me in for 3 Ray!

  231. This comment has been removed by the author.

  232. Anonymous

    I’m in

  233. Hopefully I will get lucky and get it this time. Count me for 2 (shared on FB and comment here!)

  234. 3 for me ~ You’re a super generous dude, Ray!

    blogged: link to

    And facebooked.

  235. Done and done… and done. Three times (here, Twitter, Facebook)

  236. Thanks Ray! I’m in for two entries (this and re-tweet!)

  237. I need another 310xt…I dropped mine on a tile floor.

  238. I am in. (twitter too)

  239. Wanna take part just for the fun 😉

  240. 3 entries for me please…

  241. Count me in for the drawing!

  242. Thanks for the competition Ray,count me in and well done on the blog. Rgds Keith

  243. Your giveaways are always the best!

  244. Count me in for 1 entry!! Cheers!

  245. Free things are good! I’m enjoying the blog also 😉

  246. I’d like to be entered, thanks!

  247. twitkaise

    i want that!!!

  248. Erik Bakker

    Santa is back!

  249. This is super! I am in with 2 entries (comment and twitter).

  250. I will blog, facebook, and comment 🙂

  251. Ray –

    I love your site.

    2 Entries: A comment here, and added you to my blog.

  252. Sign me up for 2 (comment, retweet). Thanks.

  253. I am in for the freebie

  254. Ben W.

    Mark me down. Thanks!

  255. Two for me (comment and twitter as @b_regin).

  256. Hey Ray, I gave you a re-tweet, a facebook post and a comment, all from David Dawson. Does that count as three entries?
    Love your blog. I don’t know how you manage to train for triathlons and maintain a social life with all of that international travel you do, but it sure is fun to follow along.

  257. show me the Garmin.

  258. I’m in for 1 entry.

  259. I’m in… 3x times 🙂
    – blog link to
    – RT @ twitter
    – and this comment.

    Thanks for all the great content, I really cannot imagine my day-to-day living without this blog 🙂

  260. Hey Ray. I gave you a facebook post, a retweet and a comment, does that count as three entries? Love your blog. I don’t know how you train for triathlons and maintain a social life with all of that international travel you do, but it sure is fun to follow along. Cheers.

  261. would love a 310xt some day!
    2x for me thanks! comment/blog post

  262. I am a big Garmin fan, so count me in!!!

  263. Tai Fung

    Put me down for 2 please! Comment and Twitter!

  264. come on baby, come on baby. daddy needs some new shoes

    (love the blog Ray, thanks as always!)

  265. I am also linking to my blog and facebook page!

  266. Count me in for 3….comment, facebook, blog.

  267. oh! count me 2x, I’ve also got you on Facebook.

  268. Great blog. I also entered on Twitter as @gtn80, count me @ 2

  269. three times! Comment, FB, twitter.

  270. Great review! My husband would LOVE this.

    Count me in for a blog share and FB as well

  271. Gavin

    2X For me. Here and a Retweet.

  272. Please give me two counts. I would lvoe a chance to win since I do nto have one.

  273. awesome gear, count me in

  274. Oops love is what I ment to say and I facebooked plus commented here.

  275. Times 3 – comment, blog, facebook. Thanks Ray!

  276. Commenting and tweeting, sign me up for 2, please!

  277. Excellent Giveaway…count me in.

  278. Great reviews and now free stuff!

  279. Just one, please, Ray.

  280. I’m in, thanks. One on Twitter too.

  281. Great giveaway! Count me in for 2 entries (comment and Twitter @BadgerJen2002)

  282. Put me down for two entries please!
    Facebook/Twitter + comment.

  283. love the reviews, keep them coming!

  284. count me in for 2, thanks

  285. I’m in for 2

    Twitter is amanda1541

    Thanks! PS. Don’t forget to vote!
    link to

  286. 3 entries for me! Thanks

    twitter is michaelshields3

  287. I’m in x3 – comment, link on blog, and FB. Cheers!

  288. I’m in. Love the blog!

  289. Lyen

    Already have one, so if I won I’d figure out a way to raffle/auction it off for charity. Maybe Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti?

  290. Awesome! I’d love to win this! 3 for me please! (comment, FB, blog link)

  291. There will be MANY entries for this contest!

  292. Love the garmin 310xt want to give one to my son

  293. Two entries. Comment and Facebook. Thanks!

  294. I would love to have a Forerunner!

  295. Hi Ray,

    i just stumbled upon your blog this week as i have been looking for a GPS watch to help me track my training and stay fit! 🙂 your blog had been very detailed which helped alot. I just started to break into triathlon, was previously sidelined with injury so was out of shape for quite a while. I see that there’s even a contest for a give away 310XT. anyway i think this entry comment counts as one entry right? Good luck to everyone joining 🙂 Cheers!

  296. This would be awesome!

  297. To echo all the other comments – love your page, thanks for the giveaway! (2 entries please!)

  298. Paul Bunyar

    Putting in another comment for how much I would love to upgrade from my 305. Little Red is serving me well. But I would love to pass it along to someone after receiving a 310XT. Good luck to everyone.

  299. 2 entries please! As always, awesome blog.

  300. 1 entry for me! Thanks!

  301. I’m in — 2x for me!

  302. My niece wanted one of these for Christmas and she didn’t get it…

  303. Count me in for two (comment and blog). My blog is here: link to

  304. Please put me down for 3! Thanks!

  305. Heather

    What a great giveaway!!!! 🙂 I’ve entered 3 times (comment, facebook, and sparkpeople blog) 🙂


  306. Woo Hoo, free stuff. In all seriousness the 310xt is awesome.

  307. My 305 is dying a slow death. I’m in need of a new one. Count ne in.

  308. Count me in for 2! (Sorry if this is a duplicate – can’t tell if it went through or not.)

  309. Commented and tweeted. People were *quick* on this one…

  310. All three entries for me!

    One idea for a post- Could you talk about traveling with your bike? I know you’ve had a rough go of it this time, but I’d love to hear some details about how that’s done. Thanks!

  311. You can put me down for 3: comment, twitter, and blog post 🙂

  312. Hey DCR! I have been following your blog and I have to say I love your product reviews and training tips. They have been both entertaining and helpful. I am like you; I like to leave no stone unturned. Just ask my wife. Speaking of which, my wife and I have a blog, link to, which I have just posted on giving you a shout-out, and telling other folks about your awesome reviews and funny anecdotes. (That’s two entries!) Keep up the great work!

  313. Shared on Facebook. Add another entry.

  314. My Garmin 110 stopped working. I need a 310xt!!!

  315. Count me in x3 (comment, twitter, FB)

  316. My 110 is dead, I need a 310xt!

  317. This comment has been removed by the author.

  318. Count me for three:

  319. 2 times for me (FB and comment) Love the blog!!! Keep it up!

  320. and blog.

  321. Nice. Great blog. hook me up.

  322. I’m in! Cool pic in this blog post!

  323. Please count me in.

    Just one entry.

  324. 2 entries for me 😀 Facebook and comment. WANT! Thanx for the giveaway!

  325. very cool, count me in!

  326. Twitter, Facebook, and Comment. Great Blog!

  327. This comment has been removed by the author.

  328. Posted on facebook as well.

  329. DC Rainmaker is the schnizzle

  330. DC – put me in for 3 entries – comment, facebook and twitter…and please select me, need the 310XT bad!!!

  331. 2 times, here & retweet, thx much!

  332. Add me to the list of winners, please?

  333. Facebooked it, tweeted it, and leaving my comment. I’m in!

  334. Just one for me….but hopefull could be enough !

  335. Count me i for one!

  336. put me down for 3 watches.. er, I mean entries please (:

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