Need to find a pool while traveling? Check out Swimmers Guide

A few months ago while traveling I was trying to find information about local lap pools.  While most of the country/city pools tend to have web sites, many times they don’t have particularly useful information (such as lap times, etc..).  Further, I couldn’t find any consolidated place to look up pools.  That is – until I found the Holy Grail of pool locating resources: Swimmers Guide

The web site has just about every pool you can imagine in it.  It includes both private and public pools, and all the information you could ever want to know about it.  How many lanes, is there soap in the locker room, what are the peak times, etc… And it does all of this for 19,504 pools.  Yes – close to 20,000 chlorinated puddles of water!

If you’re traveling and need to swim – this free site rocks.  No registration or anything, just simple searching.  Be sure to send in a few lines about your local pool though so the site continues to grow.  Being a bit of a community effort everyone has to do their part in order for it to continue to be awesome.  Check it out!

This morning though (I’m in Seattle this weekend), I got to meet up with a person on an internal distribution list within our company for triathletes.  We went for a nice casual Saturday open water swim.  By casual I mean every once in a while at various markers we would just stop, float and chat about tri-stuff.  But it was fun – and different than normal.  After a long summer of intense training, sometimes doing something different helps mix things up a bit.  Ended up swimming probably about a mile.  Water temp wasn’t too bad – 71*, didn’t bother with wetsuit because I didn’t feel like having it fill up my suitcase this trip.

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  1. Tam Ber;om

    Hotel pool listed in Nevis/StKitts does not accommodate unless you are a guest.
    Freaking out as I cannot find a pool on this island to train.