Nov. 27

A Weighty Decision: Deciding on a WiFi Weight Scale

Connected scales are all the rage these days.  And for good reason – they make it easy to log your weight.  More importantly though, they make it hard to pretend nothing happened.  So as you rolled out of bed this morning perhaps regretting yesterday’s Turkey festivities, let’s talk about how …

Nov. 26

Black Friday Sales Kickoff: $100 off Fenix3, Withings Scales from $69, and more (Update: +Suunto Ambit3!)

Well then, that’s getting things off to a bang.  A crap-top of sales just launched today and late last night.  Below is but a snippet of just some of the launched sales this morning – the rest I’ve put into my continually updated Black Friday page: Garmin Fenix3 – $100 …

Nov. 25

Garmin Forerunner 230 & 235 In-Depth Review

It’s been almost exactly a month since Garmin announced their lineup of fall running watches, including three new units: The Forerunner 230, 235, and 630.  Each of those units replacing previous iterations of the FR220, 225, and 620.  The FR230 and FR235 were unique though in that this time around …

Nov. 25

My Winter 2015-2016 Sports Gadget Recommendations

Introduction: (Before we start, you can find my Black Friday deals post here, expect a massive update of products on sale on Thursday morning when many deals kick off.  This guide attempts to as best as possible take into account those price changes, while also providing guidance beyond this weekend.) …

Nov. 24

Verve Infocrank Power Meter In-Depth Review

Power meters tend to be products that I test for the longest duration prior to posting a review.  This is often due to wanting to validate products across a wide range of weather and environmental conditions: Heat, humidity, cold, cobbles, indoors, outdoors, etc…  However, my test of the Verve Infocrank …

» A Weighty Decision: Deciding on a WiFi Weight Scale
» Black Friday Sales Kickoff: $100 off Fenix3, Withings Scales from $69, and more (Update: +Suunto Ambit3!)
» Garmin Forerunner 230 & 235 In-Depth Review
» My Winter 2015-2016 Sports Gadget Recommendations
» Verve Infocrank Power Meter In-Depth Review

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