Aug. 25

Everything you ever wanted to know: Garmin’s new $1,500 Fenix Chronos Watch Series

Well then, someone in Kansas is feeling ballsy today.  Garmin has just announced three new Fenix units, starting from $900 and topping out at $1,500USD.  Or, if you’re so fortunate to be living in the land of maple syrup, it’ll set you back $2,000CAD.  This new series, dubbed the Chronos …

Aug. 24

Hands-on: Stryd announces new running power meter

Today running power meter company Stryd announced their next generation running power meter unit, changing up the form factor and increasing the data metrics gathered.  This new model is now a small footpod that you attach to your running shoe.  This differs from the first production generation, which was built …

Aug. 23

Hands-on: The Marlin GPS Swimming Tracker

I mentioned yesterday in my Ibiza weekend post that I had used the Marlin GPS swim meter during one of my recent openwater swims.  I figured I’d put together a short post to dive into a bit more detail on how it works, before their Kickstarter campaign officially closes tomorrow …

Aug. 23

Hands-on: The CycleOps Magnus Smart trainer

Let the new trainer games begin! Oh…crap…wait, they already began – earlier this summer with new CycleOps trainer, Elite trainers, and even Tacx trainer updates. But, with a brief summer intermission completed, we’re back into the swing of new trainer announcements.  And oddly enough, it’s once again CycleOps kicking off this …

Aug. 22

A Long Weekend in Ibiza

Ahh yes, Ibiza – famed locale for foam parties, alcohol-fueled escapades, and stunning beaches and water.  A place where unattached 20-something’s across the world flock.  And thus obviously the perfect place to go with the little 6-week old nugget for a short getaway.  While most Parisians would head out of …

» Everything you ever wanted to know: Garmin’s new $1,500 Fenix Chronos Watch Series
» Hands-on: Stryd announces new running power meter
» Hands-on: The Marlin GPS Swimming Tracker
CycleOps-Magnus-Trainer-InCave_thumb.jpg » Hands-on: The CycleOps Magnus Smart trainer
image_thumb.png » A Long Weekend in Ibiza

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    • The exact moment my paragliding guide decided to discuss a paragliding death earlier in week at locale. Serious. ,
    • I have 14 GPS devices in the DCR RV to Eurobike. None of which means jack when your phone thinks you're in Africa. ,
    • I suspect Suunto being based in Europe is major driver, also deeper marketing in the Ultra running space. ,
    • @adamtowle I'd agree. ,
    • @RealPatFlynn Yup, the Fenix3 and FR920XT will in UltraTrac mode, same rough mode Suunto needs to be in for dame durations. ,
    • @cyclocrossgal Given there's about 2,300 athletes in today's race alone...I'm going with not that many. ;) ,
    • @RealPatFlynn Yeah, though it's interesting, they actually get basically the same battery in the same modes. ,
    • Unscientific Observation from village: Overwhelmingly the most common GPS seen on athletes is Suunto (Ambit mostly). Like easily 20:1 ,
    • This image is pretty much what's it's like outside right now for the 2,300 competitors left in the (dark) mountains. ,
    • Got to watch the first female finisher, 170km and 25 hours later. Unreal course and terrain. Amazing job. ,