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Whoop Has Creatively Painful Discount Promotion This Week

Promotions on products are hardly new, especially in the fitness landscape – and especially over the past 6-8 months as some companies have struggled with a glut of inventory. But the promotion that Whoop sent out to members over the … Read More Here

Whoop Exporting to Apple Health: Here’s how it actually works

Back a couple months ago, Whoop started importing from Apple Health. While the data they pulled was somewhat limited, the goal was mainly to assist in activity recognition and categorization. The idea being that if you used a Garmin Edge … Read More Here

Whoop Begins Sync from Garmin, Strava, and More: How it Actually Works

 Last week Whoop started rolling out, in beta, a new feature that allows external workouts to be synced into the Whoop platform, via Apple Health (on iOS). This means you can now complete a workout on any device that … Read More Here

Whoop 4.0 Band & Platform In-Depth Review

It’s been a few months since Whoop announced their new Whoop 4.0 sensor, and after enough use for me to call this review ready – it’s time to dive (deep) into the details. While the new Whoop 4.0 looks physically … Read More Here

Whoop 4.0 Announced: Here’s What’s New and Changed

Today, Whoop announced their new 4.0 sensor/device. Whoop is part-device, part-platform. The device is a small pod that doesn’t display any metrics itself, but rather has sensors to collect those metrics and transmit them to your phone and the larger … Read More Here