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Initial impressions of a production Bragi Dash unit

This week at CES, folks got their first look at the now final production units of the long-awaited Bragi Dash.  The company began shipping development kits a bit ago, but only just now is working to get the first few … Read More Here

An update on the Dash, the wireless heart-rate monitoring music headphones

Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated products out there is The Dash, by Bragi.  This tiny little set of pods sits in your ear and measures a cornucopia of athletic metrics from pace and distance, to heart rate and … Read More Here

Why I’m both skeptical and optimistic about The Dash heart-rate monitoring music headphones

It’s funny, as a general rule, I don’t like writing about Kickstarter projects where I haven’t seen or touched the product hands-on.  I think that introduces too much risk where people assume that because I write about it, it’s a … Read More Here