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4iiii Acquires STAC Performance, Makers of Near-Silent Trainers (and other products)

The consolidation in the power meter and trainer industry continues this year, with 4iiii announcing today they’ve completed the acquisition of STAC Performance, which you’ll remember makes the virtually silent trainer that I rode inside our baby nursery.  STAC also … Read More Here

Hands-on: STAC Zero Halcyon Smart (Totally Silent) Trainer

The STAC Zero Halcyon trainer is not only a legit smart trainer now, but also totally silent. I dive into the details on how well it works with multiple apps. Read More Here

First Look: STAC’s New Resistance Controllable Silent Trainer

While at Interbike the company behind the STAC Zero silent trainer, previewed their resistance controllable trainer that they’ll be pushing out next year.  This trainer builds upon many of the same core concepts as the first one, which used magnets … Read More Here

Hands-on: New Totally Silent STAC Zero Trainer

As many know, when it comes to crowd-funded projects I have a very high level of skepticism.  Mostly because most of them overcommit and under-deliver.  They may have great ideas, but executing on those ideas often gets muddled once you … Read More Here