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MyWhoosh Selected for UCI Cycling Esports World Championship for 2024-2026: A Few Thoughts

The UCI & MyWhoosh announced yesterday that the MyWhoosh virtual cycling platform has been selected for the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships in 2024/2025/2026. Up till now Zwift has been the platform utilized for the online cycling World Championship event, … Read More Here

Previously Disqualified Zwift Cheater Tries MyWhoosh, Gets Promptly Disqualified

While cheating happens every day, all day, on Zwift and other virtual cycling platforms. Every few months there exists a story worth writing about. And today is one of those days. I’m out riding, running, and swimming a stupid number … Read More Here

TrainingPeaks Raises Prices Slightly, MyWhoosh Sets $1,000,000 Esports Race Prize Purse

Two quick Tuesday sports tech items for ya today, both involving money. One costing you slightly more money, but the other allowing you to make more money…assuming you can pedal hard enough. TrainingPeaks Premium Price Increase: TrainingPeaks has announced a … Read More Here