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Ironman Florida 2009 Race Report

My alarm started buzzing away at 4:30:00AM…and started hitting snooze at 4:30:03AM.  After thinking through the situation for a bit more, I hit snooze another few times – taking me to about 5AM – when Lindsay called (I asked her … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2009 Race Report

The morning started much like any other race morning.  I managed to get about 6-7 hours of sleep, which was a pretty good amount considering everything.  So when the alarms went off I was pretty much ready to go.  However, … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2008 Race Report

(My brother in the 5AM hour writing in chalk on the run course) Before I get started, in case ya missed it, here’s the days leading up to Ironman Canada, covering all of the pre-race action: Day 1, Day 2, … Read More Here