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Garmin Edge 540/840/1040 Now Supports Sending New Courses Mid-Ride

Consider this a public service announcement. For some of you, this will matter a ton. Others, not at all. And others yet still will note this has been there since the Edge 1040 launched last summer. However, what has become … Read More Here

Quick Video: Using the Edge 840 Touchscreen With Rain & Gloves

Here’s a super quick post, for a super quick video, to demonstrate something that’s been frequently requested: Using the Edge 840 touchscreen with rain/water on the screen, as well as how it works with gloves. I had meant to include … Read More Here

Garmin Edge 840 Cycling GPS In-Depth Review

Garmin has just announced the new Edge 840, as well as Edge 540 units. And like last year, with the more expensive Edge 1040, both the 540 and 840 get Solar variants. However, the changes go far beyond just sunny-side-up … Read More Here