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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

A full week home in the city of light…and rain.  Here’s what I was up to over the weekend! 1) More trainers have arrived! This week I had both the CycleOps Magnus and the CycleOps Hammer trainers arrive.  That follows … Read More Here

The Trainer Updates of Interbike 2016: STAC, Kinetic, Tacx, CycleOps, Elite, CompuTrainer

As expected, Interbike was pretty quiet as far as new trainers go. Only one company introduced a new trainer: BKool, with all remaining companies having already introduced new trainers at Eurobike a few weeks ago, or over the course of … Read More Here

Hands-on: The CycleOps Magnus Smart trainer

Let the new trainer games begin! Oh…crap…wait, they already began – earlier this summer with new CycleOps trainer, Elite trainers, and even Tacx trainer updates. But, with a brief summer intermission completed, we’re back into the swing of new trainer … Read More Here