Thank you so much for the posts/review/detail, how can I support the blog?

I appreciate the support!  The best way is via Amazon.  Essentially, anything you buy there helps me out – whether it’s a Garmin watch or a garden shovel.  Just click the link, search for whatever you want, and you’re good to go.  After clicking that initial link – nothing looks any different.

Additionally, I’ve also setup a deal with Clever Training – which offers endurance sports gear, like GPS watches and the sort.  DCR readers get 10% off anything in your cart with coupon code DCR10BTF, plus free shipping over $75 (that’s just about everything).  And, you support the site.

Or, should you prefer straight donations – I accept diamond, gold and other valuable metals.  Just let me know and I can send you my address (I promise, it’s not in East Africa, and I’m not heir to the throne of a small army…well, at least I think not).

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