I’ve got an awesome new app, will you post a piece about it?

Honestly, it better be good!  There are hundreds, if not thousands of apps out there tracking fitness – and yours has to be something really darn special.  Something that I’ve never seen before.  Like ponies farting rainbows that fly with power meters attached.

For reference, I have an iPhone 4 & 4S, Windows 7 & 8 Phones, and an Android phone – so I can cover app items equally (unless it’s a Blackberry App…in which case you’re probably already up a creek without a paddle).  And on the tablets side I have a few iPads, Android tablets, and a Windows Surface RT.  So plenty of options to test things out.

Now, feel free to let me know about it – as I’m happy to make note of it if I think it’s appropriate.  But I can’t guarantee I’ll write about it or mention it.

For those curious – I have put together a ‘My top iPhone apps’ post, which is definitely worth checking out (and many of the apps are available on Android and Windows phone as well).

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