FIT File EP2: Wahoo KICKR RUN, COROS Updates, WearOS in 2024, and Garmin jabs at Apple?

For those not subscribed to the FIT File (it’s free!) via your regular podcast app or on YouTube, here’s a quick post with the highlights from the most recent episode.

We talk about the new Wahoo KICKR Run treadmill (which both of us have now tried), the recent Peak Zwift Day, our thoughts on the latest new COROS Features, Fossil quitting smartwatches alongside the future of WearOS, all well as whether Garmin took a jab at Apple?

Based on the feedback we got from the first episode of the revamp (yes, the numbering is somewhat confusing, we thought long and hard…and there’s no good answer there), we’ve made a few changes, including the timing/chapters for each topic.

Here are the timing/chapter markers for each (automatically in the YouTube video above, both on YouTube the video platform, and YouTube Music app for listening to podcasts):

0:00 Intro
1:37 Wahoo KICKR Run
21:40 Peak Zwift Day
30:30 COROS 2024 Feature Updates
40:58 Fossil Quits Smartwatches
44:05 Where is WearOS?
54:17 Garmin takes a jab at Apple?
57:26 We hit the Top 20 Tech Podcasts on Spotify!

As a reminder, here’s where you can find the podcast:

And then for the audio-only version, you can find it here:

Thanks for listening!


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  1. Corey

    My favorite subtle-ish Garmin jab at Apple was when the AW Ultra first came out, and Garmin almost immediately shared an ad for their Enduro 2 watch, with the caption, “We measure battery life in months. Not hours.”

    • Tobias Schmidt

      Best comment ever!
      I like Apple, but love Garmin :-)

      @DC Rainmaker, I am interested to see sold numbers of watches from Garmin, Polar, Coros and Suunto, split up per model. Are these data available and could be shared?

      Regards Tobias

  2. Don Rhummy


    Is Garmin ever going to allow American Express pay on their watches?