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DJI Mini 4 Pro: The Complete Beginners Guide

Just a quick heads up that I’ve posted a full DJI Mini 4 Pro Beginners Guide, that takes you from start to finish with the drone, including virtually all the features and how they work in real life. The previous edition of this beginners guide, for the Mini 3 Pro, has garnered some 1.3 million views – one of the most popular videos I’ve done on YouTube to date.

The video has YouTube chapters in it, making it easy to find the section you’re most interested in. You can access those chapters along the bottom of the video player, or using all the links below:

0:00 Quick Overview & Intro
0:54 Remote Controller & Battery Options
4:16 Drone Hardware (Gimbal, Sensors, Basics)
6:17 Pre-Takeoff Critical Items
9:38 Taking off & Flying Basics
14:44 Obstacle Avoidance Explainer
16:30 Video Modes Explainer
17:56 Slow-Mo Options
19:01 Gimbal Usage
20:33 Custom Video Settings
21:40 Vertical Video/Photo Options
22:55 Zoom Options
24:14 Photo Modes – Part 1
25:12 Low Battery Warnings/RTH
27:13 Photo Modes – Part 2
29:22 QuickShots Usage
30:37 MasterShots
32:34 Hyperlapse Feature
35:47 Waypoints
39:46 Spotlight & POI Modes
41:04 Durability Demonstration
42:40 Active Track 360 (Follow-Me)
48:13 Sport Mode (Fast Flying)
49:35 Hand-Catching A Drone
50:50 Gallery and Downloading
53:40 Wrap-Up

With that – thanks for watching.

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  1. Befembeker

    I was waiting for this video…
    Thank You!!

  2. Chris

    Is there a trick to these batteries. I have the fly more kit and if I charge overnight and place the battery right into the drone I get a full charge, but if I let them sit in the case for a few days the best I get out of any of the 3 is 3/4.

    • David

      DJI Mini batteries (and similar for larger drones) discharge INTENTIONALLY to 96% after idle one day and to approximately 60% within 9 days to protect the battery life, evidently holding a full charge for a length period of time can damage the batteries.

  3. John B

    Do you think it is worth going for this over the Mini 3 pro?