Saris Cycling Group Acquired by C+A Global


Saris has announced they’ve been acquired by C+A Global, a company you’ve probably never heard of. As you may remember from earlier this past summer, Saris found itself in  court, and selected to sell itself as part of a fast-track process offered to companies within the state of Wisconsin. While there seemed to be a number of options within the greater cycling community, the company that ultimately ended up acquiring Saris is C+A Global, which is a bit of a brand holding group.

They have some entire companies in their portfolio, while simply holding licensing rights for others. For example, C+A Global outright owns the entirety of Ritz Camera. Though, there are only actually two Ritz Camera store locations remaining according to their website (for a brand that was once in seemingly every mall in America). Meanwhile, on the licensing front, they license the Kodak brand for a handful of photo printer related products. And of course, they also outright own Sky Mall, everyone’s favorite in-flight magazine. In general, the catalog of entities that C+A owns is mostly companies or brands on the decline.

Still, C+A says that’s their jam – reviving companies that need a turnaround story. Here’s the full press release:

Madison, WI – C+A Global, a leading worldwide manufacturer and online retailer of consumer products and electronics, alongside its sister company, Saris Equipment, LLC, finalized the acquisition of Saris, along-time manufacturer of world-class bike racks, bike trainers, bike storage racks, as well as public bike systems and infrastructure. By leveraging its impressive manufacturing and sales background, C+A Global plans to breathe new life into the Wisconsin-based brand, starting with updating product lines. Headquartered in Edison, NJ, C+A Global has proven experience purchasing and redeveloping manufacturing companies, most notably Zink Technologies, the innovative company behind ZINK Zero- Ink® photo paper. Acquired seven years ago, Zink has grown exponentially, successfully partnering with some of the largest names in the photography industry under C+A Global’s leadership, including HP, Kodak, and Canon.


“We are thrilled to add Saris to our always-expanding portfolio of brands,” said Chaim Piekarski, CEO of C+A Global. “C+A Global is perfectly positioned to build on this brand based on our successful experience of understanding and selling products that consumers want. Re-energizing Saris and maintaining its relationships are our highest priority and we’re looking forward to having Saris successfully operating with fresh product lines as soon as possible.” In addition to acquisitions, C+A Global focuses on the design, manufacturing, and sale of a wide variety of consumer products. Its manufacturing expertise and endless ability to meet consumer demand have led to great success in developing diverse product lines featuring highly rated and reviewed brands like Kodak photo printers, Ivation dehumidifiers, Lyxpro audio equipment, Sunny & Fun outdoor toys, ArfPets products, and more. This breadth of innovative products has given C+A Global a significant presence on direct-to-consumer third-party sales platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Wayfair, and Chewy. By purchasing Saris, C+A Global enters another established category with a loyal customer base.


Saris strives to serve every rider by making cycling accessible and ensuring consumers can ride their bikes whenever and wherever they want. The brand will continue to bring bike accessories to consumers and communities throughout the world through its retailers, specialty bike dealers, third-party ecommerce platforms, and its own website,”

I’d been following the court filings over the summer and had seen the September 23rd, 2022 motion on the docket, which included representatives for both C+A Global, as well as another company – Arcana Power Sports, which makes fitness equipment. Turns out C+A won.

Honestly, I’ve got no idea where this goes from here, and what it means for consumers. Obviously, in the press release, they note:

“Re-energizing Saris and maintaining its relationships are our highest priority and we’re looking forward to having Saris successfully operating with fresh product lines as soon as possible.”

But it’s realistically hard to know what that means. However, Saris has confirmed separately that all employees are being retained, and all manufacturing in Madison, WI is also being retained. Further, all product lines are being retained. All of which is good news.

There are of course many brands that simply have corporate parents that don’t align perfectly on paper to the product at hand. And that’s perfectly fine. I’m less concerned that C+A doesn’t seem to have much experience in this sector, and more concerned that the portfolio of brands that are outlined on their website don’t exactly inspire confidence in the turnaround story department.

On the flip side, this result is certainly better than the company being shut down, and then the assets simply being piecemeal sold off. So at least for the present, existing Saris customers can continue to see Saris operate as normal, and the company plans “fresh product lines” soon in our living rooms, vehicles, or bike parking spots.

I suspect this is a story that’s gonna take a year or two before we know how the next chapter goes.


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  1. Chad McNeese

    Thanks for the update. Another step in an uncertain future for the brand and their products. Here’s hoping that they can find a new direction and regain success as a long standing US manufacturer.

  2. John Tomac

    I imagine that the owners of Saris accepted the best financial offer. But the future of Saris as a company looks pretty bleak, given that the Hoding is specialized in buying old cows.

    As a owner of 2 Cycleops cycling trainers, I feel cheated by the decision. They could have opted for a buyer who is already in the sports business.

    • Eh

      The owners of Saris ran the company so far into debt that the bank took ownership, so they made no money from the sale of the company. Which, given that they ran the company so far into debt that the bank took ownership, seems fair.

    • Hey John, We are looking forward to putting out more great products. Stay tuned, this next phase is going to be exciting.

  3. GLT

    While it is true there are other buyers that would have made the transaction seem more promising, I think it is a good sign that it happened at the pace that it has.

    Exactly what happens in the next few steps will be interesting.

  4. youpmelone

    Love my MP1.
    Rocksolid, pun intended.

  5. Randoneur

    It was a bankruptcy auction.

  6. morey000

    my 15 year old Cyclops hub power meter still works and I use it regularly.

    my 12 year old Cyclops fluid 2 still a solid dumb trainer.

    my new Hammer H3 smart trainer… spot on product.

    the company makes (or made) some find products.

  7. Hon Cho

    As others have said, Saris made/makes solid products in the USA. I don’t see a bright future for their US manufacturing and product development. I predict first things to cease being manufactured in USA will be consumer car racks and trainers. Infrastructure racks will likely hang around being manufactured in USA as many are purchased by government entities in the USA and they often have “Buy American” requirements.

  8. Chris Capoccia

    Yes, will be interesting to see where it goes. Surprised they’re keeping everything the same but expecting different results. I was expecting some strategy for how some newer approach was going to help the company be successful in a way they hadn’t been before

    • Hi Chris,

      We are very much still alive and looking forward to manufacturing more awesome trainers and outdoor accessories. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the future and we will do our best to answer them.

    • Miles

      Hi Saris, lots will be looking at buying the H3 at current prices but will be put off by fears of lack of future support. What assurance can you give to people that buying a H3 is a safe bet now and for the life of the trainer?

  9. Jon Callahan

    On the off chance the new owners are reading this, having the saris trainer made in America was what made my decision to buy one over the wahoo competitor. Please don’t move manufacturing.

  10. Zwift Should've Been Switft

    Seems like Zwift missed out by not buying them.

  11. ANDRE

    Je comprends pourquoi en France on peut trouver ce produit (H3) soldé à moitie prix 465€

  12. Charles

    I bought a Saris because it gave me the rare chance to buy American and keep manufacturing jobs here!

  13. David Derbyshire

    Saris has a terrible return policy. I should have bought from Amazon. Now I’m out 350.00 plus the $50.00 to ship it back.