GoPro Hero 11 Black vs iPhone 14 Pro: Action Mode Tested!

Over the past week I’ve been comparing the iPhone 14 Pro to the GoPro Hero 11 Black. At first glance that might sound like a quirky proposition, but in reality, it’s very real world. Even more so with adding a new ‘Action’ mode to the iPhone 14 series. That new mode basically takes the 4K sensor area, and then cropped into it a 2.8K image, and fully stabilizes it.

Of course, stabilization on phones (Apple or otherwise), is nothing new. But there’s a substantial difference between the stabilization of yesteryear that’s designed for casual walking, and that designed to stabilize mountain biking or an all-out running sprint. Both of which I test.

In the test video above I dive into all the below in various modes (action and non-action):

– Walking Test
– Running/Sprinting while tracking a cyclist
– Underwater footage (pool)
– Underwater footage (ocean)
– Slow-motion footage (cannonball, obviously!)
– Night general footage
– Night footage while walking
– Wind audio/mic testing while cycling at speed
– Mountain biking footage
– Drone testing
– Driving testing with different camera options
– Running through the airport to catch my flight because I’m always late


DC Rainmaker:

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    • Indeed. I'd love to see just a super-low-profile Peak Design case to GoPro mount adapter (for chest mounts), or, a super-low-profile Quad-lock case to GoPro mount adapter.

      I primarily use Peak Design cases these days, though, I know Quadlock has redesigned their cases to be thinner I think, in the last few weeks. I haven't tried those yet.

  • Thanks, Ray! Knew I could count on you for some legit fast/sprint recording tests compared to some other vids I've seen. The iPhone looks really good so far, just 2 questions.

    1 - Is there any difference in stabilization when holding the phone directly in your hand vs having it mounted since it takes some of the shake away?

    2 - I know it requires significant light, so indoor use is generally out (fine with me), but what about overcast/cloudy days? How's the quality?

    • 1) It swings both ways. In the case of having something mounted (like to a bike), it generally makes it worse for most stabilization, since your body actually absorbs quite a bit and acts like a mini-gimbal. All my tests were handheld atop the mount (except in the pool of course, but ocean was handheld). Hand-holding the mount is probably a wash compared to just the camera, from my testing. Namely because the mount can add slightly more sway, while concurrently adding a bit of weight (stability).

      2) Generally pretty good on both. GoPro has long sorta-jokingly-but-not-jokingly told their sponsored athletes that the best shots to give back to GoPro are the ones on sunny days. That's true not just from a camera sensor standpoint, but of course also just from a scenic perspective. I find no matter the camera, overcast days will look flatter/etc, but both units perform fine there. For indoor usage, the more recent GoPro's are pretty good during daylight hours, but not useful at night indoors (for example just a dim light). Whereas the last few iPhone's are mostly solid there.

      Thanks for being a DCR Supporter!

  • Just wanted to thank you for the (attempted) drone footage. It made my day. Anyone who doesn't normally watch these videos, you need to take a look at this one :-)

  • +1 great video. Love the Good Samaritans "helping" with your footage.
    There must also be a number of traumatised cyclists on that road - watch out for dogs, birds and ... vloggers. Shane Miller puts up some cracking videos of magpies chasing him - is an angry Ray in pursuit next??

  • So basically, you're not going to use an iPhone as action camera because it's too big and you're not going to use a gopro as every day camera because you don't have it with you every day.

    Both can technically do both, it's just not convenient.

    But you had a fun day, from the looks of it. So it's worth it to compare.

    • As an everyday camera I think the iPhone would win hands down anyhow. It has optical zoom and better dim light performance, not to mention the bigger screen to improve ease of use.

  • For me, iPhone did shockingly well at this. Audio also seemed better in several situations. Worries me putting iPhone as risk from durability viewpoint, however, i guess cases and mounts can help with that. It astounds me what they can pack into these phones, including the satelite help feature.

  • Something I noticed about this video was how pixelated it was at certain points, and I think that’s because of YouTube and/or my internet connection. Is there a final cut of the video you uploaded to YouTube that you’d be willing to share as a file?

  • Hi there - impressive comparison. Any chance you had time to review the DJI cosmo Action 3 as well and cross-compare against the GoPro 11? Asking because I am heading out on a trip including Hawaii in two days and can't quite make my mind up - seems like GoPro has a better picture and more resolution (clearly visible), but DJI packs better waterproofing + quick chargeing, with a more competitive pricepoint. Would love to hear your take!

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