Sports Tech: The Best April 1st Tidbits


As always, April 1st tends to be one of the most challenging days to be on the internet. A constant rollercoaster of trying to figure out what are legit headlines versus not, and these days, the line is sometimes pretty blurry. Here’s a few of my favorites from the day, perhaps I’ll add more as the day goes on.

First up is DesFit with a look at the best way to use a bike computer:

Now, probably very much unbeknownst to Des, is that many years ago, I actually included this very thing in my older Edge 500 In-Depth Review (from 13 years ago) and similar bike computer reviews from that era, in fact, using the same strap he shows in the video. And indeed, I even used it on some legit runs. Also of note is that many people would use their Edge computers on running strollers, and then simply toggle the activity type afterwards.


Next up, we’ve got the new Wahoo COBBLR Review by Chris Pritchard, which is a unique roller system that can simulate cobblestones. This is amazing.

Now again, probably unbeknownst to Chris is that this too is likely unknowingly based on a real-world product. Or, at least a prototype I saw somewhere in a backroom of a similar concept not too long ago. At this point, maybe I’ve already said too much…

Moving along, we’ve got Matt LeGrand with his well-nailed Apple Watch Series 7 review. As always, Matt delivers in this video:

And last but not least, we’ve got Montre-Cardio-GPS with COROS’s introduction of their own cryptocurrency. While the original article is in French, most browsers will easily translate that these days, so it shouldn’t be too big an issue.


With that, have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


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  1. Rob Campbell

    Chris made my day – once again.

  2. Jason Newville

    That is the best Apple Watch review I have seen! I can’t can’t wait to give that charging hack a try? Hey Ray, do you think that would work charging the wrist mount bike computer at the same time, just snake the charging cable around the back of the neck?

  3. James McGlaun

    Funny. Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh.

  4. Zsolt

    Stryd has launched the Stryd Pawd

    link to

  5. Colin Chapell

    Coros also launched their Gas-Saver feature last night…to beat the rush😉

    link to

  6. Eli

    So this kickstart campaign isn’t an april fools joke: link to

  7. Allan

    You missed the new Rene Herse bike computer with self-tuning aerodynamic spokes!

    link to

  8. Nigel Dyson-Hudson

    Forget the Wahoo COBBLR. I thought Ray would have on Kickstarter – Haribo traction cleats.
    * In the winter they are hard so they act like cleats.
    * In the mid season they get soft for better traction – think Klister wax for Nordic skis.
    * When the weather is warm, they melt away leaving you with a regular tyre.
    * They can be a survival food on your next Mt Bike, or Bikepack, epic.

  9. Florian

    Here is the Kickr Bike outdoor conversion kit, the CRVNSKT:
    link to

  10. marcel

    Actually, i wear my edge530 on a wriststrap like you did during canoetrips. Have a special set of osm maps loaded (with all dutch waterways), so a follow a water course during paddling. (Created in garmin connect). Also record the ‘ride’. Now i just need a paddle cadence/ power sensor. Any good ones available?
    Would be nice if the edge530 can show poi (like low bridge warnings)

    • GLT

      I don’t immediately recall if Base Camp or if the ancient POI Loader works perfectly with the E530.

      A quick hack would be to set up a Garmin Segment for the low bridge crossings.

  11. ReHMn

    …and Garmin developers did a great job again. If you have saved upcoming events in the calendar, they won’t be displayed in your profile under any circumstances…