Garmin Venu 2 Plus Tutorial & User Interface Guide

This is just a super-quick post to let ya know of a new long-form video I just posted. This one is a complete tutorial on using the watch. A blend between my usual ‘user interface & menu deep-dives’ and a beginner’s guide. I’ve been doing user interface guides for years, but have more recently started tweaking them very slightly to be useful more as a tutorial with tips and tricks, rather than just showing all the pieces in the menu. In other words, it’s a video version of my very long-form written reviews. Whereas my typical YouTube “Reviews” are faster paced focused more specifically on what’s new and how well it works.

As such user guides/tutorials are all at a bit slower pace than my usual videos – which means a roughly regular conversational pace understandable for most humans. :)

The focus/camera in the video is almost exclusively on the watch, and how to use all the features in it, including all of the newer features. The video is divided up into a bunch of YouTube chapters, so you can find the part that’s most interesting – or, just start from the beginning. And, for those more geeky, it’s worthwhile checking out the ‘Making Phone Calls from the Wrist’ section, as DesFit and I actually do a Venu 2 Plus to Venu 2 Plus wrist to wrist phone call while 5,000 miles apart.

Here’s all the sections, with clickable links that take you directly to that chapter marker:

0:00 Introduction
0:46 The Hardware Basics
3:27 Watch faces & Display Modes
5:28 Widgets & Activity Data
8:48 Health Snapshots
10:07 Sport Mode Details & Customization
16:42 Post-Workout Data
17:32 Voice Assistants
18:57 Music & Speaker Quality
20:16 Making Phone Calls From Wrist (Demo/Test)
22:55 Emergency Assistance & Safety
25:49 Leftover Quick Tips & Tidbits

And technically speaking, virtually everything here except the Voice Assistance, Speaker, and Phone Call sections applies to the original Venu 2/2S too.

As always, if you’ve got suggestions for topic areas to cover in future user interface guides/tutorials (or any other idea for that matter), then definitely drop a note below! I’ve tried to find the balance between what most folks are probably looking to understand, versus the uber-geeky details. Maybe I just need to make a “Geeks Guide” too…

In any case – thanks for watching and reading!


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  1. Grebart

    Hi Ray. Is there any settings to control size of text (in general UI or in notifications) – to help visually impaired?

    • I’m not aware of any way to change the text size on any Garmin wearables, in terms of the general UI. Within a workout, you can choose to reduce the data fields per page, which increases the font size. Additionally, you can choose to use spoken audio alerts for lap times and paces and such, via Garmin Connect mobile.

      All alerts also have vibrations with them, and they are slightly different depending on the specific item being alerted.

      On the Venu specifically, you can adjust brightness too. And for the watch faces there’s plenty to choose from and tweak, including some that are easier to read.

    • Neil

      Does the Venu range have audio prompts? I train with a Fenix 3 then 6 but have used VA3M (tried a 4 and sold on) as days to day / gym watches. The VAs lacked audio prompts. Unless I missed something

    • Yup, almost all Garmin watches in the last few years can do the workout audio prompts with a phone nearby (which will then use the speaker on the phone, or paired Bluetooth headphones).

      But the original Venu itself doesn’t have an audio speaker. It can though pair to a pair of headphones, and if doing a run, you’ll get splits mid-run from the headphones.

    • Grebart

      I’m aware of those, I was hoping that Garmin will eventually introduce some font scaling – i e. in notifications. I struggle to read those.

    • Shaun McDonough

      The Garmin Fenix 6 doesn’t need a phone for audio prompts. I ran with mine the other day and no phone, just paired to some Bluetooth headphones. Ran to a workout. My watch gave me audio voice feedback for each step of my workout. Also, voice prompts until my heart rate was in range. No phone at all. I know this wasn’t enabled on first release. I believe it was about a year or so after I got the watch.

  2. TS

    Really enjoyed this!

  3. Andrew Morris

    Thinking of getting one of these for the boss (aka wife) and was wondering if it will link up to Zwift like my Fenix 6x Pro as think she might like this version.

    • Yup indeed! At least for heart rate anyway. I actually have a screenshot of it in my longer review (you can just find the word “Zwift”), and in fact, at the end of that review in the comments just a few hours ago someone asked for the exact steps on how to pair it with Zwift. Though, I suspect as a DCR Supporter you’re certified in finding that setting already.

      Note that it doesn’t though have the Virtual Run option, if your wife was more of a Zwift Runner than a cyclist.

    • Andrew Morris

      Thanks Ray,

      my fault I missed it whilst trying to do 15 things at once, but found it all now :)

      I am indeed


  4. Michael Schulte

    Gib es was neues zur Fenix 7? Sollte die nicht auch auf der CES vorgestellt werden??

    • Frank

      I don’t think he understand the German language here.

      The Fenix 7 will probably come later, on was today what of 18 January and also a little bit from the rumor mill

  5. Buckeye

    Thanks Ray. I’ve been waiting for this watch ever since it leaked. Ironically, I decided to save $100 US and get the old Venu 2 yesterday in instead. Hopefully, Garmin keeps rolling down all new software innovations to us with older devices.

  6. Claes

    Thanks for a great review!
    I have always wondered which watch has the best control of the heart rate when not exercising. from sitting still to running up in stairs. How fast will the clock react to the increased heart rate? how often is the heart rate measured? I work with parcel delivery and my everyday life is very active, Mabe i’m not a runner but i do it a lot in my work. and i dont have a smart watch
    Garmin vs polar sensor?

  7. Sjoerd

    Great review, again. Sold my Fenix 6 pro sapphire and ordered this one (slate/leather band). Didn’t want to wait for the fenix 7 series as it will be far more expensive.

  8. Jeff K

    Thanks for the video. Lots of great insights. I don’t usually watch the video, but that part at the end about Garmin pay, “Enter passcode, I’m not going to show you… one-two-three…”. Hilarious, especially coming from an ex-IT professional. Thanks for the giggle.

  9. D D

    Thanks for all that you do Ray! I’ve picked up the Venu 2 Plus and a TickrX after looking at a bunch of your reviews.

    One question I had was about pairing the TickrX with the Venu 2 Plus. It seems to “connect” and pair just fine, however when I’m in a running activity I’m not sure which HRM is being used to monitor my heart rate. From my testing it seems like the watch is being used because the HR displayed is significantly lower than the HR averages I’ve been getting with the strap.

    Is there some way to set priority of which HRM to use?

  10. Dhivakar

    Can we increase the brightness in aod watch face?