Amazon Prime Days Sports Tech Deals Round-Up!

Today is Amazon Prime Day. Well, actually, tomorrow is too. It’s a two-day festivus where we drown our 2020 sorrows away by purchasing gadgets we may or may not need. And this year there are some incredible deals already. Seriously, some of the best deals I’ve ever seen as far as sports tech deals go (including Black Friday type deals).

To take advantage of Amazon Prime Days you simply need to be an Amazon Prime member. The good news is that you can sign-up with the free trial and cancel later if you don’t find value in it. Just hit up this giant banner below to do so:

I’ve organized all the best sports technology Amazon Prime Days deals (and a few others I’ve found) below in the tables by category. I’ll be updating them throughout the next two days. Keep in mind not all deals last (in fact, most don’t). So if you see something that’s hot, I’d strongly suggest buy now (and return later if need be).

Update! Here’s the Top 10 Items Most Popular Items with DCR Readers yesterday (Tuesday), in order of units sold:

#1: Garmin Varia RTL510 – $119
#2: Garmin Edge 1030 Cycling GPS – $299
#3: Garmin Forerunner 935 Running GPS – $239
#4: Lasko High Velocity Trainer Fan – $59
#5: Garmin HRM-DUAL Heart Rate Monitor – $56
#6: Withings Body+ Smart Body Composition Monitor – $69
#7: Garmin Edge 130 Cycling GPS – $99
#8: Apple AirPods Pro – $199
#9: Garmin Fenix 5X Plus – $399
#10: PowerBeats Pro – $174

Most of these are still available, though, some are requiring to hit refresh a bunch of times before the prices work (usually over the course of an hour).

Finally, almost all the links below do help support the site and all the content here – which I greatly appreciate!

Watches & Wearables:


This covers anything you can wear that’s watch-like or activity band-like, including sensors.  Generally speaking, you’ll mostly find deals here that are on things I’ve written about in the past.  So you won’t find a deal on some random non-sports tech watch here, or on socks.  Unless the socks have some crazy sensor or something in them.

ProductSale PriceAmazonOther siteSale Notes
Garmin Epix (Gen 2) - $200 off!
$499⚡⚡ This is an incredibly strong deal. Especially viewed in light of all the non-Garmin AMOLED competitors charging far more for far fewer features. This non-sapphire edition doesn't have multiband, but testing has pretty clearly shown that Garmin's Epix non-multiband GPS is basically on-par with their competitors multiband config (see my NYC tests for that).
Garmin Epix Pro Series (All variants) - $200 off!
$699⚡ This is only the second time we've seen these on sale. This is probably my go-to watch these days (middle-sized one), with the singular reason I tend to choose it over the Forerunner 965, being the built-in flashlight for night.
Garmin Fenix 7 Pro (All variants) - $200 off (7S/7/7X Pro) - $200 off!
$599+⚡ This is only the second time we've seen the new Fenix 7 Pro series on sale, and it's a nice strong sale. The smaller Fenix 7S Pro watch has become my wife's go-to watch since it came out, for all of her training and 24x7 usage.
Garmin Fenix 7 Series (All Models/Styles) - $200 off!
$449+⚡This is a strong deal if you don't care about the new optical heart rate sensor (including ECG) of the newer Fenix 7 Pro, especially given the Fenix 7 series has received virtually all of the Fenix 7 Pro's new software features, keeping them essentially identical. $449 is the lowest price I've seen to date.
Garmin Forerunner 255/255S Music - $100 off!
$299This is Garmin's mid-tier running watch, and is a very polished option with good multi-band GPS, and of course, a boatload of running metrics. This model also includes offline music such as Spotify and Amazon Music.
Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar: $100 off!
$499See everything I said above on the Forerunner 955 base, except this one also has solar.
Garmin Venu 3 - $50 off!
Google Pixel Watch 2 - $70 off!$329
Suunto Veritcal (Solar edition) - $50 off$699

Cycling Gear & Trainers:


Got a bike? Then this section is for you.  Everything from bike computers to bike lights to trainers, it’s all here.  I won’t generally be adding things like brake cables or bike seats here, but if I find a good deal on a cassette to stack on that new direct drive trainer you just bought, I’ll probably list it here.

ProductSale PriceAmazonOther siteSale Notes
Garmin Edge 1040 - $100 off$499The is the lowest price we've ever seen on the Edge 1040, and only the 2nd time it's ever been on sale in two years. It's still Garmin's top-end units, and still receiving new features via quarterly firmware updates.
Garmin Edge 1040 Solar - $100 off$649
Garmin Edge 540 - $50 off$299First time this has been on sale, and the lowest price to date. I personally prefer the Edge 840 due to the menus being a bit easier to use with a touchscreen. Both Edge 540/840 have identical buttons though for days you don't want the touchscreen.
Garmin Edge 540 Solar - $50 off$399
Garmin Edge 840 - $50 off$399This is, best I can tell, the first time Garmin has put the Edge 840 on sale.
Garmin Edge 840 Solar - $50 off$499
Garmin Varia Radar (RTL515) - $50 off
$149This is Garmin's standalone radar/taillight option, and $149 is pretty much the standard sale-price. This product is universally loved, and works with Garmin/Wahoo/Stages/Hammerhead/etc, and other bike computers.

Action Cameras & Drones:


Wanna record it?  No better way than an action camera.  Anything that’s action camera related or drone related you’ll find here.  That’s especially true of action camera mounts, which are often found for great deals around the holidays.  Same goes with drone and drone accessories.  Usually a great time to pick up an extra battery or extra props.

There are no deals currently.

Other Sports & Fitness:


Anything else that’s sports and fitness related that I think is interesting will be here.  It may not be super techy – but it’s stuff that most readers will be using in pursuit of their running/cycling/swimming/hiking/whatever.

ProductSale PriceAmazonOther siteSale Notes
Garmin inReach 2 Mini Satellite Communicator (2-way) - $100 off$299⚡ This is my defacto satellite communicator when out of coverage area, and I've used it on a number of major treks over the past two years when well outside of cellular service, both in a 24x7 tracking mode for friends and family, but also there in case of emergency. Would strongly recommend for anyone doing anything in the wilderness.

DCR’s Random Gadget List


This is basically the mostly totally unrelated gadgets and things I think are cool deals that I’ve likely bought one or five of (you can never have too many, right)?  Some of it’s probably photography stuff.  Some of it’s random stuff like chargers and battery packs that I use daily, fun camera gear I use to make videos like sliders and turntables, and well…just random things you’ll find around the DCR Cave.  It’s all random…but it’s all awesome randomness!

There are no deals currently.

Finally, note that some of the links on this page do help support the site. Notably including Amazon, REI, Backcountry, Competitive Cyclist, and Wiggle links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. These don’t cost you anything extra, but do help support all the content here.

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  1. Will

    The Garmin 645 Music is £199 in the UK.
    Argos and a few other retailers have it.

  2. Bikeman

    Just a heads up. Everything went smoothly @ checkout. When I got the verification email from Amazon for the 1030, the price had increased $30. I immediately canceled and reordered. The second verification email had the correct price. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Always check the price in the verification notice.

  3. runner-33

    There are also significant deals in Europe. For example, Amazon Germany: FR45s 117€, Instinct 162€, Fenix 6s 383€, Edge 520 Plus (the one you didn’t recommend) 151€. Polar M430 101€, Vantage M 160€. IMHO these deals are pretty solid compared to the usual baseline.

  4. Richard G

    Bah, I’d be all over that Edge 1030 if it was in the UK’s sale.

  5. Bohemian Graham

    The Edge 1030 is on for $399 in Canada, and it’s normally $779. So, it’s basically 20 bucks less than a 530 right now, which is what I was initially looking at. I got the 1030 instead.

  6. Garrett Molzer

    You say the 1030 is getting most of the 1030 Plus features… does that include the new routing features when you go off course? It’s always annoying when you come upon a bridge that is out, figure out how to get around it, and your Garmin tries taking you right back to that bridge the whole time you’re manually re-routing.

    • No, it’s not getting that piece unfortunately.

      It gets the new activity profile porting setup routines, the new sensor porting (if you have a previous Garmin), the new LiveTrack with routing information, as well as it also got new structured workout features more recently too (that weren’t there at launch of the Edge 1030 Plus either).

      It doesn’t however get the new off-course routing/pausing features or the new Daily Workout Suggestions feature.

    • Garrett Molzer

      Dang-it. I suspect we will probably never see those features if they’re not already adding them at this point, right? Garmin knows exactly how to get me to upgrade. ?

    • Karim

      Hi will 830 get the new off-course routing/pausing features or the new Daily Workout Suggestions feature? Or should we assume there is a 830 plus on the near horizon which will have additional features to help sell and differentiate?


  7. Nighthawk700

    Is the Varia RTL510 Bundle with a display unit at $150 a good deal as well? link to amazon.com I don’t currently have a head unit, might get one next year. Or is it better to go with the 515 and a Bluetooth phone (maybe an old one I don’t use as a phone anymore)?

    • Yeah, that’s not bad at all. If you don’t have a head unit, I’d definitely recommend the display unit over a phone. Even an old phone is gonna be fiddly compared to the ‘just works’ factor of the display unit + the older RTL510.

    • Anonymouse

      Was this a lightning deal? The light alone is now $166. :(

    • Peter Z.

      Yeah, they seem to have had limited stock at the cheaper prices. I’m trying Ray’s suggesting of refreshing for an hour because my wife bought it at the higher price without realizing it wasn’t much of a deal.

  8. MVP Kryptonite

    I would add some HDDs to the list to store all the lovely 4K/360 degree sport footage

    WD My Book Duo (20TB this year) in the UK Amazon Site

  9. Peter Black

    If you go to Amazon Warehouse you can get an extra 20% off the DJI Mavic Mini Combo – was able to get it for £334.02 via Prime Day – that’s a saving of £124.98

  10. Joshua Brickman

    are people still seeing the 1030 price at $299?

  11. jwaldrop

    Just went to purchase a 1030 and now it is $479????

  12. Peselli

    On Amazon Edge 1030 now is $479. I guess I miss the last one for some seconds.

    • …and, it looks like it’s gone. At least for the moment.

      Right now it seems like Amazon themselves have gone through all their inventory, thus, it’s only showing secondary retailers of it (which aren’t gonna take that loss). I’ll update the listing above and leave it there temporarily, just as a reminder to keep checking back over the next few hours.

    • Matthew Caligur

      It looks like it’s back.

  13. Matthew

    Any thoughts on whether to get the coros pace 2 for 199 versus either the garmin 735 or 935?

    • Will

      Depends what you’re after. Coros for value, battery life, Stryd native integration. Garmin for familiarity, breadcrumb navigation, IQ apps.

    • Matt

      Right but given little price difference with the Amazon sale, seems like no reason not to get the garmin 935.

    • Generally speaking yeah, I’d probably go FR935 unless you really want wrist-based power meter for running. While the native Stryd integration is good, the bulk of it can be solved via the CIQ apps. So kinda a wash there depending on the exact nuanced feature you select.

  14. RICH WU

    I think the 1030 is gone? Is showing $479

  15. Akiva Wasser

    The sale on the 1030 seems to be over : (

  16. Mark Smallwood

    Anyone come across any smart turbo trainer deals in the UK?

  17. BC

    1030 deal is back as of 8:35 PST

    • Awesome – thanks for the heads up!

      Looks like what happened was they incorrectly listed it as a non-Prime Day deal, and so they killed the deal temporarily to re-install it as a Prime Day Deal. Woot!

    • BC

      I tried to use your link to get you some $$ and it defaults to a non-prime deal at $449. If you can fix it will try to cancel my prior $299 and order through your link @ $299

    • Nighthawk700

      And gone again? I need to check more often! ;-) If I get this, then I don’t need the display unit for the Varia.

  18. Chris W

    Edge 1030 is back for $299.

  19. Peselli

    The 1030 deal is back.

  20. José

    For the SanDisk Extreme, are you recommending the older generation that is up to 1050MB/s?

  21. José

    Synology 4 bay NAS DiskStation DS920+ (Diskless), 4-bay; 4GB DDR4 is on sale for $439 at Amazon. Maybe a deal?

    • Indeed, Synology got in on some of the deals. In my case it’s a bit small for what I need storage-wise though, but yeah, definitely some solid Synology deals to be had.

    • MVP Kryptonite

      Synology do expansion units too for what appears a silly TB storage ceiling. It’s generally great kit I advise if one doesn’t want to store data in the cloud and wants to centralise backups and storage

    • Yup, actually, a Synology expansion unit arrived in this morning after my existing unit ran out of space yesterday. Always a balance between HD cost sweet-spot. Gonna hook it up and it’s additional 30TB here in a few hours. I’ll be able to add another few HD’s to it down the road.

    • José

      Any there any specific Synology deals you think are of interest?

    • I think it depends a little bit on what someone wants to do with it. For example, I use mine purely – 100% – for storage. Which I know sounds obvious at first glance, but some people use them for transcoding stuff, or other workloads.

      In my case, it’s specifically mostly archival storage. I had semi-grand hopes of editing off of it with 10GB networking, but I’ve realized my current workflow in general simply isn’t that organized. Plus, the drives I’ve put in it are slower anyway. Stuff gets dumped onto it, it also syncs in quietly all my Dropbox stuff from the cloud and OneDrive stuff, and then also uploads all that to Amazon Glacier for off-site backup in case the whole Cave burns down.

      The point here is taking a look at the current Amazon Prime Day deal for a 4 drive DS920+ is $439 (link to amzn.to). And that’s a great deal at $110 off. But…at the same time another 4-drive unit (DS418) is available for $368 (link to amzn.to) – and honestly, if you’re not doing other crazy workloads, it’ll never matter. Plus, they’re all running the same software in most cases, with nearly identical software features until you get to the really high end units.

      I’ve now got three Synology units (including one expansion shelf slowly expanding as of this evening), and the things like memory/etc have never really been a factor. It’s just a bunch of disks. :)

      No matter, my only real complaint about Synology is the new drive initialization. Which, once that finishes, I’m a happy camper. They sit their doing their thing and life is grand.

    • Oh, one last thing – one should at least contemplate expansion unit capability. But honestly, at the 4-drive level, it’ll probably be cheaper to just buy a larger unit next time and fill it up, versus buying the expansion unit.

    • MVP Kryptonite

      Yes, incorporating new HDDs take a while. My 20tb arrived same day so starting to rebuild my share as we speak. The great thing about Synology is that its all just easy and they have good support.

    • José

      I’m worried about expandability, because I don’t think 4 bays will be enough. I guess I’ll have to wait on a 6 bay or 8 bay deal.

  22. Hernando Bermudez

    The polar OH1+ is discounted as a lightning deal for $63.96

  23. Scott Jones

    The 1030 deal is back to $479 USD. 12:26PM EDT

  24. Jodi

    I’m primarily a runner – would you recommend the Fenix 5x Plus (Amazon Prime Day deal) or the Forerunner 245 w/Music?

    • Will

      Will you ever use the maps?

    • And also, even more importantly, how big are your wrists. If your wrists are smaller, then definitely not the 5X, it’s a beast. In general, if you don’t like large watches, I’d go for the 5S or 5.

      Now, the FR245 does have PacePro, which as a runner is awesome, whereas the Fenix 5 Plus series doesn’t have that. And, as Will noted, also maps.

    • Jodi

      My earlier comment was a typo! I meant 5s Plus (not 5X!) – I have a small wrist. Thanks for your replies – Will and Ray. This is very helpful!

  25. Jean

    Ray, already have a edge 830, not sure if it is good to « upgrade » to 1030 because of the old hardware and less quality touchscreen, what’s your tought on that ? Thanks

    • Just in case the deal comes back…

      I’m not sure. That’s a tough one to be honest. I think it’d really depend on if you’ve had troubles with the Edge 830 screen/touch side of it or not. Or really just want a bigger screen. Feature-wise though they’re similiar but technically if you use the TrailForks pre-loaded MTB bits, you’d lose that going to the 1030 from the 830.

  26. Matthew

    Given the reduced prices listed above, there is really not much of a price difference. Seems like spending $40 more to get the 935 makes sense

  27. AbandBarbara

    Ray, as a dedicated follower first let me thank you for all that you do for this novice triathlete. When I attempted to buy the Garmin edge 1030 the price for prime users was $479.95 not $299. I used the link that you provided and it did not change the price. I also tried it directly in Amazon and the price was the same. I know this is not your fault but just wanted to make you aware. Thank you for everything that you do and please say hi to the girl!

    • Hello – and thanks for the attempt with the link!

      The Edge 1030 deal has been in and out over the last few hours. I’m optimistic we’ll see it come back again, but it’s hard to tell. I left it up with a warning that it’s in/out a bit lately, since folks keep trying and if someone sees it light back up again, usually they’ll drop a quick comment here and in your case if you have notifications on, you’ll get an e-mail alert.

      Hopefully that’s the case! It’s such an incredible deal.


    • Michael Schmitz

      It’s on Now. Amazon is hiding the $299 . You must click on a Amazon yellow icon that reads “VIEW OFFER” at top right of listing page. that brings to the deal you have alerted us to.
      Thank you. (new road rider stocking up gadgets.) NC-USA

  28. Mark Saroni

    Looks like I didn’t jump on the deal soon enough :-(

  29. Miguel Estrada


  30. David

    Hi DC Rainmaker!
    I love your website!

    In your opinion is it worth paying fenix 5 plus a 370 bucks compare to fenix 6 sapphire in 700?

  31. Matt

    Mostly just adding a comment so I get a notification if the edge 1030 comes back. Dithered in the morning then narrowly missed it 30 mins ago!

  32. Gregor

    Waiting for 1030

  33. MW

    Following for 1030 notification

  34. Paul Wilde

    1030 deal is back up!

  35. Matt

    finally snagged the 1030. was inconsistent if i saw the deal or not, and a few times i saw it but couldn’t add to cart. got it eventually though! so if you’re seeing inconsistency, keep trying, maybe switch between app/website.

    • Marek

      That’s exactly what I’m dealing with – adding to cart and showing not items in the cart. I keep trying, but haven’t been successful yet. As of this moment, I don’t see the deal anymore (again).

    • Gregor

      Thank you Marek. I tried 15-20 times and it worked.

    • TK Butler

      Tried 15 times from the laptop. Are you all doing both the mobile and the laptop 15-20 times to get the $299 garmin 1030 deal? I’m also one that saw it early this morning and work distracted me and missed out. Ugh. SMH.

  36. Felipe Arzayus

    The Varia light is no longer available.

  37. Luke

    Edge 130 deal gone :(

  38. Harry

    Must be sold out of Tactix Charlie, no Amazon as seller and others start at $599

  39. Mark Begemann

    Just keep clicking around and reloading. Use the link from this page. Eventually, you will get a “View Offer” button that gives you the $299 price. Took me 10-20 tries but eventually I got it.

  40. Peter C

    The Garmin 1030 is back @ $299 – 4:39pm AZ time…..

  41. Rob

    Ray, with your early experience using the hammerhead karoo 2, do you think I should pull the trigger on the $299 1030 deal or wait for the brand new $399 karoo 2? I don’t have any experience with either Garmin or Hammerhead units. Given the cold weather coming up, I’m also in no rush to buy and I’m not bothered by the price difference.

    • No matter how good the Karoo 2 is, it’s not Edge 1030 good. Which isn’t a knock on the Karoo 2, but the reality that normally the Edge 1030 is almost double the price (for good reason). So, if one can pickup an Edge 1030 for $299 ($100 less than the Karoo 2), and have immediate gratification (versus a waiting list), that’s the direction I’d go.

      Of course, that assumes Amazon decides to toy with us some more and re-open the Edge 1030 sale gates.

  42. Jay O'Brien

    While the $199 for the DJI Osmo is a great price for the camera alone ($50 off the normal $249 price), for reasons that I cannot quite figure out, Amazon has been selling the Osmo bundled with the charging kit (which includes two extra batteries) for $249 (the non-sale price of the camera alone). Given how fast action cameras run through batteries, that deal (which isn’t really a deal – the bundle has been at that price for a couple of months) seems to be the better buy.

    link to amazon.com

  43. Jeff

    No direct drive trainers included?

  44. rew Knox

    Garmin Edge 1030 is actually discounted $120. Pretty good but not enough for me to spring for one.

  45. Bill

    My wife is a prime member, I am not. When I view the Garmin 1030 on her login, it says $469. On my mobile device is shows the price as $299 for prime members and showed a join prime button. So Joined Prime and the price was updated to $469 after joining. There is no $299 deal. I was just bait-and-switched by Amazon!

    • That’s super weird. Though, I suspect the issues people are seeing are less likely to be purposeful and something just funky about the listing. People have had on and off issues with it for the back half of Tuesday, and I’ve seen the way it enumerates seems to differ by the hour. It’s almost like some elements of the prime day rollout (technologically), weren’t entirely finished when Prime Day was supposed to start.

      Also, random pro tip: You can share Amazon Prime benefits with someone in your household. So, assuming your wife fits that bill, she can actually grant you Prime benefits. Also, secondary Pro Tip: You can cancel the Prime trial later on. :)

    • Bill

      (Pasting in-context) OK. I have to take my comment back…. Been refreshing periodically all day and finally saw the 299 price. bought with 1-click and it seems to have worked. Yay! upgrading from my very old 800… Thank you DCR for keeping the hope alive! I would have given up otherwise…

  46. Volker

    Garmin Swim 2, Amazon.de : 152€
    link to amazon.de

  47. Swim N Bike

    I’ve been lurking on the Varia as well.

    10min it showed up as 150, I put it in the cart.
    a minute later Amazon ahem (updated to 165) so.. so 119, I’ve been checking for past 6 hours.
    Also the Edge 130 looks gone.

    Swim N Bike

  48. Palle Plutt

    Fenix 6S €364

    link to amazon.de

  49. Eric

    The Garmin edge 1030 is a great deal!! Keep refreshing until you see the view offer button, once showing add to cart and buy, this is a deal I dont see happening anytime soon (Black friday or xmas). Thanks for this great info.

  50. Nighthawk700

    Whew, FINALLY got the 1030 for $299, after refreshing for hours. (nabbed at 7:35 am EDT) Makes up for missing the Varia with display unit for $150. Now I can just get a regular Varia (without the display unit).

    • Nighthawk700

      Oh, and the Varia 510 went back to $119. Guess maybe they held some stock for day 2? Just grabbed that as well. Won’t be delivered until around Thanksgiving though???

  51. Marek

    Finally managed to get the Edge 1030. Chicago, Central Time, 6:49am. I used my phone Amazon app, not sure if the DCR link was applied (yesterday I clicked it on mobile and got redirected to the app, but this morning I just went straight to the app and was so excited to see it that I immediately purchased).

    Now the deal is gone, but I suspect they have a limit 1 / customer.
    Don’t loose hope, keep trying!

  52. Cen

    Edge 1030 and varia deals both pinged back live this morning (currently 8.15 US eastern). Managed to get both. Edge as of 30 mins ago (seems to be off again now) and varia now (have to click the “view offer” bit to get at it.

    Perseverance paid off – and finally got to use the DCR link as a small thanks for the quality info you put out. Thanks Ray!

  53. TK B.

    Nabbed a garmin edge 1030 around 7:45am using Rays link. Thanks, Ray! Keep trying folks!

  54. Bob Pellican

    No comment

  55. Bob Pellican

    I updated from a Edge 510 bicycle computer this year to the Edge 1030 and enjoying using all the new horns and whistles.

  56. dan

    What smart ant plus bluetooth outlets accept HR control?

    • None. I was referring to the fact that if you wanted to control it via the app (meaning, cause you forgot to turn it on and the Zwift race has already begun), you could do that with a smart outlet.

      That said, to be honest, I’ve found the HR control bit somewhat overrated in practice. I rarely want the fan to stop cooling me down just because my HR has declined.

    • dan

      Interesting. thanks for the reply. I was sure that was the answer but had some doubt and your are always on top of this information. I constantly want my fan to slow down, maybe because i’m, riding in a uninsulated garage on colder days? Not sure but its the thing that makes me happiest technology wise from Wahoo. After my Kickr. They ruined my experience with their brand over the Element so I’m Karoo bound when they ship.

    • dan

      Interesting. thanks for the reply. I was sure that was the answer but had some doubt and your are always on top of this information. I constantly want my fan to slow down, maybe because i’m, riding in a uninsulated garage on colder days? Not sure but its the thing that makes me happiest technology wise from Wahoo. After my Kickr. They ruined my experience with their brand over the Element so I’m Karoo bound when they ship.

  57. RICH WU

    Any insite on the Versa lite? Is it like the 1030 where you just click away and hope for the best? Shows $159 right now

    • Hmm, not looking good. I just skimmed through and I don’t see any transactions today on it (updates in real-time for me). So my guess is that one might be dead. I’ll put a note up above and keep an eye on the transactions as they come through.

      Whereas the 1030 seems to come in bursts. It’s like there’s a weird timer or something behind the scenes for when they let them loose.

    • Nighthawk700

      I got the Varia 510 for $119 just after the 1030. (around 8:35 Eastern US time, Wed). Don’t know if I just got lucky, or a glitch. I’ll take it though. I think it went in via the DCR link. I just kept hitting refresh a lot, hopefully neither of them lost the referral.

    • MW

      I suspect they are releasing small batches as people are canceling orders, or open shopping carts are expiring.

  58. redRover

    Has the FR945 caught up to the FR935 in terms of GPS accuracy as they’ve refined the firmware? Or is the FR935 still the most accurate watch in terms of GPS?

    • I think for the most part is has. There may be some weird edge case I’m not seeing, or is rare, but I think in general it’s a wash. However, openwater swimming is definitely better on the FR945 than the older FR935. But, it wasn’t like the 935 was bad either.

  59. andre

    The Garmin Varia RTL 510 for $119 is a very good deal. Unfortunately, import duties and shipping will add another $60 (forgot the exact amount)

    Could not find it on Amazon Germany or UK.
    I did find the Garmin Edge Explore for 129 pound, which is supercheap compared to what I paid (199 euro).
    link to amazon.co.uk

  60. Louis Matherne

    Juist ordered the Lasko High Velocity Pro-Performance Fan. Which smart-plug are you using with this fan to control speed?


  61. Pat

    In Canada it seems like the 1030 is only available through 3rd parties now. I kept trying to add it to my cart yesterday but didn’t work.

    Waited too long to think about it.

  62. Javier

    What about Europe Ray?

    Any deal? Interested in the 935 or the likes.


  63. Scott A Jones

    The 1030 is back (for a few minutes?)
    14 October
    11:17 AM

    it’s on and off…crazy

  64. JP


    What are the real-life batter life expectations for the Fenix 5s Plus and the Fenix 5X Plus for GPS activities (thinking ultra-racing usage here)

    Also, how does the feel on the wrist for the 5X Plus compare to the 920XT?


    • JP

      My real dilemma is whether to upgrade my 920XT

      Will I realize real batter life gains? I would appreciate the HR and contactless payments, but if I don’t gain battery life, it isn’t worth it.

    • sanspm

      I’ve had the 920xt, Fenix 5s, Fenix 5s plus and 935. The biggest advantage of Fenix and 935 is that they don’t look like a Casio calculator watch from the ’80s like the 920xt does and you always have heart rate data (recognizing that optical HR isn’t as good quality as a chest strap). If you wear the watch all the time then for those reasons it’s worth upgrading. But so far nothing seems to come close to the battery longevity of the 920xt (maybe the Fenix X series might?). Between the 5s and 5s plus, I’d say go for the 5s unless you really think you’ll actually want to listen to music with bluetooth headphones, you have a spotify account, and you don’t carry your phone with you. I’m using the 935 because I like that it’s lighter than the Fenix 5s and has longer battery life (by virtue of it being larger).

  65. blanco

    Edge 1030s are back at $299 as of 11:27AM EDT

  66. Bill

    OK. I have to take my comment back…. Been refreshing periodically all day and finally saw the 299 price. bought with 1-click and it seems to have worked. Yay! upgrading from my very old 800… Thank you DCR for keeping the hope alive!

  67. CN

    I just bought it. I could not see it on my phone or the iPad. I had to use a computer to see the deal.

  68. Oscar A Perla

    So the Prime deal has to be sold and shipped from Amazon. i just completed my

  69. David Wise

    Garmin Edge 1030 for $299 was available at 11:24AM EDT, amazon.com USA. Did not need to find price via Offer link. It was unavailable at that price earlier in the day but kept refreshing as advised. Really wasn’t expecting it to show up again.

  70. Vincent Needham

    Scored the Garmin Edge 1030 as the “Deal of the Day” at 1030 hrs, US Central Time on Wednesday, 14 October. Many thanks for the heads-up and the “keep trying” encouragement, Ray!

  71. okrunner

    Getting the 1030 was wonky but after a dozen or so refreshes and reloading finally got the sale price to pop up. It’s on now. Snag em while you can.

  72. John K.

    Looks like the Edge 130 is out. Any tips on trying to get that crazy price at $99?

  73. RKHR

    1030 deal is off now

  74. David Kelly

    Heads up! I was able to get the 1030 deal this AM (10/14).

  75. Taylor

    Thanks for this!

    I never spend over $300 on a garmin so I’ve been rocking the 130, 500 and 520 plus. Now I’ve found a higher end model in my price point and I’m excited for the few extra perks.

    • Taylor

      Also – wasn’t showing available Tuesday night in US but I checked again this (Wednesday) morning and it was back at $299.

  76. Will

    Seeing all of the 1030 posts! I keep refreshing and do not see the ‘offer’ link. Refreshing through my phone and computer including going to ‘sold by amazon.’ No luck yet

    • David Kelly

      > I keep refreshing and do not see the ‘offer’ link. Refreshing through my phone and computer including going to ‘sold by amazon.’ No luck yet

      That’s the way it went all day yesterday for me. I even had the Mrs. working on it. This morning she checked and she was able to get it in her cart. We were shocked when it actually went into the cart.

  77. Cen

    For those still trying, the Edge 1030 has come back on twice today for me since I bought one this morning (was curious so have checked back a few times). It’s a brief appearance each time. If you want it it’s worth checking. I’m not refreshing. I’m clicking the link through from above each time anew.


    Just got the Edge 1030 for $299.
    I literally hit refresh button on the browser 25 times in a row and, bingo!
    Try it.

    • Will

      Found the deal but it’s saying no longer available from that seller unfortunately. Not sure if it sold out.

    • Will

      Every 5 min or so I’m able to see the offer, add the item to my cart, get all the way to finally click checkout and then comes back an error that the item is no longer available. Very frustrating.

    • Will

      Ok finally went through! Tried again on my phone and was able to check out. Thanks for the info everyone!

  79. Ethan

    I refreshed and refreshed and finally got the deal, put in my cart, proceeded to checkout and it showed the amount correctly and then processed the order, but without the 1030. So I am the proud new owner of the silicone case, but no computer. And now it is not showing on Garmin sale on Amazon.

    • Brad Horton

      Makes me wonder the why behind 1030 amazon glitch. Almost feels as if they don’t really want to sell at that price.

  80. blanco

    FYI: the Edge 1030 is $299 right now

  81. Yanick

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for sharing the nice deals. Was too late for the 935 deal. The 945 is interesting but hard to justify the price bump compare to the deal of the 935.

    Are there any expected months that Garmin watch could go on sales from here to next summer ?


  82. Peter Z.

    Wish I’d been looking at these comments realizing all the price problems. I messed myself up because it’s my birthday! I would have just bought the Varia unit right away, but instead gave the link to my wife and by the time she tried to buy it the price was higher! Oh well. For $30 more I may just return the 510 and get the RTL515 just to have Bluetooth and whatever other features.

    I suppose if I shopped more on Amazon I might know how these things work…

  83. David Kelly

    Ray, Thanks so much for the heads up on the Edge 1030. That must have been the bike tech deal of the decade. My unit is coming directly from Garmin headquarters via 2nd day air.

    • That’s pretty crazy! And, the first time I’m aware of Garmin doing drop-ship with Amazon (or any other retailer, except for the Tacx Bike due to size).

      That’s basically when Garmin is acting as direct fulfillment of items, which, might explain some of the Amazon quirks we saw this past week, if Garmin was basically manually releasing inventory. Though, it doesn’t exactly explain why it would be so flaky. Still, it’s something I didn’t realize they were doing. Neat (and, good for the environment too – no reason to double-ship things).

    • Will

      I had terrible trouble ordering one but finally happened in the evening. Initial shipment prediction was November….arrived next day air directly from Garmin! Couldn’t believe it. Thanks again Ray.

  84. Louis

    Hi Ray!

    Somewhat related, but do you think that we’ll see some deals on trainers this year for thanksgiving/the holidays? I’m wondering if they’ll do as usual or if current covid related demand makes it very unlikely that we’ll see any deals…

    Wondering if I should buy now or wait a month?

    • Honestly hard to say.

      Generally speaking the trainer sales were technically 20% off anything sales, that people used for trainers. So they were rarely trainer sales per se. I suspect we’ll see 20% off sales like usual. But, I also don’t expect the trainer inventory situation will improve between now and then. In fact, I think it’ll probably get worse (due to the combination of people as normal transitioning back indoors, plus increased COVID related restrictions).

      In other words, while there may technically be deals, I bet it’ll be nearly impossible to take advantage of them for trainers.

  85. Fred

    I was fortunate to be in the 1030 club, thank you again for bringing it to our attention. Like my last three Garmins, it will not receive text message notifications – only phone calls. I’ve tried everything I can find on the Internet, as well as called Garmin today. Any suggestions?

    • Assuming you’ve toggle the smartphone notifications toggle on the unit, then your best bet would be to do the full Bluetooth pairing dance again*. Which sucks.

      But, it gives me pause that it hasn’t worked on the last three Garmin units, which almost implies something might be off within your general iOS/Android notification settings that’s causing that. Do you have any other devices which are showing smartphone notifications successfully?

      *My Garmin Edge Bluetooth Dance that seems to work about 90% of the time:

      A) Remove pairing on Edge 1030
      B) Remove BLE pairing in Bluetooth settings on phone
      C) Remove BT pairing in Bluetooth settings on phone
      D) Delete Edge 1030 from Garmin Connect Mobile app
      E) Airplane mode on
      F) Kill/close GCM app (don’t delete)

      Then start from fresh on adding/pairing an Edge 1030 again.