DCR Video: Riding Zwift on the Actual Champs-Élysées


You know what happens when you’ve got terabytes of old and unused video footage sitting on your recently expanded server? You make a video for DCR Supporters, that’s what you do. And three months ago – I did just that. They all quietly got a link to a pre-cut version of this video to enjoy during the peak of quarantine (and they’ll get another video today too!).

But then Zwift went out and decided to make it possible for you to ride the Champs-Élysées with Zwift. And I thought to myself: Aww…that’s cute, I did that years ago!

Actually, I did it a number of times. But, I never ended up finishing the video on it, which is a shame, because frankly it might be one of my best video productions to date. Or at the least, funniest production to date.  So I dusted off the already dusted off version I created back in March and re-did the narration with something more than a cell phone.

You’ll hear all about why I did so in the video (testing a product of course), but let’s not make this intro any longer than necessary. Simply hit play…oh…and watch out for buses!

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With that – thanks for reading (and watching).


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  1. Peter Speight

    Best video yet! And how am I the first person to comment on this?!?

  2. simon

    Ray – NEVER undertake a bus !!! (3:00 mins on the video)

    that’s an accident waiting to happen !!

  3. Gary

    I am glad you have moved to Amsterdam, you have been playing Russian roulette over there in Paris :-)

  4. Rod Martin

    This is as fun as watching Lucas Brunelle in New York.

  5. Francis C

    Reminds me of my rides in the Philippines. Pure adrenaline ???? Thanks for the video. I need to video my rides next time I go there. Lol

  6. Paul Bestwick

    Driving in Paris is crazy enough… but cycling around the Champs…. Yikes ?That was pretty gutsy ?

  7. Cyril Druesne

    The Champs-Élysées avenue now have dedicated bike lanes, and you also can cross the Concorde place with the help of a bike-only tunnel!
    link to paris.fr

  8. JP

    good god, that video is terrifying. I feel ill just watching you weave between cars

  9. John A Galani


    As a driver and a triathlete I was shocked to see your actions on this video. Never mind you cut 2 sections which likely showed you passing through a red light, your cycling antics is what my medic wife calls organ donors.

    I thought of leaving a fun comment as most have done, but as a father I very much hope you will tone things down, you are way out of line.

  10. Norm

    Dude. That looks nuts!