Zwift Rolls Out Third World Choice


Here’s a quickie of an update for you on this Saturday morning, which is especially notable if you plan to ride this morning (or evening in Australia) that you’ll want to budget extra time to get Zwift updated. Though, the updates are still rolling out – so folks on PC/Mac/Android are seeing them first, while those on iOS/Apple TV haven’t quite yet hit to my knowledge.

As of today Zwift has rolled out to the ability to select between two so-called ‘guest worlds’, versus the previous one option. This means you can always select Watopia, or from two other world pairs. In the case of today, for example, that means you can select from Watopia, New York, or Richmond.

It’s frankly as simple as that. There’s no limitations beyond that. So for example once you’ve selected the world of choice, you’ll get all the routes as normal, as you can see below:

Routes-NYC Routes-Watopia2 Routes-Richmond

Side note, if you’re looking to spice up life a bit, you can more easily browse through all the routes on Zwift’s site here – finding something that tickles your pickle. The schedule is published within the app, and you can see the city abbreviation pairs listed there:


Alternatively, ZwiftInsider has a solid listing here that you can bookmark forever:



It’ll be somewhat fascinating to see how people choose between the various pairs. For example, when faced between the option of Innsbruck or Richmond on April 17th – how many will simply choose Watopia? Looking at today’s pairing of Watopia/NYC/Richmond, the current stats as of this second are (15,336 as 9:30AM CET – the day is still young!):

– Watopia: 11,814 (77%)
New York City: 2,625 (17%)
– Richmond: 897 (6%)

So yup, for reals: That means 6% of the people still voluntarily selected Richmond. Huh. Just kidding. Mostly. In actuality, this stat is being skewed by the fact that iOS/Apple TV folks can’t even see the 3rd option yet. So on iOS, Richmond doesn’t even show up:

In either case, this will likely more evenly distribute the riders during the peaks, whereas of late it basically looks like a Gran Fondo start lately, just packed with avatars and in some cases people’s systems struggling a bit.

Enjoy and have a good weekend…I’m off for a run!


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  1. Jaka Ješe

    I know this has almost nothing to do with the new Richmond track, other than the fact that this workout was done on Richmond, but that probably has nothing to do with the bug I am witnessing, but here goes…
    Anyone else had a borked ride yesterday? I finished a scheduled workout ride part of the 12-week build me up program and after I was done everything saved and closed properly. Then I went to shower and usually by the time I’m done, everything is synced with Zwift online and Strava. But there was no notification and checking online, I can’t open the last ride because it looks like it is only partially there. I did 1h and around 29 km, but the Zwift Companion app and online feed only show 40min and 19km. :( And when I click on the workout, it says it can’t be opened. :(
    The training program has it marked as done though.
    I have already written to Zift support but got just the usual generic auto-response that they have received my message.

    • Michal

      It was common problem on friday.

    • Liam

      I had this problem a few weeks back and solved it by following these steps.
      link to
      Good luck!

    • Jaka Ješe

      Yeah, thanks. It isn’t so much a problem getting the .fit file and uploading it to Strava – I already did that.
      It is more that my Zwift profile has a corrupted upload and I can’t open the stats there + I don’t get the fancy ride snapshot picture uploaded to Strava. :)

      I will live, just thought if it was a general error or something with the servers as Michal pointed out. It is the first time this had happened.

      Thanks for the answers.

  2. Was anyone else expecting an African route etc?

  3. Simon


  4. Brian Reiter

    I ran this morning and only had Watopia and NYC as options. I just checked again and it is the same.

    Does the app need to be updated or what? I don’t have any iOS app update pending, either.

    I’m in Zimbabwe, so maybe this is a literal 3rd world problem? ?

    • Benjamin A Blizard

      The apple app update has to go through the apple approval process, so will take a little while longer. Won’t show as “pending” in “app store” until apple approves it.

  5. Chris Benten

    Is Innsbruck disliked more than Richmond?? Only shows twice for April.

  6. Chris Benten

    Looks like I got the update yesterday afternoon, Texas time, for my Windows Laptop….

  7. Heinrich Hurtz

    I usually like uncrowded riding (virtual social distancing) and it’s been getting a bit crowded lately. Looking just now the large majority were in Watopia and only a few thousand in each of the other worlds. I didn’t restart Zwift three times, once in each world, to see what that looked like, but I believe there are many more miles and different routes in Watopia for riders to spread out in.

  8. Andrew Linquist

    I’d guess it’s also skewed by some large events happening in Watopia. But it will still be interesting to watch.

  9. BikePower

    A number of people on the Zwift forum (myself included) posted about a stuttering problem with the animation after the update. In my case the animation stuttered every 5 seconds or so for my entire 2.5 hour ride. I think most people were on Apple TV, but I was on Windows. It might just be Watopia (and no, it’s not because of the number of riders: I’ve been on previously when there were many more concurrent users). So much for focusing on stability.

    • Andrew Linquist

      I was on Apple TV doing the ZSUN ride this morning. Same issues. After 1:15 of riding I got so annoyed I quit and switched to free riding in NY. I had no problems there.

  10. Thanks for the update, interesting.

    As you are someone who always seems to have the inside track on things :-) do you have any idea why Zwift has some of the worse UI for navigation out there (well in my opinion anyway)

    Prime example is when you are on the main page, it is impossible to go to any settings etc for your profile or even exit the app without selecting ride.

    Is it just me, am I missing something or being plain dumb in using it, or is it something you also think is frustrating?

  11. Thomas James Howlin

    Hi Phil,

    There’s a long planned and now delayed zwift UI update, it was all scheduled to dropped but it’s been delayed as they don’t think it’s wised to drop during the peak season.

    • Phil

      Thanks, glad to know it is not just me being a numpty with the app.

    • Tosin Akinmusuru

      This has been going on forever, and I’ve been lurking since Jarvis. Having used my PC and my ipad, the turn around time is a lot quicker on the ipad to restart Zwift if needed. I don’t know what the apple TV turn around time is, but I have to think it’s equally fast. The PC takes a much longer time. Honestly, most folks have gotten used to it, but an update would be nice

      Prime example, I log on just to go for a joy ride, but I want to get a Route Achievement badge. I get to the main ride page, look at what world is available, click ride, then go to end, which let’s me then go to the settings and badges page. Then I exit zwift, sign back in, and then pick the route I want.

  12. JeffF

    Looks like the companion app still needs an update to support meetups in the three worlds. I’m only seeing two on IOS, currently Watopia and London. Companion app last updated 6 days ago and no new updates available.

  13. Jimbo Jones

    Dang, I saw the title of the article and thought it’d be awesome to ride in a virtual Paraguay, Angola or even Idaho.

  14. Tosin Akinmusuru

    “Zwift rolls out third world choice” sounds like it’s trying to appeal to people that live in places that don’t have consistent electricity/internet, or running water.

  15. Jonathan

    The dual-world scheduling is already complicated, and will inevitable devolve into an even-more-complicated three-world “solution”. Why not just make all the worlds (including Bologna and Crit City) available all the time??

  16. Olaf Bollrath

    Hi, my AppleTV got it already, ?

    As always- great content !!!